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This Day In History: When teen chat lines made the news

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Teenagers of the 1980s drove their parents nuts with their phone party chat lines. The reason? The teens were racking up thousands of dollars in phone bills. CBSN looks back at the craze in the segment, "The Way it Was."
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Alexander Chiara (1 month ago)
Hahaha remember this back in the days
Francis Rivas (1 month ago)
My friend and I called one of these, but that was back in 2008
obey conform today (4 months ago)
Too many lonely losers in moms basement. And the biggest scam is U.S. alow these scams because the court system is in on it
The Outcaster (9 months ago)
Holy crap! $2,600.00 back in 1988 is equal to $5,600.00 today! WTF!?!? That's like 9X my rent!!!!
Theresa Sanchez. (9 months ago)
I loved them
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
If you were friends with a phone phreaker you got an "8" number. It made the phone call free
Ren Bianco (1 year ago)
I was getting ready to say that. Someone almost always had an 800 number. Ahhh, fun times. I had two hotties out there in somewhere land. One in Rockland, Il? I think, and another in Cincinnati, Oh.... that one in Cin was a freak... Never did get with her in RL tho.. but man oh man I dropped a lot of baby batter on my towel. LOL
BringBackTheDoctor (1 year ago)
I don't think we ever talked, BUT! Thinking about it, I do remember a young rocker gal named Iron Maiden on the old voice message board, at what era I don't remember. Would that have been you?
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
BringBackTheDoctor we probably talked. I went by Iron Maiden LOL
BringBackTheDoctor (1 year ago)
I do remember the name Michael Knight on the old party lines towards the very end of my time on them, but can't remember what antics he did :) My time was the very early 90's (and me and my buddy caused a lot of havoc during that time on there lol) and then I returned for a short bit in mid 90s. Wonder if I knew you on there? lol
Susie Synth (1 year ago)
I miss partylines
amphiskioj (3 years ago)
In 1988 Suzanne Vega won the grammy. In 1988, music used to mean something

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