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Aerie - Spirit of the Forest

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NOTE: If viewers like this style of video, let me know by a ranking. And I will keep making actual game play video's with commentary and general comments. *Also - yes I am aware I made an error in using "race" instead of the "land" where the game takes place. It is the land of Shangria La (as noted below) After a natural disaster, Shangri-La lays in ashes. Aerie and the will-o-wisps are called upon to bring the land back to life. Guide them through forests, mountains, swamps and snowy peaks as they heal many different plants and trees. Awaken slumbering animals and cure them - they will give you valuable resources to heal nature's wounds. Use strategic thinking to repair the planet in this fun Strategy game, Aerie -- Spirit of the Forest! http://www.klyxgaming.com
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