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Teen girls open up about the 'constant pressure' of social media

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In a conversation set up by ABC News, a group of 15- to 17-year-old girls talked about the stress in the lives as their mothers listened in.
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EsotericOccultist (12 days ago)
There's no such thing as cyber bullying. You can literally close the computer or click over to a different website.
Ryan Borganson (16 days ago)
Pen 15...... consider what hollywood wants your kids to watch? Consider what trash theyre putting out, hypersexualizing children. What a goddamn shame. None of these kids even had a chance... were all just toys for the elite to groom and manipulate. Wake up you slegs
Green Demon Mike (23 days ago)
Just click out, god bless, I am 15 and I can’t believe I am telling other teens this. I guess I have parents that actually raise me right.
Green Demon Mike (23 days ago)
Lemme give you some advice my teacher coach Burnie told me, he said “why is there cyber bullying, if you can just click out and turn it off” well might be hard to click off from it, but it is for the best and yes people are mean online.
Wanda Scott (25 days ago)
It's not just the young girls it's women in general. Media, magazines, and TV has brainwashed many into a sterotypical idealized form of beauty. So women think that you need to be super light skinned,thin, and heavily made up. Growing up I was always told to embrace the curves, my chocolate skin, and to let makeup be to enhance the beauty that you already have. It's sad to me that so many young women are being trapped into thinking that they are not enough. We are all just fine. Hollyweird is just full of oddballs.
Vama Ting (27 days ago)
Then get off it you dumb cunts. Wtf
M T (27 days ago)
The next big girl group lol 🤣
AJ (1 month ago)
I got a girlfriend in 2014 and still dating
whatsgoingon07 (1 month ago)
Are you all legal? Giggity
Dadson worldwide (1 month ago)
Kardashians are fat
Daniel Hamilton (1 month ago)
Okay so you look up to Kardashians? Why? They own girls gone wild and promote pornography. That is like saying Hitler is a good man and I should look up to Hitler. Your values have no bases, it is all preference. The Bible says you are made in the image of God and that is what makes you have value.
Snapso (2 months ago)
Guess what? It’s not actually different for boys
Roy D (2 months ago)
When adults are in their 4th marriage and single mom is the glory of feminism, what can you expect ? Girl you can not expect 80's boy because you yourself do not behave and dress like 80's girls. Girls are taught that virginity has no vale and the more sex they have the more they will be better at it. If you are doing one thing and expecting different results then you are the one who should check your mental stability.
Jackson Wood (2 months ago)
This is bs
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
No it isn't. Mental health is affected by social media.
Michael Hamilton (2 months ago)
I have exposed 200 Pedophiles On Live.me so far But Live me Fails to to anything
Vision_Wise (3 months ago)
I mean it truly is crazy at how Social Media is shaping and forming us as a society.
EATshitanddrinkbleac (3 months ago)
Big bank take lil bank
Brandon Wallace (3 months ago)
People have to realize that social media isn’t going anywhere. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere. We’re going to have to learn how to use these things responsibly and teach our kids to use these tools responsibly too.
Vision_Wise (3 months ago)
Yes I totally agree! It really is up to us to inform and educate people on how to properly use Social Media! I just posted a 1 minute poem on my channel and I'm curious to know what you think about it because I really do think you have a firm grasp on the topic
h h (3 months ago)
put age limit for smartphones 18+ no teen should be using any of these devices, coming from technology background these kids can access almost anything they want from any sites without parental consent. none of these kids should be on social media
Brandon Wallace (3 months ago)
That’s not the answer. These technologies aren’t going anywhere. And teaching children to use the responsibly. Saying hey no smartphones or social media until 18 and then throwing them in a world that is covered in it is a very bad idea. And will probably be pretty detrimental to their young minds.
good miller (3 months ago)
Know not worth make have bad reputation . Tell no
Oh Yeahyeah (3 months ago)
This some real bullshit
Violet Black (3 months ago)
RnBCutz (3 months ago)
Stupid silly girls, they don't know what the fuck they want. I blame the parents. You want to know what struggle is, live in a 3rd world country.
infinitegalaxycat Hope (4 months ago)
Greg Duchscher (4 months ago)
These 'social justice' people are the greatest danger Western Democracy and Civilization we have ever faced.
Greg Duchscher (4 months ago)
Where are the Fathers and Husbands?
Sir Laughs a Lot (4 months ago)
So feminist ideology pretty much owns education. My world has become infinitely more feminized since I was a teenager. But there is a dark lie to all this "progress." I grew up learning how to become pretty much the opposite to a misogynist. And now I wonder if many of these changes have actually helped me more than females? Modern devices, such as I use them - have done me no harm in any way. Yet the millions of teen girls out there who struggle to attain physical perfection - would probably find that their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and great aunts especially - lived a more relaxed life. Why? Because there was no technology to put them under the microscope. There were no magic hand held mirror mirrors constantly reminding them of how imperfect they are (or think they are.) So the great game - is like a hamster wheel. Going round and round and never getting anywhere - at least never getting to the point where enough is enough. It is never enough. And this is progress? When I was in high school, we celebrated the idea that any schoolgirl, just like any schoolboy, could attain a positive and respected identity based on what she knew and what she could do - academically, athletically, artistically, socially.....based on something that went far beyond anything that had to do with the way she looked. They speak of the disconnect, these girls - between a virtual reality and the real thing. Of course they would crave the real thing - because it's real. There is no true replacement for it. So when you can't just go and hang in real time and space...........doesn't that make you feel disconnected from experiencing the world in a way that used to be normal? My era still had the coffee shops, the burger joints, the drop-in centers....and a dozen other places around the neighborhood - a hundred other places around the community, that were used to participate in the public realm. Only the most chronically shy hid away. The rest of us saw each other constantly outside of school. Of course - we all had our pop silly psychology too. But the pressures back then? Today is like going from a grade 4 math class to college physics - in one jump.' As gradual as the change has been - I can see it now. A society that puts that much pressure and importance on looks - is a skin deep shallow one. There's no getting around that.
motivator812 (4 months ago)
This is a good conversation starting video. What we see is only a reflection of what is in us. If we see ugly, then we have embodied "ugly". I work with girls from different ethnic backgrounds on a daily basis. One question I start with is "Who determined that you are (ugly, fat, stupid, slow, etc...)?", and why did you give them that right to determine that about you? Why did you accept that? What was it about them that made you give them the right to determine who you are? NEVER GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT OF CONFIDENCE, HOPE, AND HAPPINESS TO ANYONE ELSE!
TheUnatuber (4 months ago)
Shooting Mark Zuckerberg would be a good first step...
Jay chowdhury (5 months ago)
Bullying DOES still happen in person. I hate this myth that everything is cyber these days. I was bullied HORRIBLY by so many guys in middle school and high school, both inside school and outside of school, in person. It was horrible between the ages of 12 and 18 for me. Cyber bullying isnt the only bullying that happens (as bad as that is) Another thing that pisses me off is that its stereotyped that girls get bullied more than boys. I can challenge with my own personal experience. Girls weren't bullies in my high school for the most part, but the boys were awful. I never saw girls in MY SCHOOL get bullied. Please people end this 21st century myth that girls get bullied more than guys, because they usually dont as much as weak guys like me
Victoria Brooke (5 months ago)
Dont have social media. Workout eat healthy.
graceful beauty (5 months ago)
come off social media and live life
Jariece (5 months ago)
And the one who said she wishes things were like back in the 80’s is the biggest idiot like ( if you can’t take mean comments on social media then how the fuck are you gonna handle that shit in person )
Jariece (5 months ago)
1: get off social media or at the bar minimum don’t take it seriously 2: stop looking up to the kardashians and Ariana Grande 3: Go outside
King David (5 months ago)
Does anyone know their Instas? Don't worry, I'm their age😂😂😂I swear
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
That's still creepy.
sis (5 months ago)
Good thing the only people who follow me on instagram are my mom amd my grandma
bigbraz (5 months ago)
So, we want them to open up and trust us but the first opportunity we have them open up to us, we hide their parents (whom they didn't want to say this to them). Wtf.
I'm G (5 months ago)
Make $25 to $1000 Repeatedly from PC or Cell Phone - youtu.be/AeN7tfaPdbQ
Kiara Bouie (5 months ago)
like I get that all of this is important but...is no one gonna talk about how the BLACK mom got cut out or she wasn't asked anything????
BeautifulSamaria (1 month ago)
+Dylan J i think the point was that we didn't get to hear her perspective.
Dylan J (5 months ago)
Kiara Bouie At least the interviewer is black 🙂
Sur Jeudi (5 months ago)
My 11 year old daughter said "Just get off social media ". She's 11 and gets it, if social media is causing anxiety and stress, why even bother. Its not a necessity. ... When I was their age, I only wore lip smackers lip gloss! Sheesh they are growing up too fast. AND Kylie Jenner is NOT natural!
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
I agree but some makeup for teens is fine.
LadyChaos101 (5 months ago)
Don’t romanticise the 80s lol
The Joker (5 months ago)
Get off of it then dumbasses.
Kyle Rook (5 months ago)
BigBank New York (5 months ago)
Answer: stop posting pics. Simple.
it'sTy4 Short (5 months ago)
😂😂 I’m roughly around their age I’m 20 and I don’t feel like this at all
Lisa Smart (5 months ago)
Kendall Jenner... natural? Hahaha. Poor lovies.
MyNamed Name (5 months ago)
The irony is.... They all have beautiful faces. Now try it with an "ugly face". I bet they won't even survive a day
givmespace (5 months ago)
First words on this video shows girls are in fierce competition with fellow girls to date boys who only want to pump n dump....
Ladenna Young (5 months ago)
I think people are consumed with social media. Most of us spend way to much time on it. I asked God to help me remove myself from Facebook. Because I felt like it was consuming to much of my free time. We only have one life to live, and we don't need to spend that life with our nose buried in a phone.
Y (5 months ago)
Finally an Indian girl represented in these conversations!!!
Gaming cat Cats (5 months ago)
I think that anxiety comes from school
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
School influences mental illness, it doesn't cause it.
Renata M (5 months ago)
First world problem.
Jamie Woods (6 months ago)
Oh fuck off will ya’s, I basically got bullied my whole 5 year high school career and didn’t even realise till a year after cos I was laughin wit it
And anytime i hear a teen mentioned snapchat, instagram, its a RED FLAG..nothing good comes out of that...what happened to when facebook was strictly for family
These teens look wayy older js. I agree that social media is a problem but nobody is forcing anyone to have a Facebook or any other site at that. Simply DELETE IT.
Chidera Stephen (6 months ago)
Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made yess
hottnessfarra (6 months ago)
Take that damn phone, put them in 2 activities and by 15 let them get a JOB. At their age my ass was working at Sears at 16 I was so sleepy by the time my homework was done I had no time to get into social media. I wind up graduating and I had no clue was going on and what insecure meant. I was a busy teenager. I just looked up and I was an adult. Also I got a car pretty early and for 2.5 years I drove to high school. I was a mini adult.
kitttcat kissy (2 months ago)
That’s sad
OneGreatChap (6 months ago)
Only with Girls, that doesn’t happen with guys
K Syntax (6 months ago)
Alexus is fine 😍😍
Jim Maloney (6 months ago)
Where are the FATHERS? Is there no male role model for these young ladies? Or does that go against ABC's narrative?
wolfbabe (6 months ago)
The Father's are probably out spending quality time with their sons or went MGTOW.
Tina Tina (6 months ago)
I had to walk to the corner to use the phone box to ring my boyfriend. It was more romantic to have breathing space between contact lol
DJI Mavic (7 months ago)
3:01, they laugh because they’ve done it all already.
mint suga (7 months ago)
These girls are the problem for our generation being so based on lookism and girls being insecure and placing pressure on themselves lmao looking up to people like the kardashians based in their looks only?
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
Says the one with a plastic kpop idol as their profile picture. People can't help how they feel. Mental illness can't be help.
ItsCharlene (3 months ago)
mint suga righttt
East Bornn (7 months ago)
I'm 16 and when she said the 80's era it touched me because I wish the same 💗 But to all the older people you think our generation is bad... wait until 10 years from now that's all I gotta say. Things will be different!
Rachel Kwainona (6 months ago)
Me tooo😍😭
Champ Rubes (8 months ago)
someone please educate the girl that said kendall jenner is natural
JennieKate (26 days ago)
Milani Inalim Not really. It is possible to be fit, flat chested, and skinny, however Victoria secret models do very risky diets.
Peter R De Vries (2 months ago)
JonniesMusica (3 months ago)
Milani Inalim (5 months ago)
wednesday adams she’s not? 👀
Ms Lee Presents K4TG (8 months ago)
I, thank you, Deborah Roberts, this is a good interview on Girls' Social Media. I agree, teen girls are under a lot of stress, and they are concern about what is posted about them via online & what their friends and classmates think about them. Great Job!
mr. asshole (8 months ago)
Social media has no good things about it.
K. A (13 days ago)
Yet you are on YouTube....
Duszek Smsaczek (5 months ago)
Then delete YouTube account. If not, then do you mean Instagram-style crap?
mr. asshole (8 months ago)
Lmfao girls r so stupid
D T (9 months ago)
majority brown black girls? yea Arabic is going to have things said to them. look at what we have gone thru in this country. only 1 white on panel...that is picked like rest.😵 these sick young ladies are looking up to all scum media attention seeking whores! why? look to the parents and schools and student body. parents might want to teach their daughters a lesson in having a back bone.
D T (9 months ago)
hand picked audiences always biased JUST STOP SOCIAL MEDIA AND YES ALL INCLUDING THIS
Clafefe (9 months ago)
Richard Marchant (9 months ago)
Boohoo their people out there with real issues homelessness starving you're talking about bulshit popularity on social media I can't feel sorry for you half the world starving get a f****** life
Spencer Maemura (10 months ago)
Yo this has been a problem for years. why're they making it look like it's only a serious problem now? and Jesus if you're not mature enough to say that I shouldn't give in to peer pressure when I can just turn the phone off or even take a break from social media and you give in by sending nudes or changing your personality or whatever, then you're not mature enough to have a phone at all
TV movieclips (10 months ago)
I deleted Facebook cause of people resharing food videos they got annoying
JayTee (10 months ago)
Fuck typing on Instagram, throw some hands
ShoutLatios (10 months ago)
These things somehow always revolve around females. Don't they know guys can also feel the pressure?? Also I swear I saw the blondie from somewhere before.
Sir Sophisticate (10 months ago)
This is perpetuating a growing culture of victom-hood. In this specific instance you are responsible for your current mental state. You hold the solution in the palm of your hand, and yet these females chose to except their self-created fate of comparing themselves to celebraties. Turn off your phone of you are unhappy. This one is for you, ABC: Every single question you asked these females is not mutually exclusive to their sex - 1984 is where we're headed due to Orwellian entities' reign over mainstream media. - With all due respect (none), Syrup
Sir Sophisticate (10 months ago)
Two solutions: 1. Off button 2. Get off social media
Hello Everyone (10 months ago)
Ok but all of these girls are pretty... it's hard when you are objectively unattractive.
Ryan Borganson (16 days ago)
+MyNamed Name 7th grade children are minors. Sexualizing minors is what youre condoning.... good on you. Fuckin trash.
MyNamed Name (16 days ago)
Ryan Borganson surely a post made by an inconsistent mind that was probably triggered hence can't make their arguments consistent
MyNamed Name (16 days ago)
Ryan Borganson don't bring your misogynistic BS here. I never said anything about privilege. Take your clownery elsewhere
MyNamed Name (16 days ago)
Ryan Borganson lol you don't make sense
Ryan Borganson (16 days ago)
+MyNamed Name right.... no one asked me what im attracted to. Certainly isnt the image presented in the media thats for damn sure. Youre taking the "art" produced by a bunch of sexual degenerates in hollywood with no concern for the value of human life as "american values" or western values etc. And to quote madame satan, i mean clinton "thats just, Not accurate." Turn off the tv. Put down a magazine. Try living yiur own life. Nobodys wanted unless theyve made something of themselves. Welcome to equality bitch.
Jay Khan (10 months ago)
bitch does not know anything about the 80's
Emyrat (10 months ago)
My friend: “OMG WHO DIS NEW GURL TRYING TO ADD YOU?! WOW...MAKING FRIENDS WITHOUT ME.” then she unfriended me. Me: “Meh idk who that girl is.” My friend: “oh yeah...we fought.” Me: “I like how you use ‘we’”
Virgo Goddess 2567 (10 months ago)
Every girl? Sounds like these girls need mental health services.
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
I doubt they do.
Chidera Stephen (6 months ago)
annettel Lathan yes
Genia Alexander (11 months ago)
Emma Watson is my role model
RGlassey (11 months ago)
The 13 RW tho
cadenwarrior gaming (11 months ago)
I get told to kill myself everyday just bc I killed someone on call of duty and honestly I could care less
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
Good for you, you probably aren't depressed or mentally ill, and/or sensitive.
Tempest 89 (5 months ago)
Are u for real lol
Duszek Smsaczek (5 months ago)
Block them.
Tyler Feildway (11 months ago)
The kardashians and Ariana Grande..... really
Sur Jeudi (5 months ago)
This generation is really sad.
Max Gillin (5 months ago)
Damn sad
DAVID veilleux (11 months ago)
They're children. They don't know the first thing about real pressure. It's not words on a screen that can be ignored.
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
You're an idiot. First of all, they are teenagers, not little babies or little kids. Second of all, we (the young people) are more affected by mental illness than your generation most likely was/is. This is real pressure, especially for mentally ill people such as myself.
Amos Moses (11 months ago)
parents buy their kids androids and iphones to distract them because they're too lazy to actually raise them
CreatorNite (1 year ago)
Um....just dont go on social media....😓
CreatorNite (1 year ago)
Amy Howcroft-sims lol XD
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
Um....why didn't somebody just say that from the beginning? .... hahaha
Jess (1 year ago)
The answer is simple. PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND GO OUTSIDE!!!
Green Demon Mike (12 days ago)
@sis at least I am healthy and get exercise, and use I do make money online because people want logos.
sis (12 days ago)
+Kendra Nicole lol sammmme
sis (12 days ago)
+Green Demon Mike no thanx it sucks outside f u!
Green Demon Mike (23 days ago)
Exactly, why is there cyber bullying if they can just click out and turn it off and walk away.
sis (2 months ago)
and if you are treated like a troll by people in real life then what? what if social media gives you an inside view of the reality outside?
NewRegionFilms (1 year ago)
Exactly I did a comedy skit on my youtube channel on one way how social media can negatively affect us
michael peberdy (1 year ago)
They need to have more self belief They have allowed themselves to become indoctrinated and completely lacking confidence in themselves . Bleeding heart ! Grow up ! You followed it because you thought you were so cool and superior. How many of those looked down on others their age who didn't follow what they did ? I bet most if not all .
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
OMG and that's just what they themselves will not admit because they know it's true, and what's worse (for them), it was their own doing/fault! You are so right about the fact that all the low self-esteem started off with teenage girls being bitchy towards one another, because they try this crap with me all the time and I choose not to get involved with whatever it is they are constantly 'implying' to me. I have self respect and so I won't let the likes of these bitches bring me down because of fricking technology; it's pathetic! And now, they claim to be poor, vulnerable little souls, 'influenced' by the bullshit standards of the media, but the truth of the matter is, they just feel sorry for themselves. Thus, in the end, I am always the bitch for 'not understanding' (when in reality, I chose not to get involved in the first place).
adrenaline (1 year ago)
I hate social media with a passion. The only reason I still have a Facebook is because of Tinder on the off chance that a sloot wants to fuck me. That's literally the ONLY reason. Social media is cancer and it's bringing down society. I miss the times of the 90s when we didn't have any of that shit. We're much better off without it. The Jenner's were born rich, they are literally the top 1% of the 1%, if you keep comparing yourself to them you will end up hating yourself. Same goes with guys that worship these other rich people. Fact of life -- not everyone will become rich. I have no fucking idea why people look "up" to Kendall who was born rich and literally can do anything she wants. She is NOT the norm, people have fucking bills and work jobs they hate and do drugs to cope and Kendall knows NOTHING about that. How do people not see this shit? This world is fucked. The hardest question you will ever have to answer to yourself is a) what is your passion and b) can you make a living from it. If you have both of them answered then god bless you, but a lot of people don't have that question answered. I've been asking that question to myself every day and still don't have an answer. I make 70-80k a year and from the outside looking in you'd think I live the dream life but trust me there's always a hole in the pit of your stomach that just eats at you and the voice in your head that reminds you everyday that this isn't the life you should be living. But we all have bills so we force ourselves to do it anyway. The issue is very complex but it all boils down to loving what you do for a living, taking care of yourself, and the rest will follow for the most part. I wish I had a perfect answer and nobody does. Lifes a fucking bitch, the older you get, the older you see your parents get the more depressing it gets. If I lose one of them soon, I just might go off the rails and say fuck it as far as I'm concerned..
Chaos (1 year ago)
lol look at these stupid fucking whores, they dont even realize that social media brings out the worst aspects of their feminine minds. They naturally desire to be the most sexually attractive female in their social sphere, and this environment chews them the fuck up because 98% of them are average and they cant handle it, even with their bullshit fakeup shit.
Destiny tran (1 year ago)
Jesus, kids look up to the jenner and Kardashian girls? Parents need to teach their kids more. Those pictures are illusion. They have to take hundred of pictures before they could post 1 good one.
Ryan Borganson (16 days ago)
Pen 15.... theyre in fucking 7th grade. This is pedophilic. And likely partly child abuse... how many of these kids have been taught a skill or hobby by their parents? Probably not one... perfect for grooming....
Chidera Stephen (6 months ago)
Destiny tran yes
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
Destiny tran+ Actually, parents had no idea about who their daughters were looking up to because these girls never even said a word about it in the first place (I mean why would they if it's 'not cool' to tell their parents about the Kardashians as they are an 'older generation so they are not hip'?) Not to mention, a lot of parents around the world may not even understand anyway, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's always their fault.
Juan Palacios (1 year ago)
Destiny tran Not only that, but they are all photo shopped. Any model's picture has been enchanded to catch the artificial beauty.
F.A. H. (1 year ago)
They are really beautiful girls.
F.A. H. (1 year ago)
This is why parenting is so important, as a parent you should be the bigger influence on your child.
Britanie Williams (5 months ago)
FAH You are absolutely right!! Parenting plays a big part
Ladenna Young (5 months ago)
This is true, but it's easier said than done. When a child becomes a teenager. They tend to be consumed with what people in their age group is doing. Maybe it's because they are trying to find themselves, or maybe it's because people can sometimes say hurtful things to someone, and it can take a toll on their self esteem/image.
F.A. H. (1 year ago)
Amy Howcroft-sims Very true, some children just do what they want and make bad decisions.
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
Very true. It's just such a shame that so many parents are not even educated about these things for themselves to help their daughters (but I don't necessarily believe it's always the parents' faults).
TheGoofiestGoober (1 year ago)
Relationships are hard online. My bf and I may have been literally 2 inches from each other but he had to ask me out on Snapchat because my niece is a little blabbermouth. We live in different towns and my parents don’t know about us (I’m not supposed to date but I do anyway, I know my limits and they know my view on teens that go too far but they don’t get it). It’s hard, it really is.
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
Well I sympathise with the fact that it is hard for you because you have certain people around you that might expose your relationship/secret, but I personally think that you should talk to your parents about how you feel. And if they act stubborn/too 'in their ways' to listen to what you have to say, then ring childline or seek help from someone at school, perhaps a counsellor? Or to make things easier, just respect your parents' rules and don't date until you've turned 18 years old or moved out.
TheGoofiestGoober (1 year ago)
I’m only a “bully” if someone else is being a bully. I witness a bully, I fight back. I don’t care if it had nothing to do with me, I’m not going to let someone hurt someone else
Amy Howcroft-Sims (1 year ago)
*Don't get mad, get even.* I like your style.
Spartan Man (1 year ago)
women have it easy please women are strong I thought
Kurt Rat (27 days ago)
You're an idiot. We are more often affected by mental illness and we constantly are pressured by beauty standards. Not to mention that we have to have painful and uncomfortable periods and that we are the ones that have to give birth. I swear you are why I'm a feminist.
Olivia Prothro (5 months ago)
Ew.. women get beat down all the time by... everyone.. men and other women constantly antagonize women. We are strong for that exact reason. Its okay for them if some negative comments get to them, because we are human and shit is gonna hurt your feelings, it's inevitable. So no women don't have it easy and we are strong.
Brent Thompson (1 year ago)
Everyone on every platform on the internet gets "cyber bullied." Social media, gaming, streaming whatever. If you care so much about other people's opinions that you let random people on the internet dictate how you feel and think, step away from the internet.
Kaleigh B. (1 year ago)
Loved the girl who looked right at the camera like she was on the office when the hostess said “What do you think about dating?” 😂

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