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Skyrim Mod: Archery Gameplay Overhaul

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Text Comments (912)
Guillaume Lavoie (1 day ago)
Does this mod exist for SSE?
Lol Go1 (27 days ago)
this mod makes archery build more viable
B. Fagan (28 days ago)
Three years old, but I haven't seen this until now. It's a huge improvement, and a lot more realistic.
yowza234 (1 month ago)
Does this work with SSE?
vladimir flores (1 month ago)
PORT TO XBOX1 please!!!?!?!?
Super Kasoy (1 month ago)
What is the archery mod that increases your archery level when shooting at maniquins?
Jacob M. (2 months ago)
Bows all draw at the same speed... Rip Zephyr :( can you turn that off?
Tony Hamilton (2 months ago)
Will the Arrows fly straighter and longer?
Spider (2 months ago)
No you are using immersive first person view
The Police's Side // 716 (3 months ago)
Does this work with reqiuem
Hherouth Olam (3 months ago)
How to uninstall this mod. Its ruining my gaming life.
Lauren Ng (3 months ago)
Well now you can make a porcupine...
Horizon Beatbox (4 months ago)
Armor mod?
Irishish Guy (4 months ago)
Think it will be possible for this mod to be ported over to console?
Local Tryhard (4 months ago)
What armor?
Deadman 74 (4 months ago)
PLEASE bring this to consoles
Kaine Peterson (5 months ago)
So, is this compatible with Nock to Tip?
Drakon Akaten (5 months ago)
So, I'm just going to ask: The spine necklace was from Predators: The Lost Tribes, am I correct?
Jowie (5 months ago)
I use 3PCO 😢
Jett A Angeles (5 months ago)
I really wish they would someone would convert this to the special edition.
Tetrahy Drocannaboi (6 months ago)
Put this on steam
Kenneth Castellano (6 months ago)
Hey does anybody know what armor he is using and how to get it
Jayyy (1 month ago)
looks like this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43649/
Tommy Arselum (6 months ago)
I dont like the mod, to hard to game. Animations are cool
Brandon Slaughter (6 months ago)
Damn, with it was on console
Thorolf Blood-bow (6 months ago)
🤔 Xbox one?
Jaighter (6 months ago)
Brotein 7 (7 months ago)
How do you use lion's arrow?
Rift (7 months ago)
So where do I put it for it can work?????
PewDieJunior (7 months ago)
"Works really well" *Shoots bow way off target.* lmfao, love you guys.
Sam Whalen (7 months ago)
What armor mod are you using for this video?
Jayyy (1 month ago)
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43649/ looks like this
Triston Constant (8 months ago)
Is this for xbox as well? I have an overhaul but I don't have the idle and running animations. Which is mainly why I wanted it. Do I just have the wrong one?
Wulfomir (8 months ago)
I tested this mod but had to drop it because I didn't like the bow draw speed, it's too fast...almost game breaking. The animations are great though, it's a shame.
Gud Hunter (8 months ago)
Are these on xb1
André Medaglia (9 months ago)
Does anyone have another link for this mod?? NexusMods' are no longer available...
NighTxBadBoy (9 months ago)
bow and arrow sound mod ????
Zikry Sty (9 months ago)
i'm new around here anyway, what kind of ENB Preset that you using in the video? pls reply #muchappreciate
Jacob Warrick (9 months ago)
What armor is that
Jayyy (1 month ago)
maybe this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43649/
Andrew Snyder (10 months ago)
same draw speed for every bow is kinda retarded in my opinion, they're different materials and should bend differently
midnight assassin (10 months ago)
Theres a ps4 mod called complete archery overhaul i would like to know how that is
Gtfoh (10 months ago)
Heri Zeledon (10 months ago)
my enhanced camera does not work with this mod. Any tips?
Sahm Dhude (10 months ago)
This mods fatal flaw for me was the fact the author chose to cut draw time in half. Really nice animations but you fire the bow as if it had a 3lbs draw.
Charlesz Alejandro (10 months ago)
@Brodual I can't find it in Steam workshop can someone please link it for me?
Benefits OG (10 months ago)
Anyone know the armour set hes using in this video?
TheIsahata (11 months ago)
I don't know why but I can't seem to make Enhance camera work together with this mod..
Ruben Triguero (11 months ago)
Does exist in SE?
Chromium (11 months ago)
0:47 Does zephyr still have an increased draw speed?
Jeshii Blue (11 months ago)
trigger alert you have been warned.... will this come to xbox?
Ryan Hallberg (11 months ago)
Can i use this with ultimate combat 3.0?
Renan Alves (11 months ago)
make ir for SE
The Heartless Cynic (1 year ago)
What armour mod is that?
karimkopra (1 year ago)
how to stop getting in 1st person view every single time i start shooting an arrow
The Soviet Gamer (1 year ago)
whats the enb your using
Wolfsbaine101 (1 year ago)
I’m going to assume this is compatible with ordinator as well
salaam1st (1 year ago)
Is this mod in console version
Tony Flamingo (1 year ago)
2:19 Is that Michael from Gta 5?
Kiar Johnson (1 year ago)
is this mod on Xbox one
Cory Johnson (1 year ago)
Is this mod for Xbox one and ps4?
Lucas Johnson (1 year ago)
The thumbnail is a assassins creed 3 reference
js100serch (1 year ago)
I have a problem with this mod. I tweaked the camera and crosshair positions to resemble a Resident evil camera (over the shoulder) but my arrow won't fly where my crosshair is, they fly where the crosshair used to be, the vanilla position.
Ethan Alexandr (1 year ago)
what graphics mod is this?
Kiar Johnson (1 year ago)
is this mod for Xbox one
Kiar Johnson (1 year ago)
if it is not on Xbox please put it on xbox one
Jonathan Shenk (1 year ago)
Can they port this over for Xbox plz.
HansCels Zeg (1 year ago)
What's your ilumination mod?
Rohan Narain (1 year ago)
ENOUGH! Quit showing me more awesome mods! You want my fucking game to crash or Something!
Gelfling66 (1 year ago)
for real though, turn that app into software for the computer, and that would be fucking in-genius. of course you can add your own voice communication into it, but also make it easy to also use like discord or skype or something with it
Niborino9409 (1 year ago)
I might just go back to original Skyrim for this. Cause I suppose it wouldn't really work out of the box with SE.
Hero Killer (1 year ago)
Only if this was for ps4 :(
RAD756 (1 year ago)
Has anyone played with this mod? IMO this mod it's extremely broken balance wise. Archery is overpowered because of the very fast draw times
LucineAura (1 year ago)
Thought I'd stick this here. If anyone experiences any camera earthquakes, it's caused by a script interruption in this mod. To fix it you just shoot another arrow. :)
Setnja92 (1 year ago)
I am still waiting for version of this mod for Skyrim Special Edition :-(
Limitless Beast (1 year ago)
Is this avalible on Special edition?
Edgar Salgado (1 year ago)
Could it be possib;e to turn off everything but the draw animation?
Priya (1 year ago)
What armor u use?
Jayyy (1 month ago)
Corvus Mors (1 year ago)
So is this out for the xbox one?
Demo Parkes (1 year ago)
Could someone possible port this over to consoles I love this mod but I want it on consoles you'll need to get permission from the author but I will be greatful
Harrison Shattuck (1 year ago)
Is this on Xbox?
Seylle (1 year ago)
That twerk at the end made me uncomfortable.
McDondalds . (1 year ago)
Is this mod on skyrim special edition
SamBanana (1 year ago)
The aiming is super broken with this mod.
GamersOnVideos (10 months ago)
SamBanana yeah
leon kelly (1 year ago)
Hey is this out for xbox
John Smith (1 year ago)
2 years old, recommended
jules roldan (1 year ago)
@1:30 in the video we are using the enhance camera and as you can see it works well ! ( arrow flew to left side)
OwO What's This? (1 year ago)
The mod says you need the enhanced first person camera, but I really hate this mod. Do I actually "need" it to use this archery overhaul with no issues?
Ben L (1 year ago)
I would use the mod but the first person are terrible and mess everything up (yes I installed Enhanced Camera, that did not work, and then I tried immersive first person view, which also did not work.)
Klep TV (1 year ago)
Thumbnail is ac3!! Whyy
Corgi Wargi (1 year ago)
What about the part where the arrow comes out of the wrist when you fire in first person?
Jacob Goodrich (1 year ago)
does this work of skyrim se?
what mods are used when the arrow spins like that? and the one part where you hit the bandit near the end and he flew back?
The Owl Of Death (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how to get the arrows to rotate on Xbox one?
GG MIX (1 year ago)
What enb is being used at 2:00
dick ball (1 year ago)
is this on se
Vanskapt (1 year ago)
damn shame the first person sneak animations are bugged with no fix in sight.
Demitris K (1 year ago)
assassins creed 3 conner in thumbnail wish we had that in skyrim
Nathan Towler (1 year ago)
Oh god please, you nock the arrow, you do not sheath it :'(
Wisepoet (1 year ago)
is this available on xbox?
Eli Walker (1 year ago)
When you can't find a thumbnail so you just take an assasins creed 3 image and change the colors so "no one will notice"
RSmoto (1 year ago)
Is it on xbox
Crafty Craff (1 year ago)
All I want is extra damage when I headshot people..
JXO (1 year ago)
well i have enhanced camera and i cant see the thirdperson bow holding animation in first person??!?!?!

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