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The Secret Of The Nautilus Walkthrough iPhone/iPad - Part 2: Internal defense robot

7 ratings | 3233 views
The Secret Of The Nautilus iPhone/iPad From : First enter into nemo's bedroom To : The museum (after destroying the robot) Note : YES it's the iPhone/iPad version, ignore the mouse pointer. The Secret Of The Nautilus iPhone/iPad - Published by Microids/ Anuman Interactive - iPad/ iPhone Versions by Koalabs - Original game by Cryo Interactive Entertainment
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Text Comments (9)
Dianne Gidcomb (4 years ago)
bitjezeverpeisek (4 years ago)
can't watch it :s
Koalabs Games (4 years ago)
You're welcome !! Thanks for watching !
bitjezeverpeisek (4 years ago)
other browser worked, thx ^^
Koalabs Games (4 years ago)
@bitjezeverpeisek After several tests we don't see any problem... Have you try on another browser ? Is you Flash version up to date ? Do you use a VPN or something which can be detected by Youtube as an "non conventional" connection ? Have you ever had this type of problem on another Youtube video ?
bitjezeverpeisek (4 years ago)
the video just won't load :d, no error message, on pc
Koalabs Games (4 years ago)
Hi bitjezeverpeisek, What do you mean by "can't watch it" ? Have you an error message ? You are on PC or on a portable device ?
Dubara (4 years ago)
this game is so intresting i have it on PC but it won't work
MilesEdgeworth129 (3 years ago)
+Dubara Apparently, it's a programming fault that makes it incompatible with future operating systems. I also really liked this game and was upset that it didn't work on my new computer.

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