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Les Mystères Du Nautilus | Disneyland Paris

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A Walkthrough attraction at Disneyland Paris based on "20000 Leagues Under the Sea". This attraction takes guests throughout the various rooms of Captain Nemo's submarine. It opened on 4 July 1994.
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MJ Horn (3 months ago)
Went to the exhibit of original movie sets at the Anaheim Park in about 1965. I was 9 and was blown away!
epaddon (2 years ago)
I REALLY wish they had also put this attraction in Florida. As one who rode the Nautilus subs many times in their 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride I have missed the presence of a 20K related attraction in WDW more so than the old sub ride itself. This attraction, an updating of the old 1955-1966 Disneyland walkthrough exhibit of the original movie's sets would have been the perfect replacement. Since I'll never get to Disneyland Paris in my lifetime, I'm grateful I can experience it this way in such good quality HD video and get a sense of how the overseas Disney parks are IMO doing a much better job than Florida has been doing for decades.
Margaret Margflower (2 years ago)
Agreed. I feel like they could easily find a place for something 20k themed at any of the parks they have there. I don't think they ever would but i would love if they rebuilt the original attraction at Animal Kingdom or something similar.
Pleasure Gardens (2 years ago)
+epaddon you should really try to visit this park someday! I'm planning to visit other Disney Parks in the future, so at the moment, I can't compare for myself. But I've been told that Disneyland Paris is one of the most beautiful of all the Disney parks. Also those exceptionally themed walkthrough attractions are just so beautiful...

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