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Skyrim Mod: Morrowloot 4E Edition

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Morrowloot 4E Edition http://www.brodual.com/misc/morrowloot-4e-edition/ http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50740/ Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (434)
nobody important (23 days ago)
They should've made daedric craftable but only under a certain kind of moon
Shaun (3 months ago)
now to find a smiting overhaul mod that removes all high end gear from, the crafting menu !!! finding high end loot in the world be more fun
headhunter9865 reborn (7 months ago)
looking around abandoned unmarked ruins for good armor and having to steal ebony armor is gonna get old really quickly surely it should be found in logical places like at the alter of boethiah, merydia etc. instead of beside a friggin' pile of bricks in an unmarked abandoned tower. i mean i am not complaining i just got a daedric sword off a vampire because of this mod but still not the most logical thing in the world
Magus Mxviil (8 months ago)
Also, Divayth Fyr has his own set except the helmet but that is one of the easier pieces to find on the list. Mentioning Daedric Armor reminded of Divayth Fyr and his daughters. Is it gay to have sex with your clones if you've made them female?
Jerry Francis (1 year ago)
Morrowloot 4E vs Morrowloot Ultimate?
A Quest Unending (1 year ago)
Because of DnD, I thought the 4e meant fourth edition. So I read the thumbnail as fourth edition edition lol
Liam Fosdike (1 year ago)
Can you still use the alter under the College?
Nipple Collector (1 year ago)
imo crafting armor/upgrading to get the max armor cap is really boring, i made a 2 handed orc warrior in 1 day and got enchanting+smithing to 100 (ik ik i have no life) and i had 600+ armor rating and a 400+ damage weapon. Very boring
INActive Account (1 year ago)
HOLD UP, Let me get this straight. You are a level 100 Blacksmith, better than Eorland the supposed best in skyrim, traveler of daedric planes and slayer of daedras, but shit fam Daedric armor? Can't craft that.
Isachar Jones (1 year ago)
This mod seems perfect except for the placement of the most rare items (Daedric armour) in easter-egg-like positions similar to Fin Gleam in Oblivion. Why not just place them at the end of the hardest dungeons, one's with Deadra lurking in them?
Hector Garcia (1 year ago)
does it work with weapons of the third era?
MrNahual2099 (2 years ago)
Where I can find guides to get the legendary artifacts from this mod. I already found Sunder but I need the Wraithguard to take it.
NordicWarrior (2 years ago)
why are fists of randagulf purple
Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab (2 years ago)
I really hope somone can help me with this. I played this and i enjoyed it but then missing out on the artifacts when i dont have it installed is annoying i wonder just if there is a seperate thing that give me only artifacts and dosent change the lvl scalling system (Im not a fan of the old systemit but it get tedius with looking around evry corner like a paranoid freak with Morrowloot)
TrukoFresh (2 years ago)
Is compatible with Scarcity mod ??
Amonny (2 years ago)
Well. Scarcity is more about money and merchants. I use them both, they work great together.
Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab (2 years ago)
Yes it is and it say so on the mod page Tip untill next time check the modpage description. :D
HecticHomie (2 years ago)
do you have to start a new game in order for it to work? it said I should for morrowloot ultimate
M (2 years ago)
As a D&D player, "4E" is always a sour sight
Sin 3.14 (1 year ago)
Super late but Gregory is right. The early games (Arena and Daggerfall) are heavily influenced by tabletop RPG. They have dice rolling elements in the game. You don't roll it yourself but the hidden combat mechanics do. Sadly, they slowly removed that until there is nothing left.
M (2 years ago)
Possibly, yeah
who gives a toot (2 years ago)
Might of started off as a homebrew between devs, but I don't have a source for that.
M (2 years ago)
Yeah, that's probably a better wording for it. I heard somewhere that it was a campaign setting from d&d that they ran, but I could be mistaken.
who gives a toot (2 years ago)
I wouldn't say based, but more inspired. The Elderscrolls takes a lot of inspiration from various other fantasy settings as well.
Fangs of Yima (3 years ago)
There is a handfull of these conversion type mods that sound really nice but I would have to somehow make like 4 different installs of the game each with its own theme because my normal set of mods has a bunch of levelled list edits/ custom armor and weapon packs and npc changes etc. Just not possible to mod in everything I would want.
Blake Walker (4 months ago)
Very late, but Mod Organizer 2 has profiles and portable installs that allow you to do this.
GsTSaien (1 year ago)
Fangs of Yima we need a mod that allows for different installs, simply deactivating esps is not clean enough for that many mods
Adam (2 years ago)
There are patches for most of the popular armour and weapon mods, I have it running with immersive armours, weapons, warmonger armoury, all patches are merged, works fine. I'm using Morrowloot Ultimate though, it's newer and still supported.
Polish Potato (3 years ago)
Will you cover the updated version of this, Morrowloot Ultimate?
Nobody Nothing (3 years ago)
So let me get this straight, there is only _one_ daedric helmet and said daedric helmet is hidden _outdoors_, cramped behind a ruined stone column in the middle of nowhere with no distinguishable features? Wtf? Oh and you can't craft it. I like elves wearing elven armour, orcs wearing orcish armour and dwemer ruins containing dwarven items, but come on.
Incell ulor (1 month ago)
+Pierre Perras u got level 10) crafting what daggers and now you should be able to craft bone of the rarest armors.
Eiden (10 months ago)
BRAVE gamers troll normie skyrim fans epic style! XDDDDDDDD
Yeetimus Prime (1 year ago)
I would prefer if Daedric Armor was more difficult to craft, rather than not being craftable at all. Like maybe it takes the top spot instead of Dragonbone, and you have to do a certain quest (like a Daedra related one) as a requirement along with the Daedric Smithing Perk. And then have to use a specific forge. Everything else makes sense, but getting rid of being able to craft Daedric armor completely is kinda stupid.
John Ray Ordas (2 years ago)
Y'all know that +Nutburger is trolling all your asses right? Don't feed the trolls my bros.
Abd-Qadir Gilani (2 years ago)
"Anything I say is a fact and anyone who disagree is a blind nostalgic fuck" < You.
Ayad Polis (3 years ago)
does this affect the skill tree in anyway?
Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab (2 years ago)
No it wont so it work with other mods....And they migth allow you to still craft but you will find recipie so it more intended for the vanilla i think. (As far when iwe played it)
Ghorza (3 years ago)
+Ayad Polis Use Morrowloot ultimate, it's a much better, more supported and much more updated version of this mod.
ContraWolf (3 years ago)
So...which morrowloot should I get? I got regular, it's unofficial expansion, Ultimate and 4E editions.
Female Frisk (3 years ago)
+Hobbes thx
Hobbes (3 years ago)
+Victreebel The Human (Kaitlyn) If I remember correctly, Morrowloot Ultimate have a compatibility patch for OBIS.
Female Frisk (3 years ago)
+Hobbes will morrowloot work with OBIS
ContraWolf (3 years ago)
Finally a response. Many thanks :)
Hobbes (3 years ago)
+Sarcastic Klein Morrowloot Ultimate is the spiritual successor to 4E. Get Ultimate, its currently updated to work with most armor mods such as Immersive Armors and the aMidianborn set.
NexGenration Gaming (3 years ago)
im sorry, even those two seconds shown of the wet faces mod was actually painful on my eyes. i think ill pass on that one. not about to give myself an irl headache for the sake of immersion. getting the arrow mod tho :)
Michael Jaradeh (3 years ago)
Does this remove the ability to get daedric gear via the atronach forge?
Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab (2 years ago)
You can try it on your own to see if it works.
Parka Guy (3 years ago)
Wish the mod didn't touch smithing and just covered loot.
Nicholas S (2 months ago)
+Apollo Alexandre its a three year old post, but thank you for correcting it.
Apollo Alexandre (2 months ago)
+Nicholas S *affect
tccasanova (4 months ago)
That's litterally the only reason why you would use this instead of the original morrowloot?
Terence Smith (3 years ago)
+Parka King Pretty sure they had a "n'wah" edition at some point that leaves crafting alone.
00WolfSpirit (3 years ago)
+Nicholas S It said in the video that it does.
LadyConqueress (3 years ago)
What is that gorgeous elf-like armor at 0:17? Is it a mod or retexture I could download?
LadyConqueress (3 years ago)
+Poseidon Alright thank you! 
Tursaansydän (3 years ago)
+LadyConqueress Then you need to do some research, because what if there's a laptop with the same specs as the one you plan to buy, but cheaper? Surf around the web and maybe you'll find with something.
LadyConqueress (3 years ago)
I'm thinking of getting one of the models of Lenovo's Y70 laptops. My knowledge of computers is little to none. My Skyrim is currently on a seven year old Mac because my boyfriend helps me out with that. I really know nothing about them.
Tursaansydän (3 years ago)
+LadyConqueress The Internet is filled with excellent guides on how to build one, but I understand. I do however recommend to consider building your own rig when you have time (and money) for it. Btw just out of curiosity, what are the specs of the laptop you plan on getting?
LadyConqueress (3 years ago)
+Poseidon I'm afraid I don't know anything about that :/ And because I'm in college, I need a laptop to carry around with me, so a desktop could end up being money wasted for me 
solarboy48 (3 years ago)
What retexture mods does Brodual use? Couldn't find anything related to textures in your playlist list.
Monte Hessels (3 years ago)
+solarboy48 Amidian born book of silence , and 2k textures.
Nirvana Paradox (3 years ago)
Fuck this mod.
2chrono2 (3 years ago)
Stashing Dwarven armour seems kinda weird... In the lore, it's established that Dwarven armour is made by modern men/mer for modern men/mer, and has little to do with actual dwemer armour.
2chrono2 (3 years ago)
+Master of Mundus Regardless, it's re-established in Skyrim that we're basically just creating our own designs out of Dwarven metal, as opposed to following explicit plans left behind by the Dwemer or finding actual Dwemer armour.
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
Although now that I think about it dwarven armor in Skyrim looks far less pot and pan like than dwarven armor in Oblivion. It looks more like armor.  Wish I would have thought of that a year ago. 
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+2chrono2 Yeah, in Oblivion I remember some scholar joking that adventurers were probably wearing a bunch of dwemer pots and pans and just didn't know it.
washabe (4 years ago)
I would get this if you didn't say "New Author"...... I LIKE TRAINS!!!!!!!
ragnard lothbrok (4 years ago)
does it require any dlc
guy montag (4 years ago)
does it  add durability? 
Eoin O' Donnell (4 years ago)
What mod gives the nordic crafting tree?
Lucius Avenus (4 years ago)
I lovelovelove you guys so much that i turned off adblocker.
Sloan Blackhart (4 years ago)
brodual i hate to say this but you missed one thing when mentioning the ebony set, you said and i quote, "...By the Nobles and the Rich." yet you forgot to mention the Ebony Warrior
Onyx (3 years ago)
You need to be at least level 80 to get to fight him though.
Sloan Blackhart (3 years ago)
you need to be lvl 81 and have the dragonborn DLC?, i thought he was in the vanilla game after beating basically everything
Onyx (3 years ago)
The Ebony Warrior is hard to come by, hence why most forget about him, you have to be level 81 or higher with the Dragonborn DLC, so...
Mango Deelite (4 years ago)
Noble, rich, and awesome.
Drag0n (4 years ago)
Im just going to throw this idea out there in case anybody is listening, but My idea for "Morrowind themed crafting" would be to not remove things, but rather make the crafting costs ludicrously high. If you recall from Tribunal, there was a smith would could craft glass, ebony and adamantium armor if you gave him the proper amount of materials, which for glass and ebony was incredibly high (30 raw ebony for a ebony cuirass!) Not to mention the ore itself was pretty damn heavy. Just an idea..
Antonio Klaić (3 years ago)
+Drag0n seems like too much of a chore . It would work for immersion seeking players but I like crafting my own equipment .
Leto85 (4 years ago)
That sounds rather interesting.
TheUltimateGamer (4 years ago)
does this work with SKYRE????
AzureSkyCiel (4 years ago)
I kind of feel like the Daedric armor pieces might work better if instead of being found, were given as rewards by running the quests of the daedric princes and such.
Blakba 56 (4 years ago)
Fourth edition edition?
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+Blakba 56 Fourth Era Edition, Skyrim is the first game to take place in the Fourth Era. All the others were in the Third Era under the rule of Uriel Septim.
Hunter Bjork (4 years ago)
Can you at least craft dragon armor in the game?
Onyx (3 years ago)
Yes, no NPC in Skyrim normally has the ability to craft or wear it, plus it seems like only a Dragonborn should wear it.Still, I wear Daedric because the full set looks good on an Argonian, the Dragonbone and plate armours helmets suck.
Simon Nagy (4 years ago)
Who the fuck asks that question? Dragon armor is ugly.
Badplum25 (4 years ago)
Like this comment because I told you too.
MyssleDissle (1 year ago)
Simon didn't say so
Magi V (1 year ago)
+TheFreeViper eXCUSES
TheFreeViper (3 years ago)
i cant im mobile
Onyx (3 years ago)
I used to like comments, but then I was double-barrelled to the face for using an overused meme.
Leto85 (4 years ago)
+Zipsyism No one ever warned me how deep the internet could influence my life.
GTOAviator (4 years ago)
Doesn't work with Immersive Armors/Weapons? Don't want it.
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+Anndgrim There are mods that make ebony versions of steel armor, and that kind of thing. Their fairly common. 
Anndgrim (3 years ago)
+Master of Mundus True, but I'd have hoped would have come up with it by now. I'd do it if I wasn't completely useless with graphic design software.
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+Anndgrim That would be nice, but ultimately I prefer them to spend the same amount of time or less than what they are currently spending on weapons and armor. Focus more on gameplay and questing, among other important things. 
Anndgrim (3 years ago)
What really bothers me in this game (and others I suppose) is rather the one design per material thing. Ideally, I'd like to see an ebony and a dwemer version of the Nord Plate Armour style and variations even just in the patterns of the Nord Plate Armour. (As well as culture based variants).
Anndgrim (3 years ago)
+Master of Mundus Well, an odd fit inevitably means huge gaps and the lack of gaps is what defines a good armour to begin with. Steel in a non-fantasy setting would be by far more than enough as there's basically no pre black powder weapon that can even come close to piercing hard steel plate and what defined quality of plate was how well it fitted and how little gaps it had. Though the point I'm getting at is, there's no real point to indestructible plate armour if you can go around it more easily than another armour.
SkinnyCommie99 (4 years ago)
I love this Mod. I use it with Requiem and feels like 2012 when i was in 6th grade and played Morrowind all day..... just without the bullys at school
Kontonymous (3 years ago)
+r3v4n21 He was being ironic.
le bob (3 years ago)
Yeah lol +r3v4n21​
Papa Midnite (3 years ago)
+le bob How could you resist correcting his spelling of *english*?
le bob (4 years ago)
+r3v4n21 its ok man I was just joking lol
SkinnyCommie99 (4 years ago)
+le bob Im not a native englisch speaker so sorry for making a minor mistake
Mike M (4 years ago)
I like your voice, you should become a voiceover or radio-operator.
Akilroth234 (4 years ago)
I would love this mod if it weren't incompatible with everything ever.
washabe (4 years ago)
I would get 4E edition if it was made by Trainwiz...... I LIKE TRAINS!!!
JLove (4 years ago)
Ain't that the truth...
the slunch (4 years ago)
You have 666 videos Yay.
Milan Henke (4 years ago)
Now, what happens to modded gear? Like Bosmer Armor or hothtroopers armor compilation? Won't those items spawn either?
SkinnyCommie99 (4 years ago)
There is a patch for the normal morrowloot but i dont know if it works with 4th era edition
JLove (4 years ago)
They require patches for them, which is why a lot of people (including me) don't like it.
Zanoscar (4 years ago)
Why is his elvish armour black?
Garrus (4 years ago)
Amidianborn book of silence, he chose the thalmor retexture which makes it black and pretty badass looking.
darrar90 (4 years ago)
Cause it's Redguard Armor
Goldenrevolver (4 years ago)
amidianborn replacer book of silence
Firetail Taevarth (4 years ago)
probably a retexture. I use the Equipment of Eternal Shine replacer. which is cool, or you can get the standalone version. but I got the replacer because I wanted it to work for Argonian Raptor Feet and stuff.
Squall Leonhart (4 years ago)
i like how it handles the loot and everything but i just don't like how it handles smithing, instead of just taking it away i think it would be better to just make it harder to craft
Kenneth Rho (4 years ago)
ummm... where is Wraithguard? I can't grab the hammer
Mads Toftgaard-Hansen (4 years ago)
amazing i always loved how morrowind worked
Toxic masculinity man (4 years ago)
How do you get that Nordic armor?
marsher (4 years ago)
+Déadpool Dash darude-sandstorm
Quinn (4 years ago)
GG, it pisses of the first guy so it's ok.
neo bear (4 years ago)
+neo bear oops, didn't notice other replies
neo bear (4 years ago)
dragon born dlc
Wicker _ (4 years ago)
+Déadpool Dash How little sense can one comment make.
IgnemFeram01 (4 years ago)
What texture does he use? Why is his iron armor a different color? What's the mod called?
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+IgnemFeram01 Lol, I kinda geused that. I was trying to be funny. XD
IgnemFeram01 (3 years ago)
+Master of Mundus Thanks, but I figured it out several months ago.
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+IgnemFeram01 And if you still haven't figured it out now 10 months later, There is a NMM button now.
IgnemFeram01 (4 years ago)
Thanks. I'm not good with manual downloads, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
Wicker _ (4 years ago)
Amdian born: Book of silence 
roosa korkka (4 years ago)
How stupid is that :D 
willkilla (4 years ago)
Do scattered items respawn when the dungeon does?
Ferenc Čordaš (4 years ago)
shittyest mod ewer!
jaycor11 (4 years ago)
What happened to your website? It just comes up with godaddy now. :S
MarkaN (4 years ago)
I hope they add something like that in TES VI, those are the things that really took fun away from me in Skyrim and Oblivion. You explore the world just for the things like that! So it doesn´t make sense and ruins the fun and challenge when you accidentally stomp upon Glass Armor form the high level bandit (Oblivion) or just craft it yourself giving it godlike attributes so that no other rare in the game can´t even compare to it (Skyrim).
Antonio Klaić (3 years ago)
+MarkaNLNL there is a possibility that bandits and characters aquired that equipment by going through dungeons and ruins .
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+Master of Mundus Yep, gotta admit that the Morrowind way sounds better on this one.
Master of Mundus (3 years ago)
+MarkaNLNL Oh look! it's the legendary dagger of whopty fucking do da, with this you will be able to defeat any opponent that comes your way! Or you could just make better shit at home from dead dragon parts.
SkinnyCommie99 (3 years ago)
Its a shame they aboned this gameplay since oblivion. It was too hard for some people to find good stuff *sigh* I love hunting for unique items in Morrowind and other games like stalker
pingu (4 years ago)
+Xamorak ark you do know that he might enjoy crafting? just because he doesnt HAVE to do it doesnt mean it's a good mechanic
I wish this didn't require all the DLC's :c
Darryl Gibbs (5 years ago)
Maybe in a later version they should add the ability to craft armors like ebony at Balimund's forge in Riften because if you complete his quest its stated that his forge is one of the best in skyrim on par with the Skyforge
Reaty Laiko (5 years ago)
ok now i have to figure out how this works with my custom armor's and my other world I added to my game (it randomly generated when you load up the first time and only has one structure in pretty much the same spot)
Vlaka (5 years ago)
needs someone to make a skyre patch and/or just the morrowind items as a separate module.
Cole Jenkins (5 years ago)
You should probably use enchantment wiping mods along with this so you don't botch the enchantments on the only pieces of Daedric gear in your game.
Etherlad (5 years ago)
Have fun looking for loot in your ENB-It's-so-dark-i-can't-see-shit Game.
ChaoticTabris (5 years ago)
2:38, he finds the daedric boots hidden in the ruins of a tower with no one protecting them. Is it like that in-game? I feel that those armor pieces should be hard to find because the are at the end of hard dungeons or in possesion/protected by powerful creatures, not beucase they are an easter egg you have to find. If that's how they did i guess i'll not be using this mod even thought the idea itself is amazing.
Raul F (4 years ago)
The idea is that you need to look around to find the armors. In vanilla Skyrim the best loot is incredibly hard to miss and any hidden loot that you find is just random crap. This mod pretty much reverses that. The stuff that is easy to find(boss chests and the likes) will be worse than some of the hidden loot that you can find. Basically, if you like searching for treasure this is a great mod. If you just want to breeze through dungeons without paying attention to your surroundings, you should not use this mod.
spookyscaryskeletons (5 years ago)
Some of the pieces in Morrowind were like that, IIRC. Since they only showed a few seconds of getting the armour, it's likely that they had to go through some stuff to get to it.
hellhounds master (5 years ago)
Alex W (5 years ago)
i hate being to only play on xbox with no mods.
It Is Known (5 years ago)
I like this mod, Though I wish interesting NPC mod would put out a patch or something because some of the NPCs added have way overpowered gear and really stick out once you've been playing with this mod for a while.
VideoQuestEx (5 years ago)
The lore-adhering fans, who enjoyed how this looting system worked in past TES games, will be the ones to most welcome this mod in Skyrim.
Ajtony (5 years ago)
It could be annoying to look at every corner or in every detail just to find something.
Ie_BOI (5 years ago)
What mods do you use? Let us know
Noah Colangelo (5 years ago)
What is that armour texture you use I want it
Aidan P OHara (5 years ago)
what about daedric weapons?
spookyscaryskeletons (5 years ago)
Also scattered. The atronach forge will be useful if you need to get more than a few pieces of daedric weaponry.
ShadsArmy (5 years ago)
How's it goin interweb? We are a gaming channel and looking for some feedback on our videos if you would be kind enough to visit us!  We have Skyrim mod videos if you're interested.
Benidict Nelbert (5 years ago)
Great mod not for me tho like to change gear often.
allsunday1485 (5 years ago)
Thank you Brodual! I requested this the day you opened the new website and I'm really happy to see you guys actually listen to people :D
donspew (5 years ago)
Love this mod
J3Lycan (5 years ago)
Not a bad idea, just probably not a mod that fits my play style. 
jake nikolia (5 years ago)
I'm guessing this mod won't work that well with Requiem?
allsunday1485 (5 years ago)
+NotChocorate Can't find it.
NotChocorate (5 years ago)
Azirok just put out a patch for it, I think today.
TheStupidGuyWithBlip (5 years ago)
Dos this be compatebol with my enb?????
digitalcake. (5 years ago)
please do 1080p.
Italian Supreme (4 years ago)
Uh a few weeks? Gotta say "now shut up" is pretty immature, grow up a bit lad.
Dzoni01 (4 years ago)
do you know how old this post is !? now shut up
Italian Supreme (4 years ago)
+nikola Licanin Its true, your being a fucking child, it was a simple suggestion and honestly it's a llegitimateone, you don't have the right to go off on him saying that its "pointless" only brodual really have that right, and FYI you CAN see the difference... unless you got a shit monitor... :)
Dzoni01 (4 years ago)
digitalcake. (4 years ago)
+Mr. Splashman How is asking for 1080p everything? It's a suggestion that's it. Stop being such a baby. 
Jani SIr (5 years ago)
The daedric gear is a cool story, but you can hit the armor cap in the vanilla game even with the elven gear.
Jani SIr (5 years ago)
Hmm, you may be right. I haven played vanilla since 7 total Skyrim reinstall. On the other hand in Skyre there is no sch loop like that, but I managed to get 1900 armor with out actions I would have considered cheating. (The "I would have considered" part is important btw.)
Lonesome Raider (5 years ago)
yeah but only with the smithing-alchemy-enchanting trick which most of the players probably don't use in their playthroughs.
SkinnyCommie99 (5 years ago)
This is awesome. I already thought about patching my skyrim into english to use Requiem and some other mods whicha rent translaetd into german yet. Hopefully he makes patches for Immersive Armors ver. 7 and Immersive Weapons
SkinnyCommie99 (5 years ago)
wait, whats with Dragonbone/scale armor ?! Is only craftable or is it loot from Dragon liars ?
Linkdarkside (5 years ago)
no thanks i hated Morrowind Loot system whit a passion. 
WinterSplinterM.II (5 years ago)
Finally! I hate how you can find Dwemer shit before you can even smith it 
Certavus (5 years ago)
Did you change your ENB?
Fritzkrieg (5 years ago)
Definitely one with incredible potential
Alex Lewis (5 years ago)
Hope it gets compatibility with Immersive Armours one day!
Amonny (2 years ago)
There is a patch somewhere on Nexus. I use it, and it works.
+Alex Lewis Wait..isn't compatible with Immersive Armors and Weapons ? Well... FUCK YOU MORROWLOOT!
Kyle Knight (5 years ago)
I still havent got daedric gear in skyrim i can never find it or craft it
Fenrir (5 years ago)
Maybe you'll have better luck in Solstheim. Less ground to cover. There's a full Daedric set there too.
Rudyalo (5 years ago)
Amazing, mane.
Jayombi (5 years ago)
A loot list nightmare for use with other mods, but a great mod on its own.
Albin Sahovic (5 years ago)
soo immersive
The Green Ranger (5 years ago)
What a cool mod. It's a shame the game wasn't like this vanilla.
von_Kartoffel (5 years ago)
is there a Skyre patch?
Tito (5 years ago)
Drew Peterson (5 years ago)
YEA!!! Thanks for doing a Morrowloot video!!! One of the best mods available!!!
Rapior Pizarro (5 years ago)
i like the idea, but  still want craft daedricarmor, so i m not installing it, even trough i really like it.
Jon Port (5 years ago)
Brodual, you guys need to take elocution lessons, sometimes i have no idea what you're saying, its almost like you're pissed lol Plus having a more pro sounding voice will be good for the presentation of your channel.
Omegamegamanzx (5 years ago)
Regarding mage robes in this mod, no it is not easier for mages as they cannot buy higher level mage robes from merchants. "Higher level robes are removed, readded to the world as static objects." - From old features section.
I'm guessing this is not compatible with requiem.
Myztik (5 years ago)
Requiem does the same thing regarding leveled lists. If you want the handplaced artifacts just put Morrowloot before Requiem. This will add high level gear to the world, however, instead of on powerful enemies, which is unbalanced for Requiem.

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