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ESO Time Breach Locations Breaches of Frost and Fire

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These are the locations of the time breaches for the quest "Breaches of Frost and Fire" for the Psijic Order. 1. Eastmarch 0:36 2. Eastmarch 1:23 3. Eastmarch 2:14 4. The Rift 3:23 5. The Rift 4:14 6. The Rift 5:09 7. Stonefalls 6:04 8. Stonefalls 7:12 9. Stonefalls 8:00 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/virsago2099 Twitter: https://twitter.com/virsago2099
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Text Comments (80)
Luke Nukem (6 days ago)
Life saver, thanks for this mate
Virsago2099 (6 days ago)
Glad to help :D
Bmr. 420 (19 days ago)
Hella helpful thanks bruh subbed
Virsago2099 (19 days ago)
Thanks! I'm glad it helped :D
Keith (1 month ago)
this helped me so so much thank you
Virsago2099 (1 month ago)
Glad you found it helpful!
Reaper 430040 (2 months ago)
Man that one on the right in east march wasn't even close to where the map said it was.
Alexandia Quibrantar (2 months ago)
Very detailed video nice job
Virsago2099 (3 months ago)
Thank you :D I wanted it to be easy to use, but still provide as much info as I could.
John Smith (3 months ago)
Thanks for the vid!
Virsago2099 (3 months ago)
No problem man, thanks for watching it!
Simone Mauzi (4 months ago)
thank you
hoth27b (4 months ago)
thx again for the help
Trevor Atkinson (4 months ago)
Absolutely fantastically done
Virsago2099 (4 months ago)
Thank you! :D
Spanish Conmigo (5 months ago)
I can't find eastmarch or Skyrim. The entrance isn't highlighted. I don't know where to start
naterod1719 (6 months ago)
Earned a new sub, super helpful to the point vids. Clam personality, not overly obnxoius and annoying like 90% of content creators at least those who do gaming.
Virsago2099 (4 months ago)
Thank you :D I like to keep things chill and easy going. I just don't have the personality to be all amped up like some of the other guys. I kinda wish I had that kind of energy sometimes lol
Marilyn Snaring (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for your wonderful guide to both of the time seal maps....I would not have gotten them without this help...you do the best job of all that I tried before finally finding yours. :-)
Virsago2099 (6 months ago)
Thank you :D I appreciate it! I'm really glad they helped you get it done!
o TOXIC WASTE o (7 months ago)
I said it before, the in game maps suck. Biggest problem with them is one will show you natrual borders, the next will show man made borders, and then the third show natrual and man made borders. There is no consistency with the maps and that makes it hard to follow them. So i have to resort to videos to figure it out. That i hate to do. Thanks for the video, it was helpful.
Blake a (8 months ago)
good job going slow enough i can play and actually watch the video and see where shit is. i dislike having to pause ever 3 seconds
Virsago2099 (8 months ago)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D
Ali WildWolf (8 months ago)
Thank you soooo much for these. Without your videos I would most likely go crazy haha. However can you please up the mic volune in future tutorials you are barely audible. Thank u :3 Consider me a new sub
Ali WildWolf (8 months ago)
Virsago2099 idk what's going on but I'm about to attempt it again see if ESO was just the lag that caused the big to happen. It was really laggy yesterday. But since we were in a group that shouldn't glitch out since he has all 9 and ik I got them to... I'm the one that led him to them all XD
Virsago2099 (8 months ago)
Aww man, that sucks. I wonder what's going on with it? If you get the problem figured out let me know please.
Ali WildWolf (8 months ago)
Virsago2099 welp now it says I have only 8 like it for to him XD tho I got all 9 wow ESO n it's bugs hehe well hoes love your videos time to grind again (tho I memorized them pretty much by now ty again) 😂
Ali WildWolf (8 months ago)
Virsago2099 indeed same here. We started it again on our main characters :3 so I'm helping him xD again well we are technically
Virsago2099 (8 months ago)
I hope he's able to get it finished. Nothing more frustrating than getting stuck on a quest.
I love Harley Quinn (8 months ago)
Thanks for this
Virsago2099 (8 months ago)
NO problem. Glad to help out :D
Shane Hughes (8 months ago)
Hey, awesome videos, made the quests alot easier, your other content seems decent. You gained a sub 👍 keep up the great work
Shane Hughes (8 months ago)
Virsago2099 you're welcome, nice pace on the videos too. *forgot to add that in 😁
Virsago2099 (8 months ago)
Shane Hughes Thank you, I appreciate it :D
Kennedius (9 months ago)
Why does your voice sooth me?
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
Patrick Kennedy I'm not sure, but I'm glad you like it!
Chaos aD (9 months ago)
Great 👍
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
Thank you :D
Evan Bowen (9 months ago)
I really wish Zenimax/Bethesda would give us addons for console. I would pay with crown coins. Miss playing PC.
Evan Bowen (7 months ago)
James Tuwat , too many TBI. Accuse photosensitive brings on debilitating migraines. Can’t sit in front of the monitor that long anymore. Also a big gap from playing on PC when the game first launch to now.
James Tuwat (7 months ago)
Evan Bowen why not keep playing pc
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
I do love the ability to use addons. I don't use many, but playing the game without them would feel odd to me. I like being able to customize my UI.
Evan Bowen (9 months ago)
So helpful! Thanks, I spent over six hours on the first set of breaches.
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
I'm glad it helped you :D
subie life07 (9 months ago)
I've watched a lot of your vids to chat my way through some quest and you have been very helpful, new sub👍🏽
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
Thank you :D I'm glad I could help you get through the quests!
Martinakiel (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Virsago2099 (9 months ago)
Martinakiel You're welcome. I'm glad it helped!
Aaron Es (10 months ago)
I just wanted to hear the calmness of your voice. I mean, the guide helped, yeah. But, that voice. mmmmmmmm...
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D
Shiloh Kleinschmit (10 months ago)
I am standing right at the breach near the Stoney Basin dolmen,right next to the Giant,where I should be,..but nothing is there.
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Well, the good news is, if you do end up abandoning the quest you won't have to start from the very beginning. Just the beginning of this particular quest. But hopefully support can help you avoid that all together. That is really odd, though. I've seen some that were barely visible, but you could still interact with them. And some that took a while to show up on screen, but again you could interact with them.
Shiloh Kleinschmit (10 months ago)
Oh Lord,Ive done everything up to the Rift.To lose it all now would be hideous. I sent in a ticket,so Ill have to wait and see.I did the whole thing on another character,and nothing went wrong. I just dont get why t his one character is having problems. The voice that tells you to use the Augur has stopped too. I get no prompt now. I was fine until I hit the Rift. :{
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
That's odd. I didn't run into any problems like that while doing the quests. I hate to even suggest it, but you could try abandoning the quest, and starting it again. I know that's a pain, but it might just be bugged.
Shiloh Kleinschmit (10 months ago)
I tried to log out,and even dropped the game totally,but I cant even to the other ones in the Rift. I was fine until I got there.Now,nothing.
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
It should be there. You might try logging out, then back in. Maybe it just didn't load properly when you arrived. If the game prompts you to press E to use the Augur of the Obscure, go ahead and do it. I noticed usually you don't need to actually do that to see the breach, but a few of them didn't load right away when I didn't use it.
theiceman105 ESO (10 months ago)
You are fucking awesome. I just watched your vids instead of doing this shit
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
theiceman105 Glad I could help!
trey thearling (10 months ago)
Thanks ur vids are GREAT I love ur voice keep up the good work we all need it lol
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Thank you! I'm glad you like them :D
Mahvz - (10 months ago)
Next time just get to the point and show the locations ps you talk to fucking much
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Impecxble - There are time stamps in the description that lead you straight to the location on the map if you prefer to skip the talking. Or are you illiterate?
Airimis Belt (10 months ago)
Obrigado de novo senhor
Jessica Engelmeyer (10 months ago)
Super helpful! Thanks!
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
You're welcome :D Glad it helped you! Thanks for watching
Your voice is hella calm my guy thanks for the vid
Ÿxsisbs (10 months ago)
You literally helped me so much thank you!!
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
I'm glad i could help. Thanks for watching :D
Denise (10 months ago)
Awesome as usual! Exactly what i've come to expect. And your voice is calm and unassuming. Not like a lot of these guys who make videos aimed at showing off and not really about helping a player. You rock man! P.S. That last narrative was hilarious. Buyers market, open floor plan, lava views :p funny stuff
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Shafawn Thank you :D
Alyssa Emily (10 months ago)
would have never bothered with these without your vids!
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Alyssa Emily I'm glad they helped you :D The skill line is really interesting, so I hope you get to have some fun with it when you finish the quests!
Alexandriariv (10 months ago)
I just finished doing Breaches of Frost and Fire and also The Shattered Staff. Your vids made all the difference in the world . Thank you for the vids and please keep making more :)
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Alexandriariv Thank you for watching the videos :D I'm going to be doing some recording tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the series, and get it all edited tomorrow night.
Edgematic (10 months ago)
what i don't understand is how you managed to make this video more than 8 minutes long. but thanks anyway
Virsago2099 (10 months ago)
Edgematic Just being thorough. There are time stamps in the description for those who just want the locations quickly.
Axphykz Vitality (10 months ago)
thx a bunch

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