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Slow Mo Games - Ep.15 - Skyrim - Fire and Ice

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Hi everyone, Fire and Ice is the theme of the video today. Looking at the differences between the Fire and Frost shout and the Ice Spike and Fireball. From what I can tell so far, it looks like the attack shouts have the same structure, distance, and speed. The only difference is the element attribute and visuals. Nice either way. The Ice Spike and similar ice attacks do a great job of holding their point of impact true to your aimpoint. There were only a few instances where it seemed to clip to another angle of impact. The Fireball attacks do just what you would expect in slow mo. Lots of fire and flames with a subtle pressure wave. Big bright booms.
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CupcakePvP (5 years ago)
You should do slow mo videos of nukes in Garry's mod
Slow Mo Games (5 years ago)
Sure thing, Ill grab the Nuke Pack and see what I can put together.  I have GMod on my list to get to but I wasnt sure where to start.  Nukes are a good place to begin though. Thanks for the suggestion

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