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RuneScape: RS3 Player Tries Old School RuneScape!

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Text Comments (10)
Elyem (6 months ago)
Let me know if y'all wanna see more OSRS 🙂👏🔥!
Dooby (6 months ago)
Hey! I'm here from one of your Skyrim mod showcases! I find myself really enjoying the overall vibe your videos give off and I just wanted to thank you for the effort you put into Youtube :) Also, I was curious whether you would ever consider releasing another Skyrim mod showcase video? :)
Dooby (6 months ago)
+Elyem That sounds absolutely fantastic! Crossing my fingers that you decide to do so...no pressure ;) Thanks for the reply and I look forward to binging some of your videos!
Elyem (6 months ago)
Hey thanks for the kind words! 🙂. The idea hasn't crossed my mind 🤔; it would be fun to make some reviews of weekly mods! I'll keep the idea in mind! 😋
Luukas Aoife (6 months ago)
What an amazing vid!! Was really funny, I haven't played and was thinking on start my own channel on spanish while leveling up an ironman on osrs, keep uploading them! 😄
Elyem (6 months ago)
Go for it! 🤠🔥 I'm happy you liked it!
Drovodox (6 months ago)
This was very funny haha 😄 I hope you are still willing to play RS3, after having a blast killing imps and goblins. I would watch your video's either way though 😊
Elyem (6 months ago)
I still prefer RS3 TBH 🙂 it just looks better ahah!
Thiemo Siers (6 months ago)
I usually don't watch osrs video's but you make it really enjoyable! Keep it up! :D Waffly ;)
Elyem (6 months ago)
It's most likely my noobness ahah! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂👍

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