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Skyrim Special Edition - BEST Mage Starter Guide - How to Begin your Mage Build

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The Best Mage Starter Guide for Skyrim Special Edition. This gives you a comprehensive assortment of tips, tricks and strategies that you can apply when playing a mage character build, especially for the first time! Twitter: Scott: https://twitter.com/NewberryCrunch Michael: https://twitter.com/OldBerryChew Snapchat: Scott: newberrycrunch Michael: oldberrychew Instagram: http://instagram.com/fudgemuppets/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FudgeMuppet
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Mason Bossendorfer (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who didn’t aim to make a certain character and just went with the flow ? 😂
LeRoy Francis (2 days ago)
I personally prefer to use all the elements instead of gust one
Zilla Haon (3 days ago)
Funny thing about the Jack of all Trades saying, is that the the full saying is “a jack of all trades is a master none... but often times better than a master of one”
tyranatar tar (5 days ago)
and we appreciate your videos thank you again
Chris Morris (5 days ago)
Illusion tree man most op tree easy to 100 and reletivly cheap plus pacify hard enemys or rout them
Aeladya (6 days ago)
I focus on restoration specifically for the Necromage perk as I tend to play Vampires.
This helps alot, I usually end up running around in circles like an idiot waiting for my Magicka to regenerate so I don't die, and it sucks.
Daniel Butcher (7 days ago)
I would also recommend and Orc as a stronger pick than a Nord because of the beserker rage skill.
James Boggiano (9 days ago)
I always end up with light armor when I try to do a mage lol. Enchant them with perks to boost up my preferred magic stats.
The full quote is, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”
Ren Dori (11 days ago)
for me when someone says only magic and no weapons means mage I also feel like that should mean you can't use summoned weapons as they still take the form of a physical weapon you could pick up.
BagelBramble (12 days ago)
High Elf. No contest.
Foxfire Inferno (12 days ago)
I'd rather wear armor than robes, myself, just because of all the extra magic effect slots.
Ernest Ankrom (13 days ago)
But here's the real question, are staffs worth it?
Lord Arclight (15 days ago)
I'm best descirbed as berserker but I always use restoration and enchanting
TheDaxter11 (16 days ago)
"you dont need any stamina because you wont be using it for attacks" what about for inventory space?
Mages don't need as massive inventory spaces as warriors anyway, since you don't have to carry so much armors or weapons. I just put a couple points into stamina for a pure mage and then forget about it until I'm OP, or use a warrior follower to carry my burdens.
mooglemania (17 days ago)
Lol no. Go straight to college, pick up 30 coin spell. Good chance it’s a light. Spam it while walking around every city and other safe area in game for quick and easy gains, so you can get some levels without worrying about using all your mana and dying. And go into the bush and gather alchemy materials. Then you find an alchemy station and spam those mountain flowers into some random potion you’ll never use and sell that shit for profit. Then you go to the college again and buy whatever spells you’ll be using in battle unless you know of another way to get them. You can find some free alchemy ingredients in the college and you can always steal stuff as well. It may be stolen in the original form but if you cook it or alchemically alter it you’ll be able to sell it to normal vendors.
Justin Carson (19 days ago)
One thing- don't buy spells before going to the College of Winterhold, save money by seeing which spell she wants you to have so you can buy it from her much cheaper instead of spending way more money by buying from a court wizard. Another unmentioned benefit to shock is very few enemies resist it, though it does have the highest magicka cost with the least useful secondary effect.
B-57 attack helicopter (20 days ago)
Actually a good place for the restoration training is that spot where bandits try to make you pay a toll on the road after you clear out the tower just keep jumping off of it and then healing
IM (23 days ago)
Dont use clairvoyance sell it for a good price
Something Or other (26 days ago)
Had to suffer a black supremacy ad from mc Donald’s just to watch this.
Joeri Andries (1 month ago)
about these tips... you should consider this, do you want to be more able to follow the difficulty of your opponents, or do you want your endgame character to be the most powerfull it can be? if the latter is true, i would not spend any points into magica as you can simply nullify the cost of atleast 3 entire schools of magic (never completely maxed it so dunno if 4 is possible) with enchanting, so i'dd get around 200-300 health, so you can survive any hit and let restoration do the rest, and put everything else in stamine for lootability, more carry weigth. if you do want to be more secure i guess you could say, eventually you don't really need to loot anymore so the stamina becomes less usefull, but that 's up to you to decide
HeroMichael (1 month ago)
when you cast flames on low magika game goes into cool kill cam thing... but you run out of magika and camera just sits there as you die to random 10 hp wolf cuz your playing on legendary I have this problem a lot who else?
NubeDiOort (22 days ago)
I feel you bro
iRemainNameless (1 month ago)
What would anyone suggest for a mostly mage/battlemage difficulty suggestion? I’d like to play higher difficulties, but the leveling just is so broken at times. I’ve restarted...AGAIN, and have found that so quickly can I break my build even before level 20. The leveling system is so unfortunate. There is no feeling of authentic growth to your character. When enemies level beside you equally, where is the power Fantasy in that?
skullkrusher1999 (1 month ago)
I watch this alot.
Hi Sandy (1 month ago)
Am high elf mage
Bellerophonn (1 month ago)
I always end up invisible sneaking around with a dagger that one shots everything. Super well done video. Awesome amount of useful advice.
Talas Kydan (1 month ago)
bruH! too much role-playing... you wanna play mage well? treat your magic skills the same way you treat your melee characters. Alteration+Restoration ---> Armor(Heavy/light)+Survival(Shield/Sneak). Robes are essential for magica and to keep you light, and staffs are worthless with the exception of the daedric stuff.
Fantastic Zero (1 month ago)
Impact in the destruction skill tree is op in a 1v1 cause it does the same as windshear when dual casting
Jimmidy Joe (1 month ago)
That gw2 elementalist photo lol
Csquared (1 month ago)
Any chance of a response from someone in 2019?! I want a mod that basically makes magic spells more powerful but take longer to cast. Something that you have to find the right time for but are more meaningful per cast.
You don't need the ward's absorption. Wards are useless. Use 2 of Miraak's gear and enjoy 100% spell absorption.
+explosiveCoconuts Level 15? If you can max Alteration by then and defeat Miraak, good for you.
explosiveCoconuts (1 month ago)
So basically get an incredibly high level character's gear that you probably won't get until you're at least level 15
Bellum Interitus (1 month ago)
If you don't want to be bothered by Irileth while you're disenchanting in Dragon's Reach you can kill Anise to use her table in her basement. Her cabin is right across the river from the Guardian Stones.
Keitto191 (1 month ago)
And whatever you do, don’t buy spells from Esbern, he charges much more then the teachers from the college do
ArcaGames (1 month ago)
It's always like this Warrior build Mage build Warrior-Mage build and lastly the Sneak Archer build
Mr. DynamonRuler (1 month ago)
Do the Dawnguard spells count as Restoration or Destruction?
Mia lanceman (1 month ago)
Mr. DynamonRuler restoration I think
Raymond Khalil (1 month ago)
When I say I want to play a mage Becomes a backstabing rogue with calm spell 😂
Glock 9 (1 month ago)
Don’t tell me what character to make my mage, he’s a orc battlemage fight me
mooglemania (17 days ago)
Glock 9 my beautiful 2H orc tank gradually turned into a battle mage without me realizing it
Anti-HyperLink (1 month ago)
Armour and weapons do not make you not a mage.
Bleach-kun (1 month ago)
When I play a pure mage, I usually roleplay a benevolent Nordic Cleverman, fighting the undead, helping the injured and punishing the wicked. So I usually forgo conjuration unless I'm playing a necromancer. My main skills I focus on out of the gate are destruction, restoration, and alteration. But I can see why you'd choose conjuration instead.
Devon Ladd (2 months ago)
illusion= best for assassin archers (i guess mainly just invisibility)
J-INFINITI (2 months ago)
Just spam muffle and soul trap for ez lvl 100, anyone know any other spells for this?
Mernky 356 (2 months ago)
I almost always play as a mage and I recommend using frost and fire the things that resist fire don’t resist frost vise versa
phinxninja (2 months ago)
Also there is a invisible chest in dawnstar near a mine. It’s between some rocks. I think it’s quicksilver mine. Very worth it. Also it re fills every ten days.
Sparda Kurkov (2 months ago)
"20% health and 80% magicka" How exactly do you implement that? Do you put four points into your magicka and then one point into health?
grumpychris (2 months ago)
-Speedy_-701 (2 months ago)
The magic system in this game pisses me off. I know if I make a pure warrior that I will be a demi-god, theoretically on-par with the Nerevarine, Tribunal and Champion of Cyrodiil. If I make an Archer Assassin, I can go the whole game without even being seen. But, if I'm an end-game mage with all perks and best in-game gear, I feel like all my past ES characters would cockslap me, and Mannimarco/Galerion would laugh at how lackluster and weak all the attacks are. It's bullshit, and I hope that ES6 will actually make them worthwhile again in a few years. (Little hope for that.)
Nero Redwood (2 months ago)
Also I heard that becoming a Vampire Lord is a huge thing for mage, and if you get Necromage and a few other skills, you can be a pretty OP Vampire Mage.
Daniel Corcoran (2 months ago)
A lot of effort put into this, great video mate!
MassterL (2 months ago)
Juul Casting
Palle Gantzhorn (2 months ago)
wtf... just started new playtrough today. the dead thalmor had a iron helmet of minor illusion. its a omen
Spazzy (2 months ago)
Honestly I like starting a pure mage as a Race that isn't too good at magic. It's harder and you rely on magic items to boost your magicka in the early levels, but as you slowly grow into a master you feel like you've climbed to the top. Those snobby elves think they're the masters of magic, but I laugh as I freeze them solid as a true son of skyrim.
TheMysteriousDumbaz1 (2 months ago)
Never played mage as a straight up true pure mage. Everytime I used magic was when I wanted my guy to be a necromancer spellsword or a holy warrior. Might be a fun way to play.
Thomas Rosendahl (2 months ago)
For choosing a race, the real winners however are the Dunmer: Neloth, Divayth Fyr and Sotha Sil Are the the pioneers behind the arcane arts. Magic is in their blood, Altmers is a close second lore wise, and bretons are hopelessly behind because of their short life span.
Alex Crowder (2 months ago)
I reccomend using high elves for this because with necromage + atronarch perk and atronarch stone you have a permanent 100% magic absorbtion. You do NOT want any magic resistance if you have 100% spell absorbtion because it will reduce the amount of magic you absorb. There's a way to get a permanent 33dps flames and 26dps ignite (stackable) without any potions. You need to get the necromage perk followed by lvl 2 augmented flames then animage and then aspect of terror WHILE equipping ahzidals mask. This will permanently apply a portion of the 25% damage buff from the mask. without the mask your flames will do 30dps and with the mask itll raise to 33. Sometimes it doesnt work properly, so make sure to have a save made right before selecting perks. Sometimes youll get stuck with slightly nerfed damage like 25 or 27dps until you reload so that it calculates correctly. Once done properly the damage buffs are permanent UNLESS you set certain skill trees to legendary. Oddly enough, resetting the necromage perk or restoration tree will NOT reset your damage, but any of the other perks mentioned will reset it. I alao highly reccomend dead thralling ulfric stormcloak, cicero, miraaks cultists, or orchendor. The 1st 3 listed keep all of their speech and unique abilities but orchendor loses his ability to speak (he does the normal dead thrall groans). Ulfric and orchendor both keep their shouts though and will use them in combat! Ulfric has 6 different shouts! He will even fus ro dah people off walls on occasion and disarms many bosses for me. And laat but not least, don't forget the paralyze, invisibility, and frenzy spells. They make a HUGE difference as a mage. Casting frenzy is especially fun for assasinations during the dark brotherhood questline. If you stay hidden and cast frenzy on your target, the guards will generally kill them for you.
Kiss Kitty (21 days ago)
Doesn't 100% magic absorption remove any spells that you want to cast on yourself?
Nico Kupiainen (3 months ago)
I like empire and i play dark brotherhood and thieves guild almost everytime and I HATE WARRIORS....... MAGES ARE THE BEST
Chris Kaplan (3 months ago)
breathe man breathe
smile444 (3 months ago)
just something i want to add. don't forget to pick up some ingredients along the way to make potions. you can make good potions with relatively common ingredients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUpmnMNB1ow i also suggest you keep the spider venom. If you are ok with using a weapon in an emergency, keep a dagger with some venom on it. It can paralyse targets wich is extremly useful in an emergency. You can also craft paralysis of fear poisons by yourself (fear ingredients : Blue Dartwing, Cyrodilic Spadetail, and Namira's rot) => here for the paralysis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ1ABc96Tv8
Matthew Boucher (3 months ago)
Alchemy mastery, Enough said
Duskar Fulcrum 369 (3 months ago)
Subtitles would be helpful
Jc JA (3 months ago)
WAIT A MIN...DID I JUST HEAR YOU SAY that if you are a vampire you're shouts and magic is stronger due to the fact that you are dead?
Kiss Kitty (21 days ago)
As long as you get the Necromage perk in Restoration. That perk also affects buffs to your character. Like enchantments on item you are wearing and standing stones.
joe mccalla (2 months ago)
American Logistician (3 months ago)
Can I play as an Orc mage or does Beserker rage apply only to damage from Weapons and not magic
Kiss Kitty (21 days ago)
Berserker Rage applies to ALL damage dealt. Magic, Melee, or Bows.
Beany_da _Meany (3 months ago)
"Juul cast them"
ericb31 (3 months ago)
a point you missed, or possible it's changed: there's a Restoration perk that gives you a permanent boost to Magica recovery. also a perk that allows you to absorb spells (gaining magica) by blocking them with a Ward spell.
PichDextro (3 months ago)
Wow I felt like a fucking noob because I played Skyrim for like maybe only 40 hours as a pure mage, but this guide showed me I'm not even that rubbish when it comes to being one, because I pretty much did everything shown in the video out of instinct :) Don't hate, I feel cool right now xD
leeman27534 (3 months ago)
early mage, i like to do dest/conjuring. use destruction magic to fuck them up, revive them with conjuring, kill them again with destruction. sigh. the video character sorta looked like geralt. i already made a FO4 character that looked like geralt, now i kinda want to make one that looks like him in skyrim. can even bust out steel and silver swords in one hand, and magic in another hand. also, the problem with high spell absorb is, you have a harder time casting spells on yourself. like, the skin spells, wards, healing, conjuring essentially works like that, etc.
Mary Constapel (3 months ago)
I recommend getting the Arch-mage robes and the Morokei dragon preist mask. Together they give you 200% Magika Regen. They can both be aquired late in the College of Winterhold (Or COW) questline. And, don't be afraid to use a weapon every once in a while if needed. If you're going for a pure mage, (Which I failed in the first hour of playing.) You could use a bound sword/weapon so you can still attack with a weapon, but, like... A magic weapon.
PichDextro (3 months ago)
The shit with bound weapons is that you have to train the skill. Like one handed for the sword or archery for the bow. It isn't that much of a problem when you're using those spells/weapons a lot, but since a pure mage uses destruction most of the time your bound weapons won't make as much damage as they could, you know?
Matty_Squirrel (3 months ago)
I’ve invested thousands of hours into Skyrim. But it’s true, every time I try to play as a mage, I either give up or end up making a stealth character. Or a heavy armor warrior. But I’ve recently started playing again as a High Elf mage. And this time, that ain’t gonna happen again. Lol. I just find magic overwhelming and confusing...
DJ Cope (3 months ago)
Instead of going to Whiterun right after Bleak Falls Barrow, you should hit South Brittleshin Pass. It has lots of soul gems, chests, and enchanted gear to help you level up; it also has an enchanting table and a conjuration skill book.
Sebastian (3 months ago)
What is going on? I'm watching your video...
Bennett Roth (3 months ago)
Never forget that you DO NOT need to buy spells ever if you know the blue palace wall glitch :))
i am a gummy wurm (3 months ago)
I don't know why but one day I became a vampire I don't care it just seems bad-ass to me but.. still don't know why though
WrothBog (2 months ago)
you fought vampires and didn't finish with a cool refreshing cure disease potion
joony02 (3 months ago)
I know I'm some years late, but I'll say it anyway. That is a good introdution to mage in lower difficulties, but when it comes to legendary that's totally wrong
Kali Lanka (3 months ago)
still don't get where to get scroll of flame atro something
Matthew Tucker (4 months ago)
Don't forget to burn the corpses. Get the raise zombie spell and reanimate every corpse you kill. Then, turn your flames spell on the zombie until it collapses into a pile of ash. You will quickly level your conjuration and destruction skills that way. Potions of enhanced destruction damage are you friends. Nightshade is one of the base components. Get it in solitude and craft those potions up. When fighting dragons, snowberries are your friends. Combine snowberries with fly amantia and thistle branch to make potions of resist fire/frost. You can change out one of the elements by substituting a magical ingredient for void salts etc. Making a potion to resist 2 elements is helpful.
Jesse Robbins (4 months ago)
ok... so this video is quite alot easier to comprehend... if you play it at 75% speed XD i needed more time to think about it so i slowed down the video and it worked much better :D
Robert Foster (4 months ago)
Spam conjuration until conjuration is level 50, find bound bow spell tome, use bound bow and stealth. Never need another arrow lmao If in Vr I highly recommend this in particular, because in VR you shoot your bow as fast as you can physically draw it, effectively making your bound bow into a semi-automatic where you replenish 100 shots every time you cast the spell.
Wolf Pack Gaming (4 months ago)
If you have Skyrim special edition you should get phendrix magic evolved for tons of spells!!!
Kenichi Otaku (4 months ago)
find spell tome telekinesis, then it will take you about 10 minutes to get to alteration 100 and legendary alteration 100. That'll take you like from lvl 14 to lvl 29 rewarding you over 10 perk points fast.
RIPGlider (4 months ago)
What about staffs there classifier as a weapon but they are a mage wepon
Jonah Hockett (1 month ago)
Get the ordinator perk overhaul mod and you can spec into staffs with enchanting
Drew Biggah (4 months ago)
Think I might have to make nightcrawler a khajit with the invibilty spell wish we had a teleport spell lol
Gabriel Nuer (4 months ago)
I’m always a lizard mage because.... LIZARD WIZARD
Seven Pointed Star (16 days ago)
Absurd Word
ZeroChill 215 (1 month ago)
DerpSpY05 Bruh 😂 😂 😂 🤦🏽‍♂️
Aender de Paula Silva (2 months ago)
You're a lizard Harry! I'm what? A Wizard!
Daniel Corcoran (2 months ago)
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Bailey Barney (2 months ago)
Health regen is pretty good too
J kre (4 months ago)
Or just grind enchanting and get free destruction and restoration spells and be invincible. After that heavy armor and shit load of health bacause alteration sucks and no need for magicka cause free casting. With alchemy and smithing create armor that whipes ass with those shitty alteration spells. Only good thing about alteration is the absorb and resist perks and from illusion only the quiet casting perk. Conjuration is just useless, but great if just wanna mess around with it or getting those bound weapons, but as soon you get free destruction casting everything else comes obsolete. Vanilla game can be beaten with firebolts only, eaven dragons can't do anything when dual casting with the impact perk. It's just game breaking op. And with free casting you can just use expert spells no mather how low your destruction skill is.
rockyfalldownstairs (4 months ago)
*plays an Argonian mage* :( No matter, Argonians look cool.
Caolán ÓChearnaigh (4 months ago)
I wouldn't say I'm a Skyrim veteran, but I'm DEFINITELY not a noob! I play Skyrim with my father sometimes, and I play as an absolute KILLER mage! She's an orc who specializes in Conjuration spells. You don't want to be on the receiving end of her Storm Atronarch spell! That one is brutal!
Hulk GTI (4 months ago)
Imperials are good race too. Perfect for undead slaying or paladin. They get they nice boost to Restoration.
Wary Trout (4 months ago)
One last thing, Necromage sucks and isn't worth it if you play on PC with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (still worth downloading for damn sure for the hundreds of things it fixes). If your a console peasant then go for it though.
Wary Trout (4 months ago)
Also don't dual cast unless you get the impact skill at 40 destruction unlike the video tells you too, it's inefficient mana-wise to dual cast destruction spells as it's only a 20% damage increase for 80% more mana cost. By the time you get your mana cost down by 75% it's worth it (around level 20) but until then it's a stupid idea to take the dual cast perk for it. Misinformation ftw lol....
Wary Trout (4 months ago)
Also, Races are irrelevant after level 30+, by then you'll have max resists anyways if your a pure mage, and if you download a sustained spells mod your armor will be more than adequate to take axes to the face a few times. Dual enchanting combined with pure mage gameplay requires very few stats to be viable if not awesome so 50% frost/Fire resist is nothing when it only means a single enchant spot out of 2 on a ring and you'll be scratching your head on what to add after maxing resists anyways as the game is a cakewalk by that point anyways, just spam health regen and the games a joke, stamina is pointless, max mana is pointless, health, is okay, etc but you get the jist.
Wary Trout (4 months ago)
Haven't watched yet but IMO after playing Skyrim for over 1000 hours I'd do Blood on the Ice for the Necromancers Amulet for the item and to avoid glitches (as the quest is very glitchy and best to do early), after that I'd get the flaming familiar spell from the High Gate Ruins quest as it's extremely useful early game, just cheese the boss. then do the college of Winterhold for the decent amulet, boots, and archmage robes, after that I'd do Thieves Guild quests for income and train spells via standing on rocks above mudcrabs (conjuration), casting courage on guards (Illlusion), Standing on fire jets while healing and/or turn undead spamming (restoration), casting fireballs at shadowmere (destruction), etc, after that I'd focus on enchanting to craft better gear. The end. That's just me though, been there done that a billion times it feels like. Idk why I even watched this video honestly, was just bored I guess?
NiNtEnDo NiBbA (4 months ago)
As a side not in the beginning when you leave Helgen Anise’s cabin is a nice stop and is just on the other side of the river from the guardian stones. It has some nice alchemical ingredients (you have to “steal” them), an enchanting and alchemy table in the basement, a book to level up alchemy, two poisons on top of a shelf in the basement, a barrel you can keep your stuff in for three in - game days before it despawns (be careful with that one), a short way to jump up the nearby mountain and get to bleak falls barrow fast and last but not least Anise herself can be killed without any bounty and this levels up your skills (be careful she is secretly a witch) and on her body she will have a steel dagger some robes with 50% magicka regen a minor potion of magicka and some boots. Overall her cabin is worthwhile stop before riverwood and I wanted to let the few of you who see this and read the whole thing know adios.
Hey i want to be a mage and just started the game i started as a dark elf but should i change to high elf
DemonsCole24 (4 months ago)
I’m so lost
Kaylee Keen (4 months ago)
No matter what, I always end up picking khajiit and become an assassin... Always...
Pepého restaurant (5 months ago)
12:13 but oftentimes better than master of one
lakkakka (5 months ago)
Also the full saying is;“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”
lakkakka (5 months ago)
Skyrim is for the Nords! And for that reason my mage is a Nord. People hate the thalmor and therefor distrust high elves. Imagine having a High Elf Archmage in skyrim, where people are already are very suspicious of all magic that are not part of the restoration tree. Since there is no way to join the thalmor as a high elf, I will never roll a high elf in skyrim.
Waylon Chaos (5 months ago)
Here how to play the mage: step1 equip flames both hands step2 use that step3 use that step you get the point fast forward level 60 finally get a new spell realize flames better after 5 more levels get a other spell mages are kind of fucking boring
TheRealKunr (5 months ago)
Wait I have the ordinator mod......
Nacho Cheese (5 months ago)
Heh don’t need it I’m already the best wizard/mage in Tamriel..... I think
Korsairdelespace (5 months ago)
Dude.... Speak slowly ! Calm down :)

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