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Top 10 Minecraft Mods (Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2) - 2017 [HD]

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Top 10 mods for Minecraft 1.12, 1.11.2 and 1.10.2 in 2017! (HD) ► Previous Minecraft Top 10 ► http://youtu.be/6U4bkSdIfxs ► Minecraft Top 10 Seeds Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Subscribe for more Top 10 Minecraft videos! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Top10Minecraft ► Mod list 10. More Explosives Mod http://minecraftfive.com/more-explosives-mod/ 9. Mo' Creatures Mod http://minecraftfive.com/mo-creatures-mod/ 8. Galacticraft 3 Mod http://minecraftfive.com/galacticraft-3-mod/ 7. Paleocraft Mod http://minecraftfive.com/paleocraft-mod/ 6. Aether II Mod http://minecraftfive.com/aether-ii-mod/ 5. Portal Gun Mod http://minecraftfive.com/portal-gun-mod/ 4. OreSpawn Mod http://minecraftfive.com/orespawn-mod/ 3. Smart Moving Mod http://minecraftfive.com/smart-moving-mod/ 2. Pixélmon Mod http://minecraftfive.com/pixelmon-mod/ 1. Mutant Creatures Mod http://minecraftfive.com/mutant-creatures-mod/ -- If you enjoyed this Top 10 Minecraft Mods & want to see more Top Tens, leave a Like! Subscribe for more Top 10 Mods for Minecraft 1.12 in 2017! Music By: Approaching Nirvana https://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana/
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Text Comments (1728)
NICK Α GAMER (16 days ago)
Music name??? Pls someone tell me!!!!
EclipsaBonnie (17 days ago)
Why everyone copies This video wheres the original?
FPZ Network (18 days ago)
Well, how you manage to play this off without any lag is beyond me, my laptop can run gta V on max everything with no lag, but minecraft... no, it will die on he loading menu.
Dixongonzales (25 days ago)
2:37 ese mod lo descarge antes y esa cosa no le podia mtar y le puse lava y se murio :D
Tizi Hernsn (28 days ago)
the oficial link : minecrafteo.com
samuel eduardo (28 days ago)
rip links
NikolaGamer (1 month ago)
download all the mods from curseforge cuz that has no virus
david quezada (1 month ago)
bete aponer le virus al computador de su abuela
Roblox Codes (1 month ago)
guys I think its clickbait because in the title it says 1.12.2 but the mods are 1.7.10 or 1.8 or 1.8.9 so if you think its not clickbait you can think that but I think its clickbait
404 ?
SAYAROT :V (2 months ago)
no hay ninguno para la version 1.12
funtime foxy kawaii14 (2 months ago)
yo solo he encontrado algunos pero la mitad están bugeados, como el Mo' Creatures que son todas las entidades invisibles xD
ronal perez (2 months ago)
2019 :v me gusto la cancion music :v
The real Slim Shady. (3 months ago)
I have a 1080Ti and i7 7700k and my computer still lags with explosions that big, and it's a FTW3 card at 2200Mhz, this was 3 years ago, wtf.
Aiden Potato (3 months ago)
Whenever I go to the mods they just say error this page doesn't exist
*мейка * (3 months ago)
кто руский лойс
OXxzyDoOM (4 months ago)
2017 (published on 4 july 2015... CLICKBAIIIIIT
ちゃんシャヤン (4 months ago)
Cubon ImcHiGon (1 month ago)
Porfavor amigo este video salió en 2015 para ese entonces estaban las versiones 1.7.2/.4 Para las actuales aún no son compatibles
Mark Ekkart (4 months ago)
ArkaSEN1151 (4 months ago)
those mods are too shit for me,so,screw this mods
Nice I try download this too im playing on McForge
Red The Dino (5 months ago)
its not click bait..... the links dont really work for me :/
FreddyGamerTR (5 months ago)
all is clicbait and  İ CAN'T DOWNLOAD MODES!!!!!!!!!
Alex (5 months ago)
Senith Nyanko (5 months ago)
this vid and title actually triggers me, 100% fake youtuber, can't make good content, just wants views.
svante karlström (5 months ago)
can i get my cookie now?
Dragon89 2018 (6 months ago)
NO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!
Billy Alfonso (6 months ago)
Defalt (6 months ago)
BrahianB - 24 (6 months ago)
es el video de isman64
Trung Tống (7 months ago)
lag back
hacker death (7 months ago)
Hey is ntt303
The Redstone Waffle (7 months ago)
I liked the video and subscribed
JackDoza (7 months ago)
Qiero el mod creatures para la 1.12 >:VVV
Pereiras Group (7 months ago)
i can't download because there is no downoad option
alexis rivero (7 months ago)
like fps full
Alexandru Petrescu (7 months ago)
some mods are for 1.12.2 like mo creatures ,aether 2,etc
FaZe Rainbow (7 months ago)
Arsta (7 months ago)
2:00 What's that white mob? Oh boi.
GamesTudo PLUS (7 months ago)
hdsjdjdjdhshshd oiii hello my frieds
stasiu pudlo (7 months ago)
ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy (8 months ago)
youtube logic title 2017 description july 4 2015 °<°
jazzbix (8 months ago)
mo' creatures isn't 1.12 or 1.11.2 whatever version that is
PRO PRO (8 months ago)
Smart no 1.11.2 ver and ore spawn
Marcus Aurelius Keem (8 months ago)
this is made in 2015
CÉSAR FERNANDES (8 months ago)
I am braziliam I eat cu
the anonymous player (8 months ago)
Twiliguit forest?
double elduod (8 months ago)
Mutant creatures not for 1.12 and 1.10
Aman Syed (8 months ago)
The mega tnt was so cool
1:10 - crash minecraft 100% xD
minecraft animation (8 months ago)
this video is fake look the links !
Petey :D (8 months ago)
Darius Perlado (8 months ago)
more explosive mods is crash generator when it drops items ;-;
Pre_Profic (8 months ago)
its funny because for the orespawn you can see there is not a hotbar under showing the attack cooldown
CHOCOPIx ᑈ (9 months ago)
seria mejor que en la luna agregaran extraterresres saludos
Top Ten Useless Mods In A 18 Minute Video
Bennett Quest (9 months ago)
ok i subbed now wheres my free cookie?
azazel TV (9 months ago)
I hate you clickbaiter
NooBie Gamer (9 months ago)
links is not worked, pls help me
Ryan THE KING (9 months ago)
your pc is very good with the explosion of a nuclear bomb nor caught my ia to the trash
LuizRemix Gamer (9 months ago)
Mano o vídeo foi postado 2015 e top 10 mod minecraft 2017
NitroXing (9 months ago)
NitroXing (9 months ago)
NitroXing (9 months ago)
Giorgio Giovanelli (9 months ago)
the links don't works at all!!
Patryk Rasiak (9 months ago)
super filmik pozdrawiam z rodzinkom
ღBriAnimationsღ (9 months ago)
Evon ANIME (9 months ago)
Ку, здарова :з
Drift (9 months ago)
links dont work
SANZIX (9 months ago)
you poop pvp
Michał Delert (10 months ago)
Ok, I Liked And Sub, Where Is My Cookie?
A&J TV (10 months ago)
When u survival is there no oxygen
Efe Cetinkaya (10 months ago)
O bilgisayarın markası ne
yunggoth (10 months ago)
the mod at 9:25 looks horrible to play survival with
NameIX Mapping (10 months ago)
:( im gonna cry the mutant creatures mod link dont work :(
WB1•GAMER (10 months ago)
TheMalware 08 (11 months ago)
link broken
Yuri Playtube (11 months ago)
first video i've watched, and i already subscribed :D
Andrey 13 (11 months ago)
ShadowMator (7 months ago)
How ?
Vala Megharaj (11 months ago)
give a link
Mr_B00tleg 123 (11 months ago)
1:00 how did you didn't lag!
Sucker Cyter (11 months ago)
Music pls
jakoko55k XP (11 months ago)
2018 ?
Gaming of Life (11 months ago)
nao tem como eu baixar o pixelmon
jakoko55k XP (11 months ago)
what song ? pls
Fortnite Giza (11 months ago)
Kizuno17 (11 months ago)
Top10minecraft Adorei !!!
Hard Eventz (11 months ago)
Song name plz
MAX LE COMBATTANT (1 year ago)
Canal do Kaicao (1 year ago)
http://www.9minecraft.net/mocreatures-mod/ Mo' Creatures Mod v=
Brian Caceres (1 year ago)
en la pagina para descargar el mod de mo'creatures no me aparece nada para descargar solo fotos
LifeNeeded (1 year ago)
10. More explosives 9. Mo’ creatures 8. Galacticraft 7. Paleocraft 6. Aether II 5. Portal gun 4. Orespawn 3. Smart moving 2. Pixelmon 1. Mutant creatures Please like to keep at the top for everyone to see!
Nachfüllbarer Trank (11 months ago)
Get a fucking life.
Skat43 Reactions (1 year ago)
YourGoatStinks (1 year ago)
yes they are for 1.12.2 totally yes yes yes
bullcrap i saw that blocking thats 1.8
Guy Paperbag (1 year ago)
This is a re-upload, just report it
CobraYeeT (1 year ago)
the music 0:00 - 4:07 amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!
Mythical_Trainer (1 year ago)
R.I.P Sheep
Arturo Urias (1 year ago)
Como se llama la cancion del min 4:26
Technomon da best. (1 year ago)
give meeeeeeee a cooooooookieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. >:[

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