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Skyrim Mod: Violens - A Killmove Mod

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Violens - A Killmove Mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56980/? Heartbreaker - Rip Your Enemies Heart Out http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32598/? This mod uses a mod menu, which means you'll need: SKSE - http://skse.silverlock.org/ SkyUI - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863/? Other mods mentioned: Advanced Killmoves http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48634/? Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (696)
umar sabiq el fathin (1 month ago)
Will my skyrim crash if I download all possible killmove mods?
Ron Fefer (2 months ago)
1:46 Why Lydia when you have Nazeem?
chaggeAB (2 months ago)
Texaco (3 months ago)
I installed. Crankes kill move chance to 100% now im not getting any kill moves. Can someone explain?
polypumkins111 (3 months ago)
Can I use this mod without skse or skyui?
DIPTANGSHU MISHRA (4 months ago)
loverofmonstergirls (5 months ago)
I have an issue I can't seem to fix the kill moves where you have a one handed bladed weapon your character is supposed to flip the blade around in their hand and stab, it was working before but I just had to add another mod that uses animations. Now that I decided I didn't like that mod and removed it my character doesn't flip the sword and just stabs them with the hilt. Is there an easy way to fix this?
Bud Rox (6 months ago)
Wtf is point of making or showing the fucken mod when u don’t fucking explain how to do it , huh? Fucken retarded nerds 🙄🙄🙄
till zimmerman (7 months ago)
How can i open the configuration menue of the game?
Yuki Terumi (8 months ago)
I'm sure this was a joke kill move, but one time while doing the companions quest. I attacked a low health silver hand from behind and instead of the usual backstab I FUCKING SUPLEX THE BITCH!
Raaandom (9 months ago)
How to install
F R E E M A N (11 months ago)
is this compatible with wildcat?
Tmawia Tmawia (11 months ago)
Fuck you killed lydia
Phosphorescence (1 year ago)
2 problems, can't customize killmoves ( nothing is there, dl'd everything ) and sometimes my kill move camera shows everything but the action, clipping through the ground and stuff.
Stewie11115 (1 year ago)
how do u turn on the violens mod menu. i have skse and everything
Sala6a Gaming (1 year ago)
1:46 why...why kill Lydia....WHYYYY??!!! THE HORROR
anonymous autismo (1 year ago)
1:46 fuck you lydia
Bleachy Mcbleach (1 year ago)
i put chances at 100 and barely ever get killmoves.... gr8 mod.
Radioactive Skull (1 year ago)
Is this available on the Xbox one remaster? I'm looking for kill move mods on the remastered edition
Bruh (1 year ago)
Which button opens the mod?
Ray Gun_YT (1 year ago)
Bruh f4
Cole Thomas (2 years ago)
dear god Wisp Jesus
Dustie (2 years ago)
Anybody know why the book menu in Farengar's room won't spawn? The book isn't there and mcm isn't on SE :(
Remember guys: when you do a showcase of a Skyrim kill move mod, use it in both sides on the civil war to prevent shit from hitting the fan in the comments section.
Lucas Silva (1 year ago)
Tem que parar com essa babaquice de imperial vs stormcloack . nois e o heroi do jogo cara porque nao nos tornar o high king de skyrim ou matar todo mundo de uma vez ?
Mateus Souza (2 years ago)
Dovahkiin HU3BR Remember Kids: When you took the heart of a girl (literaly...), aways remmember to say "Huehuebr! Evoco o Prassodia-Exu-caverinha-Loro-José-Francisco!!"
Tim Jewell (2 years ago)
they should have made it so that when you do a magic kill there are animations like if you kill an enemy with flames spell you put your hand on their head and then use the spell and a small explosion happens and kills them
Armoured Productions (2 years ago)
Tim Jewell Ye to bad there isn't any touch spells in Skyrim like in Oblivion. you could be a melee mage back then
CH34TL1K34CH4MP (2 years ago)
HighKings Ruin (2 years ago)
What mod made your lighting spell look like that?
Samuel Tuttle (2 years ago)
That's the master lightning spell in vanilla.
KoyasuNoBara (2 years ago)
Poor Lydia.
Naomi Summers (1 year ago)
“This is how to be a heartbreaker!”
Aramis Johnson (2 years ago)
i agree
Supra Sora (2 years ago)
how to you open the menu i have SKSE and SkyUi
MT. KALD『幽霊』 (2 years ago)
it is compatible with Deadly Mutilation?
Kieran McGrady (2 years ago)
Gamingmania (2 years ago)
i allready have violence, it will be better if i install dance of the dead too?
Rasmus (2 years ago)
pedro s (2 years ago)
+Gamingmania np
Gamingmania (2 years ago)
pedro s (2 years ago)
no. it will break your game.
YPluto_ (2 years ago)
is it compatible with enhanced blood textures cause this mod also let you configure killmoves...
zombiegone (2 years ago)
+YPluto_ That's not as much the mods fault as it is the game's engine, when you tweak percentages things naturally get a bit glitchy.
YPluto_ (2 years ago)
+zombiegone25 i did. but when I put the killmove Chance to 100% its not everytime... even if I set the value of both mods (enhanced blood textures & violens) to 100% its not everytime like I would expect.
zombiegone (2 years ago)
I am running bot with no issues, I recommend using the MCM to disable what the blood mod alters and you'll be fine.
SerDankalot96 (2 years ago)
Doesn't appear in my game at all it says it is "enabled" or something when i enter the game but other than that, i basically get a big fuck you from the mod..
Lavos YT (2 years ago)
Install SKSE and SkyUI. Install Violens. Start a new game. Bam, you got it to work.
Dylan Medly (2 years ago)
does this mean you aquire a human heart or is it just the animation
KleisterMeister (2 years ago)
+Dylan Medly yes you get a human heart
Bell Knight (3 years ago)
I can finally turn off magic kill cams?! sold! no more killing an enemy with lighting storm just for the game to forcefully stop my magic for some stupid "Kill move"
That random guy (3 years ago)
That random guy (3 years ago)
I have SkyUI but I can't figure out how to install SKSE can anybody tell me how?
mynamefrank (2 years ago)
you need skse before installing skyui :l just search Skyrim Script Extender in Steam and download it, is it hard?
Silver Octane (3 years ago)
+Dar'zoe Download the installer and run it, that's what I did to mine.
di- did you rip out... Lydia's heart..???
André Sena Kerber (2 years ago)
+Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth do you have the hearthfire dlc?
That's OK the any way!!
Silver Crow Gaming (3 years ago)
new O.o ? U mean that young lady that was there as well ? hmm then i dont know sorry :/
I am in the brotherhood I said the NEW grelod
Justin Lohrer (3 years ago)
How do I get to This Menu to do this
Magnus Petersen (3 years ago)
+Justin Lohrer Do you have SkyUI installed? You need that
the menu is a mod
goldy praba (3 years ago)
does this mod support the battle claws weapon?
Agingger Gown (3 years ago)
i've been putting 100% chance kill move and 100% decapitation, but it seems those "100%" are worng, i rarely decapitated any enemies, and it's not always going to killmove, please help me *sorry for my bad english, this is not my native language
Morales6 (3 years ago)
Is there a mod like this for xbox360?
Shogun Melon (2 years ago)
That's requires modding the game, we mean downloadable mods, not custom mods.
Morales6 (2 years ago)
+Rammus K
Captor (2 years ago)
+Morales6 K
Morales6 (2 years ago)
+Rammus Rammus sucks
Captor (2 years ago)
+Morales6 No they can't stupid console peasant.
Youngerhampster (3 years ago)
Why is the guy at the end dressed like a wispmother....?
Rezuvious (3 years ago)
+Youngerhampster Because he be Ballin
Indigo The God (3 years ago)
+Youngerhampster Because Brodual likes to be stylish http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56368/? here the mod btw
There needs to be a mod which separates sword kill moves into different styles For example there is one kill move that knocks a hostile to there knees where you bash there torso to death 3 or 4 times So if you had 2 modes, e.g noble and barbaric this move would only be used in barbaric. or the one where you knock the hostile to the ground and stamp on their head.
MrPanos2000 (3 years ago)
does the mod distinguish knives from one hand swords? I'm sick and tired of going through ice pick stabs and other knife kill moves with my swords
Gratuitous Lurking (3 years ago)
+MrPanos2000 If needbe, there's custom killmove setup as well so you can remove the offending ones from your killmoves.
yayab (4 years ago)
Can someone help me please ? i can't get into the mod menu ...
a a (3 years ago)
+The Animation Lord Np
Revenginator (3 years ago)
+Arnold Kluge Thanks!
a a (3 years ago)
+The Animation Lord You go into the pause menu, there will be a section called mod configuration. Then some mods that require SKYUI are there. You can configure the mods.
Revenginator (3 years ago)
+Arnold Kluge (Warbrother10) How do you actually access the menu though?
a a (3 years ago)
+MrMimicshe You also need SKYUI
StreamWhenGuy (4 years ago)
2:01 arrow in the knee xD
TittyHunter1776 (4 years ago)
0:35 I had no idea Anakin Skywalker played Skyrim.
Ur mom Gey (9 months ago)
dew it
Kaiser (2 years ago)
+Black Griffon Count Dooko and the dualies.
Agramen (3 years ago)
Rip Forsworn Douko
Fakeslimshady (4 years ago)
does this mod allow me to get dual wield kill moves? i dont mean holding two weapons but only attacking with one, i mean attacking with both hands at the same time, dual wield power attacks
unusual hat (4 years ago)
it's violence not VOILENS/POOP-ASS-BUTT
a a (3 years ago)
+unusual hat
TheKappa (3 years ago)
Fucking idiot
Issa Draco (3 years ago)
Thats the name if the mod, fucking kidodo.
William Allerberger (4 years ago)
I have Danwguard Heartfires and Dragonborn dlcs... How do I install ???
jakob bučar (3 years ago)
+William “The cursed one” Allerberger Sorry, but... "i know BY KNOW..."
William Allerberger (3 years ago)
+jakob bučar sure
jakob bučar (3 years ago)
+William “The cursed one” Allerberger There should be a grammar fix mod for you.
William Allerberger (3 years ago)
+alceushunterx I know by know but thanxs:D
alceushunterx (3 years ago)
You can find it in steam workshop, do research on google. It's really easy to install mods
KeepItSimple (4 years ago)
hey what enb are you using?
Ellis Gayle (4 years ago)
What is the text font he is using on the interface? Thanks.
TheJLAMAR23 (4 years ago)
I've always wanted the same thing. Or to show some kind of tail or claw attack or something
Lord Raisins (4 years ago)
1:47 Dragonborn wins! *Fatality!*
Hackz (4 years ago)
People will be modding this game until the next TES
Captor (2 years ago)
MrGamefan No, morrowind is too outdated and is no longer being modded...
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (4 years ago)
People still mod the hell out of Oblivion and Morrowind.
xXTacocubesXx (4 years ago)
I wonder if there's a mod where you can break bones.
hipoty hopoty (4 years ago)
what key is it to open the menu ?
Pluto (1 year ago)
alt + f4
midnight5895 (4 years ago)
so...will it crash when I used with dance of death mod at one time?
ThatOneGuy (4 years ago)
I'm not sure if it's just me or what but 100% chance is definitely not 100% chance. Maybe I'm getting the wrong idea of what the 100% stands for?
Theamson Theambaland (4 years ago)
sorry my english isnt pretty good.. is this mod compatible with otehr killmove mods?
Tijn Zooet Zoet (4 years ago)
How do you open the Violens menu? Please respond!! 
Son of Tiamat (4 years ago)
I want a kill move that shows my Argonian biting someone's face off.
Belzemus (9 months ago)
This is Youtube comment section, we talk about a game and then suddenly talk about cannibalism 5 seconds later
Son of Tiamat (3 years ago)
+Oborawatabinoss Avagantamos Tell that to the law of The Elder Scrolls universe. Argonians get arrested for "cannibalism." Imagine being stuck on the Normandy with no food and all the aliens aboard said, "hey, let's just eat each other! It's not really cannibalism!" Oh, and I guess in Futurama when Hermes wanted to eat Zoidberg that wasn't really cannibalism either. Semantics matter sometimes to, you know?
Steve (3 years ago)
By that logic, if a Tiger eats a Grizzly Bear, then it's cannibalism. That is simply not how it works.
Son of Tiamat (3 years ago)
+Oborawatabinoss Avagantamos It's still cannibalism after a fashion. An argonian wearing the Ring of Namira seen eating a corpse will be charged with a crime. Also, they're both anthropomorphic, they're both on the same level of intelligence, they're both part of a society. It pretty much is, even if it's not technically from a biological perspective.
Steve (3 years ago)
+Son of Tiamat (formerly known as tiakpark) No. Cannibalism is defined as an animal eating a member of its own species. An Argonian eating a Human is in no way cannibalism.
Red-Rook (4 years ago)
This looks just like The Dance of Death mod...
House Crane (3 years ago)
+MrReaperofDead They're very similar
Triniswe (4 years ago)
Did he just used the force?! 0:54
is this compatible with deadly mutilation?
everyone says ulfric is racist... imperials are way more racist...
XLBR (4 years ago)
What the hell is that robe in the outro? 2:14
XLBR (4 years ago)
I got it! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56368/?
XLBR (4 years ago)
I know, I mean, what mod is that?
Patryk (4 years ago)
someone could tell me how to open menu of VioLens ... i cant do it 
THOMAS PEWDS (4 years ago)
i don't think anyone will answer this :( but i have got SKYUI and SKSE and this mod but no matter where i look in the ESC options or on the main menu i can't figure out how to use the mod menu can somone plz help or plz tell me how?
THOMAS PEWDS (4 years ago)
+Dushko Jovanovich i press ESC and it gas nothing that mentions this mod >:(
Dushko Jovanovich (4 years ago)
Launch skyrim with skse_loader.exe(can make a shortcut) and the mod option should show up as mod configuration selection on your list when you hit esc...the skse executable resides wherever you have your skyrim folder.
DCR (4 years ago)
How do you uninstall DoD though? I'm worried I might break something if I simply delete the esp and bsa files.
Ryan Dryburgh (4 years ago)
how does one use the mcm menu that comes in violens? no forum or post has given me info on that
David (4 years ago)
jtgibson01 (4 years ago)
While this definitely kicks Dance of Death's bottom, I will point out that both Dance of Death and Combat Drama Overhaul together can fulfill the melee and ranged killmove features, for anyone who is afeared of change.
nicholas gunnoe (4 years ago)
how to you open the menu?? i cant find it
Slayer0fKings (4 years ago)
By all historical accounts and records the dragon born actually has the blessing of akatosh like talos before him, like st Alesia and talos and Martin septim before the dragon born except for potema by all accounts he/she should be emperor. If The dragon born became emperor he can negotiate a truce with ulfric who has his respect and renew the great crusade against the thalmor and with the dragons at his side like durhneviir and paarthunax and other dragons the dragon born would be talos resurrected and conquer Tamriel and usher a new era.
Marcio Martins (4 years ago)
This mod is on Steam workshop as well
MrDimjin (4 years ago)
MiniMugenMan (4 years ago)
Does this mod work with Deadly Mutilation?
The Grin Reaper (4 years ago)
Any mod that allows you mount heads on walls ??
Track Newbie (4 years ago)
I downloaded this with NMM but how do I get into the options menu for this mod like he was?
yayab (4 years ago)
Thank you for you answer but i already got it :) I find the problem ;  This stupid SKSE wasn't working at 100% because i wasn't starting it witht he skse loader. I had to change my skyrim update to correct it. Now it's working pretty well =)  
Track Newbie (4 years ago)
+MrMimicshe You need SKSE ( Skyrim Script Extender) Then it's an easily accessible menu. :) You can do a manual instilation of skse or do a nmm version that could have and error or two but is unlikely. It's quite simple and instilling this program will open the doors to many more mods. Good luck!
yayab (4 years ago)
+Kings Gaming Same problem -_- Do you now now how to get into this menu ?
JClayton 1994 (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who can't use Nexus as it keeps telling me to update "java?"
The Grin Reaper (4 years ago)
+A Giraffe In a Necktie  try clearing cookie or check your adblock
A Giraffe In a Necktie (4 years ago)
The nmm isn't opening at all for me. Not even an error screen. I click on it and nothing happens.
The Grin Reaper (4 years ago)
Mr_Barracuda (4 years ago)
0:39 , how do you get to that menu?
Hollow Phoenix (4 years ago)
Odd, half these killmoves are vanilla, half are already in Dance of Death, an older and in my opinion better mod.
Ike Wasweissich (4 years ago)
Hail Ulfric you "Imp"erial wankers!!     xD
The Grin Reaper (4 years ago)
Yes a fus roh dah to their winkies that how Imperials die
Mordib1 (4 years ago)
I question any mod that cannot spell violence correctly, but I may give this a try.
StrawberryJuice Knight (4 years ago)
+putridpansy1 Puns.
Mr. Sarcastic (4 years ago)
Check this mod The Fifth Gate it s a quest mod and a mod called Virus
firaxis5050 (4 years ago)
Hey, NMM users! A few months ago the Mod Manager just stopped working with Skyrim entirely. Nearly every other game, including both Fallouts and Morrowind (which I used to have a very similar issue with), still work fine, but for Skyrim, whenever I select it on the NMM game selection screen, the logo appears, loads quickly to about 60%, then crashes. I get the tracelog error which I have submitted, but so far none of the four or five patches since have done anything. Has anyone else run into this problem, or overcome it? Thankfully it stopped working soon after I'd gotten my 150-so mods to play nice with one another, so the game still runs everything with SKSE, but NMM is just so useful I'd really like it back so I can install some awesome recent mods, like Familiar Faces.
A Giraffe In a Necktie (4 years ago)
+IceMaverick Good to know. I still hate the moderators on that site.
IceMaverick (4 years ago)
+firaxis5050 Yeah, for future reference, 99% of the time that NMM is malfunctioning, you can solve it by just completely wiping it and reinstalling the latest version.
firaxis5050 (4 years ago)
Well, guys, I uninstalled/reinstalled, after validating Steam files and changing the installation folder location, and this time it worked! Thanks I guess!
WHA Co. (4 years ago)
Or if all else fails there's still the workshop.
Catto (4 years ago)
It did happened to me, just update your NMM and it should work.
Kevin Kevin (4 years ago)
Almost thought this mod added violins to skyrim
Blakobness (4 years ago)
Catalin S (4 years ago)
what graphic mod use Brodual??????
Tinkili (4 years ago)
Dat dance though.
ShootAirsoftVideos (4 years ago)
i wish someone would create and replace those killer move broken animation. its the one thing i feel hasn't been touch on.
ShootAirsoftVideos (4 years ago)
not fix them just replace them with a stationary killing animations so we don't have to see those annoying sliding back motions. 
ShootAirsoftVideos (4 years ago)
you are mistaken i am speaking about the kill move animations. not the standard animations you get from running,sprinting, and so on. 
DIO (4 years ago)
I find your channel to be a reference point for me when I'm on a search for mods. I just log in and spend hours watching through your videos choosing my favorite mods, then I spend even more hours installing and downloading, then I play 5 hours and unninstall the game because I get bored, funny, I spend more time downloading/checking mods than playing the game itself.
Jones Crimson (4 years ago)
That dude is wearing a wispmother outfit... WHY IS THAT A THING?!
Z4G (4 years ago)
Which ENB is he using in this video?
Ludauss (4 years ago)
Dufuq was that thing at the end? xD
Tywele (4 years ago)
I think the greatest feature of this mod is that you can deactivate the ranged and magic killmoves.
Ellis Nangombe (4 years ago)
Cool mod bro defiantly gonna switch up mods  
LeRoxas (4 years ago)
What is brodual's outro music name?
darude - sandstorm
Gamerado Designs (4 years ago)
really!? haha its a joke it isnt serius haha
LeRoxas (4 years ago)
+Leeroy Jenkins I dont get it....
Gamerado Designs (4 years ago)
+Leeroy Jenkins haha xD i knew someone was going to do it
Leeroy Jenkins (4 years ago)
slimey_frog-101 (4 years ago)
wait is he saying i cant use this with mods that add more killmoves?
leeteabix (4 years ago)
+Biene Marc Dance of death is really good!!
Biene Marc (4 years ago)
Is there such a mod except for Heartbreaker? Because I looked for one a long time but I never found one.

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