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Skyrim : Novice Mage gone crazy

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This is just my new complete mage character named Arven Sorelli , a dark elf.... The small story behind this walkthrough was that this novice mage here just learned some new magic spells like Fury in the illusion class and Oakflesh in the alteration class of magic and was looking for test subjects without getting into too much trouble. . . He was leaving Riverwood and heading towards Whiterun to inform the Jarl about the dragon attack in Helgen as requested by Alvor the Smith. But as he crossed the bridge he saw a deer and decided to test his Fury spell on it by sneaking but the thought of the deer becoming hostile to him instead din't really cross his mind... . After sometime things were pretty bad with the antelope chasing him down... That is when he thought it to be a good idea to test the newly learned Oakflesh spell and see how it works... Then something really weird happened which i bet many wouldn't have seen while their skyrim walkthroughs.... . Hope you enjoyed.. Happy Gaming....
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