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How To Deal With Rejection

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Lindsay tells you how to deal with rejection so you can get back right into the game! ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/how-to-deal-with-rejection ►►►Want us to personally take you out and show you how to meet women? Learn more here: https://attractioninsights.com/training ► See the boot camp schedule here: https://daygametraining.com/training-schedule/ Let's face it. We all face rejection at some point. The same will always be true when we're approaching women. That's exactly why you should be prepared to handle rejection when it hits you right in the face! Even the best of the best get rejected by women. You may be that guy that got rejected by the girl they liked. Rejected by your crush for years. Rejected by your girlfriend. Got friend zoned? Well, we're here to help you out! In todays Wing Girl Wisdom, Lindsay shares her top solutions on how to deal with rejection. Once you've got the suave and grace to handle a rejection the right way, you'll definitely appear even more attractive to women. You see, rejection should never be a downer. Most guys stop approaching just because they got rejected. The truth is, EVERYBODY, GETS REJECTED at some point in their life. Make sure you watch the video to see how to make a positive outcome out of rejection! Also, don't forget to get your- ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/how-to-deal-with-rejection #TheAttractiveMan #WingGirl #rejection The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world. ################################################################################################### MORE FROM THE ATTRACTIVE MAN Subscribe to The Attractive Man YouTube channel here: ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theattractiveman1 PLAYLISTS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR DATING LIFE: How To Talk To Girls ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxWdbKfbjojUujXJBEe5ghH Mindset and Inner Game ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?asdlist=PL81KCO2IOpwwJPmg5yUKmAf7-hlklj9IH Infield Approaches ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxy9S_wdH6lkKG4JdtnrlwK How To Be Charismatic ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyqQsjWYl6Lq1CvAmjoXHOL Advanced Dating Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyu9AuzX1fGZRjFppTCqC43 Advanced Demonstrations ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyrwmn5UsZSYehnMHHP_Nmo Texting & Phone Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyVK7GFWXJvtSKOnBYXSFgl ################################################################################################### Visit our website at http://theattractiveman.com/ ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/how-to-deal-with-rejection Want more dates? Take a boot camp with us: ► https://attractioninsights.com/bootcamps Want 1-on-1 private coaching? Then click here: ► https://attractioninsights.com/coaching
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The Attractive Man (2 months ago)
DON'T ever let REJECTION get you down! ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/how-to-deal-with-rejection ►►►Want us to personally take you out and show you how to meet women? Learn more here: https://attractioninsights.com/training ► See the boot camp schedule here: https://daygametraining.com/training-schedule/
James Huffmar (24 days ago)
This is so superficial because there are different levels of rejection. You can be in love with someone and that person cheated on you than rejected you. You cannot just say oh, well...have a nice evening everybody ! :D
Mahmoud Khater (2 months ago)
thank you for this information. I will keep it in mind about rejection.
Naman Kumar (2 months ago)
You explain very well, beautiful girl😘
Matthew Scanlon (4 days ago)
It is a negative experience every time I approach
Raj B-Boy (6 days ago)
I love you wanna be my girlfriend
Thiranga Thamidu (7 days ago)
This video is really important😀
Trashy the Raccoon (8 days ago)
fuck off
Ennis Whalen (10 days ago)
God, they do their VERY,VERY best to talk guys into approaching. Wow, the effort!
maykoo메이 (11 days ago)
Hahhahahah I never get rejected ahhahaahhah Cuz I dont have confidence to approach someone..........😢😢
Previ Da best (12 days ago)
Channel says attractive man...shows attractive woman instead
Mahbub Hossain (15 days ago)
Her getting rejected is hard for me to believe
Mahbub Hossain (15 days ago)
Okay i was rejected just two days ago this videos not bad
Dragory (14 days ago)
I was rejected today. I'm fine now.
Kelvinator Ng (15 days ago)
Rejections will cause wet dreams
Mount Everett (21 days ago)
I love you Lindsay
Carlos Garcia (26 days ago)
Sounds like job hunting.
Greg Chase (26 days ago)
Two main reasons for rejection 1) not enough men in the upper echelon of looks, status -- majority of guys who are approaching are thus falling short on looks and status 2) too many men in the upper echelon of looks, status -- it might seem paradoxical, but research shows an overabundance causes the selector (the female in our culture, the 'gate keeper', the one who rejects) to become a lot more selective if there are large numbers of eligible men The takeaways from the research are: - if you're a guy lacking in looks/status/wealth/etc your rejection ratio will be noteworthy - if you're in a region with a lot of competition, even if you're a good looking guy with social prominence and money, your competition makes the available women become more selective because they have more options. Rejection will be a factor in your life - if you're in an area with an over-supply of women (there *are* areas of the country with that 'problem') you'll still suffer rejection Women are picky. The only way to deal with rejection is AVOID IT. How can you avoid rejection and still get laid? Play in a band. I figured that out in my teens and it worked great. Women suck, generally and they've gotten worse in our culture. Much worse. It's not their fault, it's the brainwashing of all the lesbians in their ranks that coerced them into thinking marriage/family/man as breadwinner was bad bad bad. . . . . . .
Russell Warrick (1 month ago)
In western culture yes. But away from western culture you can be needy and play no games. With Asian and other non western cultures they love nice guys and don't like bad boys. Basically it's because in western culture they date so so many guys they spoilt for choice and mix this with hedonism, drinking,etc there is a higher probability of being messed over so they have issues. Other cultures this doesn't happen, they meet guys through friends over dinner at home so no issues. Honestly take a simple step to change your demographic and see your success soar like I did. Will never look back. I'm generalising but that's my experience anyway.
Gabby J (1 month ago)
What if you're ugly and you will be rejected by every single person?
ADELINE PARRISH (1 month ago)
and hay all of people heres how i Deal with rejection WATCH TOM AND JERRY AND FIEND OUT
donkey diccj (1 month ago)
The wing girl hi
uncleelmer (1 month ago)
Actually a lot of the rejections I got were in the long run good because I can see that had things went differently it would have been worse than the rejection.
sadhu singh (1 month ago)
why the hell you get rejected you are already awesome
Soccer21 (1 month ago)
You rejected !? I don’t see why !? You’re so pretty
mike dee (1 month ago)
men must learn to view rejection as a good thing....that you are doing something right.....
Chirag Wasan (2 months ago)
Could you make a video on how to get out of friend zone ,if you're friends with her for 3 to 4 years , after being rejected, bcz rejection didn't affected the friendship much... Plz
Shania Frangipanini (2 months ago)
It depends on your view of rejection tbh..like what are they really rejecting? It could have literally nothing to do with you. Sometimes insecurity can cause rejection to take a toll on us as well, tell yourself it's their loss at all times, you know your value? Elevate It, embrace It, c'mon someone out there is looking for everything you've got inside you.. Oh yeah totally agree, change your perception on rejection
Gregoire Rad (2 months ago)
what is lindsay @instagram?? do ur research please
King Josiah (2 months ago)
Rejection does not exist! People miss out on exceptional opportunities.
rtcmanga (2 months ago)
Good honest advice. The subtitle noise is somewhat irritating. Also the length of the video with 10mins is too long. Now everybody is doing 10mins videos for the ads. Stop doing that. You can't use the time of viewers that much.
Robux Billionaire (2 months ago)
I’ve been rejected by the same girl multiple times, and probably will be 100 more times before I realise I don’t have a chance, but I care about her more than I’ve cared about anything, so I can’t just give up, no matter how painful it is, no matter how much I want to, I just can’t....
Lavan S (2 months ago)
I've been rejected 5 times. I want to die
Asea Holyweek (2 months ago)
I think the best way to deal with rejection is just not to take things personally, i mean its not about you!
Asea Holyweek (2 months ago)
Your welcome +The Attractive Man.
The Attractive Man (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Asea!
jesse haaland (2 months ago)
I have 5 nipples,I'm uniuqe.i get rejected when I show girls my 5 nipples.maybe it's cuz there lactating.
Vital IV (2 months ago)
I don’t even have the calls to talk to women so I’m not even on that level
American Pride (2 months ago)
I don't approach in the first place.
Derek Fischer (2 months ago)
I've been getting rejected since high school. I'm already a pro.
MKK (2 months ago)
I’ve been struggling with talking to women my whole life and I’m 28. Never had a girlfriend either. I needed this. Thank you.
Hundooey does it (2 months ago)
The rejection idea at the end of the video is absolutely genius... If u go in thinking rejection is success u just can't lose 👍
Rajesh Jha (2 months ago)
Love that
gorank soni (2 months ago)
@mattartisan thanks for these.i had dm you on insta and you made these video.thanks a lot
J German (2 months ago)
The audio on most of your videos is terrible. You need the help of a professional. You'll get more views and subscribers if you address this.
Patrick Keating (2 months ago)
Thank you Lindsay. You are a breath of fresh air with regards to dating advice on YouTube. I’ve been through rejections beyond counting and even a handful of failed relationships but I know I owe it to myself not to give up on finding the happy and fulfilling relationship that I know I deserve. Your advice is fantastic and I hope you keep on helping others realize their dating potential. Keep up the amazing work! 😊
tubularbill (2 months ago)
It’s usually because she’s very picky. Women today are incredibly picky.
birol kaplan (2 months ago)
Hey Man applied for free confidence cheat sheet but i didnt get it. Also i bought two program of you but didnt get any information. The reason i am writing here you dont respond email. I hope you see this and do something Thanks
isaiah Diaz (2 months ago)
Because some one is waiting for me in the future
isaiah Diaz (2 months ago)
I'm in high school but I usually get rejected often but I still love my self
Łukasz Pijanowski (2 months ago)
Thank you for advice. Some girls can't behave gently while the rejection. I had a situation that girls said to me "Fuck off". I was so angry...
Neal Sabel (2 months ago)
It's interesting how negative emotions translate to positive emotions through a proxy of negative perspectives transmigrating to positive dynamics of the binaural psychological distortion profiling affect, and within this constitution of negative to positive polarity we find ourselves at a dissolution between the vacuum of migrational paradigms in the distorted reality of time, space and all that is which binds the negative to positive characterisations of the uninhibited mental construct. After watching, suddenly it's all evidently clear to me.
Truth Seeker (2 months ago)
I expect to get rejected 90% of the time. Approach 10 women, get laid once. Just gotta approach. That’s the game. Approach. Approach. Approach. Get denied 9 times, get laid. Repeat
Joseph Torreski (2 months ago)
I usually dont ever talk shit about any body. But you are the gayest try hard I have ever seen. Same ass this is random line. Ive got more balls and looks than you fag. You look like a fag.
jinneemagic302 (2 months ago)
It is funny how people live like this. You all take so many things for granted.
nobodysperfect06 (2 months ago)
It's obviously easy for women to say because women don't have to deal with rejection like men do, because they don't have to do the approaching
Daniel Faulkner (1 month ago)
So I had a crush for a long while until one time I thought it was the right time to ask her out. I thought she like me too but NO she rejected me in front of everybody like my friends siblings. But for some reason I still love her but I don’t know how to make her love me back
Satchel Channel (1 month ago)
We are men, we must do that. Women are not as brave as we are, and we must risk if we want to be happy
rhea kay (1 month ago)
dude thats not true......i am a girl and just got rejected by the guy i like.
ReasonableRadio (2 months ago)
I don't think anything about our way of life or identity now will continue until the 30th century, probably not even the 22nd
nobodysperfect06 (2 months ago)
+ReasonableRadio yeah why do I get the feeling this burden will remain on men's shoulders even in the 30th century or more
Swirv Fly (2 months ago)
guys, listen. get money and use woman’s hypergamous nature against them. be what they want and use them for sex. we have to take back control. is it fair? no. but neither is getting rejected for no reason without getting a chance to show her you are right for her. they wouldn’t reject a celebrity. reject her after you have sex with her.
Swirv Fly (2 months ago)
“she may look at her friend and say ‘actually, i think this person is right for you.’” lolol yeah right 🙄
Joel Bell (2 months ago)
But what if you get rejected because of who you are? Like what if you’re the lowest from of shit to ever crawl on the surface of this planet?
Easin arafat (2 months ago)
I just love getting rejected .
Morgow (2 months ago)
Girls are too expensive.
DarkSolidity (2 months ago)
This video didn’t help me I still want to die
DarkSolidity (2 months ago)
The Attractive Man got the friend speech last night with a girl I’ve been into for awhile and it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. She was someone I’ve known for a long time I told her we could still be friends but that I needed time but it broke me hard... she gave a lot of signs that she was into me but I guess I misread.
DarkSolidity (2 months ago)
The Attractive Man it’s hard not to be... divorced, 5 break ups after, and countless rejections. I just feel numb and I’ve lost my ability to connect with people. I’m sick of feeling like this...
The Attractive Man (2 months ago)
Don't be so negative!
Meshal (2 months ago)
As a man I see rejection from women is a normal thing because there are many reasons for rejection, they might think you are not their type, they have boyfriends, husbands, shy, bad day, social, personal and religious reasons or even unattracted which is a very normal thing, or in worst expectations she might think you are less than what she wants. Anyway you got to be a man and accept rejection. I have been rejected many times and accepted many times. Just be positive. Thank you for uploading the video.
Marko Mägi (2 months ago)
dentaldepot (2 months ago)
Change my hobbies and personality for a woman? No way. I know what I want and how to get it.
Vitor Ribeiro (2 months ago)
Rejection sucks. But once you realize that rejection is not a big deal you start to understand that people are unique. The problem is when a girl lies to you saying that she likes but inside she only likes the fact that you are caring, not you as a person. When you get rejected by a girl you just met it feels bad, but when you get rejected by a girl that you already like and you think that she's into you (but inside she's not)... well that feels a lot bad. Beeing rejected when you're in love that's the big deal. If I could give one advice for girls would be: if you don't like the guy, just say NO. And if you like him just as a friend, just be friendly, don't say things that might seem lovely, don't give him too much intimacy.
Bradley Tompkins (2 months ago)
I asked this girl at work on date and say no and she mean
Branio Fan (2 months ago)
In some cases rejection can be God's protection!
Michael Cunnane (2 months ago)
Social rejections are valuable experience, you can't escape from it until you accept rejection. Rejection exist because everyone has different needs, wants, different life outlooks. I learnt make sure there is no embarrassment, awkwardness for others, that's mean make sure the conditions are correct to deliver warmth, indirectly. Nothing else. Emotions drives behavior. Warmth is best emotion.
Rob T (2 months ago)
I've spent the last 4 months improving my fashion from square one. I wore oversized jeans and t-shirts and got rejected 99% of the time. Now I look like a male-doll. I hope that will make a difference and minimize the rejections.
kim lim (2 months ago)
who will gonna reject u
WhitePride WorldWide (2 months ago)
Get a crotch rocket so they ask, after fucking them, ignore them. Your hair lacks volume.
max iifoojar (2 months ago)
Rejection is not fear i love rejection
The Gorn (2 months ago)
You can deal with rejection with one word: chloroform
Eddie Sanchez (2 months ago)
The Gorn The best way to make women chase you... Grab their purse and run.
Haki Mann (2 months ago)
I'd like to date Lindsay, she's smart, wise and sweet.
Shady Dean (2 months ago)
Prettyyyyy... UHHH I MEAN GREAT ADVICE!!!!
Joe Trampozzo (2 months ago)
Q: How do I deal with rejection? A: I don't give a shit.
Derrick Upshaw (2 months ago)
I guess Sometimes we forget that we all human beings and we all feel rejected sometimes...even beautiful females like her.
Flødefar (2 months ago)
This was exactly what I needed to hear... Thanks, Lindsay!
Tim Jones (2 months ago)
How to deal with rejection? It's very simple. DON'T PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO BE REJECTED. Y'all crazy as fuck if think rejection isn't bad. IT'S A BAD THING. Rejection is not an isolated occurrence, not for. Your actions are a part of you. So yes she does reject you. How is it not a negative experience? There's nothing positive about rejection. I don't care how you look at it. There's no opportunity in rejection. Just don't bother. Keep yourself out of those situations. There's nothing that you can do to get out of your mind that someone just told you you're not good enough or worthless.
Tado AL XAVIER (2 months ago)
Bring up Neil Ermez. Or unsubcribe🤷🏻‍♂️
AnthonyOMEGA (2 months ago)
0:23 “… Either I’ll feel really bad about myself or I can just lash out at people...”🤔 so this is how the majority of nice girls deal with getting shot down😂😂😂
Jose Rioseco (2 months ago)
Lindsay, you are cute! Are you single? 😉
Jesus Medina (2 months ago)
Wow Lindsay!!! You got rejected!? I am soo sorry.😐
Maurice Johnson (2 months ago)
You are amazing and incredible i am a black man tall dark and handsome humble king well i just wanted to say i appreciate your soul work.
najib ? (2 months ago)
lol these cute creatures are I N S A N E
Denis So (2 months ago)
Denis So (2 months ago)
That's German Dutch!!! I didn't know??? There are two different types of Dutch!!! 1 is German Dutch. 2 is Amish Dutch, mainly people born in the Scandinavia section of the world! And she's also a BBPD, that's British Born Posh Dutch!!! As she was born in Bath England.
UberSoldat 05 (2 months ago)
How come she helps guys getting girls Is she anti-feminist or something?
Stefan Ross (2 months ago)
...... Very good video!
Erik Marin (2 months ago)
Thank you
Doc Wicked (2 months ago)
Just rape them that’s how u deal with it real niggas for life
per29kim (2 months ago)
Your self worth as a human being should not be predicated on your attractiveness to people who don't have a clue about who you are and probably even have less of a clue who they are ("red dress girl"). Honestly, that short clip (6.02 to 6.07) of the woman in the skin tight red dress rejecting a man is about the worst example of any kind of desire on your part to making the world a better place for men or women. As if this man's life would be any better if she she shook his hand and they went out on a date. Why don't you do an honest video of what happens when a man gets "selected" by "red dress" girl.
ageofbogyo (2 months ago)
Nice carebear thoughts, however I bet if you put a hidden cam on Chris Hemsworth and he approached the same girls who rejected you, the same way, he will not get rejected that many times. So at the end it is you who she rejected. Moreover women have sex with guys they hardly know anything about/whatever those guy do/say as long as they are high status and good looking.
Peter Chou (2 months ago)
I got rejected just for being there.
CMB Chris (2 months ago)
Honestly before I even watch this video I did all of these steps without knowing it. Last night I got rejected but immediately felt better because I told my crush how I felt and was super happy to finely told the truth. I'm more happy now to know the answer.
J24777 (2 months ago)
Apparently there No Women out there For me... O well
J24777 (2 months ago)
Lol. I am Very positive! Still Rejected! I Give up!!!!
Christina Caruth (2 months ago)
Thanks Lindsey, I am glad that I rejected 🙅 constantly other wise I will get stuck in one Place! It allows me to travel and tons of work experience with different people in all walks of life!!
J24777 (2 months ago)
I try Different ways, types,etc. STILL REJECTED
J24777 (2 months ago)
I'm a Handsome Guy. Yes, I get rejected all the time. Apparently I am not Good looking enough. UGH
Mohamed Mahmoud (2 months ago)
So ,can I have your Facebook? 😂😂
kaminatorXD (2 months ago)
Am I the only one wondering,why a chanel with soon 500k subs still uses cheap Greenscreen videos/Greenscreen cenes with his GF like a bloody amateure?
Justyn Mychael (2 months ago)
I wonder why women aren't being told this.
Matthew Bulic (2 months ago)
AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO I went to the psychiatrist and he told me I had a dual personality. After the 30 minute consultation, he gave me a bill for $100. So I gave him $50 bucks and told him to collect the rest from the other guy 😏
Benny Ramos (2 months ago)
I'm happy to tell the world that I DON'T EXPERIENCE REJECTION ANYMORE!! You know how I do it? I don't put myself in that position anymore,,,, yay!!! I have learned that most women are SHALLOW WHORES, and won't give a guy the time of day unless he has a GIGANTICNORMOUS COCK, or Looks like a photoshopped magazine model. All of us poor schmucks who were not BLESSED (YEAH PRETTY BOYS, it's not your 'game', it's just that you were just LUCKY to be born with good looks, don't flatter yourself, you had nothing to do with the outcome_) are just shit out of luck. I've come to terms with it. I DISCOVERED, that there are THOUSANDS, even MILLIONS of guys like me, so that , in a way is a little comforting to know, that I am not alone. However, I don't give a fuck anymore. I don't give any woman the satisfaction of staring at her. (besides being sexual, shallow whores, they are also ATTENTION whores).. When I give my order to the waitress, I don't even look at her. I call out my order as I stare at the menu. Then, I look at the menu as I hand it to her, as if saying, "ok, whore, there's my order, go take care of it." I'm not rude, but I'm not sociable and I don't want the whore to LORD FORBID, think that I am trying to 'make a move on her by looking at her eyes when i talk to her" HERE IS HOW SHALLOW WHORES ARE. I ran a two part experiment on a VERY POPULAR DATING SITE. FIRST: I completed my REAL profile, along with MY REAL PICS. THEN: I tried to initiate conversations with whores, by sending them a funny little message. RESULTS: zero, nada, ZIP. BUT WAIT!! THERE'S MORER!!! Then, I REPLACED MY PICS WITH THOSE OF SOME RANDOM pretty boy's pics i found online. THIS TIME, I sent out the SAME CONVERSATIONS STARTERS, to a DIFFERENT group of women on the SAME SITE. (for obvious reasons) RESULTS: i GOT SWAMPED with replies, comments, LOL'S, bitches telling me that i was HILARIOUS, that any woman would be 'LUCKY' to have me, some of them were even ready to meet me.. WHAT A FUCKEN CROCK OF SHIT!! These bitches laughed at my jokes and noticed me ONLY AFTER THEY SAW THAT I LOOKED LIKE A MODEL... Why didn't it happen when it was the REAL ME in the pics? I'll tell you why. Because it TOTALLY PROVES MY POINT. Most women are SHALLOW WHORES. So, either way they would answer this question, still makes them SHALLOW If they say they did not think my jokes were funny, because I'm ugly, then THEY ARE SHALLOW. OR, if what I told them was NOT really funny, but they SAID IT WAS FUNNY, WHEN I POSED AS A PRETTY BOY, then , THEY ARE STILL SHALLOW WHORES,,,LYERS, JUST TO GET COCK FROM A PRETTY BOY. So , i hate women. i WASTED MY LIFE trying to find 'true love,,,'' HA HA,,, WHAT A FUCKEN JOKE, I WASTED MY LIFE trying impress these whores, dancing, singing, WASTING my paychecks buying clothes to try to impress these worthles pieces of shit. Angry at women? YES I AM. But there's nothing i can do about it. HOLLLYWOOD and ILLUMINATI are the influence behind all this. It's ALL CONNECTED. When we see a tv commercial, who is the spokersperson? A PRETTY BOY OR A PRETTY WOMAN. When we see a movie, who are the main actors? PRETTY BOYS AND PRETTY WOMEN. When we see new music talent (and I use that term LOOSELY) on stage, who did the ILLUMINATI choose to groom for this? BIEBEr, a pretty boy.. It's the ILLLUMINATI's goal, to RID THE WORLD OF STUPID, POOR, AND UGLY PEOPLE. They run the reigns on EVERYTHING. They are the MASTER PUPPETEERS. Right now, they are concentrating their efforts on BEAUTY. They want the ugly ducklings, LIKE MYESELF, to not exist anymore, NOT REPRODUCE. They are accomplishing that, by SUBLIMINALLY training these SHALLOW WHORES TO ONLY WANT GUYS THAT LOOK LIKE WHAT THEY SEE ON TV. It's working. HOWEVER, these shallow whores, (or their offspring) have it coming also. Because the NEXT thing on the ILLUMINATI'S agenda, is to rid the world of STUPID people. Who falls into this category? SHALLOW WHORES... How? First of all, they are SO SHALLOW, they can't THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Most of the time their descision to date a guy or not are based on what SOCIAL MEDIA AND HOLLYWOOD THINKS.. In other words, if you don't look like no model, you aint getting none. THESE BITCHES CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES. So yeah, you're getting yours. OH, NOT BY ME SISTER, by the ILLUMINATI. I'm just going to stand back , eat popcorn, and enjoy the show. You don't know how PAINFUL it is, to go thru life, once being A CONFIDENT YOUNG MAN, entrepreneurial, goal setter, work out, knows two languages, likes to karaoke, and actually a little musically talented,,,,, buying nice clothes to try to impress the bitches....ALL IN VAIN. To see that your friend or sibling is STARED HARD at when we go out somewhere, together, and me, well, I 'm not even noticed. I could , if I wanted to, go rob a bank STAFFED ONLY BY WOMEN, and I WOULD GET AWAY WITH IT,,,because NONE OF THESE WHORES WOULD EVEN LIFT THEIR HEAD TO LOOK AT ME. . They wouldn't even notice me go in or out. FUCKEN WHORES. OF COURSE, IF I LOOKED LIKE A PRETTY BOY, i couldn't, because they would all be staring HARD at me. I had a 'friend' , (not really a friend,,, REAL FRIENDS don't brag to their UNLOVED friends about all they pussy they get, just by going to the store)...this guy would say the STUPIDEST SHIT, and these bitches would be ready to drop their panties.... It wasn't because he was funny, it was because he looked like a pretty boy. PERIOD. AGAIN, READ MY EXPERIMENT in the beginning of this rant. people say, ' well you don't understand... you have to be CONFIDENT', THEN, you'll get women. BITCH, SHUT THE FUCK UP... I USED to be confident. i USED to be the one that DARED walk up to women at clubs and ask them to dance (and YES i WAS good dancer, for that, the bitches always came up to me, but only for that, nothing afterwards)....I was the one WILLING to risk being rejected, and I WAS (unless it was to dance, ).. So no, it has NOTHING to do with 'confidence' shit, or 'how you dress'. I've seen guys that dress like CRAP get all the bitches. YES, i know i mispelled many words, but i'm typing my feelings. My feelings don't wait for my fingers to catch up. so i type as i feel. anyway, FUCK SHALLOW WHORES. many of you will end up with some pretty boy that beats you or treats you like the WHORE YOU ARE... when you COULD HAVE HAD a nice guy, maybe not a fucken BMW, but a least a nice TOYOTA, that could still get the job done. pretty boys cheat on their women, you know why? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY HAVE ONE THOUSAND WHORES IN LINE, READY FOR THEIR TURN FOR SLOPPY SECONDS.
Justin DiMatteo (2 months ago)
Masterful advice. Thanks, Lindsay. 💙

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