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Skyrim #16 Dawnguard: Enhanced Crossbow, exploding dwarven bolt of ice, fire and shock

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Dawnguard episode 16. Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6FC243A4BF71AAAA Blacklight Retribution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZQCDLhtMf0&feature=g-all-lik In this playthrough I will show you how to craft exploding dwarven bolts of ice, fire and chock. You will need frost salt, fire salt and void salt for this Also there is more crossbow testing and gameplay, this time with some vampire light armor boots and a fiting helmet. My enhanced crossbow is on Epic quality so is my armor, trying to keep it balanced Last part of the quest line Ancint Technology for Sorine Jurard to find the Schemetic for the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow. Playing as a Breton mage on master difficulty with no armor (for the mage play) and no strongly improved weapons, all to make the game harder, more interesting and fun =) Also check out Dova Badazz for the basic hardcore rules here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRaBuerOx0o Installed mods: Ace combat skills Deadly Dragons Deadly Dragons Armory No killmoves SkyUI Filling food and Restful Sleep Categorized Favorites Menu FPS limiter
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Text Comments (19)
lol sheeeeit (5 years ago)
this is mattiace!
Sabthenoob (5 years ago)
Dwarven Bolt and Dwarven croosbow arent in my list
Landon Williams (5 years ago)
This might be a glitch on mine but i can put on the shrouded cowl which gives me 30% better archery on under my daedric helmet
Lark Lamas (6 years ago)
you sound like the dude from board walk empire
Zalman1337 (6 years ago)
Yeah I'm having a lot of fun with my crossbow build. It hits like a truck with 80 Archery and all the good perks. It's kind of odd that you can retrieve explosive bolts from corpses though.
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
They do, a little bit
Zalman1337 (6 years ago)
So do crossbows not have a trajectory because the bolts move so fast? If so, that's amazing.
Monsieur Macabre (6 years ago)
also,instead of krosis you can use volsung,found at volskygge
Monsieur Macabre (6 years ago)
btw the helmet at 1:59 is dawngaurd light helm
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
haha yes =)
Monsieur Macabre (6 years ago)
3:17 legendary words
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
thanks =)
Monsieur Macabre (6 years ago)
i love ur voice
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
Good choise, this part of your gameplay is a perfect time to level up something else then destruction. Maby conjuration, alteration or restoration, you will need to put perks into those trees as well =) GLHF
Niskus (6 years ago)
I guess I'll stick with apprentice. It's weak, but costs 3 magicka out of a pool of 350 magicka, so It'll last a while.
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
Thanks =)
MattiAceGaming #2 (6 years ago)
I say u have to choose, either keep your follower and keep using apprentice lvl destruction or send your follower home and use Adept. Sorry but I can't see that many options :/ Maby the Ice Storm can be used and u might be able to switch it up a bit but I never use adept level Destruction myself
Niskus (6 years ago)
What do I do with my followers when I get Adept level destruction spells? Because they all do an area of effect so my followers are probably going to die a lot :P
TheGroggyraccoon (6 years ago)

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