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Skyrim: Ultimate Battle of The Gods 2 - Fire vs Ice

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Aight People So my other battle of the gods video got quite a few views so i thought i would do a sequel and bring in fire vs ice! Follow Me On Twitter @ https://twitter.com/colloseusx Music: Machinima Sound http://www.machinimasound.com
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Text Comments (48)
antleft (4 years ago)
the dwemer fall down to daedric legs
BicBoiRolf (4 years ago)
1 of them vs whiterun
Is this  a mod or setting if so HOW DO I DO IT
0:35 best death here
BlasterICe (5 years ago)
ice god should wear sthalrim armor
Cthulhu (5 years ago)
in the first one the dwarvens won. they were fighting ebony giants... WTF
Wade Geisinger (5 years ago)
Units on fire take extra damage... win...
jess kielstra (5 years ago)
um how the hell did you do that
PrimeGamingHD (5 years ago)
Not in some cases if your just fighting with just magic Fires better because it catches you on fire whitch deals damage but if your fighting with swords or maces and Magic Ice is better because it takes away Stamina
PrimeGamingHD (5 years ago)
Epic Video man Love the way You've used codes to make things big instead of just a load of Dragons, You should make another one, Good Job!
wyatt glaenzer (5 years ago)
No cuz they don't have as good armor
ShizzySavage16 (5 years ago)
I thought the dwemer would have the advantage because Ice drains stamina so that the enemies cannot use power attacks and in this round the daedra used ALOT of power attacks, but I guess the daedra won because they had the most powerful destruction spell,Fire and they have better armor and way more powerful weapons than the dwemer...
TheDerping Walrus (5 years ago)
Just Dragons inside armor. Dragonborn kills one* Megan Fox Sex Shout discovered*
tidlede tidledul (6 years ago)
these fight seem very one sided?
AlostWolf 26 (6 years ago)
William Vargas (6 years ago)
assassincombine (6 years ago)
We should use Heimskr as sacrafice for the mighty gods. That man can't shut his mouth anyways.
Jenkins Gutter (6 years ago)
totally agree, i find both the battle of the gods were ruined by the song choice
Scott Shute (6 years ago)
music at 2:16?
enemy spotted (6 years ago)
Trojan man is both fire and ice also bareskin... :D
JDcrafter (6 years ago)
MasterR (6 years ago)
Love the way they kill each other by hitting the air.
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
Thank you
ZylerrrLeonic (6 years ago)
Keep up the work!
Rakki (6 years ago)
mercenarym18 (6 years ago)
what is the name of the song at 2:16 ? please...
booby gibson (6 years ago)
He has the right idea when it comes to the videos but GE dosent have that way of bringing it to look like a real video : overall: 8.5
Cael Norris (6 years ago)
any1 else wonder if their giant or if hes just plain small?
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
Thanks man
Aleksandar Knezi (6 years ago)
Its very good!
Fabula Nebula (6 years ago)
music does not go with the video :O
Cardan Scott (6 years ago)
Wow that`s Crazy Stuff Man Sick ass MoDs
alois2792 (6 years ago)
dude awesome video, what is the song name in the beginning of the epic battle?
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
Thanks mate!
SuperStorm120 (6 years ago)
Your video shows that fire is boss! and awesome video :)
MrPurplebannanas (6 years ago)
the Daedric gods would obviously win
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
Thanks :D
ColloseusX (6 years ago)
Marvin Butler II (6 years ago)
How? With creation kits he can have a bandit have fus ro dah, and setscale 3 on a dragon is HUGE, would be epic :)
Al Gore (6 years ago)
you know shits gonna go down when the music at 2:16 starts.... FIGHT!
Nugard123 (6 years ago)
Mangocide (6 years ago)
Awesome! I love your videos their great!
messykiller007 (6 years ago)
gaaaaaaaayest idea....
StealthRepz (6 years ago)
I am NOT First
StealthRepz (6 years ago)
Marvin Butler II (6 years ago)
Do one with a huge Alduin fighting a lvl 50 bandit.(A.K.A dragonborn) Would be cool if you tried. Setcale 3 for the dragon on flatlands
daniel sher (6 years ago)

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