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Skyrim Mod: Unique Weapons Redone

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Unique Weapons Redone http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35770/ Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (205)
Silent_Assassin (1 year ago)
is it possible for this to be on ps4 skyrim
A Quest Unending (1 year ago)
A lot of them look like they're straight out of World of Warcraft with their aesthetic and I love it
Fish (1 year ago)
Dragonbane's retexture is disgusting.
Ea A (1 year ago)
Beautiful, FANTASTİC!
bruce romero (1 year ago)
Is this on xbox one ???
Pasta Boi (1 year ago)
Would you review "Winter is Coming - Cloaks" and "Cloaks of Skyrim"? They're two great cloak mods that I've used before.
Krax Venderhos (1 year ago)
is this for xb1?
i like this better than unique uniques
Lee Crabtree (2 years ago)
can you do a comparison video showing UU and UWR versions of the weapons that crossover?
Hunter Trecartin (2 years ago)
something that annoys me is that chillrend has never had a retexture yet
Rafael Posada (2 years ago)
where's dawnbreaker?
J17 (8 months ago)
Rafael Posada Dawnbreaker already had a truly unique appearance, so it was likely left out of the mod.
Cristian Campos (2 years ago)
They fucking suck
MrAfroMan (2 years ago)
Please get this to remastered
John Robinson (2 years ago)
I like the look of windshear
Andrew VIZG (2 years ago)
idiocy mods
Admiral Hungry (2 years ago)
T i n t o y (2 years ago)
Does this work on version of Skyrim?
T i n t o y (2 years ago)
Just visited nexusmods, some mods require 1.9 version of the game. tried to download one but it crashes the game.
Lemmings-Gaming (2 years ago)
This is not Minecraft..so versions don't matter.
Gamingmania (2 years ago)
does betteer shaped weapons cover this weapons?
Rex Orbis (2 years ago)
Gamingmania No
Elias Martinez (2 years ago)
I like this mod but borders dagger looks fukin dumb lmao
RedRodri (3 years ago)
this mod is cool     death to the re-skins!
Slayerlord0 (3 years ago)
I'd get this mod if it wasn't for the new Dragonbane katana. I'm sorry, but it's hideous.
Strongside (2 years ago)
Not only that, it isn't even a katana in the remodel.
Zzarcon1 (3 years ago)
Valdirs lucky dagger doesn't look that different...
I like windshear better before they should have touched up the handle a little...?
Lenny Is A Carrot (3 years ago)
Didn't the staff of Jyrik Gauldurson already have a unique model?
Strongside (2 years ago)
Nah. It shares a model with the Staff of Magnus.
Jack Stalwart (3 years ago)
How do u override?
ManateeAdvocate (3 years ago)
HUGE improvement on Windshear.
The95thZebra (1 year ago)
I like Unique Unique's version better though...
DraMattIck (3 years ago)
+b2manatees Curved swords.... Curved... Swords...
VokunKendovJosh (3 years ago)
Umm... not all of the unique wepons were redone. None of the unique bows were remodeled. Froki's bow, and the Gaulder Blackbow are both unique bows without a unique model. Also, none of the DLC weapons have been remodeled either, but maybe the author is working on that.
Rexus (3 years ago)
Vincent McKay (3 years ago)
Where do you find Windshear?
ShadowStalker92 (3 years ago)
+Vincent McKay its at the end of the boats prow ram thingamagig
L. Haine (3 years ago)
Lol sorry man my bad haha! I got confused with Chillrend.
Vincent McKay (3 years ago)
OOH. Thank you! I was looking everywhere! LOL Thank you again!!
L. Haine (3 years ago)
Wait! Haha! My bad, it's actually found in the last quest of The Dark Brotherhood line. So sorry man, I got confused with another sword. The last quest involves a boat (not spoiling anything more), and it's found on there. However, if you've already completed it, the boat should still be in Skyrim.
Vincent McKay (3 years ago)
Alright, thank you!
+Lord Miraak I wrote this before watching the video.
Reviewmoviewow plssub (3 years ago)
Dawnbreaker already has an unique texture
Cole Aufdenkamp (3 years ago)
There was barely a change for the lucky dagger
Lores (3 years ago)
+Cole Aufdenkamp I think it's ment to be that way.
emil evangelio (4 years ago)
How do you override it with Unique, Uniques withou using NMM?
Etsuri Chewy (4 years ago)
This is one of those modds that should have been in the game to start with. damn publishers rushing games through...
Bernardo Salles (4 years ago)
RoxyLuffer (4 years ago)
Unique Uniques, and this Unique weapons Redone mod are both Meh =T
Big Deano Plays (4 years ago)
What makes you say that? Especially regarding unique uniques? They dont retexture the "unique" weapons OTT, but give them a truly unique feel, especially regarding dragonbane, oathblade and pale blade in UU. Dont really know what you expected tbh.
Carlos Alfonso (4 years ago)
maaaaan. i dont know how to override shit.
Carlos Alfonso (4 years ago)
thanks but i stopped playing 
Jeffrey Smith (4 years ago)
If you're using NMM, when you try to install this mod after installing Unique Uniques it will come up with a window saying something like: this texture is already being used by Unique Uniques, would you like to overwrite? and a few options like, yes, yes to mod, no, no to mod, no to all, etc show up. You can select which ones you want to replace by just clicking no to the ones that you want to keep from Unique Uniques or replace them by clicking yes, but you'll be able to figure that out easily.
Does anyone feel like a lot of the redone weapons look like their from oblivion
Death Professor (4 years ago)
can you only use some of them? how do you do it if you can?
Foron (4 years ago)
Get Model Manager.
Favmir (4 years ago)
Some look good, some don't. I guess I'm just gonna use Unique Uniques :P
Dylan Petty (4 years ago)
Best Jarl Balgruuf dance I've seen yet.
ronnie battle (2 months ago)
He gets busy!
Foron (4 years ago)
I hate the Dragonbane's new look.
Sterling Muse (1 year ago)
Honestly, the only weapons here that I DO like the looks of are the staves and that one dagger that looks very close to its original. The rest all look painful to use and unwieldy...
golden convoy (2 years ago)
Shino in my 0pini0n drag0nbane is better left unt0uched. instead 0f being the tip 0f a drag0n's tale. it makes less sense than the vanilla drag0nb0ne war hammer. :|
Jacob Neal (4 years ago)
Yeah, I have to agree.
xShadow Claw (4 years ago)
Just a question: If I happen to dislike a few of these new weapon skins and also the insanity versions, can I disable them and have the vanilla skins?
Gennaro (2 months ago)
xShadow Claw hello I’m sure you’ve figured this out in the past 4 years but that is only possible with Mod Organizer
J'zargo (4 years ago)
i would like to see a unique looking whatshisname's lucky dagger
Randomchannel57 (3 years ago)
Chris Williamson (4 years ago)
+J'zargo I will vote for you! 
J'zargo (4 years ago)
nevermind i never noticed it
Sam (4 years ago)
How would you use Insanity's Oathblade with this mod? 
xPancakes4lyf (4 years ago)
This is fantastic I hated the fact "unique" wePons were just the same old boring vanilla with a unique name. Made it real dissatisfying, but this looks awsome! :D
aaron bertrand (4 years ago)
no chillrend?
Rechordian (4 years ago)
No chillrend is kinda odd, since its the highest damage weapon in vanilla
Pandaman (4 years ago)
This just changes weapons that looked the same as everyday weapons. 
Jacques Arnold (4 years ago)
Chillrend is unique because its the only blue glass sword in the vanilla game all the other glass swords a green
Woody Abram (5 years ago)
Пожалуйста дайте ссылку на заглавие песни в конце где игрок пляшет.Уже не знаю где находить ее
clawdywins11 (5 years ago)
The blade of sacrifice does have a unique model. It's just less unique than you'd expect unique to be. Unique.
VokunKendovJosh (4 years ago)
You're thinking of Nettlebane. The Blade of Sacrifice is just an ebony dagger. Nettlebane is also clearly an ebony dagger, but a bit different. Sort of like how UWR Valdr's Lucky Dagger is different from the vanilla version.
PoptartInvasion (5 years ago)
"Notched pickaxe...has had," Wait for it MINER CHANGES
Austin Barnes (6 months ago)
CLAP CLAP (intensifies)
Revan Garcia (1 year ago)
oooh myyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
you must be a MINER not major
Jeffrey Smith (4 years ago)
StalinizedSun (4 years ago)
Random Person (5 years ago)
Bob Johnson (5 years ago)
Windshear looks like a stick wrapped up in red wrappings -.-
Ike Wasweissich (5 years ago)
always wonderd why are there no spears
Hoxton Hoxworth (5 years ago)
I already have a Horkers bane replacer, pretty neat actually, there are still some weapons that can be replaced on the DLCs, a lot of them actually.
Toby Larone (5 years ago)
How does one easily override it? 
DirtWormGames (5 years ago)
Great video :)
Super Nofa (5 years ago)
Some are overdone, some just seem to be changed for the sake of changing them (Like Valdr's lucky dagger). but overall I think it's pretty well done.
Fenrir The Wulf (5 years ago)
Some are overdone
Harley Summers (5 years ago)
XD Omg good one :D I Love this world and its jokes :D
Hooversom (5 years ago)
1:28 is other way around.. right?
Hooversom (5 years ago)
i love this mod, yes yes yes
Happy Rabid Duck (5 years ago)
Windshear looks like something I think I'd see in morrowind
SpriteOverlord (5 years ago)
the makers of this mod did nothing about the staff of magnus. Very disappointing but the rest of the weapons look nice
Burnt_Toast (5 years ago)
i paid almost $150 for for just a better processor but a worse graphics card hmmm...
Alycia Nadleeh (5 years ago)
Win7 system with 8 GBs of RAM. AMD Athlon II X4 635 Processor 2.91 Ghz. Vidcard: ATI Radeon HD 5700 series (I know, I can do better) That's the gist of it anyway. This is more than enough to run Skyrim very well, IMHO. You can do better, for probably around the same price now. Maybe. Shop around, do a lot of double checking on more than one website for part prices. Never buy anything from retail stores like BestBuy. Prices are marked up high for "convenience" Good luck!
BeastlyHaxorz (5 years ago)
I suddenly feel like I didn't complete nearly as much of Skyrim as I thought. I have no idea what half of these are...
Burnt_Toast (5 years ago)
sir, i MUST know what parts you used for your pc!
Ryu Lightorb (5 years ago)
the hell i spent $1200 on my computer and i can play skyrim top specs but not with enb. I mean Pc's are expensive i meant i spent $100 on ram alone jeez.
V Testicles One (5 years ago)
cant download... it said i was banned ... i dont remember doing anything bad... but help
Baro The Mage (5 years ago)
Thats true, 360 got few exclusives so I bought PS3. That also means I can play PSX games. Now waiting for Guilty Gear Xrd
RosieSquall (5 years ago)
Too bad Insanity's just features like 5 or 6 weapons.
RosieSquall (5 years ago)
Yeah, good thing most PC gamers can also afford a console.
RosieSquall (5 years ago)
Lokey (5 years ago)
is there one for the bow of the hunt?
Sandshoe218 (5 years ago)
No shit
300AB (5 years ago)
Don't forget the insane loading time. I got the pc one after getting the ps3 version.
DoughyGoodness (5 years ago)
I have both console and PC:)
Dickbag Anti-Mage (5 years ago)
Mods only work on legit , purchased copies of skyrim correct? No pirated versions?
Admiral Panda (5 years ago)
Well, that's personal taste. They are high texture and have high quality models. I don'
muzzzafuzzza (5 years ago)
That and much better graphics :)
FRF Retro (5 years ago)
Personally, I think all of these new weapons look worse then the original models.
1kalaamo (5 years ago)
Oh Balgruuf.
biam (5 years ago)
This mod is tremendous, but it misses a few weapons that I'd like to see. For example, Chillrend, Nettlebane, Hevnoraak's Staff, and Stormfang. Otherwise, this mod looks amazing and I'm definitely getting it.
mrbritishgames s (5 years ago)
no chilrend.....
dragovic90srb (5 years ago)
Conner R. (5 years ago)
I honestly think the dragonbane in this looks stupid bu the rest look good
Baro The Mage (5 years ago)
Guilty Gear AC^ and AC^R, BlazBlue series after CT, God of War series, Patapon series, Odin's Sphere, most Castlevania series, most Megaman series, most Metroid series, Metal Slug series. I can continue that into ∞,
WarPanda409 (5 years ago)
hahaha notch's pickaxe has some "miner" changes.... ahaha
MistaG6 (5 years ago)
Like what?
Baro The Mage (5 years ago)
Too bad many games are CONSOLE ONLY. Ehh
MistaG6 (5 years ago)
No to mention the PC is Graphically superior to all Next gen and current consoles
Mesjach (5 years ago)
PC's got better graphics, but generally worse optimization :/
Waiting4thaWroms (5 years ago)
Lol, I got a pc just for Skyrim mods. GOOD INVESTMENT
hosrom (5 years ago)
Get a PC, Skyrim does not need a €1000 machine, not only do you have access to tens of thousands of FREE mods, but you also get 2K textures at least, if you do invest in a PC, you can go up to 4K textures.
M.B.A.C (5 years ago)
and that's is why its paying $600 for pc gaming
Ampex101 (5 years ago)
Not sure about this one some of them seem rather low resolution.
ArcTiCxVodka (5 years ago)
And graphics
Playstation1235 (5 years ago)
It looks nice but insanity is much better.
Evan Gray (5 years ago)
Evan Gray (5 years ago)
its totally worth getting a gamerpc you ought to try it :)
jaylen downs (5 years ago)
the fact that people have to play skyrim on buggy buggy ps3 depresses me. im on xbox, but that's middle class by skyrim standards. PC>Xbox>Ps3>Wii(WHY!?)

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