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RuneScape: Doing Crafting In DAEMONHEIM! - IRONNoob Runelog #23

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Text Comments (13)
Elyem (6 months ago)
If I sound tired it's cuz I am 😭.
Vegeta POAS (6 months ago)
lol im going for the 1.5m token coin picker uper soo yea im a few hours away if i put my mind into it will take me 1 week
Vegeta POAS (6 months ago)
+Elyem yeah i got 1.2m tokens need 300k tokens ima take it easy get it by the end of double xp weekend .... p.s. u can only have one perk on the ring active so its not worth getting the other ones up.... u know i saw u read u can alch draging to the coin thing in ur inv.. and last tip.. dont lose ur mind dungeoneering its my most hated skill.
Elyem (6 months ago)
A week?! Oh ma lord 👏. Bless your soul 😂🤠
Vendesum Vendesum (6 months ago)
Hi, I dont really think you should be alching everything because selling and running for more should be better xp/h. You've spent 55 min on this dg and I guess you could've done that in like 30. Nice vid, have a sub.
Elyem (6 months ago)
Yeah, I agree. That was like 7k xp per hour LMFAO. 😂🔥👏
Vi0 (6 months ago)
Wow I'm almost 99 dg and I didn't know you could get bonuses from the ring, Thanks for the tip lol
Elyem (6 months ago)
No way! You're in the right channel then 😂🔥🤠
Charlie Toth (6 months ago)
To high alch, you can just drag the stuff to the coin stack icon in your bag. Is easier than changing to spell book :D
Jay G (6 months ago)
Damn you stole my comment lol
Elyem (6 months ago)
Ohh 😮 I had no clue! Thanks 😊
Drovodox (6 months ago)
I suggest you look into the Daemonheim exploration achievements. The Daemonheim Aura that you get as a reward is very, very helpful! Also, if you ever manage to find a Frost dragon on a Frozen floor, kill it and use it's bones on an altar in that dungeon. The spawn of a Frost dragon is very rare. I am currently looking for one for 2 full days and I'm 93 floors without a Frost dragon, very unlucky. I don't want you to ignore the first dragon you encounter and go through the same trouble as me to find another one! I hope this made sense.. Good luck on the rest of the progress, fellow ironman ;)
Elyem (6 months ago)
Ohh thank you for this little jewel! 🤠🔥

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