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Skyrim Special Edition - BEST Mage Starter Guide - How to Begin your Mage Build

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The Best Mage Starter Guide for Skyrim Special Edition. This gives you a comprehensive assortment of tips, tricks and strategies that you can apply when playing a mage character build, especially for the first time! Twitter: Scott: https://twitter.com/NewberryCrunch Michael: https://twitter.com/OldBerryChew Snapchat: Scott: newberrycrunch Michael: oldberrychew Instagram: http://instagram.com/fudgemuppets/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FudgeMuppet
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Text Comments (2123)
Beany_da _Meany (3 days ago)
"Juul cast them"
American Logistician (3 days ago)
Love playing Skyrim still in 2019 as a pure Breton mage (Erj Tyne; named after two dead mages in game, ooh mysterious identity), arguably funnest build, warrior gets boring
ericb31 (8 days ago)
a point you missed, or possible it's changed: there's a Restoration perk that gives you a permanent boost to Magica recovery. also a perk that allows you to absorb spells (gaining magica) by blocking them with a Ward spell.
PichDextro (10 days ago)
Wow I felt like a fucking noob because I played Skyrim for like maybe only 40 hours as a pure mage, but this guide showed me I'm not even that rubbish when it comes to being one, because I pretty much did everything shown in the video out of instinct :) Don't hate, I feel cool right now xD
leeman27534 (14 days ago)
early mage, i like to do dest/conjuring. use destruction magic to fuck them up, revive them with conjuring, kill them again with destruction. sigh. the video character sorta looked like geralt. i already made a FO4 character that looked like geralt, now i kinda want to make one that looks like him in skyrim. can even bust out steel and silver swords in one hand, and magic in another hand. also, the problem with high spell absorb is, you have a harder time casting spells on yourself. like, the skin spells, wards, healing, conjuring essentially works like that, etc.
Mary Constapel (16 days ago)
I recommend getting the Arch-mage robes and the Morokei dragon preist mask. Together they give you 200% Magika Regen. They can both be aquired late in the College of Winterhold (Or COW) questline. And, don't be afraid to use a weapon every once in a while if needed. If you're going for a pure mage, (Which I failed in the first hour of playing.) You could use a bound sword/weapon so you can still attack with a weapon, but, like... A magic weapon.
PichDextro (10 days ago)
The shit with bound weapons is that you have to train the skill. Like one handed for the sword or archery for the bow. It isn't that much of a problem when you're using those spells/weapons a lot, but since a pure mage uses destruction most of the time your bound weapons won't make as much damage as they could, you know?
Matty_Squirrel (17 days ago)
I’ve invested thousands of hours into Skyrim. But it’s true, every time I try to play as a mage, I either give up or end up making a stealth character. Or a heavy armor warrior. But I’ve recently started playing again as a High Elf mage. And this time, that ain’t gonna happen again. Lol. I just find magic overwhelming and confusing...
DJ Cope (20 days ago)
Instead of going to Whiterun right after Bleak Falls Barrow, you should hit South Brittleshin Pass. It has lots of soul gems, chests, and enchanted gear to help you level up; it also has an enchanting table and a conjuration skill book.
Sebastian (20 days ago)
What is going on? I'm watching your video...
Bennett Roth (21 days ago)
Never forget that you DO NOT need to buy spells ever if you know the blue palace wall glitch :))
i am a gummy wurm (22 days ago)
I don't know why but one day I became a vampire I don't care it just seems bad-ass to me but.. still don't know why though
joony02 (25 days ago)
I know I'm some years late, but I'll say it anyway. That is a good introdution to mage in lower difficulties, but when it comes to legendary that's totally wrong
Kali Lanka (25 days ago)
still don't get where to get scroll of flame atro something
Matthew Tucker (27 days ago)
Don't forget to burn the corpses. Get the raise zombie spell and reanimate every corpse you kill. Then, turn your flames spell on the zombie until it collapses into a pile of ash. You will quickly level your conjuration and destruction skills that way. Potions of enhanced destruction damage are you friends. Nightshade is one of the base components. Get it in solitude and craft those potions up. When fighting dragons, snowberries are your friends. Combine snowberries with fly amantia and thistle branch to make potions of resist fire/frost. You can change out one of the elements by substituting a magical ingredient for void salts etc. Making a potion to resist 2 elements is helpful.
Jesse Robbins (29 days ago)
ok... so this video is quite alot easier to comprehend... if you play it at 75% speed XD i needed more time to think about it so i slowed down the video and it worked much better :D
Robert Foster (29 days ago)
Spam conjuration until conjuration is level 50, find bound bow spell tome, use bound bow and stealth. Never need another arrow lmao If in Vr I highly recommend this in particular, because in VR you shoot your bow as fast as you can physically draw it, effectively making your bound bow into a semi-automatic where you replenish 100 shots every time you cast the spell.
Wolf Pack Gaming (30 days ago)
If you have Skyrim special edition you should get phendrix magic evolved for tons of spells!!!
Kenichi Otaku (1 month ago)
find spell tome telekinesis, then it will take you about 10 minutes to get to alteration 100 and legendary alteration 100. That'll take you like from lvl 14 to lvl 29 rewarding you over 10 perk points fast.
RIPGlider (1 month ago)
What about staffs there classifier as a weapon but they are a mage wepon
Drew Biggah (1 month ago)
Think I might have to make nightcrawler a khajit with the invibilty spell wish we had a teleport spell lol
Gabriel Nuer (1 month ago)
I’m always a lizard mage because.... LIZARD WIZARD
J kre (1 month ago)
Or just grind enchanting and get free destruction and restoration spells and be invincible. After that heavy armor and shit load of health bacause alteration sucks and no need for magicka cause free casting. With alchemy and smithing create armor that whipes ass with those shitty alteration spells. Only good thing about alteration is the absorb and resist perks and from illusion only the quiet casting perk. Conjuration is just useless, but great if just wanna mess around with it or getting those bound weapons, but as soon you get free destruction casting everything else comes obsolete. Vanilla game can be beaten with firebolts only, eaven dragons can't do anything when dual casting with the impact perk. It's just game breaking op. And with free casting you can just use expert spells no mather how low your destruction skill is.
rockyfalldownstairs (1 month ago)
*plays an Argonian mage* :( No matter, Argonians look cool.
Caolán ÓChearnaigh (1 month ago)
I wouldn't say I'm a Skyrim veteran, but I'm DEFINITELY not a noob! I play Skyrim with my father sometimes, and I play as an absolute KILLER mage! She's an orc who specializes in Conjuration spells. You don't want to be on the receiving end of her Storm Atronarch spell! That one is brutal!
Hulk GTI (1 month ago)
Imperials are good race too. Perfect for undead slaying or paladin. They get they nice boost to Restoration.
Wary Trout (1 month ago)
One last thing, Necromage sucks and isn't worth it if you play on PC with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (still worth downloading for damn sure for the hundreds of things it fixes). If your a console peasant then go for it though.
Wary Trout (1 month ago)
Also don't dual cast unless you get the impact skill at 40 destruction unlike the video tells you too, it's inefficient mana-wise to dual cast destruction spells as it's only a 20% damage increase for 80% more mana cost. By the time you get your mana cost down by 75% it's worth it (around level 20) but until then it's a stupid idea to take the dual cast perk for it. Misinformation ftw lol....
Wary Trout (1 month ago)
Also, Races are irrelevant after level 30+, by then you'll have max resists anyways if your a pure mage, and if you download a sustained spells mod your armor will be more than adequate to take axes to the face a few times. Dual enchanting combined with pure mage gameplay requires very few stats to be viable if not awesome so 50% frost/Fire resist is nothing when it only means a single enchant spot out of 2 on a ring and you'll be scratching your head on what to add after maxing resists anyways as the game is a cakewalk by that point anyways, just spam health regen and the games a joke, stamina is pointless, max mana is pointless, health, is okay, etc but you get the jist.
Wary Trout (1 month ago)
Haven't watched yet but IMO after playing Skyrim for over 1000 hours I'd do Blood on the Ice for the Necromancers Amulet for the item and to avoid glitches (as the quest is very glitchy and best to do early), after that I'd get the flaming familiar spell from the High Gate Ruins quest as it's extremely useful early game, just cheese the boss. then do the college of Winterhold for the decent amulet, boots, and archmage robes, after that I'd do Thieves Guild quests for income and train spells via standing on rocks above mudcrabs (conjuration), casting courage on guards (Illlusion), Standing on fire jets while healing and/or turn undead spamming (restoration), casting fireballs at shadowmere (destruction), etc, after that I'd focus on enchanting to craft better gear. The end. That's just me though, been there done that a billion times it feels like. Idk why I even watched this video honestly, was just bored I guess?
Nintendo Fanboy (1 month ago)
As a side not in the beginning when you leave Helgen Anise’s cabin is a nice stop and is just on the other side of the river from the guardian stones. It has some nice alchemical ingredients (you have to “steal” them), an enchanting and alchemy table in the basement, a book to level up alchemy, two poisons on top of a shelf in the basement, a barrel you can keep your stuff in for three in - game days before it despawns (be careful with that one), a short way to jump up the nearby mountain and get to bleak falls barrow fast and last but not least Anise herself can be killed without any bounty and this levels up your skills (be careful she is secretly a witch) and on her body she will have a steel dagger some robes with 50% magicka regen a minor potion of magicka and some boots. Overall her cabin is worthwhile stop before riverwood and I wanted to let the few of you who see this and read the whole thing know adios.
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
Hey i want to be a mage and just started the game i started as a dark elf but should i change to high elf
DemonsCole24 (1 month ago)
I’m so lost
KayleeDaGamer (1 month ago)
No matter what, I always end up picking khajiit and become an assassin... Always...
pepa valenta (1 month ago)
12:13 but oftentimes better than master of one
lakkakka (1 month ago)
Also the full saying is;“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”
lakkakka (1 month ago)
Skyrim is for the Nords! And for that reason my mage is a Nord. People hate the thalmor and therefor distrust high elves. Imagine having a High Elf Archmage in skyrim, where people are already are very suspicious of all magic that are not part of the restoration tree. Since there is no way to join the thalmor as a high elf, I will never roll a high elf in skyrim.
Waylon Chaos (1 month ago)
Here how to play the mage: step1 equip flames both hands step2 use that step3 use that step you get the point fast forward level 60 finally get a new spell realize flames better after 5 more levels get a other spell mages are kind of fucking boring
TheRealKunr (1 month ago)
Wait I have the ordinator mod......
The Wizard (1 month ago)
Heh don’t need it I’m already the best wizard/mage in Tamriel..... I think
Korsairdelespace (1 month ago)
Dude.... Speak slowly ! Calm down :)
master brewstir (1 month ago)
Almost 3yrs ago still a great vid!
PENGFEI MA (1 month ago)
Pure Mage? Mage has no damage method in legendary difficulty. Destruction is a joke
PENGFEI MA (1 month ago)
+Matt Bergman So u just assume "Starter" can only play at difficulty below "adept", and that the reason u teach them a build than cannot survive in high level difficulties
Thomas Rosendahl (1 month ago)
Magic is useless without mods, unless you have fortify alchemy enchanted gear, to make fortify destruction potions. incinerate, icy spear and thunderbolt expert destruction spells only does 90 points of damage. So on master setting or legendary it would take forever to kill some enemies. The only useful Conjuration spells are Dremora lords and ash guardians, frost, storm and flame atronachs gets killed very quickly. With Ordinator and Apocalypse magic mods, mages becomes overpowered. Vanilla Skyrim mages are more of a challenge, and alot more fun, but Alchemy is necessary to make it viable.
Aj Cowan (2 months ago)
Your channel name is bad AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. However your videos are great and you should feel great.
johnathan bishop (2 months ago)
My first build is probably gonna be a mix of everything tbh because it’s a Breton Then ima try to make a high elf mage slash whatever else I want.
Nicholas Farrell (2 months ago)
Two things. 1). Restoration has an awesome perk (forget name) that enhances your Magicka regeneration by 25%. Totally worth it, especially early on. 2). Specializing in Shock spells lets you learn the Disintegrate perk, which is incredible. Kills people when you knock them below 15% health with Shock spells. Saves time and health. Otherwise, great guide!
Todd Howard (2 months ago)
Mage is shitty
Nyarlathotep Flagg (2 months ago)
Sorry, but you're a noob. The alteration skill tree(not counting the all-powerful enchanting tree), is the most powerful mage tree by far. And the most important. If you'd skip anything, you'd skip conjuration, no contest. Here's why: 1. If you're playing as a mage, you will need those mage armor perks. Otherwise you will get 1-hit wasted on expert or above difficulty later on(on legendary you will likely be wasted early on aswell, so you need to grind it up, or use sneak to compensate as you can't take ANY hits). 2. Magic resistance, the most combat essential enchantment in the game - now turned into 30% in perk points. Allowing for an enchantment to be replaced in your gear. 3. If you're not leveling alchemy, alteration is the next best legit way to earn gold. By lowering its magicka drain and spamming transmute to turn iron into gold. 4. Increasing the mage armor's duration, so it doesn't run out in a long fight(and as a pure mage, your late game fights will be long, VERY long if you aren't using mods to improve magic damage. Destruction magic is actually really bad in Vanilla skyrim, as you barely get any spell upgrades ever, you can't enchant your gear to increase magic damage, and increasing your destruction skill level does not increase the damage of the spells. Only a few rare perks increase your spell damage. In fact, I'd dissuade anyone playing without mods from playing mage. You literally won't be doing 1/20-30th of the assassin or warriors damage in the end-game). I am sorry, but I can't fully endorse many of your recommendations here. And while it isn't worth aiming to max out resto. It is worth putting a few perks into it, and then keep the healing spell ready in your list to switch. Unless you're running a heavily focused alchemist, you'll run out of pots(assuming you're playing on a higher difficulty, I basically only ever run Legendary).
Fulcrum 369 (2 months ago)
Subtitles would be useful. 2 much 2 remember n u r talking 2 fast
mada mada (2 months ago)
That music in the start... Brings me alot of great memories...
Glyneye (2 months ago)
also master rank spells are dumbest thing they added, im glad a mod remove the cast time on master level spells, a modder remove the cast time and can use 1 hand to cast master level spells
Glyneye (2 months ago)
yeah magic sucks, u need mods to fix it sadly its possible play the game on legendary without magic upgrade mods
Elvenbred X (2 months ago)
ANCIENT BOOK - MOD - perk allocation will no longer be a problem ! Can still Loreplay if you want but you don`t need to prioritize witch first witch later.
Big Lad Snack cakes (2 months ago)
I missed the 3 stones in my first playthrough
Spencer Allbritton (2 months ago)
First of all, great video, can’t wait to get the special edition for PS4 after I’m done with RD2. Second, I hope elder scrolls 6 will include all of Tamriel and the islands around it. I don’t see why not considering it’s going to come out on the next generation of consoles, but hopefully by then I’ll have a PC. That would be epic to play across the entire world.
Darren Harvey (2 months ago)
Dark Elf Mage Vampire <3
Trucker Eazy (2 months ago)
December 2018 I’m here 💯
Pandgean (2 months ago)
Just tried out Conjuration focus for the first time and I am pleased how fresh and fun it is. Objectively less effective than stealth archer but subjectively I feel more powerful and in control.
Malsawmkima Ralte (2 months ago)
Who also casts the fire spell just to see better in the dark? I do.
Frederick Fettsack (2 months ago)
Dude my charakter is called Gandalf too =-O
SupahGaminNerd (2 months ago)
Make sure to use the Apprentice Stone for Andromeda, just for those peeps lol
Castor Pollux (2 months ago)
I prefer the lovers stone, you learn ALL skills 15% faster, that way you can choose to be a spell sword with the bound sword, or bound battle axe. Only five percent slower, while still learning skill faster.
Marty Mcfly (2 months ago)
You can just spam the muffle spell with both hands
Bjorn Ironsides (2 months ago)
So many ways to play this game. Love it. A lot of people play to get one character leveled in all the skills, but it's not really necessary and super time consuming. By the time you're that power, you don't really need it as the game is well through the difficult parts. But you can still do it and that's cool!
KallofKthulu Z (3 months ago)
Great video.i wish your builds were this power packed and not just stories.
Immortal _Smith (3 months ago)
I’m making a vampire mage build using harkons sword so let’s get started big daddy
Tunakann (3 months ago)
This really makes me wish skyrim had pvp...
Curious Bystander (3 months ago)
I wish chain lightning didn't hurt my companions
Nikola Markovic (3 months ago)
did anyone hD a problem as soon as ralof/hadvar cut u from binds,get a few points on sneak point,I want to go pure mage but I cant because of that bug(its not a bug that point is thre,I once sneaked from bear but instead of filling from beggining it just continued filling and just from sneaking in cave I had already 2 levels of sneak)
Nikola Markovic (3 months ago)
help 😅 how can I avoid this
Nikola Markovic (3 months ago)
Ramen Boi (3 months ago)
What counts as no armor? Robes?boots?masks?gloves?
Spud Bud (3 months ago)
Ok, i hear people misunderstand that saying a lot. Its "Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than a master of one." Among others is, "Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb." As well as "Curiosity killed the cat, but discovery brought it back." Its ironic that these are proverbs of wisdom. But the ignorance of the general masses caused everyone to misrepresent them as meaning the very opposite of the things they do.
Noah Palomares (3 months ago)
I always get enchanting to 100 so i can cast destruction spells for o magika
Tom Cat (3 months ago)
Khajiit are the Best Mages. >: )
Tom Cat (3 months ago)
Mage Guide Invalid: Not playing on Legendary difficulty. >: |
Scott Poulsen (3 months ago)
My high elf never got the extra 50 points :(
Logicdiary317 (3 months ago)
Magic is so fun in this game. I did a poll on my twitch asking viewers which build they all like to play. It was pretty evenly spread... between combat and stealth builds; almost no one picked magic at all. I don't get why people don't want to be more into magic. Maybe it just seems confusing to build a very good mage
Eibon phoenix (3 months ago)
Get the transmute spell, mine iron, transmute that iron ore into silver then gold. Turn those gold bars into gold rings, then make it rain on the whole cloud section
Eternalistic (3 months ago)
This fucker used a image from guild wars 2 for the thumbnail, didn't even credit it.
Starbaxter (3 months ago)
But the necromage perk
Deadly Dova (3 months ago)
WTF!!!!?!!! I am starting a new game for a mage and i just finished creating my character and named it gandolf as well!!!! Cool coincidence
bob513993 (3 months ago)
I love that the Guild Wars elementalist art is so good that it gets used for mage references across the spectrum of fantasy media. :p
Juci Shockwave (3 months ago)
Great tips. However, for Daedric armor with enchantments early in the game, I highly recommend getting the Conjuration level 100 as soon as possible. It will also level up the Hp to level 21. After conjuration is level 100 head to college of Winterhold and go for the Conjuration of Daedric quest to get that special ball needed to make Daedric armor in the underground college basement. Those who had already done this know what I'm talking about. Conjuration is a worthy skill to master first and as fast as possible. It is one of the easiest ways to level up the HP and Magicka too. It takes an hour or so to do though.
Alexander Chrystall (3 months ago)
Only problems I had with it was, lack of characters in the “College” just a couple more students would of been enough. Also fleshing out more of the teachers. Each teacher could of had there own quest line, in addition to the master spells ones. Maybe each one was connected to one of Skyrim’s many provinces helping to breath life into these regions. For example if the restoration teacher had a quest to cure a a sickness effecting the people of Dawnstar. They would take you along and you would start curing people but eventually you found out someone was poisoning the food. You tell the restoration teacher and you two track down and stop the poisoning of the food. Each one could have a unique quest and they don’t have to be all about there respected school of magic. Watching some of the teachers also cast high level spells including the master spells would make you want to learn more in the arts of being a mage, you should finish the quest saying damn I want to be able to do that. Now you have better character development, and you create a drive for players to continue being mages. This will also create more progression as the teacher will give you up to expert level spells once you completed each respected quest line. Once you got the first major quest done and you are the right level you can take on the master spells quests. Granted I think almost all the master spells need a little bit of a rework so they really feel like master spells that you should want to have. Things like the firestorm spell should summon fire wyrms, giving the master spell far more utility over the other fire spells. However not diminishing the need to still use your expect, and also your adept spells. Also I agree I wish we had some of the teachers come with us on the quest. They could tell us some of the lore while teaching us spells as we go. Plus it would make a little more sense seeing the students accompanied by the teachers. And after a few missions once you have proved yourself, you can tell the teachers to wait outside the dungeons or stay at the college, so if you really hate having the followers they didn’t need to be there. These would flush out the college I think a little more and give you a bit more of a connection with the world.
Karen Kiernan (3 months ago)
I just picked a kajiht because I like them
Anthony Justanthony (3 months ago)
Warn jarl first b4 barrow
|KYE|SickHead (3 months ago)
02:14 Don't be ashamed everyone does that.
Gods Among Men (3 months ago)
Alchemy is a good starting skill for any character at all, for making money. The Bleak Falls Barrow run should leave you with enough gold to buy all available ingredients from the nearest alchemy shop. Then make potions, sell, travel to a new town and repeat. The process will be a net profit -- and a pretty good one. Speechcraft perks up to merchant is nice, but not absolutely necessary. Note that alchemy will be profitable even with no perks at all. After maxing alchemy and doing the rounds to all the big cities, you'll be filthy rich. And if you didn't use any perks, then you'll have thosr saved for when you build magic skills. Now move on to enchanting. I've never done this without perks, but the idea here is that you make a suit of enchanted items to enhance a school of magic by 100%, making it free to cast. Then you can wear that suit and practice your desired school of magic up to 100 skill. I always fill up enchanting perks no matter what kind of character I play, since crafted items are better than anything you will find. If you're resetting skills to build up more perks, conjuration is the best bet because it levels the fastest. Just cast soul trap on something you killed. For destruction, the fire/lightning/frost sigil spells are the very best. My tactic was to find a reasonably tough opponent, almost kill it, and then heal it up to full while we run circles around a room. And I'm pretty sure you have to be in combat to gain experience. To level alteration, your best bet is the stoneflesh spell. You have to be in combat, so let an enemy chase you around as you spam this spell. It can be something weak, so long as you're in combat. If I remember right, the turn greater undead spell is best, which you cam spam at a lone skeleton in a corner. For illusion, I just use detect life right in town. I don't know if its the fastest spell for levelling, but its easy and the skill doesn't take too long anyway. Once you have all magic schools at 100, you can reset conjuration over and over again to build your perks, and then make yourself a suit of enchanted items to play the game. I personally like to balance out the enhancement for all magic schools, and this makes the archmage's robe better than anything you could craft on your own. If you have the patience to look for elixirs of enchanting at vendors, you can use them to squeeze the most benefit from your enchanted items.
NoneOfYourBusiness (3 months ago)
The real saying goes "jack of all trades, master of none, better than someone who is a master of one"
Spacefrisian (3 months ago)
How to become a better mage...mods
Mobile Gaming Fx (3 months ago)
"I'll see you burn." Proceeds to use frost magic.
EliteMac Gaming (4 months ago)
you making me regret everything I do
Mear The Meary (4 months ago)
I always kill that witch outside riverwood for early disenchanting
Miku Senpai (4 months ago)
A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
Ultra Instinct Shaggy (4 months ago)
Anybody got any mods that adds in Wizard robes from Oblivion? Like remember the shrouded robes you would get in Oblivion the ones that actually look cool instead of the ones we have in Skyrim? Could someone direct me to a mod?
Max Wylde (4 months ago)
I found that taking a perk point into Restoration isn't at all bad in the early game, because at the least it is nice to burn half the magicka on Healing yourself rather than using potions, and if the goal is to save and raise cash, this can help you out. One thing I tell new players on playing the game is that after you fight the first dragon, before heading off to High Hrothgar, go ahead and do some bounty missions and clear out those bandit hideouts for quick loot. Also, don't buy a horse, especially in the early game, because 1,000 gold isn't really cheap at your level, no matter how well you're making money at this point. After I make some cash and buy some spells from that nitwit Farengar in Whiterun, I go off to High Hrothgar to get the second part of Unrelenting Force Shout, because why not, then I'd either go off to Winterhold or do the Companion quests (if I want to be a Werewolf) and other things before bothering to get the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. I usually hit that around 25-35, if I feel like it. For a pure mage, getting better robes, especially the Archmage Robes, is a necessity. Plus it's nice to have a good staff. Sometimes, I even get a Dragon Mask before getting the Horn.
TheHufflepuffer (4 months ago)
For alchemy and enchanting, I always set up shop in anise’s cabin.
NoobieDragon (4 months ago)
I made an argonian Mage and im very far and dont want to play oll of it again, what schout i do?
Thomas LaChance (4 months ago)
A good way to level up your mage skills is to buy a raise zombie spell at the riverwood trader when you first start the game then go kill some bandits with destruction magic, next reanimate them with the spell you bought and kill them again remember that you have to damage them enough so they will attack you so you gain conjugation XP so no one shoting them, if you get hit at any point remember to heal yourself increasing your skills even more.
Ydna yenoom (4 months ago)
What if the thalmor casted a mass fury on the people of skyrim causing the civil war?
RapidGamez Xbox One (4 months ago)
Helpwd out alot, thx
Lazyjoel711 •_• (4 months ago)
I accidentally deleted all my save files and I almost got 100 destruction

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