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10 Deadliest Spells In The Harry Potter Universe

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The wizarding world is a lot more brutal then you realised. Read the original article this video was based on here - http://whatculture.com/books/10-deadliest-spells-in-the-harry-potter-universe For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/ Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculture Catch us on Twitter @whatculture!
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Text Comments (7738)
Funny TV (3 hours ago)
No.5 is not deadly 😄😄😄 And where is Crusio😫😫😫
Alfie Ferguson (10 hours ago)
How is crucio not on here
Laama (16 hours ago)
1:, yeetus feetus deletus
Shadow Wolf (17 hours ago)
Sirius didn't meet his match at the killing curse, he was stunned and fell through the veil in the death chamber in the department of mysteries.
Tim (17 hours ago)
Curosio that other unforgivable curse I can’t spell
David Nguyen (1 day ago)
Daniel Morgan (1 day ago)
U forgot the torture curse the 2nd unforgivable curse in barty crouch jr's class in the 4 year
Manas Mahapatra (1 day ago)
Ben TV Style (1 day ago)
You’re missing reducto and crucio
Blake Maxx salchow (1 day ago)
You forgot crucio
ItzExpert (2 days ago)
Lil Wiz (2 days ago)
Avada kedavra can be blocked only if both wants have the same core
So if you get hit with avada kedavra your dead instantly ?? So that means anyone can just come up to you and just do it and kill you
Dan Skyfire (3 days ago)
What about CRUCIO?
harley walker (3 days ago)
U forgot crucio
Mr. Great (3 days ago)
Gamer Daddy (3 days ago)
єхpєctσ pαtrσnum
shadow hunter (3 days ago)
xpecto potromum
Angelo Boi (4 days ago)
The most powerful spell NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH LOL
Maikaeru Jon (4 days ago)
the banana (4 days ago)
The spell was shot by Draco malfoy the milky barn bitch
Simon_ Erland (4 days ago)
Riza Pajarillaga (4 days ago)
Devin’s An Idiot (4 days ago)
What about incarcerous?
The bæst (5 days ago)
Leander Zehetner (5 days ago)
I would habe liked to See the spell "legelimens". With this spell you can in the minds of other people.
Sheetal Sandhu (5 days ago)
Vyacheslav Ilchenko (5 days ago)
Wingardium leviosa? You can move your opponent up in the sky and then release him.
Y E E T E R (6 days ago)
2 avada kedabra is 2 and crucio is 1
vectorvlogs 65 (6 days ago)
Hermione Granger (6 days ago)
*_Old No Nose_*
TorSGaming (6 days ago)
Olivia Fiebelkorn (7 days ago)
0:57 I’m fucking dying 😂
DrunkenPumpkins (7 days ago)
Number 1 should deffenently be: ZE WORLDO!!!
tamer boutalbi (7 days ago)
severus snape: araca caradva proffesor filch: nononononono you are doing it wrong severus snape : how dare you talk to the best wizard like that . proffesor filch: i know what the spell is severus snape: do it then you blithering squib non -magical wizard. here is my wand do it proffesor filch : a well am sorry the death will be painless severus snape : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help hese trying to kill me proffesor filch: i thought you said do it then you squib so okkk severus snape: okkkkkkkkkkkk i do not think you can do it proffesor filch: okkkk avaddaaaaaaaaa kadavvvvraaaaaaaa severus snape ; helpppppppppp am wandless i gave my wand to himmmm helpppppppppp snape dies proffesor filch: i told you you blithering show offf not to mess with a squib proffesor dumbledore: who used the avada kadvra spell here proffesor flich: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am going to azkaban proffesor dumbledore : sectum sempra,expelliarmus , crucio , FINDDDDDDD FYREEEEEEE, AVADA KADAVRA MAN I MISSED THE SQUIB RUN AWAY PROFFESOR FILCH: nananananananan bam the most powerfull squibbb ever
tamer boutalbi (6 days ago)
GJB Sarmeri (5 days ago)
Where are Bombarda, Piertotum locomotor and Crucio? I mean one does an explosion, one literally summons 20 stone knights and one tortures people.
tamer boutalbi (5 days ago)
yeahhhh look at my one at the top
Where is expeliarmus
Tom Formstone (8 days ago)
Tom Formstone (8 days ago)
Fire is dangerous :0
Tommy Patel (8 days ago)
You forgot crucio
beyblade pro (9 days ago)
you did not do crucio
Raven _ void (2 days ago)
Voldemort:mehehemehegggggggwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaammaammmaaa Hermione:your going to take someone’s eye out.Beside your saying it wrong it’s Avada kadavra Voldemort dies Hermione t-bags Voldemort Hermione:asssssay hahahahahaha
ToniBest 10 (9 days ago)
Number 1 wingardium leviosa
What about relashio
Swiss army Blade Gaming (14 hours ago)
tamer boutalbi it’s not at the top it only looks like that for u but for me it’s really low down
tamer boutalbi (6 days ago)
yeah look at my comment at the top
Avrie Wallace (10 days ago)
black guardian (10 days ago)
all_ things_fun! (10 days ago)
Me: wingaardium leviosa! Hermione: stop stop youre gonna take an eye out and jr sayin it wrong Me:oh ok Hermione and me: Wingaaaardium levioooooosaa!!!!! *stack of books flies and lands on malfoys head Malfoy: ow what was that 4?! Flitwick: 10 bajillion points to gryffindor for doing it correctly and 4 landin it on malfoy hahaaaa
Conner Phipps (10 days ago)
Crucioatus Curse
PROMAN 870 (10 days ago)
But but you forgot CRUCIO!
Lucas Elias (11 days ago)
Eddie Duffy (11 days ago)
wheres crucio its an unforgivable curse
Zain (11 days ago)
Does he remember CRUCIO?
Rick Sanchez (13 days ago)
The milky bar bitch lol
Sachin Varma (13 days ago)
Where’s crucio
Subhadeep Ray (14 days ago)
Avada kedavra sounds like "Abracadabra" used by stage magicians.
YuorGay (15 days ago)
Avada Kedavra is deadly unless it's trying to kill the owner of that wand. Hence when Voldemort tried killing Harry close to the end. My question is why tf would you destroy the one wand that saved your life? I would have kept the elder wand..
IcY-OC (15 days ago)
Expelliarmus reflected voldemorts avada kadavrw
Tyokomon X (15 days ago)
Harry blocked Avada kedavra atleast 2 times
PG13hockeyman (15 days ago)
shyguyshow (15 days ago)
no nose
poxitivee (15 days ago)
bloody keg (15 days ago)
You forgot crucio
Prince Babu (15 days ago)
Expecto patronum!!!!!!😘
Tom kamp (16 days ago)
Crucio Must be there
Zavier Wolf (16 days ago)
you forgot crucio!!!!!
Nugget_of_Faith (16 days ago)
I would say avada kedavra (probably spelled it wrong) would be number 9 , snake spell still number 10. The killing curse will only kill 1 whole diffindo can kill a lot.
My Alt Alccount (18 days ago)
Marko King (18 days ago)
10. Imperio 9. Diffindo 8. Serpensortia 7. Reducto 6. Bombarda Maxima 5. Levicorpus 4. (Forgot name,in Philosopher's Stone when Hermione set Fire on Snape's cloak) 3. Crucio 2. Sectumsempra 1. Avada Kedavra
Marko King (18 days ago)
What about Crucio? And 2nd Snape's spell I forgot.
TL_Badtimez (19 days ago)
what about the cruciatis curse
Crucio is deadly as it inflicts a shock
Ryder Vision (21 days ago)
you forgot expeto potronum
Daniel John (22 days ago)
3-Crucio a torturing curse
Olivia Horner (22 days ago)
U forgot crucio and accio , crucio the torture one that put Neville’s parent into insanity to forget about their only son! I would put crucio as number 1 because you forget everything and this is pain and torture for hours and days!
'And the spell's Taht are most likely to be mispronounced by me..!' '...Giving the victim a head that looks like Adam Blum Piay's ego!' '...Spilling more of the red stuff that my drunk arm charades..!' '..and a French kiss from a DEMENTOR!'
Fortnite gameři cz (24 days ago)
Preston Playz (24 days ago)
Did you 4get crucio
Lisa/Andrew Koch (24 days ago)
The most deadly spell is actually "Roses are red there is no remorse, Santa has joined the terrorist force."
kavitha rajesh (24 days ago)
Wheres crucio??
Antoni Misztal (25 days ago)
What About The Cruciuatus spell Crucio
Flying Doge (25 days ago)
#11 *yeEtUs yEEtUS cOmMit sELF DElEtus*
Rouge 24 (25 days ago)
why isn't Crucio on this list?
Dabey Guanche (25 days ago)
Voldemort : I HAVE EVERYTHING me : well you don’t have a nose
WJS (25 days ago)
Samarth Buchake (25 days ago)
where is crucio
Luca Jern (26 days ago)
I think you may have forgotten about Crusio
Sprtii_ ik (26 days ago)
Where's "kruciatus?"
J Brandon Crafter (26 days ago)
Big Chungus (27 days ago)
The most deadly spell is “CHUNGA BIGGA CHUNGA OOH”
DK Nex (27 days ago)
AVADA KEDAVRA is soo similar to ABRACADABRA!!! If I were Voldemort, I should have spelled ABRACADABRA.
Keval Prajapati (2 days ago)
Abracadabra is opposite of Avada Kedavra Abra means I create what I say while Avada means I destroy what I say
Edward McAllen (27 days ago)
Where’s crucio
Man United (28 days ago)
Oh yeah
Sophie Lin (28 days ago)
You forgot abanvada kadreoabdxkk
Asmita SR (28 days ago)
You missed the cruciatis curse it tortures a person so much that they can be sent 5o insanity
My list of 5 spells I DON'T want to be put on me 1. Crucio 2.Imperio 3.Avada Kedavra 4. Sectumsempra 5. Obliviate
Maris Petrova (28 days ago)
marko nik (30 days ago)
U forgot reducto Ginny destroyed the department of mysteries (i think it was that)
Orie Sheppard (30 days ago)
Did I miss you mention the cruciatus curse?
Hai Dang NGUYEN (1 month ago)
you forgot crucio

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