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Skyrim [Storm Mage | Legendary] - Part 30 -- Cave of Failure

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---------- Hope you enjoy the episode! ---------- Schooling all the chumps inside the Cave of Failure. Today is a good day. Questions of the day [Answer for a chance to receive a shout out next episode!]: - Should I side with the Vampires or the Dawnguard? - Which side did you pick when you played the Dawnguard DLC? - Who is your favorite character in Skyrim? This is a Skyrim walkthrough as a storm mage on Legendary difficulty. Buy Skyrim here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/ Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3AghM2poERwSWq95CoP5ALooeu-Lg1ra
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Jessica Lumley (3 months ago)
Become a vampire
night blade (4 months ago)
I picked vampires because there more benefits and cooler but the dawn guard side is boring
Nathan Carlson (5 months ago)
Favorite character is telderin from the Dragonborn dlc because he is badass.
Misty Monk (9 months ago)
You put equilibrium on your favorites list and used it once... never again
Anthony Talbot (1 year ago)
you might be inactive but this is still a lit channel with LOT of content thats maid for the viewers enjoyment no money but maybe you should add ads so you can qui your job
Leonardo Cacciato (1 year ago)
Anthony Magicin you get no money from youtube anymore he will have to have a patron and the most generous fans to have this as a job
27:36 I always find it funny when this inevitably happens to people, where they have to start fiddling around with frustrating jumping mechanics to get somewhere y'all realize there is literally a spell meant to allow you to avoid that, right? It's called 'clairvoyance'.
Luxus Logo (1 year ago)
And please start doing vids again
Luxus Logo (1 year ago)
The compass only shows you which direction your mission and locations are clairvoyance shows you the fastest path no mountain climbing ez
Barbell (1 year ago)
Alexander Wetherington To be honest that's probably one of the rare occasions where clairvoyance would have been a nice help. I always found it useless since there's a compass, so I didn't think to use it here. It would be helpful for anyone that decides to play with the compass off though. It would be interesting.
Usually it helps save time, for me. But either way you could always just summon the skeletal horse after you get it, and climb using that.
Barbell (1 year ago)
No time for that.
William Jaggers (1 year ago)
hey there Barbell I just wanna let you know that i just found your channel and i have been watching all of your videos from the beginning up to now and i started yesterday. I absolutely love your videos and by the time you see this i will have probably finished this series. and if you don't believe. then fight me.
Barbell (1 year ago)
Yo! That's pretty awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. Thanks for watching!
Devon Stillwell (1 year ago)
I have watched most
ScientistStiles (2 years ago)
I chose the Vamps the big V
Choco Prince (2 years ago)
Take dawngaurd
Nolimitgavin (2 years ago)
Ligitness YT (2 years ago)
old man ham. you know why.
It Hurts To Live (2 years ago)
Cicero is my favourite character.
TropicalEye Eye (2 years ago)
what side quest is he doing and how do i activate it so that i can do it
D Jenser (2 years ago)
My personal preference is for Dawnguard. Serana has a tendency to nerf the shit outta your vampire attacks when she's teamed with you.
Charly Toussaint (2 years ago)
im like 3 y late but its still ok for ur next game on skyrim xDDDD just play what u want to play, dawnguard, vampire, the choice is yours
Tinka Matej (6 months ago)
its another 2 yrs late, but i agree with you :D, he should do another letsplay
Super Jew (2 years ago)
My favorite charecter it the ghost of Jiub which can be found in one of the dlc. I picked vampires because they are the bomb.
Super Jew (2 years ago)
Super Jew (2 years ago)
Hey have you ever played Morrowind its the best elder scrolls game in my opinion. Thats if you can get past the combat and graphics..... yours truly the $uperJew
Barbell (2 years ago)
Nope I haven't played Morrowind. I've heard great things, but I prefer to stick with Oblivion and Skyrim.
Braylon Reynolds (2 years ago)
Caleb Wright (2 years ago)
To get ready for Skyrim special edition I have been watching this Skyrim series from episode 1. Although this is my only series by you I have watched.
Kostadin Hadjidinev (2 years ago)
dawnguard... obviously. The vampire lord feels so feeble with all the weaknesses. Thouh there sure are some mods that change that.
pixie_stixx (2 years ago)
I went Dawnguard the first time I played, because that's the choice that the character I was playing would make, but more recently I've played through as a Vampire Lord and I have to say that it's so much more fun. Especially once I got the perk that allows healing spells to restore stamina.
Fingy Finger (2 years ago)
Which side did you pik? I pick vampire side fore all 5 time I love the power to run into a lord
The Sufficient God (2 years ago)
ExposedShadow (2 years ago)
Side with the vampire. BUT IF YOU DO GO TO DAWNGUARD, PLEASE DO MERIDIA FIRST! the dawnbreaker would really help you! I almost always side with the dawnguard. my first and maybe second time i sided with the vampires but really, it sucked. I hated it. The dawnguard is more for me. My favorite character would have to be... Serana. God damn i wish she was a marriable character. She's simply amazing, extremely useful in battle.
Caleb Singleton (2 years ago)
Dawnguard, both and I agree Serena is an awesome character
Tyggzy (2 years ago)
That's where Clarivoyance would've come in handy trying to find that cave, lmao.
Barbell (2 years ago)
I know right?
It Hurts To Live (2 years ago)
Sorry to say but... what episode does dawngaurd end? I haven't played dawngaurd questline and I wouldn't like any spoilers.
It Hurts To Live (2 years ago)
Barbell Gaming I finally played Dawngaurd and I picked vampires over Dawngaurd. Auriels bow is the best.
It Hurts To Live (2 years ago)
+Barbell Gaming Thanks
Barbell (2 years ago)
Part 45 is when I do the final quest for it. Just be careful, I'm sure I talk about Dawnguard from time to time in the later episodes.
caleb madill (3 years ago)
I went vampire, and got vampire lord on my Mage, it was really fun
Ej Stevens (3 years ago)
man...I hope you choose Dawnguard
Lewis Nicolls (3 years ago)
I've been through once, with a mage. I went Dawnguard and enjoyed it. I love the Lord Stone. Any MR rocks. Can't argue. Serana is very well written.
Lewis Nicolls (2 years ago)
Magic resistance
ExposedShadow (2 years ago)
what's MR?
Hideyori Nakano (3 years ago)
It was actually Lydia who stabbed the master vampire on the ground, not Rayya, you were just so used to seeing her dunk on the enemies face.
Hideyori Nakano (2 years ago)
*you're Now please go do something productive with your life.
Johnny Ward (2 years ago)
Your still cringy
Hideyori Nakano (2 years ago)
Ok. You have a nice day too J.
Johnny Ward (2 years ago)
your cringy and lame
Hollow Archer (3 years ago)
I watched every single one of your videos of skyim
Don Fox (3 years ago)
workin on it . (watching )
anthony berkley (3 years ago)
Dawn Guard is better than the vampires
Haider Ahmed (3 years ago)
i watched all of them and now im RE watching them :)
Jeffery Wells (3 years ago)
Lol I just started Dawnguard last night, you went the exact opposite direction you should have for finding the lair. If you look at the mountain you can see one side of the mountain has a much gentler slope than the other, so I assumed the path would be on the gentler side. I went due south from Dawnstar instead of straight toward the quest marker and found the path right away.
Vinny Chops (3 years ago)
The same thing happened to me when I tried to play Worms Tooth. I was worried it was going to happen to you. I now just realized I forgot to you that it might crash,sorry.
Nathan Caraway (3 years ago)
u dont use your voice power veary much lol
Nathan Caraway (3 years ago)
u dont use your voice power veary much lol
NovaHessia (3 years ago)
Heh. That was why the Levitations spells were so useful in Morrowind. Why go criss-cross around and among the mountains, when you can just fly over them? I miss Levitation :(
Caleb Singleton (2 years ago)
That sounds so overpowered though. I've never played morrowind and I started at skyrim, so oblivion when I started I just couldn't stand the way it looked. I'm going to force myself through the game or watch someone else play
Shasta Porter (3 years ago)
From the start!
AZ-Bteam21 (3 years ago)
daewnguard cause u can become a vampire while being in dawnguard
fireax2 (3 years ago)
Just started watching a month ago, can't play but so far hundred percent right here. Great videos.
Rosca Alin (3 years ago)
what have you installed to have that menu for your companions?
Peter Mccann (3 years ago)
Vampires or Dawnguard on flip of a coin and my favourite character is Valerica because a) I like the sound of her name and b) She is very interesting
Lucas Hapke (3 years ago)
so i burped right before you killed the draugr wight and said excuse you, so I just wanted to say thanks. :)
Caleb Singleton (2 years ago)
WHAT? The exact same thing happened to me
Barbell (3 years ago)
+Lucas Hapke Haha, no problem!
Tim Schippers (3 years ago)
Hey barbell, i love your Skyrim series! i've watched all the episodes to this episode and i think that i watch the whole series! just a question.. What mods are you using now and which would you recommend? you are awesome!
Barbell (3 years ago)
+Tim Schippers It's been a long time since I made this episode, so I don't remember all the mods I have. I do know that I have Advanced Follower Tweaks and Better Magic installed. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Thanks for watching though!
SuperSquad Gaming (3 years ago)
Hey Barbell. I normally choose Dawnguard for armour and Sceolang the Husky
Greenn Acee (3 years ago)
+Barbell Gaming i love your Skyrim series!
Vinny Chops (3 years ago)
Same here. I love Barbell's Skyrim series.
Barbell (3 years ago)
+Greenn Acee Thanks! I appreciate you watching it.
Jonathan Mattson (3 years ago)
1-vampires 2-vampires 3-Coleyley Marere (Colett Marence, she ma gurl)
emhendor mcfan (3 years ago)
hey there Barbell, just wanted to let you know, i started watching your skyrim series cause i cant play it myself, thank you so much for being awesome! i know its an old video, but its still awesome! :D
Barbell (3 years ago)
+emhendor mcfan Thanks for watching!
Jordan Alexander (3 years ago)
Q1 (technically Q2 but I'm a year or two late so I'm not gonna answer): I created one character for the dawnguard. I beat it and did one for the vampires. I personally enjoyed both. Q2: I agree with you Serana is my favorite character out of dawnguard as well.
charles hernandez (3 years ago)
Dawngaurd and then turned into vamp via serana.
TheProGamer (3 years ago)
i also watched all of you videos including the Saavik let's play
TheProGamer (3 years ago)
i usually go with dawnguard and werwolf and very rarely i do the vamp queens
keyan sutherland (3 years ago)
All of the episodes all day erry day
jake lafaye (4 years ago)
I have watched all your videos up till this one! keep making videos!
GamingTenpenny (4 years ago)
First time I played DG i chose the vamps because I was a mage and as a vamp u use lots of mana attacks ;)
powerkane (4 years ago)
all of this series so far and planing on finishing this series n starting the next, im up to this point over the past 3ish days
Flame Lighter (4 years ago)
i watch all of it :3
Matt Sims (4 years ago)
Lol Rayya so funny
Matt Sims (4 years ago)
Join the vampires, I sided with the vampires, and j'zargo is my favorite skyrim character
Vara Mooze (4 years ago)
You should go with the dawn guard even though u have already chosen and I went with the dawngaurd just wanted to say something
InFuZe2g gaming (4 years ago)
And do you have a partnership yet
InFuZe2g gaming (4 years ago)
Why haven't you made a vid in 3 weeks
Zach Tarvin (4 years ago)
Vampire but I regret it not being able to regen during the day is annoying
MagicGSidiXIV (4 years ago)
QOTD: Both sides equally as good and It's hard to pick a favourite character
James Fairs (4 years ago)
i would say my favorite character in skyrim is Tolfdir. Although he talks so much i feel that sometimes he does have some really good and helpful things to say, also i feel his character was very well built.
Cugel Channel (2 years ago)
You and I are the only people who actually like Tolfdir. He reminds me of an old college professor. That's how college is supposed to be: old people giving long lectures! ; )
Connrade82 (4 years ago)
I've watched them all so far, best LP out there by far. Keep up the awesome work mate :) 
Azrael Selvmord (4 years ago)
*pops out of sewer water* "Let's get going..."
GokuLuvur (4 years ago)
i just started on this series ^^ from ep 1.. alternating from playing and watching. these videos are especially nice to watch before going to bed. and they also give me ideas on how to improve on my own gameplay.
98smileyboy (4 years ago)
Dude, enable ads!
myra961 (4 years ago)
actually this is the first time I've ever seen the dawnguard quest.
GoldenPenguin5 (4 years ago)
Super Slaiyin (4 years ago)
Were do u start the quest in xbox
Bogdan Scordaliu (4 years ago)
I know it is an old video but I suggest using the Clairvoyance spell. It helps me when I end up in the same situations like not being able to find the path to some remote cave. 
plusle28 (4 years ago)
Also, +Barbell Gaming , healing hands from what I hear can be cast at distance. This video may be little older but It's new to me. #boootaylolermergerd
CrossoverHD (4 years ago)
CrossoverHD (4 years ago)
thanks barbell for granting me the gift of being a no life. I'm addicted to this lets play haha DO ANOTHER ONE I LOVE YOU BARBELL
Barbell (4 years ago)
Haha, well thanks for watching!
Alcxy (4 years ago)
you're an awesome and very entertaining commentator man, just letting you know that now, you really should have more subbers then you have now!
Barbell (4 years ago)
Tristan G (4 years ago)
Eurander is my favorite character. He is a follower and the quest to get him is really fun. He's a dark elf and he does a half Mage half warrior style
Tristan G (4 years ago)
I plan on watching the rest of your storm Mage series and after that I will check out more of your videos. So far I love your videos.
Tristan G (4 years ago)
Well I was a werewolf so I couldn't be a vampire on my main guy
Tristan G (4 years ago)
I know it's late but just giving my opinion I love being a vampire it is so freaking fun
nicholas haynie (4 years ago)
I picked vampire it was awesom :)
AverageJo3Gam3r (4 years ago)
Late, but my fave character is the spectral assassin.  Lucien4life!
Richy piper (4 years ago)
Dawn guard I like to have lycanthropy
wickedwontrollers (4 years ago)
Vampire is good to play on your own but from a lets play point of view I don't think it would work out so well since you will be playing in the dark most of the time...
Breno (4 years ago)
I played as vampire once but I didn't complete the questline, and then I played as the Dawnguard, which I did complete.
Tr Pink Sheep (4 years ago)
about 5-10 episodes a day cant wait to catch up
Tr Pink Sheep (4 years ago)
Laurie Cabbab (4 years ago)
At first I thought, yessss, he said her name right, not Serena, but after I heard she was your favorite character in the game, it sounded more the sweeter, yeahhh buddy. :D And as a plus, you.are.a.god. You and your Skyrim LP, of course, are officially my favorite out of all of Youtube. ;) At first Lydia was my very favorite character, but after starting Dawnguard and recognizing Serana's voice actress, 'Laura Bailey' (from my DBZ/Funimation watching days) right up to freeing her from that coffin, my um, crush for Lydia escalated down from there oh so very quickly. Now, I freaking love Serana with a passion, sigh Lydia will still be my second best, though. Plus she's like a little kid, doing things like chopping wood and exploring everything in Vanilla Skyrim when she's with your character. Oh and of course she's voiced by of Laura Bailey...wait didn't I just say that. Lastly, I sided with the Dawnguard; I really enjoy playing noble and heroic type characters, siding with them an all that. :)
Bryce Sox (4 years ago)
Currently watching them all
Noah Mossbrucker (4 years ago)
Ceiciro, pure insanity
daniel arrieta (4 years ago)
Hahaha i just got legemdaey edition for xbox 360 and i was looking a let's play, found this series and i loved it, i made a storm mage too, QOD: i played once on my computer and i picked vampire side, you look so badass when you use batsto teleport yourself XD, and i've watched every episode til here ^^
Troy Martin (4 years ago)
2nd time watching this series i really enjoy the gameplay/commentary 
Joey G (4 years ago)
This is my 3rd time watching this lets play lol I LOVE IT 
Joey G (4 years ago)
+Barbell Gaming No man you're the awesome one haha that's why I watch you! :D 
Barbell (4 years ago)
3rd time? Wow that's awesome.
Fumbelmore Dumbeldore (4 years ago)
And you better chose vampire or I will bite you 👹

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