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Teens gather for night of underage drinking at high school party: Part 1

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Sixteen-year-old Savannah joined other students, including Cameron Harrison, at a party for another student's birthday.
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Kayden jacques (2 days ago)
Kevin Johnson (2 days ago)
Bruh biggest snitch in history
Alex N (2 days ago)
Gavin Burrage (3 days ago)
Not a deal at all just normal teenagers tired of all theses pussy as news channels
drita _ (3 days ago)
2:55 October 9th??? that's my bday
Big Mike (4 days ago)
Bruh 40 people is nothing lmao
RunRalphie Run (5 days ago)
So teenage being teenagers is news? 😂
They sound like trump supporters
Chris Hellings (6 days ago)
Cousin fuckers
Mc Saucy (6 days ago)
I like the fact she acting like the victim but did you hear this bitch “ oh yeah I drank 2 before “ I mean like wtf and now your saying that’s it bad and shi when you even admitting taking some before. Stop trying be the victim that’s what a hangover is idiot white pierce of shi.
zoey (6 days ago)
Literally no one cares this is just proof these mini documentaries are running out of ideas
AnTi Toxic (7 days ago)
this is like a middle school party. tf wheres the bongs? shotgun? like tf
ĸιng cold (7 days ago)
“Short little.....cracker” I’m sorry but I fuckin lost my shit at that
Makeup by Matteo _ (7 days ago)
It's alabama .,.,., what do you expect ?
grim xd (7 days ago)
Why is this what the news is worried about? Its not even a good party either, some fireball shots and xbox. Type of party id leave tbh 😂
LoveyousecretL (7 days ago)
Lmao I live not even 30 mins away from there and tbh most parties in SPF aren’t really that lame
O (8 days ago)
Biggest part ever “40 ppl” lmfao
Officialzhailey 8 (8 days ago)
I lost it when the narrator was like ‘turn down for what ‘ oh no no no 😭😭
youfreaker (8 days ago)
Lol here we had parties like that 5 times a week during summer when I was 15. Smoking weed at school during breaks or even during class when we were 16 was not an exception, and that was the higher educated part of the school. Of the lower educated part a lot of people had used xtc, coke and ketamine before the age of 16. In addition to alcohol, weed and cigarettes that is😂
Misfit 636 (8 days ago)
She wanted it
Justin (9 days ago)
Uhhh yeah high school parties are very normal lol
Maurice Artiles (9 days ago)
Those where the best nights in high school no lie. After winning football game and party
Max Standen (10 days ago)
40 😂😂😂 damn my last party had 200+ people including ones who drove from towns 2 hours away.... why is this even a news story?
LaaLoo Tv (10 days ago)
Simon Huey (10 days ago)
Did this idiot laday say very good schools? Alabama ranked what 50th in the nations worst schools
Blue roses 54 (11 days ago)
This is cringeworthy...I cant
levi lang (11 days ago)
Bible thumpers lolol
Nolan Martin (12 days ago)
40 ppl WEAK my town had hundreds in high school
Skinny Sister (12 days ago)
I'm only watching this because it's my high school lol
myah Davis (13 days ago)
Where I live this party would be considered a kickback
Susana Sanguino (14 days ago)
Lmao they wack asf. This be like any other weekend where I’m from. And this ain’t even close tf 😂😂
Noah Aakre (14 days ago)
You know there’s a problem when the birthday boy who is turning 18 has a 58 year old grandma. Only in Alabama.
El diablo da Costa (14 days ago)
This video is dumb as fuck. Pointless shit🖕🏽
El diablo da Costa (14 days ago)
Americans make me cringe. So goofy.
Patrick Perales (15 days ago)
Blow off some steam for like blow a dick bitch lol
Patrick Perales (15 days ago)
Fucking fat bitch lol Hailey.
young glizzy (16 days ago)
Her: have like 40 people to drink beer and liquor. Me: get 80 kids to drink Capri Sun and eat Pizza
hi pen :) (16 days ago)
Is this satire?
Swirvsy _ (19 days ago)
This is literally high school for you
larry aniel (20 days ago)
beer? liquor? both did you eat pizza!
Oliver Cooper (21 days ago)
Culture shock?.moving from 1 all white town to the next..umm ok
Connor Duncan (22 days ago)
Lamest sparky ever
JG Hudson (22 days ago)
I really feel sorry for them if 40 people is the biggest party they've ever seen.... probably 35 dudes
DopEiMeaN (22 days ago)
Fucking christ this is so cringey, wtf is ABC News reporting on this for?? Typical highschool kids who gives a SHIT smfh.
Kristoffer Sparegodt (22 days ago)
Arent they like 16 - 18... Gosh America
TrashyPud (23 days ago)
Lmao why the fuck was this on the news
ry an (23 days ago)
Why is this a news story?!!
Skinny Daddy Mc Lovin (23 days ago)
3:28 "it was probably one of the biggest parties", 5:04 "there was about 40 people" what kind of highschool is this??? at my highschool 50 people is a small turnout and sometimes we have as much as 500 people
Inocent Hydrogen (24 days ago)
So what? What do parents expect them to do?just read and read and die? Ya ,I mean alcohol is not cool but ,they are not kids. It's fine,let them chill.
Brody Shaw (25 days ago)
40 people. Wow that definatley sounds like a real banger
Pepo nu (25 days ago)
I smell a snitch
FER- CURIUM1 (26 days ago)
Did these people have autism?
Jays Life (26 days ago)
41 one kids that it????? Our parties used to have atleast 75 to 100 or more lol
Brite Starr (29 days ago)
Y’all would shit a brick if you saw one of our parties lol.
Suicideinsilence (29 days ago)
Is this actually a news story? what the actual fuck
Puplo Man (29 days ago)
It's just thee alcohol. MAAAAAAAAAAAN! ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴😶🏹
fannysludge (29 days ago)
Americans are the absolute kings of drama queens ......
NANO THE DRUMMER (30 days ago)
Imagine getting ready to get lit and drunk and 12 comes to ruin everything
Forex Mastermind (1 month ago)
hahaha 40 people? thats like a tiny gathering
Icey Pickles (1 month ago)
Okay why tf is this news tho
Maw (1 month ago)
This interviewer is a creep..
Maw (1 month ago)
Parents give their children too much freedom and aren't strict enough on their kid's behavior. It is the parents fault not the kid, who was most likely manipulated by friends or social media to drink underage.
Wavvy (1 month ago)
Wow such a big deal she knocked down a glass. Wow!😂
lobmin (1 month ago)
So they had a normal party...but just because they're a little young, it's national news...
I love it how they call it underage drinking government love to tell you you can drink drinks at any age you chose. Retards.
Kat B (1 month ago)
bruh this is the saddest excuse for a "news story" I've ever seen
In my highschool everyday there would be school fight we would bet 2$ for who would win
Broccoli Rob (1 month ago)
“The biggest party I’ve ever seen” how many people were there? “Like 40” Really bitch 😑
Odinuous FN (1 month ago)
wow 40 ppl that’s a normal getty
outsidetherain _ (1 month ago)
How out of touch are these people
Crystal Lake (1 month ago)
What's new about this at all
Jessica Shumway (1 month ago)
They think the population of 8,000 is a small community😂 try just 900 , if that
Noofenator (1 month ago)
40 people, LMAO this shit lame
thcgigi (1 month ago)
I threw a party my senior year and when my bf got there he said he found my house by following the smell of weed cause it reeked on the entire block lmao I can’t count how many people were there but since i only had five friends I’d say it was lit
Joe Gibbons (1 month ago)
Alabama Wait Do they have sisters
Ruby Crown (1 month ago)
Shitty ass party lol
Positive Reinforcefeed (1 month ago)
Ana Fernanda (1 month ago)
Típicas escuelas gringas...Y los tiroteos?
roadto69subs (1 month ago)
Well they r from Alabama
alivia edenn (2 months ago)
breaking news kid crowd washroom and vape🥴
Logan Geary (2 months ago)
40 ppl that aint shit
Savanna Marshall (2 months ago)
That ain’t me
Jdubs48 (2 months ago)
Packed like a night club. 40 People!!!!! Holy CRAP!!
beeg PP (2 months ago)
I'm 16 and I've been to a house party with like 100-200 people and It got shut
The Onion Control (2 months ago)
Real men drink alone.
Lexi Baldwin-Money (2 months ago)
This has always been a thing😂
Lexi Baldwin-Money (2 months ago)
@Skyrim slayer 7878 it was definitely just as popular in the 80s. I can't speak for before that, but I'm positive that in the 80's, huge parities with not just alcohol, but drugs too, were insanely popular
George Newham (2 months ago)
40 people wow that’s insane!
Bloody Sinx (2 months ago)
And this is supposed to be unusual?
[Banned User] (2 months ago)
“What were you drinking?” *SMURNOF*
So normal teenager behavior? News people act like they’ve never went to a party and drank as teens
CherrySpriteYT (2 months ago)
Dog, Kids at my school Do Molly, snort cocaine, smoke weed and probably even fucking shoot up heroin on the weekends
There not a very good school.
Vnov93 (2 months ago)
LMAO 4:29, I had to rewind it because I thought I heard “taking dick pics in his room”
Daniel Croyle (2 months ago)
We threw a party where we handed out flyers two schools showed up
brianna is cool (2 months ago)
This is really a news story?
Welder Williams (2 months ago)
There making a horror story out of a normal fun high school party lol😂
Carlo Zarosi (2 months ago)
Stupid high school kids, I graduated last year and all everyone cared about was partying. I hated that fucking so called popular crowd, they’d always think they were the shit but they missed one simple thing... respect for others. I was considered popular if that’s the word for it and I went to a lot of parties but I wasn’t a loser alcoholic like these people and the fuckers at my school.
Baseline Killer (2 months ago)
Every high school has teens having underage drinking party’s, it’s been like that since the dawn of time
Spencer 1 (2 months ago)
Pretty sure two people over dosed at the last two high school parties I went too hahahaha
Kai (2 months ago)
My area is very diverse most are asians

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