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Skyrim Mod: Windstad Mine - Mining Business

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Windstad Mine http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57879/ Heljarchen Farm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ1DhwQU48w Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (254)
Dave Bish (9 days ago)
Is it available for xbox 1?
Soviet Cat (1 month ago)
is this for Xbox One?
Kevin Schick (1 month ago)
Just installed and started this mod. So far, I really enjoy it. Nice video.
Sam Walker (2 months ago)
When i first did this mod, i hired a ton of workers (i was a vampire at the time) and used the mine as a front for harvesting blood.
doubleAiden (2 months ago)
four hours? i have already got two days out of this and i have just barely set up the mine.
gr3y w0lf0303 (3 months ago)
I can't get the build permits
God am i dovahkiin or a buissness owner
tanraj mangat (7 months ago)
Make money farming yet brynjolf will still think u stole it
Connor Creighton (8 months ago)
No one escapes winstad mine
Senpai Of all Hentai (8 months ago)
PS4 and if not, is there any mods like this for ps4
Gallitorsgaming (1 year ago)
is this for xbox one,pc or just pc
Ray Barwicj (1 year ago)
hey guys is this on Xbox one
Ondřej Habina (1 year ago)
Fuck this mod. I cleared out the bandits and theres noone in the Highmoon Hall. So im uninstalling it and if theres a way to give it a thumbs down on Nexus I will do just that.
Ron Villanova (1 year ago)
Doesn’t the Dragonborn own the Ebony mine in Raven Rock
Sinkliner (1 year ago)
Is this on xbox? And if not, when will it be on xbox?
Eric (1 year ago)
I posted a link to this video video at @ http://tinyurl.com/MorrowindmaN-ReserveIncrease (a Bethesda Thread) again as a courtesy - letting you know. Quickly & efficiently tell Microsoft to increase the Total Mod Limit on the xBox One (& 1x) by voting here: http://tinyurl.com/xboxUserVoiceReserveVote (an xBox Live account is required). Thanks for your reviews!
nojus FG (1 year ago)
force the bandits to leave me: can you guys please leave i need this place to get rich bandits:ok
Ben L (1 year ago)
Hi Brodual! What is the difference between loose version and bsa version? I love Windstad Mine and Heljarchen Farm but I don't know which to download.
LoneFalcon (1 year ago)
can't seem to interact with the cart even though it gives me the option, (Xbox one)
LoneFalcon (1 year ago)
actually, I can't activate anything.
Christian James (1 year ago)
who else thinks this mod author should make an inn or a actual business in one of the holds where you can get trade routes.
gay cunt (1 year ago)
I'm gonna play this with the other landlord mods and the real traders mods and such. Brodual are they all compatible?
Lars Sandnes (1 year ago)
I've bought the Windstad Manor. Is it possible for me to remove it and change it to a mine?
Hermann Fegelein (2 years ago)
So, I constructed everything possible, the workbench menu is empty. But I still can't hire anyone because I need fishery furnishings, guard tower, mining stuff, etc. Where do I get all that?
Zir_ Carl (2 years ago)
Very cool mod love mining :)
Psychotic Muffin (2 years ago)
i would 100% mine the shit out of the mine when trying to get smithing skill
callum3314 (2 years ago)
yo they have this mod on xbox one LOL
GGrzesiek (2 years ago)
Where i can buy a perrmision for mine?
Tyler Head (2 years ago)
i cant find the quarried stone
Swoncos Bread hours (2 years ago)
before I knew that the town was built around the mine in the mod I thought it was falkreath
Pete Nowell (2 years ago)
Elder scrolls 6 dlc confirmed?
rat (2 years ago)
Now I must make a bard / merchant businessman who uses speech and illusion (illusion for avoiding combat and not getting hands dirty)
Flamboyant Warlock (2 years ago)
"illusion for avoiding combat and not getting hands dirty" Or add on to the "Im RIch As FUCK" play style. Get a follower overhaul(AFT or UFO) and hire a bunch of mercs to be your personal bodyguards.
This location is simply beautiful
Karasu Nara (2 years ago)
can you get soul gems this way?
Streifer (2 years ago)
so is it possible for my miners just to mine the ore and not sell them? wish this also has a npc that sells armors and weapons your forge your self
MrChralan (2 years ago)
Yeah, go to the mine office and use the ledger book and click stockpile instead of trade and then when you go into the main mine shaft there are boxes that the ore will be in. There is also a blacksmith inside the mine who will put armor and weapons in her chests
First Person Craft (2 years ago)
What i have determined today is that i should start using nexus
Duh. Workshop is garbage compared to nexus
Kn1ghtW4lker (2 years ago)
hey sry i know im late but i have a problem whit your Mod! I install it whit Mod Organizer and its good but wen i have install it the mod oragnizer say i havent the HearthFire.esm and my game crash after Starting but i have Hearthfire on Skyrim but it wont work can you help me pls ?? ;c
The mod isn't theirs idiot.
The WerewolfF (2 years ago)
This mod doesn't belong to them you fool
Evyatar Arbell (2 years ago)
where do i build the guard towers
David Cameron (3 years ago)
If you read this comment, fuck you and GIVE ME LIKES
caphalor08 (3 years ago)
so, i built that mine. great thing. one hint though: kill that bloody bard before she breeds. seriously, that orc you kill in the dark brotherhood questline sings better than that bint.
caphalor08 (3 years ago)
did the farm, now earning money to start on the mine
Viktus (3 years ago)
Johnathan Aken (2 years ago)
breezehome store mod let's you turn breezehome into a store where you can sell your own stuff. it doesn't require hearthfire, but there is a fun little easter egg you'd miss without it.
Viktus (3 years ago)
i got it recently... yay. i can have kids
LIFEBEACH. (3 years ago)
Jan Remmon Denubo (3 years ago)
What sort of Mods and how many If I want to start a new game?
Caenir (2 years ago)
? you choose
TheProGamer (3 years ago)
love it
KleisterMeister (3 years ago)
combine this with the transmute spell and ordinator and ur a rich dovakhiin..
QorinHalfhand. (3 years ago)
So with this ,the homeystrand meadery and the heljarchen farm and all my other "less legal" bussinesses ill be set up till the end of the 4th era. :)
Server Corgo (3 years ago)
exelsiar (3 years ago)
I'm loving this mod, only thing I can't find, is where the fish produce is stored. I've fully sticked the fish farm, but can't find a barrel or anything with produce.
Jamie Schmidt (3 years ago)
hm okay, I just installed and used the mod today, so I cant tell you much more :(
exelsiar (3 years ago)
The only one I saw there just had a default loot table :(
Jamie Schmidt (3 years ago)
+exelsiar There is a fish Barrel inside the Fishery, did you check out that? : )
DefileddNL (3 years ago)
+exelsiar Yeah, love these kinds of mods.
exelsiar (3 years ago)
Ahh no probs, I'm just running off logic ^_^ either way its a god send of a mod eh? :)
LosEagle (3 years ago)
I'd get it but infinite ores sound OP. It's almost like cheating yourself ores you need.
Alterius Zhang (3 years ago)
This mod seems is very easy to exploit, especially with Perma. You can enable the "Activate Trade" or "Stockpile" scripts in the office over and over, and it would generate you a giant stash of ore or gold (as much as you want). Smelting the ore (with Perma) levels your smithing up to max in minutes. I guess you'll need some self-control if you want to use this mod.
Jsms101 (3 years ago)
NOW IT WORKS :D This mods doesnt work for me :( It closes skyrim
William Pelham (3 years ago)
how do I get this on xbox 360?
Fenrilar (3 years ago)
You don't
mikaelvirallinen (3 years ago)
Spoiler alert! Come on guys..
Nostalgic memories (3 years ago)
skyrim is insane. even after complete all stuff developers gave us, there tons of secret stuff, + mods that will keep u playing for years and years.... damn this game is amazing, my fav part of most rpg or mmorpg games are minning, gathering materials, doing buisness with them and crafting stuff. this mod is my dream, if only there would be games more based on gathering materials and mining.... maybe there is? reply if u know what im talking about :) i could spend days in caves, dungeons and mines gathering materials if i can get nice proffit from it
Nostalgic memories (3 years ago)
+Jadandlud i dont like these games, looks like for nintendo or even worse consoles, i want pc game, with more of craftin g mining than alchemy
Jadandlud (3 years ago)
+MindaugasLegend The Atelier Series. It's all about alchemy and making stuff to sell before the deadline.
Diogo Oliveira (3 years ago)
+MindaugasLegend I have 341 hours in the game, I don't remenber when I bought the game but I bought the DLC in 2012, I am currently doing a full run of the game with mods of the main story line, any side quests, bountys, becoming thane of all holds, doing most side quests, probably clear as many caves as possible, get most of the shouts, get some randomn events, do all the daedra quests, install a mod to disband the thives guild (for imersion since my character will be the ultimate Hero of skyrim), kill the dark brotherhood, deal with Markarth (the plot behind that place ...), kill all the fornsworth (I hate them), do alot of quest mods and such, then move on to Hearthfire DLC for a while as a vacation from adventuring, and then finally do Dawnguard DLC by siding with the vampires, then I might buy Dragonborn DLC and complete everything in it, and then come back to the game when I feel like playing it (in translation, start over again!)
Duke of Italy (4 years ago)
I like thees mods
Kjell Seifert (4 years ago)
how dows one employ workers for the mine? is there an upgrade you have to craft first?
dino seen (4 years ago)
This seems like it'd go well with the guild starter mod!
Hunter Wolf1800 (4 years ago)
I cant find the workbrench :(
Ben Wilson (4 years ago)
Do you have to pay money for the mods on nexus?
Michael R. (4 years ago)
This mod causes my game to crash at 12 AM (Ingame), does anyone know why this happens? Already tried disabling other mods and used BOSS to sort out my load order.
DarkAgeDanny (4 years ago)
Now I can put that Notched pickaxe to good use
Art Bnd (4 years ago)
This mod, combined with guild starter makes me feel like the boss ive been yearning to be in a video game
Ash (4 years ago)
how do you recruit people?
Svetlana Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I love this mod.
[FnB] Aldy (4 years ago)
Both these mods are really fun and add an entirely new type of gameplay to Skyrim.
Zzarcon1 (4 years ago)
Isn't this place next to winstead manor? Which is also hearthfire content?
Venom/Danido (3 years ago)
+Zzarcon1 Just 10 seconds away
lazy gizmo (4 years ago)
i play a rouge build with different mods installed. i like to take all things that have value and loot everything to sell as my build focus around speech and one handed combat. when i came across this mod... i changed my appearance to thicker eyebrows and big mustash, more muscle and changed my name to Wario. WAHAHAHAHA.
Andrej Streicher (4 years ago)
i like to roleplay as a "bussinesman"/trader and this is a mod just for me :3
The Lone Chipmunk (4 years ago)
Ensec (4 years ago)
is there a point of the guards? or is it purely looks
soldier5645 (4 years ago)
So why dont any of the fireplaces have fires in them?
Jochem Schipper (4 years ago)
I was wondering this too, but the lighting gets added when you hire the workers and this is possible in the office and when all necessary buildings are finished.
Payne -indabut (4 years ago)
dude im in highmoon hall and i cant find the bastard im suppose to talk to for the mine  
InCap (4 years ago)
Will this work together with Morksom Estate?
GameWorm TV (4 years ago)
Now I'm leaning towards buying Hearthfire instead of Dragonborn.
Med Fawzi Labben (4 years ago)
hello guys! i installed the mod twice with loose version and .bsa but i can't seem to find the cart. I really want to try this mod out.
John F (4 years ago)
gonna combine this with my meadery
Marshall Matters (4 years ago)
ThatLazyAsshole (4 years ago)
Im glad i can make all these bisnesses but wheres my BAINDIT CLAN MOD! lol XD
KamiKaZantA (4 years ago)
Haven't played Skyrim since Novermber last year, but this mod gives me the itch to play it again.
Rian Craft (4 years ago)
VideoQuestEx (4 years ago)
Looks like an interesting mod, with practical applications.
Madam Oxide (4 years ago)
can someone name all the hearthfire mods where you build stuff?
Vokul Sos (4 years ago)
Brodual make about the mod Be a jarl of ivarstead!
William The Wolf (4 years ago)
that looks really cool whats the name of it so i can have it once i get skyrim for the laptop
Gordon O'Gairbhith (4 years ago)
Did you guys know that this game came out just under 3 years ago.
Lucius Avenus (4 years ago)
All the good tips - Brodual
grfff3 (4 years ago)
Every character, every time, i used heljarchen farm, much money such amazing. Now all my characters will be farm and mine owners, get rich in no time so time to get pimpin' in skyrim goin'! Just need that one lowrider cqr mod
e21big (4 years ago)
Come to think of it, Brodual, do you vote for Skyrim..ugh ugh.. Scotland Independent? 
Angrius Windstorm (4 years ago)
Very nice mod! Thanks for sharing it. I like the idea of the mining business over the farm business. Personal taste really. Both look like great mods.
ThieflyChap (4 years ago)
Yup, definitely will be trying this one out!
Coldjacket (4 years ago)
do i can go with my family in the mine?
Aaron Irby (4 years ago)
This looks like the type of MOD I've been dying for!
Anderson P (4 years ago)
still nothing about a mod to join the silver hands on nexus... so sad
RIP In Peace Seamus (4 years ago)
Honestly just the new buildings making it look like a village is worth it alone.
Peter Cuomo (4 years ago)
Zabhahs (4 years ago)
I wouldnt call that a small village. Thats like how big that one town in markarth is.
Bogdan Flagshoes (4 years ago)
mineraft in skyrim lol
sebaknight1 (4 years ago)
As long the mod doesn't come with creepers, I'm sold!
Saint-Gnome Cult (4 years ago)
Its fun how he say : '' Force the bandits to leave '' And then we see he kill violently a bandit
Ms. Tofu Block (4 years ago)
Should make a inn mod it would be really nice
That Gay (4 years ago)
I misclicker it seems

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