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5 Hidden Improvements : Skyrim Special Edition

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Text Comments (2959)
Pyles Tin (16 days ago)
i played skyrim once when it first came out. Then got addicted and played for years until with new technology i stopped for a couple years because of the graphics sucked but thanks to the remastered for xbox one i can play again and its good.
Randy Viger (2 months ago)
>still no rpg elements
John Angel (3 months ago)
Bates Reed (3 months ago)
Fuck you
`viusFẌ (3 months ago)
3:28 crab in the water!
RpgBlaster (5 months ago)
Y all SEE better than original less crach perfect modding
Mizizi96 (6 months ago)
I tried spawning 200 imperials like Brodual did in his video, but when I did, the majority of them started floating away, and then my game crashed. I thought skyrim special edition was suppose to be able to handle this many npcs. So does anyone know why the npcs start floating away?
Ascended (7 months ago)
Torturer's hood now lootable? Definitely worth another $60.
Divine (10 months ago)
Does Skyrim SE improve the draw distance? I hated the growing vegetation in the distance as I traveled around.
Insanity (10 months ago)
I really hate the people who claim oldrim Is better only because their perverted ass nude women elves mod doesn’t work on special edition.
M_aiq (5 months ago)
well to be fair, you don't have to jerry rig it to get skse to work.
DRAW DAILY · DxD (10 months ago)
Fyi I loted the Torturers hood. I said Lets see how you like getting Torturered!!!
Casey Rainey (11 months ago)
Mhmm...beautiful ending to another beautiful look at special edition. Thank you!!
Zarcaster De Vacto (11 months ago)
not very worth for me
Cubie Mccuberson (11 months ago)
For the stability did you do that just to kill a lot of people Great idea
Ewan Whitford (1 year ago)
this is a late comment but what about the smoother movement?
Who B'stank (1 year ago)
3:30 hey there lil crab buddy
fjkzd J. (1 year ago)
veri gud
z (1 year ago)
"You can now loot the torturer's hood" FINALLY
Samiul Haq (1 year ago)
It was intentional
ketsu wo taberu (1 year ago)
Good work folk
Lord Uragia (1 year ago)
I freaking love brodual so much
Hides_From_Sun (1 year ago)
SSE also fixes the ash pile bug.They will now despawn, but iirc it takes a bit longer.
Kenta Jin (1 year ago)
May i ask is it possible for Skyrim SE to locate more RAM?
Matthew Greenfield (1 year ago)
Yeah well, Creation Club. Rather, forced Creation Club. No thanks.
Praepes (1 year ago)
finding the torturers hood was actually the first change that the special edition made that I found in game, on my first new playthrough. I mean, you can't not kill someone called the "torturer".
Hello There (1 year ago)
Until I get a pc that isn't a lemon wired to a potato, they add skse, and all my mods come to sse, I'm staying in classic
Whiplash (1 year ago)
Now if it only had the 64bit script extender. sigh.
xGwaythielx (1 year ago)
Maybe too late but you can also find more stuff for alchemy in different places. Whiterun for example - god damn, lots of flowers in this town! :D
Falkuda (1 year ago)
They continue to milk this by slightly improving the overall graphics and adding a bunch of effects. At least the Switch version is portable
Ace of Space (1 year ago)
You know the only mod i'm waiting for? Skyrim Ultimate Edition SUE a mod that takes all shit from SE to original Skyrim because fuck! Bethesda, why didn't you just make a "dlc" patch for it? all good mods from the past will not be there Better Vampires? Sacrosant? Who the hell wants to use those in an Adept dificult game? it's too OP, Royal Bloodline was way better, and even if mods like Royal Bloodline came to life in SE, a lot of modders who made incredible mods that were better than the popular ones gave up or just don't want to make mods anymore, so a dozen of mods like My Little Kitten wont even see the light of day, it was a sunhallowed arrow in the sun's knee for these mods
Its too bad that its impossible to mod special edition because they didnt release a creation kit for it
HeyGuy4321 (1 year ago)
Torturer hood is by far the best
evevevevev evevevevev (1 year ago)
I prefer the 2011 version not gonna lie.
rene silva (1 year ago)
skse64 PLS
BoringBear (1 year ago)
Still can't loot an assassin's dark brotherhood clothes when you kill them
Gray Farron (1 year ago)
Even without having SKSE, heavily modding Oldrim derails its stability way too much for me, after heavily modding the SE edition in comparison. SE's load times, 64 bit engine, less need for graphical overhauls, and overall mod quality is more than enough for me to enjoy it leagues above oldrim. Especially recently having gone back to try out Oldrim, it just isnt as good. Constant crashing, the inabillity to even tab out of the game, having less resolutions supported are all small things that just kind of make oldrim not worth modding for me.
Redbilly Hillneck (1 year ago)
Yeah I'll pass thank you! I'm not touching the Special Edition until SKSE and a completely functional SkyUI are released for it.
Ally Jackson (1 year ago)
also all saves are seperated by character!!!! this was a welcome addition.
CharWars (1 year ago)
is it worth buying the special edition in 2017? I have only ever played the original and never had any DLC
Designated Orpheus (1 year ago)
I have 352 mods installed and it only crashes once. In the Vanilla skyrim, managing 150 mods was a pain in the rectum.
LiamK0125 (1 year ago)
the torturers hood is better than the imperial helmet which is mad
keith kenny (1 year ago)
can somebody game share me skyrim se for 360
HuffleRuff (1 year ago)
I'll still be waiting for SKSE before I do things like let's plays, but I do like how SE is.
SkinnyCommie99 (1 year ago)
15 FPS and 4 crashes were a usual Skyrim session for me for the last 3 years lol
Nermaltrash (1 year ago)
Better frames huh (buys right away)
Resdyne (1 year ago)
Can't wait to make great npc battles
Shrok'd Kiddos (1 year ago)
(0:45) the effect is now instant and seamless! *snowflake flies through wall*
RedGeoBlaze (2 years ago)
ok good, it was just the game. I thought that playing at 30 fps on my $1000 pc meant I was ripped off, and the Best buy lied about the specs. nope, I just like fighting multiple dragons a lot.
Catty Cattington (2 years ago)
Improved stability? Now I can roll thousands more sweet rolls down mountains!
Scott Whelan (2 years ago)
Before I watch this, I bet it can all be done on Legendary Edition with mods.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
George Giannoulis (2 years ago)
i ve never played skyrim, , but now with the special edition i will definitelly give it a try. However, i m sure i will still prever dark souls 3 over skyrim.
Recklezz Thoughts (2 years ago)
Man I wanna divorce my wife on skyrim how do I do that
Bleeke boy (2 years ago)
Kelpy G. (2 years ago)
2:45 alright kids.Ice cream shops open.
Shadow747 (2 years ago)
2:23 lol
The toturers hood thing isn't new by the way. Just looted it for the 39th time on my skse skyrim. PLEASE HURRY WITH SKSE64 T.T >:^)
see beare (2 years ago)
Does Skyrim Special Edition perform better than Fallout 4? I've heard it's much more optimized.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
oh it performs worlds better than fallout 4 this is mainly due to fallout 4 having way too much clutter lying arorund, there is junk everywhere and every piece of junk is an object of it's own which really hurts performance, the more junk is on screen, the worse it gets. whiel skyrim has a it's fair share of junk items to populate the world with, it's nowhere nearly as bad
Rice Eater (2 years ago)
Any quest or bug fixes?
Brian McDubb (2 years ago)
just recently discovered another minor convenience tweak... if you use werewolf form, when you revert back to your normal character, everything you had equipped before beast mode gets equipped again.. that was so annoying before, even tho i generally didn't use beast mode very often, now it's easier and makes me more want to try out some werewolf mods.
okrajoe (2 years ago)
G00d info - thanks for posting.
Surprised Synth (2 years ago)
noob i know, but can we use the 64bit exe to run the vanilla exe??
akpinar okkes (2 years ago)
Z fighting still not fixed in SSE :(. No mods still Flickering Mountains
A A (2 years ago)
Good Graphics, Btw The Water Flowing In 2011 Looked Very Fake
SPACECATS (2 years ago)
So does this run better than vanilla skyrim? I haven't downloaded it yet (even though I get it free because I have all the DLC for the original) because I'm waiting to get a better computer. So is it generally smoother running that vanilla or harder to run, cuz I've got a crappy laptop but I'd really like to play sse.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
from my personal experience i can tell you the following: if your machien can run vanilla skyrim, then you should be able to get special edition, turn down the graphics until it runs smoothly and still have it look better than vanilla skyrim. and yes if you turn the graphics of special edition down so far that it visually looks the same as vanilla, special edition will outperform by a lot.
shrek tank (2 years ago)
G.L. Harrison (2 years ago)
Skyrim is quite possibly the best RPG of all time, but SE didn't make enough improvements to really warrant a legitimate resurgence and most certainly not enough for a $60 console version. The reborn hype just comes from the love of the game itself, not the improvements. Nonetheless, mod authors have given this game a lifespan well beyond what it was capable of on its own, and in the end have created an incredible genre-defining game, even if it is a buggy pain-in-the-ass. Kudos to Tod and the team. Lets hope TESVI is just as incredible.
Ja Nexim95 (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if someone in the comments has already mentioned it, but here's another subtle improvement: in the old/original Skyrim, casting the Invisibility spell had a very high chance to break the character's eye textures once it wore off: eyes would appear grey and "empty", and they would stay that way until the save was reloaded or the game closed and opened again.In Skyrim SE, I have tested it many times, it never happened.
ben shipler (2 years ago)
I only crashed once in my first 24 hours of playing. Compared to the original you'd crash every few hours
Şah Mat (2 years ago)
more fps? everyone is complaining about fps drops
jerrod lapham (2 years ago)
the water... by the divines. I'VE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG!
stsk (2 years ago)
your welcome soon 3 mods will be available volumes 1-3
BiggHewi (2 years ago)
your "Mods" 3% isnt working for me bro has it changed or is it no longer valid
Jacob Broughton (2 years ago)
Why are they always British?
Himanshu Vikal (2 years ago)
Does the special edition fixes the problem where fog would be turned off if you opened and closed the world map?
SecondInCommand (2 years ago)
I feel like Skyrim SE didnt change much plus I get more bugs and crashes then my PS3 and this is WITHOUT mods
TrooperBoot (2 years ago)
I just took a ginormous shit in my toilet. Can I get 2 likes for my great accomplishment?
no one you know (1 year ago)
SupremeBallen (2 years ago)
Tip Tiezby sure thing buddy
Sebastian Wesolowski (2 years ago)
What do you call a dragon with down-syndrome?? Skyrim Special Edition
Agung Laksono (2 years ago)
2:11 the fact that you did not fus ro dah those pile of bodies disturbs me
SquadzzZHD (2 years ago)
Yet I cant talk to Sapphire in SSE.
Mig N (2 years ago)
I always crash with classic skyrim, skyrim se never crashes for me. classic always runs out of memory even with enb fixes.
Pugweed (2 years ago)
I never noticed any of these bugs
Ran Dom (2 years ago)
Does SE support 144Hz?
jonrd21 (2 years ago)
That question doesn't make sense. If you're asking can you play above 60FPS, no you cannot. The physics engine is still limited to the frames.
MasterStar (2 years ago)
im crying right now they did it
HeyImLincoln (2 years ago)
Finally I can get that assholes hood
Grant Lionheart (2 years ago)
Mhmm I'm getting Z-Fighting.... But a quick tab tab fixes it.
shady moataz (2 years ago)
very minor differences .. there are much more glitches and bugs that need to be fixed ! this is under my estimation
TheCooPeer (2 years ago)
There won´t be a way to use your existing (modded) save files for the Special Edition, right?
Firmino's Teeth (2 years ago)
I picked this up for Xbox One for £30 and i'm happy with the purchase, however to say this game fixed bugs and not also mention it brings it's own bugs is foolish. Quite often the game freezes during conversations, people sit in furniture and surrounding objects (one such example is Vex in the Ragged Flagon, when she stands leaning against the crates). People also try and occupy the same space fairly often (example, in the Blue Palace, Falk Firebeard and the mage woman ((can't remember her name))) quite often are stood awkwardly close for no reason. Yes i'm happy with it, but there are still plenty of issues.
Ugadawgs 113 (2 years ago)
That mud crab at 4:12
has anyone got the OblivionWalker achievement or trophy yet?
Dracane (2 years ago)
3:29 :D That dead Mudcrab in the water though.
Shounen Hero (2 years ago)
The Steam Autumn sale is going on now and both the original and special editions are on sale. Should I buy the original with all dlcs for 18$ or the special edition for 30$?
Mr.Baldwalts907 (2 years ago)
If you don't have a great PC won't the special edition lag more than the original?
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
it will actualyl lag less if you turn down teh graphics settings to be eaqual to what you used to run vanilla skyrim.
Jim Sharp (2 years ago)
In theory it should crash less, but i now crash during gameplay on the Xbone, on the 360 it NEVER crashed during gameplay, only at loading screens. Good job making it worse.
redneck1st (2 years ago)
Got a ???s for folks have yet to download the S.E version will it over ride my Original game? OR will it save it install it as with S.E. on the end? Also I gather that I will have to redo M.O. and all my mods for the new game. Is it worth going through and re doing the game? I've not played Skyrim sind The Witcher 3 came out. And would like some feed back if I can please.
O. O (2 years ago)
how many imperials and stormcloaks were fighting at 2:23 ? and what was the fps average during the battle ?
Fin Tuber (2 years ago)
Also when you first arrive in Whiterun in Special Edition, you will be greeted with new dialogue by Uthgerd The Unbroken, She starts talking about strange jester with his cart that has got a broken wheel, i don't remember that in old skyrim
Mike Aiken (2 years ago)
I loved the water fix.
Victor Aravena Leal (2 years ago)
skyrim special edition is a joke for all that i have read. almost nothing better than what we already had with mods. the only improvement is the 64 bits.
John Owen (2 years ago)
That hood was actually one of the best light helmets I came across for a while, I wore it until I made my first Elven helm.

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