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Skyrim Ice and Fire Mage Gameplay [HQ]-- Purity of Revenge

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Purity of Revenge gameplay with my Fire and Frost mage doing one of the last quests for the companions guild
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lawlestest (6 years ago)
Hmm.. i've got a hd 6570 atm but it doesn't run skyrim as good =/ i've got an i5 aswell, but that's ok cause i got a new card and psu anyways :P
lawlestest (6 years ago)
pc specs?
TheYungPanda (7 years ago)
I think
TheYungPanda (7 years ago)
The spell was icestorm
icebergera (7 years ago)
@BSFgamerboy Yeah thanks, I saw him open the menu, but I was watching on my itouch, so I couldn't quite make out the words.
icebergera (7 years ago)
what was that spell that cast a giant cloud of ice? it looked like ice storm or something...

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