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Skyrim Mod: Deadly Mutilation v1.3

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Deadly Mutilation http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34917 Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (1033)
Glitcherific (10 days ago)
Would this work for the vr port
Emir Ersoy (22 days ago)
very good
Cap'n Moby (1 month ago)
you sound like young bear grylls the fuck
Immovape Productions (2 months ago)
Hi there, i did a deadly mutilation skyrim walkthrough if there is anyone interested! see ya!
Mason Davis (2 months ago)
Is this on Xbox and if not is there something like it and if not can someone try and port it with permission
Mads Andreasen (2 months ago)
Fuck, another one to my growing load order
donGripo (2 months ago)
I'm gonna use this together with Guts's Dragon Slayer!
OtsdarvaOS (3 months ago)
Im not sure if this is causing crashes or not for me. Everytime there is a bunch of combat with women using CBBE I tend to crash. :\
thedudetheycallhimjerk (3 months ago)
*doom music intensifies*
Console mod?
DankestWarrior Z (3 months ago)
Plz transfer too xbox
Farez Mohammed (4 months ago)
man...this is the best mod
Negan (4 months ago)
Didn't download for me when i clicked the mod but I realized this mod is for Skyrim Standalone not for the Special Edition silly me.
i cant play this mod
AFVmodeller (5 months ago)
does anyone know why my frostbite spell is freezing npc's solid, permanently not for 3 sec like the original lvl 60 perk, or ordinators new destruction frost paralyser perk at lvl 70 i think, im getting the effects on a new play through, destruction perks level 30? i dnget why i cnt loot or break them free to loot them there just ice cubes.?
AFVmodeller (5 months ago)
frozen, electrocution, combustion mod lol i'm so dense 🐢 i forgot all about the frost part of that mod because i liked the fire and sparks animation so much inever really used it till now. sorry guys 👍
Алексей (6 months ago)
не работает, у меня 1-го этот мод вечно с неуввязками работает?
Angelo Sy (6 months ago)
Cool, but can I still raise them to undead?
Tmawia Tmawia (6 months ago)
WarbanderLasty (6 months ago)
For another oddity get a mod that gives the fus Ro dah effect to a weapon, ie the mace of sauron , set the chance of mutilation to 100, and kill enemies with power attacks, it will crush their skull in, but the ragdoll will somehow prevent them from dying properly and you will see an enemy walking around with a horrific skull glitch
WarbanderLasty (6 months ago)
Try this mod along side necromancy fx , and then use the nightingale bow to kill enemies, enjoy the oddity that ensues
Evilangel (6 months ago)
Albedo 009 (7 months ago)
How do I get this mod is in on ps4 version
what was that sword on 1:32
Emperor Palpatine (7 months ago)
I'd love if this was added to the Xbox one mods on the skyrim website
I am Akuma (8 months ago)
this mods doesn't work ! .-.
jarod 54 (8 months ago)
Is this mod on ps4 ???
AArK Cianwood (8 months ago)
It works with Enhanced blood mod?
Rapa Nuii (9 months ago)
i just installed the Mod and the Burnt Bodies are Blue i need help.
Ben belgrave (9 months ago)
does this work for skyrim special edition? if not can they make it available?
err0r0b0 (10 months ago)
Porting this to PS3 now. Hopefully it works.
For pc only im sure
Elijah Lindsey (1 year ago)
the bodies keep just turning invisible how do i fix that?
Decaticon (1 year ago)
all it needs is quicker reaction time when cutting i wish when example he hit arm hard it would come off not 2 second safter
Jacob F (1 year ago)
Everytime you say brodual is like an eargasm idk why
Teenage mutant ninja argonians
Não te interessa (1 year ago)
The perfect mod for me. Hey you, yes, you. Give us smooth. Try this combo: -Enhaced blood textures -Deadly Multilation -The dance of death -Pretty Combat Animations Perfect to peoples who like beautiful and bloody kills
I hate sony
Peter Wurstbrot (1 year ago)
the mod is nor working for me :/
Kaike The Humanhog (1 year ago)
The Elder Scrolls V: Fallout Or Fallout: Capital of Skyrim
Caius Nair (1 year ago)
im getting annoyed with how inconsistent this mod is
Lm BORZ (1 year ago)
Is this on xbox one ??
The Daedra (1 year ago)
I need this to get ported to xbox
Icicleman04 (1 year ago)
I find this mod extremely disappointing due to the fact that it is incompatible with any mod that replaces skeletons. I have XP32 because a load of other mods require it.
Frederick X. (1 year ago)
Unfortunately seems to have a lot of issues with custom body replacers. Good looking characters or gorey kill moves with massive scripts... eh. I think EBT and some more bloodsplosion mods are a good enough compromise x(
ak_hat (1 year ago)
Jokester6293 (1 year ago)
Mod port to Xbox one?
BudgetSquid0 (1 year ago)
It would be wonderful for this to be on Xbox one
Salad Thief (1 year ago)
I can't seem to get this mod working right... Oh well...
Horizon (1 year ago)
I kinda think this mod is funny. They just fucking fall apart lol. I'm going to hell.
The Master Dragonborn (1 year ago)
Can someone port this to Skyrim Special edition??
Caitlin Martinez (1 year ago)
needs SKSE, can't
Christian Schroer (1 year ago)
does it work on xbox one
Christopher (1 year ago)
i realy dont understand why this is such a pain in the ass mod, very hard to get to work. Experimental...
I know this mod isn't on Xbox but what is like this on Xbox, my game really needs this touch
Shea Roberts (1 year ago)
No matter what I do, when I install this mod the game runs fine EXCEPT when I go to my Magic menu and then I get a CTD. This happened with a few other mods too. My only option is to not use it. Game runs fine otherwise, just the magic menu crashes me.
Scissortongue (1 year ago)
Is this coming to special edition?
Golden Shard (1 year ago)
i loved it
PRECISION FTW (1 year ago)
Is this mod on skyrim special edition
Mr. Nazareth (1 year ago)
welcome to bro dual
Ivory Squirtle (1 year ago)
i need this mod
joemoma253 (1 year ago)
brings this to xboxone plzzzz
Big sweaty boi Cyka (1 year ago)
It doesnt work on my skyrim help
dwayne johnson (1 year ago)
Karl Eclaire (1 year ago)
Lol those Ninja Turtles in the end haha
Master Knife (1 year ago)
This should have been in the actual game. Bethesda should have been more realistic with this game's combat
Luis Mota (1 year ago)
Mr.PsychoPlays BR (1 year ago)
this mod is ridiculous lol
Charles The King™ (1 year ago)
Plenty of other games that came out before and after skyrim have better combat animations than this. Fuck the gamebryo engine.
Razor Ramon HG (1 year ago)
I need this ;)
jackie michel (1 year ago)
We need that mod on Xbox
Kieran Bachner (1 year ago)
is it on one?
HermanLoud (1 year ago)
Being chased by a bunch of bandits, shoot ice to slow them down, but instead got the surprise to watch one shattering to pieces while falling down stairs, freaking Mortal Kombat style!
Joaquim Neto (1 year ago)
This is so violent
yoyepo91 (1 year ago)
can someone please help me? I want the mutilations to occur on every kill, not just when using a power attack at a certain threshold, but I'm not sure how.
Kaden McConnell (1 year ago)
I'm y
Jeff Koch (1 year ago)
Downloaded this mod about two weeks ago...damn thing doesn't work. Spent the last week messing with my load order, even moved it to the bottom and it still doesn't work.
draiq (1 year ago)
Is it a good to Mix dance of death and this mod together ?
Michel Ramos (1 year ago)
0:12 20 Ton's sword in action!
Pain Hurts (1 year ago)
Whenever a mutilation happens, the enemy's body goes completely invisible. How do I fix this? It also happens with the magic.
MultiLinxx (1 year ago)
Oh my god this is the funniest mod ever! Haha this is awesome!
WeEeDeE (1 year ago)
how to open modmenu ?
Crazy Cat Man Person (1 year ago)
This should be on special edition.
Kawhi Goat Leonard (1 year ago)
Is this gonna come out on consoles for skyrim remastered
Andijvie (1 year ago)
It works great on my Ps4 :)
Mr Awesome (1 year ago)
Andy Yau The mod is on ps4?
shane Roberts (1 year ago)
will this be added to the special edition
Vividly (1 year ago)
Seriously, if i have this mod... my set up is perfect for a changing vanilla gameplay experience.
BudgetSquid0 (1 year ago)
Will this becoming to Xbox one ?
Bennett (1 year ago)
BudgetSquid0 It just showed up on xbox 1 about 45 minutes ago as a test mod called "test 13"
Kelvin (1 year ago)
Will this ever be on Xbox One?
JellO Berry Roger (1 year ago)
K. It's up to the mod author
Jason64 (1 year ago)
is this mod on xbox ??????
MarkuS (2 years ago)
im using cbbe and enchanced blood splatter , do i need to make the mod say yes to all the replacements ?
the link isn't working
Guy with Cactus (2 years ago)
The only installation guide for this is in German. Which is a shame since the step-by-step written guide they give doesn't seem to work for everyone.
Geralt of Rivia (2 years ago)
Downloaded the mod, got in a fist fight, power punched a bitch by accident, her head exploded, my game crashed.
Faith Winter (2 years ago)
Lol wtf xD That end
Tower Sky (2 years ago)
soo cool :3
Mr. Bombastic (2 years ago)
Does this mod have Schlongs of Skyrim support?
Angel Reyes (1 year ago)
It does if you have the xp32 skeleton
Mr. Bombastic (2 years ago)
+Lucky Shot Films Why WOULDN'T you?
BritishBear17 (2 years ago)
Brad Yates dude wtf why would you have that 😂
TH1RsSsT-zZz LiRx LiRx (2 years ago)
If they some how could put Witcher 3 mixed with Skyrim mixed with Fallout 4 into 1 game... That's the best game in the world right there in the making.
M Jay (1 year ago)
yes witcher has good story and choices and good fight system bud i love sneaking in skyrim so much i miss this in witcher :D
Delve (2 years ago)
Best. Dance. Ever.
Luigi xD (2 years ago)
Somebody knows if this mod disables the killcam? I mean, looks pretty awesome but I don't wanna let the killcam too.
Trip Games (2 years ago)
Spicynoodle88 (2 years ago)
smug buster (2 years ago)
will this be on consoles?

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