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Vision Board Mastery: The Love Edition 2018

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The Vision Board Mastery Conference is here. And, this is your personal invitation to join us in designing your love life. GET YOUR TICKETS BEFOR THEY SELL OUT http://bit.ly/myvision2018 Every December we get together for a day of casting visions for the coming year. This year we get even more specific. At this year's Vision Board Mastery Conference you will be immersed in all things Love and Dating and learn EXACTLY what works for your journey. This event is for you if you answer "Thats me!" to any of these questions... Are you ready to finally learn how to love yourself more so you can teach others how to love you? Do you want to learn the secrets to attracting the perfect partner for yourself so you can stop wasting time? Do you desire for your current relationship to be healthy and full of passion and excitement so you can stop living a dull existence? This event is more than your usual sit around a coffee table with champagne and magazines kind of vision board party. You will walk away changed, inspired, with a clear vision and a plan. You and 74 other women will come together collectively to... ~ uncover your ultimate relationship desires ~ develop a dating plan and ~ unleash the best version of yourself You will be in the room with women who one year ago were single and are now dating successfully and in healthy relationships. YOU ARE ONE VISION BOARD AWAY from ....
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