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Skyrim Tutorials: Destruction in Detail

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Hello everyone and welcome to QuicksaveTV! Today we're taking a look at the school of Destruction, in order to understand how can we more efficiently disintegrate our foes. We're going to walk through the perk tree and see for ourselves what seems better and what is worse. As we go I'll try to give recommendations on what I think is more or less appropriate. I did manage to forget the skill improvement topic as such (like the Destruction doesn't improve) for which I apologize and there is no question about you getting it, I'll just have to make it sometime later. The thoughts and ideas we discussed in Alteration also apply to Destruction as they are both Magical Schools. I hope it will be helpful to you, be sure to leave comments about your questions or uncertainties! Hope you enjoy the video and have a great day! =-=-= As always, if you like the video and enjoy my commentary go ahead like, subscribe and share with your friends! Leave a comment and propose your ideas for future content (and get an answer for your questions)! To contact me, send a message to: [email protected]
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kassie raine (2 days ago)
Do the Augmented Flame/Frost/Shock perks in the Destruction tree affect the power of flame/frost/shock enchantments on weapons?
QuickSaveTV (1 day ago)
According to what I've read on the topic, YES they do affect them.
Toocunz Joe (4 months ago)
I like the shock one because if they disintegrate they can be affected by necromancy
HumanAimbot (5 months ago)
I am using ice and fire because you can use fire most of the times and ice against dragons
Bigslam1993 (9 months ago)
Disintegrate prevents resurrection by enemy necromancers.
Curtis Alexander (1 year ago)
In Skyrim, one of my builds is an Imperial Destruction Mage who is lv 100 in Destruction. I have all the perks. I actually use fire much more than any other element, and I tend to use frost the least. Have not yet cared to even try deep freeze even though I have the perk. I actually love the Intense flames perk. It works very well for me, as the enemy cries for mercy and cowers. He doesn't always run away, sometimes he just crouches and yields. Either way, the enemy is very easy to pick off. If they run, it makes the finishing move more engaging and fun as you see your foe run away from you. It is basically a hidden fear spell built into the Intense flames perk. Very cool. As for runes, I have been able to use fire runes successfully as an offensive spell. With the rune master perk, runes become great for taking out foes from a distance who are hiding around the corner. I just cast the rune on the wall next to them from afar, and it immediately explodes because of their proximity. Surprisingly effective because, unlike fireball or incinerate, there is no travel time for fire rune (or any of the runes)- once you cast it, the rune *instantly* appears on your target surface. My favourite spells are fire ball and incinerate. Wall of flames is excellent for close quarters, or when surrounded.
Katie Damon (1 year ago)
I love your voice
Userdotexe (1 year ago)
Shock is best. Instead of paralysing your enemy so you can kill them, shock disintegrates them and cuts out the middle part entirely.
chocobomaster86 (1 year ago)
will vampire drain pair with Respite?
Nickolas Laine (2 years ago)
Honestly I just really love to hear the sound of his voice. Very informative video and great job dude!
Nordin Jansen (2 years ago)
i do think frost can be good, but alot of enemies are have a resistance to it. which makes is eh for damage
Dylan Wilding (2 years ago)
So for a dunmer, fire I guess?
Jo An (2 years ago)
Don't make 'destruction' sound like 'distraction' pleaseee..
Dickard The Wizard (2 years ago)
Jo An Its an accent, chill
zenoist2 (2 years ago)
Frost trolls in labyrinthian are good to get armor ,destruction, block,archery ( with bound bow) and resto up because they regenerate health quickly. For destruction levelling up you'd use any frost spell against them since you are using a lot of magicka without killing them.. For archery levelling up you use the bound bow and tap the fire button and fire off LOTS of weak shots.
Benjamin Rose (3 years ago)
what do you think about a destruction mage using heavy armor? pros and cons?
NoForksGiven (2 years ago)
Pros: More defense and more importantly, more style Cons: Mages need to keep distance since dual casting spells is the best way to fight, meaning no using shields to protect yourself up close. Heavy armour will slow you down for a very long time since you need 70 heavy armour to move quickly. Plus it looks kinda silly (IMO). When do you see mages in heavy armour? You don't. They use Alteration and Restoration spells for defence.
QuickSaveTV (2 years ago)
Anytime dude.
Benjamin Rose (2 years ago)
@QuickSaveTV thx for reply m8
QuickSaveTV (2 years ago)
It will take a lot of time to swing in full force, but when you do you'll have both the defense that you need and the variety of destruction spells to deal damage. Also, make sure to level up smithing and enchanting to craft custom armor for yourself.
evfan13 (3 years ago)
Do the augment perks affect your atronachs?
Bllodwolf (1 year ago)
evfan13 no the conjuration skill tree does
Onur Kolcu (3 years ago)
I will be going for Flames and Frost! Lightning looks boring :p
Akshat Sahay (8 months ago)
It's amazing against mages, cuz it drains Mana well
M'aiq Knows Much (3 years ago)
Lightining boring dude? Its emperor palpatine main power
Renan Eich (3 years ago)
Distraction skill tree
IM (2 months ago)
Dont make fun of his accent he is from Elswyr
Moronic (2 years ago)
It's the best magic skill tree if you're a pacifist.
IWantCak3 (3 years ago)
Dude! It's magika not mana
Bllodwolf (1 year ago)
QuickSaveTV does augmented fire ,frost or shock inprove runes? I Realy need to know
QuickSaveTV (3 years ago)
+QuasiPlanet33 | Eh... The function is the same ain't it? I use it interchangeably.
Most-things gaming (3 years ago)
For intense flames it has nothing saying chance which means anything will flee which could be useful in a boss battle and u r on low health.🌚
Gamin' Reasons (3 years ago)
He knows that Altmers don't have a huge weakness to magic anymore right?
hurryporter (3 years ago)
In my opinion, pure mage is not qite a good idea. because robe has no armor, and expensive with less useful enchanting. The best is worrior, armor first, then bow, top perk archery is whether useful in stealth or combat. If you want to change career, like mage, just practice enchanting till ultimate.
lalalabizola (1 year ago)
If you mod your game to add more enemies, you'll see mages are not so bad. They can wreck groups of enemies in seconds, while a warrior is much more slow.
Professor Zoidberg (3 years ago)
if you use equilibrium though, it's op af
Jaelon Griffin (3 years ago)
Just running around as a pure mage is fun. You see just how weak you are in the beginng and see yourself progress from needing a companion at all times to "psshhh, Dragons, what a waste of magic."
+QuickSaveTV You are right Mage becomes overpowered with smithing etc etc... But not everyone wants an overpowered class. I love playing more tactically and see a pure Mage with robes really fun to get out of hard situations.
QuickSaveTV (3 years ago)
There are more efficient ways to accomplish this. I'm exaggerating, but just a bit.
Sabr3cat (4 years ago)
I've always wanted to learn and master pyromancy, but I have forever been a big fan of stealth, a archery, and open swordplay; but I do like books. Any of you epic mages out there have any recommendations for me?
Sabr3cat (4 years ago)
That is a great suggestion, but when I said pyromancer, I was really hoping for a mostly pure mage. This is mostly due to the fact that I've already done a spell blade playthrough.
Panda (4 years ago)
Why not making a "Spellsword/Spellblade". He made a Video for that too btw
SuperGalaxyDaiGurren (4 years ago)
Intense flame is good cause they'll stop attacking you and hide. I thought you were good if you're trying to teach people, come on man.
BLOOGaming (3 years ago)
If they have low health then you would kill them soon anyways. And if you want the loot now you have to chase them down.
SuperGalaxyDaiGurren (4 years ago)
I'm a fire bender, so fire and lightning for me. For some reason I've never liked any water based powers or anything like that. Fire is powerful and lightning is quick.
Adam Hamilton (4 years ago)
If this is the best, then what time does feralda tech for the school of destruction? ANYONE???
Isaiah Nichols (4 years ago)
Frost is the weakest
Kos ' (3 years ago)
Shock is The best! More damage, but cost more mana.
IWantCak3 (3 years ago)
Flames is
IWantCak3 (3 years ago)
Montana Stiegelmeyer (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Nichols that is actually false.
Mr Aziz (4 years ago)
It can slow an enemy
Isaiah Nichols (4 years ago)
Shock is the most powerful
Montana Stiegelmeyer (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Nichols frost is broken dude you can literly slow them down sooo much...i use shock only against mages other wise frost is the way to go when not fighting thjings that resist. shock does look cool tho :)
Karam (4 years ago)
Shock might be the most powerful when you are facing off against other mages. I can make an argument with fire though. Fire, if you don't know is the strongest from novice to expert. Reason being that you cause extra damage against enemies who are already on fire from your spells. I left Master out because I can agree on lightning being the strongest in that certain skill area. Lightning spells take away one of the strongest standing stone powers, the atronach stone's absorb magic ability. With this standing stone you will be able to absorb 50% of incoming spells and the magic will be put into your mana pool. When using the lightning spells this ability is taken away because you are draining the magicka of your foe, the source of the atronach stone's power.
abdamit (4 years ago)
I wish that there were an enchantment for destruction damage+... it sucks deep throat, that even the highest destruction spells are as effective, as throwing rocks on legendary difficulty -_____________-
abdamit (2 years ago)
@QuickSaveTV depends, wether you GIVE or RECIEVE it...
salamanje (4 years ago)
@QuickSaveTV i would love to give a deepthroat to you :) good videos.
Beynes Yalayay (4 years ago)
@QuickSaveTV That is not true,when you look at one or two handed weapons you can see that you can make it so those weapons deal 100% more damage,same goes for bows.But if they allowed you to upgrade your destruction damage even more it would be over powered,for melee weapons you have to come closer to the enemy,allowing them to hit you,for bows you need to buy or collect arrows if you want to use it,but for magic it is ranged combat and you only need magicka which will regenerate after a while of usage,and when you upgrade it to 100% less magicka cost it would be WAAAAAY too strong,no one would ever choose anything but destruction magic.
QuickSaveTV (4 years ago)
I like it how you use deep throat as a signal for negative meaning, last time I checked it was AWESOME :D Now on the topic: yeah, dude, it really does suck, but what can you do. Without proper modding the game is a little bit bare-bones and lacks in several departments.
Aidan Howes (5 years ago)
I also have a storm thrall named Sparkles.
Aidan Howes (5 years ago)
I just bought every perk so I could show it off as a complete tree. They cost nothing anyway because of my glass armor.
Neville Longbottom (5 years ago)
I went for shock... BECAUSE I AM A SITH LORD BITCH.
kinkyfella1994 (1 year ago)
download Masslightning mod in nexus! hahaha i love it
QuickSaveTV (5 years ago)
Jack Evans (5 years ago)
went with fire and frost for intense flames and deep freeze, stacked with stability in alteration for deep freeze and fear spells perk in illusion as well as bein a vampire with necromage perk i had some very nice crowd control without using the spells. enchanted a bow with fire/frost and archery enchants on armor with dragon priest mask i had 112 fire 112 frost and little bit under a thousand dmg on bow without sneaking (quickly switched to health stacks cuz most things were bein 1 shotted :/)
Jack Evans (5 years ago)
was also a necromancer* disintegrate perk doesnt have any other stackeable perks and cripples me from my bodies i can exploit
Granma Phil (5 years ago)
I like the thought of being a Jedi/Sith guy like Darth Vader's ex apprentice. :D
Perka N (5 years ago)
When I got to 100 in enchanting I just enchanted so my spells doesn't cost any mana at all :)
Courier Z (3 years ago)
breaks the game and end up making it boring soon. I try to at least make "op"(not really) by making a string of an outfit make reducing magic moves, so I have to at least switch a lot if I want to make spells "low cost". it often tends to make me lean more towards other methods of attacking, or just skip swapping if I feel rushed
SuperGalaxyDaiGurren (4 years ago)
Too boring.
Peidmonte89 (5 years ago)
I prefer the Shock School myself.
Ravenarebadass (5 years ago)
I always go shock no race is imune to it and storm atronachs are very rare
AKlover (5 years ago)
You cant really get the best utility out of destruction unless you level enchanting to at least 80.  Use lightning.........1-to-1 damage versus dragons and great for killing mages which are usually the the most powerful opponents you encounter.
John Doe (5 years ago)
Dude sounds like a kajiit
carrit winkeyface (1 month ago)
A A (4 months ago)
jacky fang (11 months ago)
Daequans toes (1 year ago)
Ryo hazuki (1 year ago)
John Doe lol
Jimmy's Channel (5 years ago)
Good vid but please dont spend skills in the mana reduction branch as you will be able to enchant your items to reduce the cost or simply enchant mana regen and you'll only need to pause a second between some spells to refill on mana.
JiroMiro (5 years ago)
In my opinion. Fire is the best for me. I really like to deal more damage to health instead of draining magicka and stamina. But like he said. There's the flames astronach that's immune to fire. If I ever meet one. I'm fucked. So, I would focus on both fire and frost. (Though frost may not deal a lot of damage to a flames astronach) And if I fight a shock mage. I am also fucked. So I guess I have to focus on shock anyways. .... dammit. Did I just mention I'm gonna focus on all of the elements??
frost is VERY useful , but dont forget ! : you are in skyrim - the land of Nords ... every single Nord have 50 % immune to frost .... soo .. you are fucked .
Vade Nummela (5 years ago)
Arent the spell types burst, projectile, rune, cloack.
i'm not the guy of the video but i could tell you that you should invest on the "silent casting" perk from the illusion skill tree if you haven't already. It is one of the most useful perks in the game because it makes EVERY SPELL AND SHOUT silent. Get that perk and use the runes wherever you want and then, use the bound bow to shoot the runes directly, this will cause your enemies to investigate the source of the noise and BOOM. :D
Bobby Ranger (5 years ago)
My character is generally weak when using illusion magic. So the intense flames has been quite useful versus groups of enemies. But that paralysis is much more useful.
Bobby Ranger (5 years ago)
I was wondering about something. I have the rune master perk. I want to turn my character in to a rune focused character, with throw voice as my shout, invisibility and muffle for backup. Do you have any advice for the rune master character?
Xylarxcode (5 years ago)
I've only just begun to explore the fun things you can do in Skyrim, but I've found that Alchemy is a very good friend to most mages, particularly early on. For instance, if you're up against a troll, start the fight by tipping your arrow in a weakness to fire poison, shoot him with it and then scorch his ass. He'll be dead in no time flat. Stuff like paralysis and drain magicka/stamina are also a lot of fun. Poisons can be a huge help to mages.
Connor Way (5 years ago)
Just finish the enemy off with a bound bow or sword, if you're a conjuration mage.There's no obligation to finish them off with the spells. You can just level up destruction on animals or monsters.
Joshua Sweetvale (6 years ago)
Draugr, vampires and weirder undead are resistant to frost damage and go up like kindling when faced with fire damage. Bleak Falls Barrow is the perfect place to test it. Just use the standard-issue flame spell, put your first perk into novice destruction, and hose down every single draugr you face with dual-casted Flames, while backpedaling.
JustAnyGamer (6 years ago)
Great Accent Where Are You From ?
Fricetix (6 years ago)
What about master destruction spells, Blizzard & Fire Storm
Fricetix (6 years ago)
Lorenzo Dreher (6 years ago)
and draugs,that are an very comon enemy in the game are also 50% resist to frost damage and ALL dragons have 50-25% resistence to fire or frost,depend waht the dragon fires,if he use frost,he have 50%resistence to frost and 25% resistence to fire,if he uses fire,he have 50%resistence to fire and 25%resistence to frost.dragons only weaknes is shock,they no have any resistence to this.sorry for the grammar errors,i am brasilian :/
Lorenzo Dreher (6 years ago)
i think the best destructions things to use is shock and fire,only dwarves machines resist to shock,so use fire,and some dragons have resistence to fire,so use shock,almost any enimy have resistence to ice,but almost no enime have resistence to shock or fire.
SeHyunTheGreat (6 years ago)
In destruction ice magic seems to be useless. Impact, AF, IF, disintegration and dual casting is the best
Snowerzzz (6 years ago)
Again great video from you!
SonicSound (6 years ago)
I know this came out shot after the game release, but it would have been more usefull to spend your skill points on enchanting, so you can enchant armor for destruction so that destruction costs nothing. Just A Tip !
ghost25702 (6 years ago)
I feel like when I compare Ice Storm and Chain Lightning, having augmented frost and shock, shock does more dps, and disintegrate is the most powerful in my opinion
jair middelham (6 years ago)
he didn't talk about walls
Bere Detump (6 years ago)
You won't need to use shock spells if you have the Atronach perk in the school of Alteration.
CanadianLoki76 (6 years ago)
Tons of mods on Nexus or Steam workshop for magic. Like Midas Magic and better spells etc. They add dozens and dozens of new inventive spells that do all kinds of things.
CanadianLoki76 (6 years ago)
I would argue that disintegrate is much better than frost paralyze. The objective is to kill the enemy. Sure the paralyze is good cause it CC the enemy and you can then cast another spell to finish them off or shoot and arrow or hit them with a sword. However disintegrate just does it all at once, you simply one hit kill them when their health are low. Hence it is one step less to kill them, you save time and you save magicka for a secondary attack. Fire should have had immolate instead.
Chunes3 (2 years ago)
I agree with you if the paralyze and disintegration happens at the same % health. But if paralyze happens sooner it could still be just as useful.
ThatGuyTom1 (6 years ago)
it says that my fire frost and shock all do the same damage (and i have 2 in each of the skill tree types) but it seem that shock does alot more damage than fire or frost but i dont know why
matt osborn (6 years ago)
you should make a high elf mage playthrough
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
C. C. (6 years ago)
cannot focus because i am master in DISTRACTION !!!
AntonDuck4444 (6 years ago)
-Very few enemies are resistant to shock damage -Shock damage is useful against mages and other magick using enemies -Shock spells is the fastest of the three types, and travels instantly -The perk "Disintergrate" is the most useful, because you'll get rid of the enemy instantly This is why I choose shock spells.
Doomination24 (6 years ago)
Many of skyrims enemies are resistant to frost, but deep freeze is very useful. I personally think shock is good because it hits its target almost instantly good against dragons.
SOmething (6 years ago)
Your voice is awesome :P
AlflareN (6 years ago)
Die (6 years ago)
the thing is that skyrim spells are all the same (almost), the devs released the dlc dragonborn, there is a ring ther which lets you cast another 2spells with are exactly the same as the vanilla version except its effects. i hate that. any good mods for magic spells?
PrivateAreku (6 years ago)
I would almost never condone frost, (though i do no dispute the usefulness of paralysis) the reason for this is simple. YOU ARE IN SKYRIM, THE MOST WINTERY, COLD, SNOW-SHIT-STORM CENTERAL OF TAMRIEL. There are a vast number of enemies that have a resistance to cold. Nords, Frost Trolls, Ice Wolfs, Ice Wraiths, etc etc etc etc
coloursofwhite (6 years ago)
A destruction mage was the first character I played as in skyrim and must of clocked at least 70 hours gameplay with it, so in my opinion i do find disintegration to be more effective then deep freeze. Why? well its simple, when attacking an enemy you aim to kill, anything that allows you achieve that faster will inherently be more useful then some something that does not.
Michael Willis (6 years ago)
My advice in being Destruction mage is to invest perks in both the Destruction and enchanting tree. As if you do it correctly you should be able to put Destruction costs 25% less to cost on head gear, ring, necklace and body amour. Thus Destruction doesn't cost any magicka. With impact you can continue to throw powerful Destruction spells and lose the inconvenience of running out of magicka, and it will be very easy to take out targets.
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
I meant frost, flame or shock. If you master two schools of destruction you will be able to adjust your strategy to various enemies.
Renard (6 years ago)
PLEASE ANSWER 3:50 you say something about that "you should spec in at least two of them" Do you mean with two, that I should use for example 2 perks together in Augmented Flames and Intense Flames or do you mean that I should use 2 perks for example just in Augmented Flames
blazingwolffang (6 years ago)
so paralyze is beteer the incinerate nooooooooooo paralz turn to kill other enemys fergert enemy thei stab in back incenerate there just dead
DicKloadaLOVE (6 years ago)
shock is best because no one is resistant to it.....:(
BieberSucksCock100 (6 years ago)
No don't make them more casual, I love all the info! Good job with all of these tutorials, very very helpful.
chrisspudster72 (6 years ago)
Like if you felt like a sith lord the first time you cast sparks :D
Todd Trainer (6 years ago)
How do you unlock fireballs and ice shards???
efrain martinez (6 years ago)
Ooh no its not you haha , its me not being able to grasp all the knowledge you have , great video/s liked and subscribed
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Yeah, I'm sorry about that xP I need to make those more casual.
efrain martinez (6 years ago)
SO much information to take in haha
Ninjapando (6 years ago)
couldn't you just have augment flame/freeze/shock all at level 2?
Mango FishSocks (6 years ago)
My thoughts exactly.
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
You are not wrong, the immunities of the enemies is a major hindrance to actually deal full damage, but their effects still apply.
RAWchaosify (6 years ago)
I'm a little bit mixed about frost spells. Sure they can paralyze with deep freeze but in Skyrim you are going to be predominantly fighting Nords which are resistant to frost. Draugr are also resistant to frost and so are Frost Dragons.
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Dragonbone, I think :P Glad you liked it!
d123s404 (6 years ago)
I guess so yea. :)
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Yeah, you can do that too, I think it even brings it down to 100%, but I wanted to give you more food for thought and information in this video, instead of just saying "Hey, if you exploit the game like this, you'll have 100% spell cost reduction" :P
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Thank you, I am glad you did! <3
d123s404 (6 years ago)
Everyone has their own way of playing. I merely put out a suggestion.
d123s404 (6 years ago)
If you manage to level your enchantment and get the perks on it along with destruction, you won't even need the master destruction perk nor the expert perk. You could just get thalmor robes, disenchant, and make four items that make destruction cost less, along with master robes of destruction. Your spells will cost almost nothing.
Aroris (6 years ago)
I have watched all of the mage video's and so far i liked them very much
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Thank you for watching! <3
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Well, I have years of experience in RPGs and I'll tell you this: CC and, generally, anything that helps you pin your enemy to the ground is useful for all classes, be that ranged or melee. However, in Skyrim, there really is no one that strong to fight against to really require it. It's PvE only, after all :) Shock is not necessarily the best tree, even though the resistance mentioning from you is fair. Shock is the most expensive and does not carry collateral damage.
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
I really just wanted to talk about concept, not so much every particular spell. I am sorry if you expected something else :(
Aroris (6 years ago)
there are also wall spells
Aaron Angell (6 years ago)
Disintegrate disintegrates targets if their health is low. The game consideres low to be anywhere below 15%. So this perk effectively reduces the health of every enemy in the game by 15%. Very useful for shock spells.
QuickSaveTV (6 years ago)
Awesome! Glad I could help!

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