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farewell ..rebirth of nautilus (nadia)

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some clips from: holyfetzer Idavar
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Luckmann (11 months ago)
What is this song called? It is not in the OST.
Just a Average Human (2 years ago)
I see the evangelion reference...
elmerg (1 year ago)
Same composer, Shiro Sagisu.
Just a Average Human (2 years ago)
I noticed this came first, the song creator based some music off of Nadia.
Deathmaxter (2 years ago)
Chapeau. Only that The nautilus came first. However the Studio making the Soundtrack for Evangelion is just the same :P I prefer the Evangelion version tbh.
Władca Wymiaru (3 years ago)
1:56 That same "six wall" on Gunbuster OVA6...
Chris Fokjohn (2 years ago)
Yeah, gotta love Anno
SupaCaliTomik (6 years ago)
I subscribe to the theory space going-thingies should be called either space-craft and not space-ships.
bladerj (6 years ago)
you said we should not call spacecraft ships, becouse they dont sail the sea, but the truth is airforce in real world was new concept, so they borrowed naming from the navy and changed acordingly, thats why every pilot is a captain, becouse a capitain controls the ship. hence airships, spaceships.
SupaCaliTomik (6 years ago)
Uh? What did I say!? :-/
bladerj (6 years ago)
BS ,do you know why the air force uses navy term ? like airship, captain, and such ? becouse it was a new thing and they just found it easier to adopt and adapt rather then making something enterely new.
SupaCaliTomik (8 years ago)
When Nemo said: This is the Nautilus reborn! I said oh fu.k, Gargoyle is so screwed, Nemo will come with an Stargate Aurora-type class lantean battle"star" (one thing the Battlestar tv serie got right, and that even ourselve we should not name spacecraft "ships" because they sail through the seas but "stars" because they cruise the heavens.)
86zeruel (9 years ago)
The greatest anime of all times...

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