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Teens Blind Auditions. SuperHits of the Voice US

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Teenagers on The Voice. List below 1. Bryana Salaz - "Problem", 16 years old, season 7, 2014 2. Bria Kelly - "Steamroller Blues", 17 years old, season 6, 2014 3. Zach Seabaugh - "Take Your Time", 16 years old, season 9, 2015 4. Mia Z - "The Thrill Is Gone", 15 years old, season 8, 2015 5. We McDonald - "Feeling Good", 17 years old, season 11, 2016 6. Timyra - Joi - "Girl on Fire", 15 years old, season 5, 2013 7. Sydney Rhame - "Photograph", 16 years old, season 9, 2015 8. Hanna Eyre - "Blank Space", 15 years old, season 12, 2017 9. Avery Wilson - "Without You", 16 years old, season 3, 2012 10. Danielle Bradbery - "Mean", 16 years old, season 4, 2013 Best Cover Songs on the Voice - Beyonce, Avicii, Eminem, Britney Spears, The Beatles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qALHudOEztg Sexy Blind Auditions. Hot Guys and Sexual Healing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hu1XpWH03s Best Cover Songs Beyonce, Avicii, Eminem, Britney Spears, The Beatles (covers 2017 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qALHudOEztg advertising [email protected]
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Text Comments (4733)
Maxpain Zin Del Valle (9 hours ago)
We McDonald im just gonna say . . . . . . . YOU ROCK GURL!!!
Alma HI (17 hours ago)
Avery wilson was hands off the best. The voice. The energy... dear god
Abbottpotumas (1 day ago)
I cannot believe that the beautiful Christina didn't turn her chair for 15 year old Mia... her voice was incredible!
milky strawberry (2 days ago)
Mooods 021 (3 days ago)
4:50 & 13:07, i think they can make a good couple together , if ever.
Li Ly (3 days ago)
The girl ay 9:29 is breathtaking she’s so beautiful i can’t 😭❤️
lau Cho (3 days ago)
Wow so many such a talented people are in America... They are already singer
Nemesis MicroVolts (3 days ago)
So there's no one embarrassed that they look older than they are . . . I'am 20 but looking like a 16 year old boy
Abikug ikawna28 (4 days ago)
Samir Badche (7 days ago)
Miley Cyrus Judge 😂😂😂
Lucas McCain (9 days ago)
Young bodies all of them for sure, but many old souls in this video too. Not only for their performances, but for the way they handle the situations, the attitudes. Amazing.
BeatsOfTheReaper 16 (10 days ago)
That second girl made me choke on my food
Taylor Lange (10 days ago)
This video could have been put together chronologically by season and by artist if there was more than one artist in the season, but it's nice to see a compilation of young people
Taylor Lange (10 days ago)
Lots of young people go on this show. I think that's awesome. Who needs school when you can sing in front of the world?
Diana González (12 days ago)
Son todos y todas muy talentosos felicitaciones !!!!!!
Pépito chan (12 days ago)
You know it's good when they stanf up
Glenna Yamsie Taylor (13 days ago)
Keep repeating over and over cant move again
Dani Reck (13 days ago)
2:42 when I see my crush.
Angeline Bena (13 days ago)
Mirabella Mcgarry (14 days ago)
Omg beautiful ariana grande Nd other auditions sung by superstars
Dansque (14 days ago)
6:08 jesus christ. i want her to be a singer
RandomAnimeFan M.K. (14 days ago)
They be like *"HOLD UP?!"*
Arnav Vaidyanathan (15 days ago)
Anthony has grown sooo much!!!!! JEEEZZZZ he is sooo hot now, I mean — his voice is sooo good!!!
Abigaël Sévère (16 days ago)
What do they feed these kids
John Labasano (16 days ago)
m b (16 days ago)
Sethuraman Sundaram (17 days ago)
They really do look way older than they are....Here I am looking like a ten year old when I am actually seventeen.......😂😂
Rick - (17 days ago)
I'm Rick and 30. OMGGG !!!!! WOOOOWWW!!!
0:06 name song please?
Indestructible Potato thanks ❤️❤️❤️
Indestructible Potato (12 days ago)
Problem by Ariana Grande
Mini Pop Kids (18 days ago)
🎶 This song... these kids.. AWESOME 💙🧡💜 !
Trevors Hylus (18 days ago)
What is that speaking voice!haha
Baked Pig (19 days ago)
Judges reactions are really priceless i love the way they turn their chair hahahahaha
Nick K (19 days ago)
the way Blake spoke to the last girl made me kind of uncomfortable...
Ordnael (19 days ago)
-How old are you? -I'm 17 -Me too? ...Adam, do you wanna fuck her?
Haley Santos (19 days ago)
Zach as an incredibly voice
This is great like before
I still wonder of my age because of my height. By the way. How could I just saw it now? This is so much for me to take😭 That McDonald really shock me I bet she's taking Jolibee before sang here😂
Oday Ahmad (20 days ago)
wait wtf is he really 60 years old ?
milanga con queso (21 days ago)
7:57 amazing
Souhir Bouchama (22 days ago)
Marya J M (23 days ago)
True so is Sydney
My 19 y/o ass can't relate
Princezz food (23 days ago)
7:33 I have chills wth
Steffi Parreño (24 days ago)
That "what" ?haha 😘😘what what what..?
joealim alqaeda (26 days ago)
No.2 amazing
Ameya Maheshwari (26 days ago)
Mia z is so freaking underrated. I have rewatched hers like 1 million times and the one with Sawyer too
The voice USA is the worst. just saying lol
_strawbAerry_ (26 days ago)
You'd think Adam would learn from past mistakes, but he still asks for their age xD
Unicorn Lover (29 days ago)
Wow I didn't expect that voice We McDonald
Cielo Arcadio (29 days ago)
0:12 I think she is lip singing!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
sjc1997hero (1 month ago)
the 3rd guy looks so much like deven key like if you agree
Elsa Garcia Celis (1 month ago)
Mc Donald 😍😍😍😍
maryam raza (1 month ago)
Woah the girl who sing photograph was awesome
maryam raza (1 month ago)
Woah... McDonald was always amazing
Neko Small (1 month ago)
I love how they actually fight over the singers. Something I'm missing in so many TheVoice Blind Auditions. :D
Ivo (1 month ago)
How the hell is Sydney Rhame not famous yet!?
MC POTTERHEAD (1 month ago)
How old are you Seventeen Me too😂😂
Lia Galm (1 month ago)
Empezó a cantar McDonald y empecé a llorar 😅
Megatorri x3 (1 month ago)
The 2nd one was VERY quick!
Va Lak (1 month ago)
We Mcdonald had a dog
M N (1 month ago)
Man got them chills with McDonalds version of feeling good
Joy Ce (1 month ago)
What season and episode was Avery Wilson (singing Without You) in please? Thank you!
Joy Ce (1 month ago)
Hi, does qnyone know what season and episode We Mcdonald was in? Thank you so much!
jad rashed (1 month ago)
Gwen is stunning
Gamer Girl (1 month ago)
it had me dead
john blendell (1 month ago)
not allowed to be truthful on you tube the truth is blocked!
Mohammed Naved (1 month ago)
15:55 that Guy was awesome 😍😍😍😍
Mohammed Naved (1 month ago)
in first one the one coach who does not turn was best coach😂😂😂😂😂
molly (1 month ago)
i love adammmmmm hessss sooooo handsomeee
Naraas Glow (1 month ago)
Don't wanna say much, but Mia and especially We McDonald brought the house to it knees. I mean it's just unbelievable such voices exist
Tessa Kerensky (1 month ago)
Avery sounds like Usher🤔
Eli-jed Tamboong (1 month ago)
I like the "Mean" girl..
Zara Mawlida (1 month ago)
We's mom: YES WE!!!!! Me: MOOD
Maria de Pina (1 month ago)
I Love you
Guau,increíbles voces, qué espectaculares!!!!
"You girls are sick" 😂😂😂
Arpad Kudla (1 month ago)
Yes, I agree, I like her
Shy Díaz (1 month ago)
¿Qué onda con sus edades? Yo tengo 16 y parezco un pitufo. Por otra parte, wow, cantan ¡increíble! Tienen tanto talento y mucho futuro wtf. <3
denis invane (1 month ago)
No other performance is even close to the second one. Omfg that power and vocals
Darlan Gomes Silva (1 month ago)
Não gostei de nenhum
Jesus Gonzalez (1 month ago)
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zion Stephen (1 month ago)
does Adam ever not turn????😄😆
Torben Nielsen (1 month ago)
Wow girl who sang steam roller blues blew it out of the water and the others were really good.
Daniwh Erich (1 month ago)
I am feeling sooo good... centre of pile ..you know how I feel [email protected],from india ..
The girl who perfomed " Blank Space " is wonderful , i love his voice
Theresa Estareja (1 month ago)
15, 16, 17...? Can anybody be any younger than this? Heck this guys are like eating microphones in such young age it's crazy! 😂😍😅
PiratRem (1 month ago)
Sydney Rhame лучше всех!
Irregular Naomi (1 month ago)
The first performance has no originality whatsoever.
Katha Rexing (1 month ago)
I cried all throughout this video
Judith Conan (1 month ago)
The way Hanna turn at 14:00 made my day...
Choco Kitty (1 month ago)
Missed chandelier?
ruby (1 month ago)
11:10 im deaaadd 😂😂😭
Victor Félix (1 month ago)
Jacquie lee??? the girl who song the scientist??
Veronica Montenegro (1 month ago)
Shakira can't judge any of these guys, she sings like a fucking chicken!
Oğuzhan Yıldız (1 month ago)
Are you human? What am I ?
Iman Ahmed Kirmani (1 month ago)
18:05 dis girl wearing cowgirl boots? P.s where can I find this song on music streaming apps?
LA. Jazz (1 month ago)
09:02 😱😱😱😱😱😱
sagal Mohamud (1 month ago)
I'm suppose to be applying for jobs
VickypediaCottonstar (1 month ago)
I love singing but since I am 12 my voice cracks. That's a boys thing why is this happening to meee😭 I just wanna sing properly
Megan Trevena (1 month ago)
The third one looked like kj apa at first

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