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Skyrim Mod: Perkus Maximus - The Mage

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Perkus Maximus - The Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC8CHnymFhM Perkus Maximus - The Mage http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59849/? Perkus Maximus - The Warrior Perkus Maximus - The Thief Perkus Maximus - Outro Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (548)
firekiller 127 (1 month ago)
Can this mod work with ordinator?
David Huston (3 months ago)
This is back in 2014... is it still this lame? SkyRe seems better.
Super Turtle 2 (7 months ago)
People out here learning how to destroy skyrim with magic while I'm playing as a skeever
Derrick Bonsell (9 months ago)
The problem with pretty much every perk overhaul is that the creators want to make magic go from the weakest form of damage dealing to by far the most powerful. Ordinator is worse in this regard though. Reqiuem makes magic almost necessary but makes it much harder in the early game which balances out.
Zaetren (9 months ago)
the only thing I do not like about the mage module is the lack of a dedicated path for bound equipment.
Gaafdovjun Gaming (10 months ago)
charm enemies into becoming my follower my ass.
Damon Badgett (1 year ago)
What perk allows you to improve enchanted weapons and armor?
ɪᴛ's-ᴀ ᴍᴇ! (1 year ago)
Alteration... The only perk tree that is an actual FUCKING TREE
Doppelminds (1 year ago)
PerMa is so ambiguous, try Ordinator, is way better, clean, and practical... and it makes sense with the game so it won't break the experience
felicie mike (1 year ago)
bethesda shooting down mods let everyone no....
eugkra33 (1 year ago)
This makes this game far too easy. The way I'm playing with the mods I have right now makes the game unsatisfying. Either It's too easy, or I get like 1 shot.
Hawt Sauz (1 year ago)
Perkus Maximus is awful and tedious... Skyre system is much better. Although, I play Special Edition, so the Ordinator works fine for me.
Cpt. Tobo (1 year ago)
Does this go with other magic mods? Such as Apocalypse and the lost grimoire?
Kittzy (1 year ago)
1:50 Harry Potter in Skyrim
Lls / (1 year ago)
Does the version of this mod for SE exist?
Krokopanda (1 year ago)
I don’t think so 🙁
Lady Stoneheart (2 years ago)
Teleportation shouldn't be here, it was originally part of Thaumaturgy magic. Presumably, the Psijics are the only ones left still practicing it
Resdyne (2 years ago)
does perkus maximus change the level up hud as well?
The Joker (2 years ago)
does this work with Ordinator?
Bella D Copular (2 years ago)
alot of these mods don't seem to support my spellblade playstyle, i prefer 1 handed dagger or sword, and a spell in the other hand where the shield would normally be.
Bohemian Hufflepuff (1 month ago)
Then I suggest a dual weiler's parry mod. I have one and even though i suck at it, just having the option to block with a dagger while having a spell in my other hand is a breath of relief.
BNSF1995 (2 years ago)
As a pro-Stormcloak person, I love how they always use Imperial Soldiers as punching bags.
Access Denied (2 years ago)
BNSF1995 brodual is a stormcloak. lol in one of his videos he referred to imperials as "Imperial loving scum"
Demetrius Kent (2 years ago)
This is my beef with Bethesda games. They know their games are going to be dissected and patched up by avid fans, so I feel like they unconsciously do lazier work... meh. Just finished setting up a modded Oldrim environment with about 30 mods. That took me two days... it's the reason I haven't finished FO3--the game is so sloppy vanilla that I feel cheated out of the experience unless I wrack my brain trying to mod it. Sigh!
Renan Albrecht Alves (2 years ago)
Soul Stealer will work? Because, keep using soult trap, every single time is horrible
Kaymali (2 years ago)
I would really like to use this mod, but I find the perks very confusing, as to what spells they buff and such? Any help/tips would be greatly appriciated!
Prodromos Vasmatzidis (2 years ago)
how did you make spells have projectile drop off ?
beneil2 (2 years ago)
I don't if Perkus Maximus is working for me?
Knight Blade (2 years ago)
Look too overpowered
SparksFly2323 (2 years ago)
it's really not. if you want Op try Ordinator.
clare dunn (2 years ago)
Can I run this with ordinator?
clare dunn (2 years ago)
Thanks I'll try that out
SparksFly2323 (2 years ago)
i think you can, you just have to disable the parts of one that the other covers. for example if you want Ordinator's magic trees but PerMa's everything else you have to disable PerMa's magic trees, and disable Ordinator's thief and warrior trees.
Tim FC (2 years ago)
can this work with the apocalypse magic mod?
Dr. Snowman (2 years ago)
do I have to start a new game?
Tacomaholic (2 years ago)
Yes, but it's so worth it.
DarthFenrir 777 (2 years ago)
FlaredFist9 (2 years ago)
FlaredFist9 (2 years ago)
fuck you guys XD
Shmoo (2 years ago)
lilrico21 (2 years ago)
These mods seem sick, but dang why are they limiting me so much in game, let me ball man
Charly Toussaint (2 years ago)
i read that PerMa sucks but brodual is incredibly convincing; i'll play PerMa
Charly Toussaint (2 years ago)
guess what i tried it and it sucks dunno why i don't like it
Tacomaholic (2 years ago)
Where did you read that? PerMa is fanfuckingtastic.
Ryu Wolf (2 years ago)
definatly makes the mage or spell sword role seem worth it,though on the magicka cost i do hope that doesn't mean it takes away the enchantments that aid in reduceing cost.
razgrizghost1 (2 years ago)
welp, time to uninstall skyre, install perma, and do another playthrough then
Tacomaholic (2 years ago)
I did the same thing.
prismatic nova (2 years ago)
always running into a deadend
prismatic nova (2 years ago)
unfortunately I can't find the lead that has those robes
prismatic nova (2 years ago)
I just want that robe with the pauldrons on it
ReaperGrimm5594 (2 years ago)
I can't figure out for the life of me how to get the perk codes to show up. I've tried entering the console and clicking the perks, I've tried "help perk name" nothing.
ReaperGrimm5594 (2 years ago)
+LockedInHell I liked Muffle for two reasons. It was a fantastic substitute for a muffle enchantment until you got Muffled Boots; and, it for some reason leveled your Illusion quickly, allowing you to reach a level to where you can more easily cast Invisibility.
Cancer Police (2 years ago)
+ReaperGrimm5594 That didn't bother me too much. I never used Muffle as a thief or a stealth character because you'll end up getting boots with the muffle enchantment anyway but I can see why you wouldn't like it.
ReaperGrimm5594 (2 years ago)
+LockedInHell noted. Though I ended up disabling PerMa due to Muffle, the best Thief Illusion Spell, being replaced with "Silent Step," a concentration spell that consumes 20 mana per second. I know, petty reason, but damn if it didn't piss me off.
Cancer Police (2 years ago)
Put the perk name in quotes. So for example if the perk is called Smelly Armpit you type: help "Smelly Armpit" instead of: help Smelly Armpit
1997RJK (2 years ago)
anyone have a bug with enchanting? It was fine until I got the Split Enchant perk and then after I click on a enchant table I click on either single or dual enchant and the enchant menu will not come up
Lexthatguy (2 years ago)
I have it as well and am fucking clueless right now edit: so i found a fix, the perk is bugged but the spells are not. you can fix it with the console commands found here https://redd.it/4qikla
Can i use this with ordinator or path of sorcery?
Mystery Man (2 years ago)
you can use path of sorcery with the the thief and warrior modules of perkus maximus. it's incompatible with the mage module however, due to both making changes to how spells work ( magicka costs, duration of buffs and damage just to name a few).
BlitzNexus (2 years ago)
Ordinator probably not, but with path of sorcery you should. Just load it after perkus maximus.
Squeek Meister (2 years ago)
I have no Idea, I was going to ask if anybody prefers Perkus Maximus or Ordinator
Dragonborn2344 (2 years ago)
is perkus maximus compatible with the ordinator? if it isnt, which is better? and if there not compatible, what problems would it cause if i got them both?
Furymgs3 (2 years ago)
I'm thinking about getting one or the other, and the impression I get by watching the videos and reading the descriptions is that it depends on what mods you already have installed. PerMa does more than Ordinator all around (it changes all the Skill Trees, adds tons of spells, enchantments and mechanics), but I think it assumes that you don't really want to play with anything else. A lot of those perks seem to work exclusively with PerMa spells. Ordinator, in comparison, does much less (only changes the Skill Trees and add mechanics tied to vanilla effects), but as a result it goes better with other magic mods. I already have the Apocalypse Spell Package installed, and my concern with PerMa is that I'll end up with a metric fuckton of spells, and with Perks that mostly seem to be designed around half of them, with the other half being only marginally touched by them. Anyone that actually played with PerMa/Ordinator and other spell packages, feel free to tell me whether I'm wrong or not, I'm still considering going either way.
War624 (2 years ago)
Haven't tried either myself, but I have read in the comments here and other places that Perkus Maximus is better overall.
Jaelon Griffin (2 years ago)
I like these mods, but I just know that Bethesda is sitting back, watching these, and saying "Well, guess we aren't required to help the game since the players will do it for free" or "I guess all we have to do is make a decent game, not one with too much depth, and sit back and watch as we make millions from all the people clammoring to play the modders' game".
Ang Bart (8 months ago)
Well femnatzi and poeple like me well be at conflict on the game. Bathesda is bias ^^. Just let theme play wee ps4 or someshit like mario emigrant race to border.
just be happy we aren't still playing street fighter and NBA live '95 on the Sega Master System still.
Haliax (1 year ago)
that's just fine, why are they obligated to do anything?
Cross Ace (1 year ago)
You mad bro? XD
NightDancer Gaming (2 years ago)
For everyone who's asking if this mode is worth it. Definitely yes. Only after trying preMa you will realize how crappy the vanilla perk system was. PerMa makes every tree playable like your main tree. He'll you can play with enchanting only an you would be bad ass :-). Ty for vid GJ.
chaos lord (1 year ago)
NightDancer Gaming magic looks pretty op tbh
Pally 101 (2 years ago)
What exactly do the dragon enchantments do to weapons/armor? seems like an important thing for those considering to take it as their focus perk.
JosePlays (2 years ago)
1080p50fps? wtf O.o
Nick Hagston (2 years ago)
Should I get Perkus Maximus or Ordinator if I intend to be a Mage??
Bandi (2 years ago)
more like ordinator is trash im playing with it, its not special if i had to say id give it 3 out of 5 perks maximus all da way
Slade54 Ubermen (2 years ago)
perks maximus has more and does a little better than ordinator.
Simone Pagnotta (2 years ago)
Are there any compatibility problems with "The lost grimoire" and "Elemental destruction magic"?
Simone Pagnotta (2 years ago)
One can hope… we'll just have to wait and see.
Owen Rickitt (2 years ago)
I doubt any perk mods will make it onto consoles just because of how huge they tend to be. As for Elemental Destruction, who knows? It could well be possible.
Simone Pagnotta (2 years ago)
Thanks. Now I just have to hope these mods make it to the PS4! When I heard about mods coming to consoles, I started getting exited and made a list of all the mods I want; only after did I find out that it's up to the creators, if they choose to adapt them…
Owen Rickitt (2 years ago)
Lost Grimoire doesn't change the perks, so it should be compatible if you use Patchus Maximus. It should be the same thing for Elemental Destruction, but only if you use the version that doesn't add perks.
Space Wizard Pip (2 years ago)
I seriously can't tell if it's even worth getting this in place of SkyRE. Someone who knows Perma, is it a better theb SkyRE's mage?
Michael Aries (2 years ago)
PerMa is the successor to SkyRe. It's much more compatible with other mods. The thing is, it's better to have few compatible mods that will complement each other rather than one big that will have some gaps and won't be as compatible. I'm using PerMa + bunch of combat/AI mods + ASIS + spell mods + realism mods like Frostfall and it's great I tried using SPERG & ACE but they're not as good as PerMa. However, if you want something 'lighter', try Ordinator.
Space Wizard Pip (2 years ago)
+Emily Grün Can you tell the percentages at 100 enchanting with all the perks and all possible?
Noah (2 years ago)
I don't know about the other trees, because I only use enchanting and restoration, but those two are DEFINITELY better in Perma.
Prawaaal (2 years ago)
the AI for the summon skeletons is a disaster. They rarely attack enemies, block paths, runs away when engaged or just stands there doing nothing. It's such a shame really ):
A Mage is someone who is skilled in both magic, and weapon use. What your referring to is a wizard, warlock if evil, or witch if both a women and evil. But you could also call warlocks black wizards. Basically the way you have the skills set up is for a Wizard not a Mage, because mages are more skilled in magic then most people but they don't just specailize in magic so they aren't as power as say some who specailizes in magic A.K.A. Wizard and so on and so forth. Still going to download the mod thou.
Noah (2 years ago)
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mage It seems like everyone disagrees with your definition.
Nocturne (2 years ago)
+Taylor Jones No I meant you're just making these definitions up.
Your right all of them mean someone who uses magic, but some are more skilled in it then others. Some specialize in certain forms of magic, for instance a Witch/warlock Specializes in the dark arts of magic, just as a Black Wizard would but a wizard is more skillful then Either a Witch, or Warlock. a Mage Doesn't just specialize in magic, they also do combat. A Paladin is a Master of both Magic, and Armed Combat, where a mage is just a beginner.
Nocturne (2 years ago)
+Taylor Jones Where are you getting those definitions from? All of those terms just mean someone who uses magic.
Andrew Dalton (3 years ago)
Hey Brodaul did you know that your name sounds like the Irish word " bródúil" meaning proudly. Anyways would this mod work with a perk mod like the "Fairy tail-Dragon Slayer Magic mod" which also adds lots of extra perks ?
Hannibal Angus (3 years ago)
best mod for skyrim :D
Matthew (3 years ago)
Does anybody know why my perk tree doesn't look different? the skills are different but the menu looks the same! it's bothering me so much!
pletter64 (3 years ago)
It's a mod called extended UI
Bob Jones (3 years ago)
Stupidly unbalanced. Vanilla may be boring but at least it was pretty balance, now why even bother risking your neck with melee weapons anymore?
Dex (3 years ago)
awesome mod but I have to say, you speak way to quick. It's almost impossible to really get what the mod does because it feels like you're reading the small text of the mod instead of showing us some examples and taking your time. I'd love to sub, but the speed kills it for me.
Kareem Aly (3 years ago)
is this mod good to start a DoT mage character?
Kareem Aly (3 years ago)
+Emily Saints thanks alot
Akira (3 years ago)
+Kareem Aly if you mean a Damage Over Time Mage I Recommend: Spell Crafting for Skyrim Path of Sorcery - Magical Perk Overhaul Elemental Destruction Magic The Lost Grimoire - Spell Package Perkus Maximus - The Mage (when i find more good ones ill show you more and sorry for answering this 3 months after)
Amerathaine A (3 years ago)
perkus maximus conjuration tree did not change but every other one did
lafourminoir zzz (3 years ago)
realy nice mod and amazing spells but some cheat^^
Seems cool, but the problem I have with this is that I can't really tell what these perks do by reading the description.....
LongLiveWaydrek (3 years ago)
+Alduin, Firstborn of Akatosh use PerMa Defluffing Perks mod
Thiago Martins (3 years ago)
Hey Guys, if i want to add perkpoints by comand, I need to type player.addperk <PerkCode>. Now that there is other Perks, I need the new PerkCode to add. Please post us this list. Thank you very much.
Geran Caywood (3 years ago)
+Thiago Martins You can do that by simply typing /help <first word of the perk>
Flynn (3 years ago)
My mage still uses SkyRe. PerMa seems to be medium interesting: I like the reflecting spell for example, but having unused phantom skills "again" is rather a downside. Are there other mods with good reflection or telekinesis options?
Winking Skeever (3 years ago)
so that means i could play a warrior that shoots lightning bolts out of his sword? uuh baby...
• ZoRHa • (3 years ago)
5:53 Dat pose
psycosanches589 (3 years ago)
I'm conufsed, am I suppose to take SkyRe or PerMa? Is PerMa just SkyRe, but better?
Zylice Liddell (3 years ago)
You can use the SkyRe modules with PerMa. As long as it's not the Combat or Main module. :)
Mohammed Q (3 years ago)
+psycosanches589 its like the successor of skyre..its made by the same person i guess..and its like skyre but better,alot more options and its really fun..recommended like for sure man...go for it :)
chris c (3 years ago)
Too bad all this is squandered because the mod maker insists that the perk description must be gibberish that gives little to no hint as to what the perk actually does and keeps the real perk descriptions hidden away in a documentation which you need to download sepparately. It is also incredibly tedious to install.
I like that he did not give in to the peoples plea for direct parameters of a talent. It's meant to be played and felt, not meant to be to min-maxed, which mostly ends up in dumbing stats anyway. "Tryhard roleplay descriptions / This mod is unplayable without it" - You should dismount from your high horse, stop spending time on internet memes, league of legends and blizzard games to actually learn something.... for example programming a mod like this yourself so you can put in your own tryhard-descriptions.
NinthArcher (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343781635 Crt + G
Gabriel Henrique (2 years ago)
chris c The most current version of the mod has the proper descriptions as to what the mod does.
Derrick Bonsell (2 years ago)
Yeah, I think the roleplaying is good. I don't want to micromanage stats.
Alex Santos (3 years ago)
What is better,perkus maximus or requiem, and can the both mods be used toguether?
Corey Mabbitt (3 years ago)
It looks too op.. :/
Derrick Bonsell (3 years ago)
I've avoided magic mods because all of them seem to be incredibly overpowered. This doesn't seem any less overpowered.
Steven Ashmil (1 year ago)
Ocato's recital.
TheKappa (3 years ago)
Just watched the video. Dont use the high level Alteration spells also, if you are using PerMa. Alteration basically makes you a god
TheKappa (3 years ago)
Dont use Destruction = no overpowered spells.
Dritto (3 years ago)
+Derrick Bonsell Apocalypse isn't overpowered. You may be able to get more powerful spells earlier on, _but_ they are very expensive to cast so it is rather balanced.
BlizKrieg (3 years ago)
I was wondering if someone can answer me this: Wouldn' this make you way OP? Should I have a mod that makes the AI better?
Andrew Dalton (3 years ago)
+BlizKrieg i think you should get a mod that creates better AI
mike vangeel (3 years ago)
+BlizKrieg download al of the sugested mods from perkus maximus, i just started a new game shield + 1h orc, and the mudcrabs are making me run to heal lol so ..
Randomchannel57 (3 years ago)
+BlizKrieg Funny enough, in vanilla Skyrim(Xbox 360), I actually have trouble with the Magic Regen.
Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab (3 years ago)
+BlizKrieg that not the mod fult it  bethesda XD
BlizKrieg (3 years ago)
Because, I'm figuring on what class and race I wanna play as. I just picked the Breton to be a mage, and the Magic Regen is way OP, it's even fast while I'm in combat.
Sky Lord Panglot (3 years ago)
Do the enemies use all the remade stuff, like spells, perks, combat and etc?
Pieter Groenewege (3 years ago)
+Joshua19 What did you not like about it?
Sky Lord Panglot (3 years ago)
Ive seen ASIS and I dont like it. I tried SkyRe and it works fine up to now. Not that I like the balance too much, but vanilla is not that balanced either so...
Pieter Groenewege (3 years ago)
+Sky Lord Panglot +Joshua19 There's a mod for that, too! ASIS. /mods/18436/
Joshua19 (3 years ago)
+Sky Lord Panglot I was wondering the same thing this would be awesome if so but from the looks of the video the mages and bandits are using vanilla stuff. The best thing about Tes games is that you are basically equal with the npc's on your level and and they can do everything you can do with the exception of shouting of course but then again the greybeards can shout so you're not that special
Garrett Pettit (3 years ago)
I've been wanting to play as a paladin who specializes in Restoration, and spends his time hunting, draugr, deadra, and vampires. Are there good perks to accommodate, a holy warrior type of character or should I try to find a different mod? I ask because this mod is apparently complicated to install and I'd rather not go through the trouble if it's not going to be what I want anyway.
Hanariel (3 years ago)
Yeah as if playing vanilla/skyre you don't get your favorites menu overcrowded with spells, now you have to put your perks on it to work too... no thx.. i'll keep my skyre doing.
• ZoRHa • (3 years ago)
I still can't get over how awesome Perkis Maximus is. It's just so SUPAH!
• ZoRHa • (3 years ago)
Steven Daniel (3 years ago)
Hey i wanna ask, how to cast the aoe spell like he did? Like there're sparks making circles with fire sprayin in it? Anyone can help?
SynthYourLife (3 years ago)
Anyone knows which spell is he using at 1:50? Looks fairly awesome xD
SynthYourLife (3 years ago)
Aaaawesome. Tyvm :D
Razgriz 3 (3 years ago)
+SynthYourLife It`s one of the alteration perks,it lets you bind a spell to your weapon,and cast it when you swing.
Branden York (3 years ago)
What is your FOV? I really wanted to know. Yeah this isn't really an important question, but I do enjoy a much larger FOV, and yours seems perfect! I would really love to know.
TheHippie88 (3 years ago)
Can you unninstall this mod and get your skill points back after you already spend some skill points in the skill tree?
ELF LORD (4 years ago)
can you use all 3 perma esp's all at once
Goldrinn510 (4 years ago)
Guys, after I installed perma I cannot pick locks. Can someone explain what can cause this?
David Bliss (4 years ago)
half way thought this and already re installing skyrim 
Robert Bates (4 years ago)
Does this mod make you op?
I am Jase (4 years ago)
If I level up my archery eagle to level 3, I can't zoom in anymore. Anyone know a fix for this?
Alon Sherman (4 years ago)
Does perma alter ballistic spell paths? or is that vanilla/another mod. I haven't played in a bit and cant remember if firebolts etc have arc
xenazai zm (4 years ago)
have so much perks and little level ups, its possible play with this?
no (4 years ago)
Too many perks... Should this be better with a mod that gives more perk points per level? I think 2 would be perfect.
Daniel Hani (3 years ago)
+The Onyx Eclipse might think it is overpowered but when you use them for speech and lockpicking on legendary difficulty they actually seem like they should have been in the game to start with.
Onyx (3 years ago)
So basically I could have 50 skill points before reaching level 30? Okay...
chris gibson (3 years ago)
+NEVER LUCKY Never seen SkyRe i guess
Nuka Cola (3 years ago)
+Tyman2006 Yeah for example. There are alot of great mods that does that.
Stranded in Death (4 years ago)
Zatchooze Naut (4 years ago)
Don't leave Marcurio hanging, mate
beneil2 (4 years ago)
2 spell only work if someone is chastise how can I chastise someone?
beneil2 (2 years ago)
spell tome?
Derek Heiberger (3 years ago)
+beneil2 Learn the spell chastise from a spell tome from Colette at the college, and use it.
beneil2 (3 years ago)
well how can I chastise someone?
Derek Heiberger (3 years ago)
+beneil2 Chastise is a restorations spell.
Tyler Mcgowan (4 years ago)
So Is this like skyre for mages? Should I keep skyre on with this
cameron james (4 years ago)
Can you have this with skyre but turn the main option off?
The English House (4 years ago)
Stunning mod! Compatibility is coming along very nicely too! Once its compatible with more things i can see this being an absolute must have in most people's new playthroughs.
Zatchooze Naut (4 years ago)
I have met a terrible bug regarding Expert Alteration perk. It makes my attack animations slow down till it takes 10 seconds to swing a blade or fire an arrow. I think it has to do with the fact that Expert Alteration also increases attack speed by 2% per shift spell :(
Meme Oshino (4 years ago)
Is there any way to unlock all focus master and prodigy perks? 
ffann100 (4 years ago)
OMG. This mod is epic!! Thank you so much for review
Game Jiant (4 years ago)
Which mod would u recommend. Skyrim redone or perkius maxumis
Serana (4 years ago)
What the hell is with those ambiguous perk descriptions? Why can't the mod author just tell you what the perks do? I don't want to have to read cryptic messages to figure out what the perks actually do. Ugh..
Siticmon (4 years ago)
I should like to find t3ndo and lick his... boots. These trees are so beautiful it almost made me cry... such beauty
Wesley Dantes (4 years ago)
can you do 50 frames more often? Because it looks amazing.
Green Purple (4 years ago)
+Serana They didn't use to, but now they do. Change the quality of the video and, if the video was uploaded with it, it can be played in 60 frames(or 50, like in this one.)
Dani Olofsson (4 years ago)
+Serana Yes they do.
Serana (4 years ago)
You're imagining things, youtube videos don't go past 30

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