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James Franco "Embarrassed" for Sexting Teen on Instagram

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Justin Bieber in Walmart ►►http://bit.ly/1guIw3I In what many hoped was just a publicity stunt for his latest movie, it turns out James Franco was trying to pick up a teenager on Instagram. In case you haven't heard, the Oscar nominated actor was busted for flirting with a 17-year-old when screenshots of their conversation surfaced earlier this week. He addressed the situation on Live! With Kelly and Michael on Friday. Take a look. Apparently, the girl was with other fans waiting for James after a showing of his Broadway play Of Mice and Men, when he noticed her filming and told her to tag him on Instagram. Sure enough, he followed up on Instagram direct, and they eventually exchanged numbers where he even gave her proof it was him by posting a pic. She wasn't sure if that really WAS him or some dude using googled images of Franco, so she asked him to write her name down on a pice of paper and pose WITH the paper. And so he did. Yes- he asked her how old she was, if she had a boyfriend, if he should rent a room, etc. But I gotta admit- I'm impressed with the fact that on several occasions he tried to ascertain if she was in fact single. Celebs NEVER do that. They don't care if you're single so long as you're willing. And sadly most women always ARE, so in my humble opinion kudos to James for wanting to make sure that his adventure with this girl was not stepping on the toes of another dude. Either way, it's safe to say James will probably think twice before contacting someone via social media and I think we can all learn a little lesson from this. Don't put anything in writing that you're not willing to have blasted in public. What do YOU guys think about James debacle? Get the conversation going on my twitter account, my handle is my name, Miriam Isa, or leave me your thoughts in that comments section below. And click right here to get deets on another celeb who caused a stir recently -- COUGH Justin Bieber COUGH -- when he terrorized a Wal-Mart. And you better hit that subscribe button to stay updated on stories like this and so much more. Happy Friday, yall! For More Clevver Visit: Website: http://www.clevver.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ClevverNews Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverNews Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/MiriamIsa
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Text Comments (404)
CARNIFEX666 (1 month ago)
"Do you have a boyfriend?" "Not if you're around" .. Wonder how it makes her feel if her boyfriend gets to meet Megan Fox and she wants to rent a hotel room for them.
He wanted to put his cock in an underage girls vagina, that makes him a Paedophile, simple.
Frida Gallon (2 months ago)
If I were her I would smash OKAY
I thought at first, he was sending nasty text message to a teenager.
panutan video (4 months ago)
I hope this stupid girl was me
Molly Simpson (4 months ago)
John Salas (4 months ago)
The same happened to me on kik that's why I got rid of it
Carlos E. Solis V. (5 months ago)
BUT IF I DO IT im CREEPY! lol... that girl saying " im not single if your james franco ¨" whilling to cheat on her bf just because he is famous, every WOMEN here writing they would do it, lol see guys? all u need is money and fame and that's it.
Carlos E. Solis V. (5 months ago)
underage girls dont give a fuck if you have millions and are famous.. smh
Moonlight Bae (5 months ago)
Ahhh I wish he would've contacted me
lisbeth young (6 months ago)
I wish I was that teenager
yuyu tutu (6 months ago)
all the fangirls whiteknighting his thirstyness... you're pathetic, get over it xP
Queen 1989 (6 months ago)
Lucky bitch
Baby Boo (7 months ago)
Tbh in my eyes, he probably just wanted to fucked. Lmao look him hitting on her that aint "flirting", straight getting to the point if she has a bf, and when she doesn't believe it's him he just cuts it off. Like the hell?
Vy The Fujoshi (8 months ago)
Omg im so jealous seriously. Like wth is she dumb for wasting such an opportunity holy fuck. I would die for that to happen to me. James Franco, slide in my DM anytime. I can even pay the room no worries hahaha... dang i still dont get it, why her? She isnt even that pretty. Like shes not ugly but she isnt anything special. Omfgggg
Amber Travis (10 months ago)
ew wtf
Claire Marie (10 months ago)
im 18 and id gladly fuck him
Sup Lol (10 months ago)
He could probably date any other girl actor his age why doing this
tunit20 (10 months ago)
The biggest embarrassment is his pick up skills. The level of a 15 yr old pimpled teenager.
JADE CROSBY (10 months ago)
Seriously, this sickens me. These comments and this video, disgusting. Don't you dare say she "missed her chance" or "she's lucky." She was 17 & and he was WAY older than her. Stop sweeping it under the rug because he's James Franco, and "oh so charming." This video was literally a woman talking about James Franco hitting on a 17 y/o, being embarrassed because he was caught (only because of that), and then saying,"in his defense..." There is no defense, she is a minor. If this was an average guy, you'd all be flipping out. Truly disappointed and horrified by the media. This is the kind of thing that makes young, susceptible girls think that dating (even though he CLEARLY wanted a hookup) an older man is okay. DO NOT glorify/glamourize this.
Joe Davino (10 months ago)
Cunt is 39 you serious full elivs pedophile piece off shit you yanks are fucked hope you get nuked off the face off earth fucken evil bunch off godless cunts carry on how great you are never won a major war racists cunts burn fuck America
islanti (10 months ago)
"I learned my lesson" Guess not
Zoltan Meksz (10 months ago)
I guess somebody is a raptor in environment of th girl. Somebody smelt lots of money.
native blood (10 months ago)
This sumbitch is all celebs don't do that they don't care if you got a boyfriend or girlfriend sounds like she sucked one too many dicks. Now she's trying to give Franco and out let's just wait and watch Franco dig his own hole what a bitch.
Foreigner (10 months ago)
He detailed his predatory routines in a book he wrote. He would ask her pretty young fans- and he said young, specifically- to take a pic there and to email it to him so he could remember who they were and contact them in private to have sex. A routine where he could get laid every night. This kind of confirms it was not a fictional book but a memoir.
MAWB (10 months ago)
this girl is a bitch, hugue bitch, I used to share naked pictures with girls I was envolved but never, not for a trillion dollar I will share those pictures with anyone to take advantage of it, bitch
Bravonanda Moirangthem (10 months ago)
the girl is stupid and is it really sexting
Avery.S (10 months ago)
Avery.S (10 months ago)
Why her outta everyone else tho?
the rooster (10 months ago)
Hypocrite Hollywood doesn't just have a problem. It is the problem. # me too. As long as everyone else is.
Rosa (10 months ago)
hahaha god I love James
Bent_Never_ Broken K (11 months ago)
Its to bad his penis wasn't bitten off cause I heard he did way worse
jess perez (11 months ago)
This host is a dumb cunt
Amaiah janae Miramontes (11 months ago)
Shoot, I'd flirt with James Franco all day long
tunit20 (10 months ago)
Amaiah Miramontes congratulations
Ben Wade (11 months ago)
So we are just gonna forget about this lol
Bailey Toon (10 months ago)
yes cause he done nothing wrong... but just to let you know, she wasnt underage, in scotland where she was from, the age of consent is 16. and in NY where she was going for her 18TH BIRTHDAY, the age of consent is 17
Cameron Bradshaw (11 months ago)
she should have respected his privacy, dumb bitch, I would give my left nut to get laid by james francy
Kate Munoz (11 months ago)
he looks so young here
no sense (11 months ago)
i would choke on his dick anytime and this bitch is snitching on him? girrrrrl
Travis Arthur (1 year ago)
What a stupid bitch!
Gillian Murray (1 year ago)
Lucky girl..
anata shiro (1 year ago)
oh F*ck franco is so hot idc if he chatted a girl (that kid is lucky )
todoido13 (1 year ago)
He did asked her how old she was so... no big deal
Cherry Lana (1 year ago)
I would fucking die if that happened to me
V Torres (1 year ago)
Yes, because knowing if she is single over if she is over age is more important -_-
Bailey Toon (10 months ago)
she was of age tho
Fella Einstein (1 year ago)
He knew full well that girl was underage
Bailey Toon (10 months ago)
she was of age
Kay-ann Clarke (1 year ago)
This whole issue is a disgrace. she published a private conversation between herself and someone so that it is now on international tv. maybe he didn't know her age initially but when he found out. he should have left that alone. he is a grown man. an 18 year old is a child for him.
Lori Babich (1 year ago)
You got caught
ZADDY ZAIN (1 year ago)
I mean you can text me if you want lol
Watching utube (1 year ago)
Damb i thk hes FINE!!
neferpitou love (1 year ago)
I wish i was her 😢😢
Kazia Franklin (1 year ago)
The age of consent in NY is 17 why was this even news? I don't get it???
Catira App (1 year ago)
Shit,,,, why would she do that....
Irina Girleanu (1 year ago)
Funny, because if there was another man of his age, but fat, bald or with bad teeth, it would be considered a sort of a social media version of sexual harassment. James Franco gets away with it because he is attractive, and in addition famous.
Adamov Bagdanov (1 year ago)
whata whore, got him and fuck him good, no mercy
Tito Tim's Videos (1 year ago)
Age of consent in New York is 17. So why would anyone really give a shit?
immabeastlycat (1 year ago)
Why the fuck is everyone jumping to his defence, he sent those messages their her property she can pubish them or not, she wasn't intrested end of story
Bailey Toon (10 months ago)
theyare defending him cause he done nothing wrong..she wasnt underage, in scotland where she was from, the age of consent is 16. and in NY where she was going for her 18TH BIRTHDAY, the age of consent is 17
Adinda Yoko (1 year ago)
Poor james 😔
S ? (1 year ago)
Imagine fucking JAMES FRANCO asking for you number I would freak the fuck out she's so lucky
Eliott_toyota_tot x (1 year ago)
Gabi C (1 year ago)
the fuck if he dmed me i'd never say shit wtf . id be on the down low with that shit
Saul Out (1 year ago)
He deleted instagram cuz of that ?? Wth 😭 who wouldn't sleep with a fucking franco
Xoxo Mich (1 year ago)
She shouldn't have post their conversation and kept it private.
natalie petser (1 year ago)
Probably wouldn't have slept with him or anything but I would've still liked to meet him and talk to him about life and how he sees the world and etc. I just think it would've been interesting to just talk and exchange ideas and so on..
Priya Phoenix (1 year ago)
That girl is dumb af lol i would date this beauty if i were 12
CARNIFEX666 (1 month ago)
Gold diggers and thots everywhere ..
Ahmet Swan (1 year ago)
stupid bitch
Molly Rachael (1 year ago)
Just because you're a famous, attractive celebrity doesn't mean finding someone is easy! I feel like it would be harder because everyone would only want him/her because of their fame or money! Maybe he wanted someone who wasn't a celebrity because there is something more authentic about people who aren't in the show biz world! Everyone is so quick to judge others. This girl was 17, ABOUT to be 18.. We aren't talking about a 13 year old girl. Leave him alone! She is a very attractive young woman who certainly never told him no.. She even insinuated she'd cheat on her boyfriend for him.. Then acted like most non famous people and posted it on social media so she could get 15 mins of fame! I'd kill to meet this man and have him show interest in me! James, if by some off chance you're reading this.. Some of us (me) would love to get to know you for you! You're such a hard worker and are amazingly unique! Be you and 🖕 the haters! ❤️ Get back on social media!
Alyssa Alcantara (1 year ago)
Omg I know he's a celebrity and all but I would be so creeped out if a random guy I don't personally know was asking me all these personal questions on ig dm. I don't care if you're a celebrity and you're verified online. What we call this in school is "stranger danger"!! I hope this girl didn't reveal too much about herself.
Faolan Lossing (1 year ago)
He's so creepy :(
c s (1 year ago)
she really ruined it, i would have gone out with him and got some more stuff out of it
водка (1 year ago)
shit if I was this girl damn I would jump on him so fast
Cat (1 year ago)
But even after he knew her age he didn't stop..??
Anthuanet Gutierrez (11 months ago)
she was almost 18
Kazia Franklin (1 year ago)
Cat Chen because 17 is legal in New York
Diamanda Captain (1 year ago)
I adore James Franco but after seeing this I'm quite creeped! Very weird
Julia (1 year ago)
milie _ (1 year ago)
he can fuck me every time he wants
Remember To Smile (1 year ago)
bruh I don't care he's 20 years older than me but I'd date him. cause he's cute, and funny.. and. yeah and all that stuff.
Chris Forrealtho (1 year ago)
Taking a picture of your hand is sexting?
Kuku Kuku (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure if a 35 year old man who isn't famous or James Franco did this shit, he will get a lot of hate... "it's James Franco I don't care" shows how bias people are towards celebrities. It's sad.
tunit20 (10 months ago)
The thing is that he is celebrity and he can get away with 0 pick up skills, most guys would be laughed at with those kind of awkward, thirsty conversations
Anthuanet Gutierrez (11 months ago)
that depends i mean some girl really like old dudes, like they feel attractions and i think that's okay, i'm 20 and i usually prefer guys of my age but if idk a meet a gut that i really like and he's 30+ if i like him i don't see the problem. she was almos 18 i don't see the big deal, she was not a kid anymore.
Jan Andersen (1 year ago)
a 17 year old girl flirting with James Franco.....what a scandal.....guess a million other teenage girls would never think of doing the same....
Penny (1 year ago)
Errr 17 is over 16, so no one's business ..
Rei Ly (1 year ago)
all this horny stupid fangirls in the comment section are seriously disgusting and embarassing, i like James but what he did was wrong, she was fucking underage and what's more disgusting is seeing all these chicks without morals here in the comment section hating on the girl for doing the right thing and expose his mistake, it's obvious y'all saying "if i were her i would have accepted" yeah cause he's hot but if it was an ugly guy y'all would scream "rapist!1!" "disgusting pedo!1!" the hypocrisy is real here, and as a girl myself i'm disgusted by the orlther horny girls in the comment section
ZephyPlays (1 year ago)
Bruh James Franco A Really Nice Man I Really Think The Person Who Posted This Vid Should Get The Fuck Off His Back
Sonia Rossi (1 year ago)
why not me??? :-(
Sara D (1 year ago)
I'm still crying I want to be her she's so luckkky wtfffff
Fanny (1 year ago)
Hit me up James
Fanny (1 year ago)
Awww dang it he's probably not gonna hit me up
maedeh tahmouri (1 year ago)
I think the girl was so stupid she should be proud that james requested her
Dakota Blue (1 year ago)
I wouldn't mind to hang out if he asked me x.x oh my .....
i don t understand why he would go out with this girl
Haven J (1 year ago)
Y'all, this wasn't even real. It was a stunt for the movie Palo Alto. Anyways, if it was, he thought she was 18.
Max (1 year ago)
I'm glad she lost her chance 'cause she's a fucking IDIOT.
Rei Ly (1 year ago)
max no she's not, you're an idiot if you praise these type of behavior, i bet if he was ugly y"all would have hated on him, disgusting hypocrites
Natalien Seng (1 year ago)
THE FRANCO'S ARE SO FINEEE😭😭😭😻😻😻😻😻😻💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💞💞💞💞💞
Chiappone Family (1 year ago)
Fuck you guys James Franco is the man
Lauren Jewel (1 year ago)
She ruined it for all of us, tbh idk wtf she was thinking, i adore him so much i wish that happened to me😍🙃🙃
CARNIFEX666 (1 month ago)
Gold digger
unphuckwithable (1 year ago)
Lauren Jewel yeah like maybe one of the reasons he left social media was because of this
Casual D (2 years ago)
If she 17, I'm 17
John Doe (2 years ago)
I'm so sick of our kindergartner country. Like she's 17 not fucking twelve
WildCat AQW (1 year ago)
John Doe I find it irony when people give stupid examples like "Some states allow people to marry each other at 16-17" Like the fuck are you trying to point out? "Oh, it is permissible to marry at such a young age from different states SO YEAH IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO MATE" lmfao tf?
xThEGr3aTeSTx (1 year ago)
And 17 is legal in NY which i believe they were at
John Doe (1 year ago)
ChantonsLamour also I would like to agree that technically it shouldn't happen since that's what the law says but it does happen all the time and both parties just don't say anything.
John Doe (1 year ago)
ChantonsLamour so me as a 21 year old guy couldn't fuck a 17 year old yet I could marry a 16 year old in some states yet I'm the sicko? I just want to let you know there are completely normal people fucking 16 and 17 year olds right now and they probably won't go to jail either *gasp* you better get busy snowflake
John Doe (1 year ago)
ChantonsLamour see what you wanna see I got shit to do. Or in other words, a man convinced among his will is of the same opinion still.
Anastasia Liberson (2 years ago)
That 17th year old is a lucky bitch and I hate her so much, like wtf u just go and publishing this? Man if that was me I'd spent the night with him, and i dont care if im 17, 15, or 71. What the fuck bitch, its James Franco
Joe Davino (10 months ago)
WildCat AQW (1 year ago)
You're disgusting.
Lena R. (1 year ago)
Anastasia Liberson if that's doesn't scream ME I don't know what does.
Lauren Jewel (1 year ago)
Anastasia Liberson Meeeee
Leo k (2 years ago)
I think Franco isnt lying, and it is His life. I think he Can do whatever he wants to
Leo k (2 years ago)
Why the fuck the published it, he is such an wonderful person. Damn what a bitch.
A (1 year ago)
True.she is such a bitch;she should feel blessed that he even was talking to her
Natasja Cuypers (1 year ago)
Leo k you are so right. She also tricked him... I mean is her life so boring that she needs to lower herself to this?.... I personally don't think that he should be looked bad upon. She is on the verge of turning 18, I live in Scotland and to be honest the girls here always look older for their age, they dress older and they use tons of make up as well. Also in Scotland you can get married from 16 years old.... He was honest about his intentions she wasn't so who is the real bad person here. He shouldn't feel ashamed for anything on the contrary she should apologise.
WildCat AQW (1 year ago)
It's not pedophile.. it's learned behaviour? Wtf
H (1 year ago)
+ChantonsLamour I'm making the comparison because they're both considered "sexually immoral" by a lot of people. You're saying if from day one in America we were taught pedophilia was normal, everybody would still absolutely hate it? I'm sorry I'm saying stuff you've never heard before and that's offending you. The whole topic I'm mentioning isn't even solely about pedophilia, it's about morals that we're taught in general. If we were taught from the beginning that murder of animals was wrong, most of us would absolutely despise it and never eat meat. But that's not what we were taught. Gladly most of us are taught that about pedophilia, murder rape and all that fucked up stuff. But if we weren't told from a young age these things were wrong the thought that they were wrong wouldn't be as strong as it is. We wouldn't know about algebra unless we were taught it, that's my point. Kids who have been molested and have the feeling it's wrong don't have some primal instinct from god that it's wrong. I knew something was off when it happened to me but I didn't know what it was. I didn't know that it was "wrong" at the time. I had the feeling that something wasn't right but I didn't start screaming pedophile because I didn't realize that's what was happening. I don't want to hear you say I'm defending pedophilia, because I'm not. Never once have the words "pedophilia is okay" come out of my mouth, not in this comment section or out of it. Until then keep you're fucking mouth shut and don't accuse me of that shit. I'm saying our parents, the media and society teaches us our morals and what we should and shouldn't do. In America we let our dogs sleep inside, in Mexico they stay outside. We were taught what things are and how to handle them differently. If somebody is not taught pedophilia is wrong, they will not think it's wrong. That's my whole point here.
ChantonsLamour (1 year ago)
+Meat Eating Orchid The fact that you're comparing pedophilia to homosexuality just further makes it look like you're a pedophile because people who are really against it don't make that dumbass comparison, you being molested doesn't prove you're against pedophilia some molestation victims grow up to think that what happened to them was okay and even become pedophiles themselves so you very well may be no different. Everyone knows racism and especially rape and murder are wrong they didn't have to be taught that the negative feelings would definitely exist regardless that's the dumbest statement I've ever seen someone make on Youtube, being against pedophilia is not totally a social thing there is an internal instinct that tells us it's wrong many children who were molested have literally said that they had a feeling that what was happening was wrong even when they were told by their molester that it was normal so that alone shows your argument is complete bullshit. Saying stupid shit like that just reinforces my belief that you're a pedophile because no one but pedophiles make that kind of argument, and for the record even during slavery people felt racism was wrong not just the slaves but other white people which is why it eventually led to being abolished and there's lawless places in this world where rape and murder are the norm but the victims and other citizens realize that it's wrong proving even more how asinine your argument is. If people are being raped and there loved ones are getting murdered common sense should tell you they would have negative views on that no matter what society they're in so you're a fucking retard for even making that argument, but I can tell you're just throwing out ridiculous analogies to defend pedophilia.
Marinah (2 years ago)
i would have gone to meet him seriously!.. wasted girl.
CARNIFEX666 (1 month ago)
Gold diggers and thots everywhere ..
I'm Darlo (2 years ago)
but they were in NY and the age of consent there is 17.
never ever (2 years ago)
wtf, it's james franco...I wouldn't even hesitate a second

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