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Skyrim Mod: Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Dwemertech http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56037/? Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (517)
radzio2k (3 months ago)
ulbricht73 (4 months ago)
Naaah, stealth drones dropping bombs is a bit too farfetched and it'll destroy the game balance as a whole and make you over powered. Best not to use it. It would've been a great mod if the weapons weren't that shitty looking (like the staff). The transformation to centurion also doesn't make any sense. But get rid of these elements and focus purely on the lore and it will be a perfect mod.
I want a future elder scrolls game where the all of Tamriel is in a police state with the Thalmor...and then out of nowhere a giant portal rips open almost like an oblivion gate...but out steps the entire dwarven race and a huge war starts between them and the Thalmor
Lunar Dogs (5 months ago)
The Gay Dolphin (5 months ago)
Fallout Psycho (9 months ago)
I never thought I would see the day where you can call an airstrike in Skyrim that uses dwemer tech
Marijn Mes (10 months ago)
Really excited for this DuWaymr
kvohlu - the masked hero (11 months ago)
what are endoresments?
crownprince76 (1 year ago)
Do you have to be Dragonborn to complete this mod?
Daniel Gadomski (1 year ago)
C0DA makes it canon
African chickenugget (1 year ago)
Is this Xbox one or no
Johnny Whitsel (1 year ago)
Airstrikes in Skyrim... how dumb. Still, I must have that spell. It's too cool to pass up lol. Downloading mod now!
Reimkette 24 (1 year ago)
Can you get it on xb1
D.DoT-Z (1 year ago)
I love how Dwemer is constantly used to bullshit stuff into lore friendliness
Soviet Wanderer (1 year ago)
Fuck 'spoiler free'! We need to know what happens to decide if this quest is plausible enough to add into the game, or if the new lore is too outlandish.
Magus Silveresti (1 year ago)
I really hate the fucking "smarter than thous" in the community that can't handle anything that stretches the imagination in the slightest. "Not lore friendly!" cry the people who probably only learned about lore from reading a message board on GameFAQs and don't understand that even the *official writers* have to make shit up as they go along. "All the dwarves were made into the golden skin of Numidium!" Wow, I guess Morrowind is your least favorite game because it features a dwemer that wasn't part of Numidium. Oh wait, you're okay with that because there's a good explanation for it, right? Well it's the EXACT SAME BLOODY EXPLANATION THIS MOD GIVES. JFC, people suck.
Jakub K. (1 year ago)
R41Ryan (1 year ago)
"Dwayne-mer" Am I the only one hearing him say it like that?
Christian McGuire (1 year ago)
Didn't Novajam cover this? And for those not familiar with him, that's not a good thing.
Christoph Fischer (1 year ago)
There is quite alot that looks really good about this mod. But even more that looks completely over the top and lorebreaking. I mean, come on - drones, UFOs and airstrikes?! No thanks
Magus Silveresti (1 year ago)
Whine whine whine
Darklock (1 year ago)
is there a mod that adds a dwemer spider companion without adding stupid things like a ton of magic ?
Hisham Jalal (1 year ago)
stupidest mod ever for skyrim
Magus Silveresti (1 year ago)
You say this while there exist mods that claim to add "realistic" boob physics, because the mod authors have apparently never seen a real titty before and think they bounce like fucking hyperactive jello. Actually, this is one of the more intelligent mods for Skyrim. Just a pity its intelligence was lost on the community.
Holy Doggo (1 year ago)
voice acting is pretty damn good tbh
Random Dragon (2 years ago)
This needs to be ported to SKSE.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
It likely will be and if it isn't then the mod author will likely get his ass kicked
SrammVII (2 years ago)
Fabulous Imperial is Fabulous!
rat (2 years ago)
You could probably argue against this and be correct, but I swear these spells don't belong.
Magus Silveresti (1 year ago)
You could argue in favor of this and be more correct, though. You're taking a god damn game too seriously to begin with, but the fact of the matter is, Morrowind, that game everyone claims is the second coming of Jesus, is what introduced sci fi to Elder Scrolls in the first place.
Scumbad (2 years ago)
Flamboyant Warlock The Dragonborn hasn't achieved CHIM best I can think of for a headcanon to explain away mods is Talos or Vivec decided to alleviate the player characters boredom, test their strength, make them even more powerful or judge their moral.
Flamboyant Warlock (2 years ago)
Literally anything is possible in TES. CHIM essentially makes mods canon.
???DesFox ??? (2 years ago)
rip lore
QuimBertos (2 years ago)
i cant find that fucking burning green fire spell, FUCK OFF
MaxShadow (2 years ago)
I think its the same as the bombs you find during the questline, in a chest near the place where a group of dwemer are praying.
the artsy guy (2 years ago)
there is two living snow elves left no mod and on Xbox 360 but only one dwemer in the game "Morrow wind"😅
Mily Wolfheart (3 years ago)
I have an idea to make this quest slightly lore friendly while playing it! How about imagining these dwarves as merely a fraction of the old race, kinda like the Snow Elf on one of Skyrim's DLC's whom revealed the possibility of surviving untainted Falmers. How about these dwarves as well are like that??? Separate groups of Dwemer that became a victim of their own machinery, while the others disappeared by a more elaborate reason? I personally am gonna do that, I don't know about you guys, but it's merely a suggestion to slightly lore buffs like me :) (I also kinda need it for an explanation on Dwemer Smithing in Ordinator)
HazzaPlayz (3 years ago)
Its pronounced "Dwemmer" With a huge emphasis on the m and not an a sound for the e
Svenner (3 years ago)
Hope next Elder Scrolls game is during the first era, so we can get Dwemer and Snow Elves as additional races.
Neet Scum (2 years ago)
+ThatBoy Alan Yeah, really the only game to do that was ESO, but that doesn't really count imo
The Boy (2 years ago)
They never go back in time with these games so do bet on it
The True Upgrade (2 years ago)
+Shankinton I see what you mean but sill the Ayleid civilization disappeard and are not arround anymore, just because Rome became Italy does not mean that the Romans are still around. Same principal with the species or race. Yes they may have grown into the other races but the races are different, the Ayleids did dissapear, but in the form of a sort of evolution.
Neet Scum (2 years ago)
+caleb herobrine steve Because the Ayleids grew into all of the Elven races, Chimer, Altmer, and Bosmer, as for the Dwemer, they mysteriously disappeared and left behind this amazing legacy, technology very out of place in world they lived in, the Ayleids were advanced yes, but they were just a point in Elven evolution, their reign ended by man, they spread apart and became most of the Mer, excluding the Falmer, who were direct descendants of the Aldmer, the Ayeids didn't disappear, they grew into new forms and changed, so there's no reason to really think about it
The True Upgrade (2 years ago)
why does everyone forget about the Alyeids which were very advanced as well.
Jack Morter (3 years ago)
Here is your bossbattle.
kawaii hitler (3 years ago)
0:27 eh you got a message on skype brodual
M. Cato (3 years ago)
Cascade Hellsing (3 years ago)
I keep hearing people say this is bad because it's lore breaking. ...Who cares? This is a fan creation so basically, it's fanfiction and in the end doesn't matter besides being a piece of fun.
sheltomlee (3 years ago)
This reminded me of the old Might and Magic games. First you start out as a typical hack n slash dungeon type game with your party of adventurers, then at the end you realize holy shit! It's crazy space aged technology you're actually dealing with. Good times playing those old JVC games.
MCPunk55 (3 years ago)
The "Dwarves" were Elves, not humans, hence the name "DweMER". I don't think they used much magic, sort of speak, but mostly smithing, brute force (Their amazing weapons and heavy armor) but with a lot of enchanting skill and mechanical knowledge. I tried this mod and, honestly, I didn't like it. Some parts really cut off your legs and leave you for dead, others seem too… unrelated to the lore. And although the spells may look cool, they don't really fit in with TES lore. Come on, laser beams, rocket launchers and saws? This is just my opinion, mind you.
MCPunk55 (3 years ago)
Sorry, I only speak Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of Russian... I can't understand dead languages...
TheG33kyGamer (3 years ago)
+Fenryr 3001 Hue hue hue, but memays luv, memays lyf.
TheG33kyGamer (3 years ago)
+Fenryr 3001 Yis, sure we can :3
MCPunk55 (3 years ago)
+TheG33kyGamer I was not being a grammar nazi, I just pointed out that, without the "e", the word changes its meaning and might throw some people off. The person did not feel offended, and neither should you. 
TheG33kyGamer (3 years ago)
+MCPunk55 Don't be a grammar nazi, you obviously understood what he meant so what is the point of pointing the mistake out?
ThePieMan (3 years ago)
I think that the dwemer achieved immortality by binding themselves to their machines. You find filled soul gems inside dwemer spiders, spheres, and the like, so that could be the souls of the dwemer themselves. Seems like a pretty decent reason for Bethesda to go with.
They became Numidimu's skin.
Opa Nama (1 year ago)
MCPunk55 they where dwarfes maybe that's why a normal soul gem could capture them
dainius kryzauskas (1 year ago)
youre almost right. in morrowind (Tes 3) it says that they used it for achieving immortality, and they did achieved that. though, they started building numidium, a war golem-god powered by the same heart of lorkhan theyr immortality was powered from. chimers (now evolved to dunmers) got ahold of that, and waged war on dwemers. but on the battlefield near dumacs (last king of dwemer) citadel, on the red mountain, he left all the warriors outside to battle dwemers, while himself with a handful of other warriors, including Dagoth ur, sneaked into to citadel and destroyed the link between dwemer and the hearth, thus destroying their immortality and the dwemers themselves. (brough from the elder scrolls 3, morrowind)
Wei Zhao (2 years ago)
+caleb herobrine steve I've actually studied the occult for years, and if you ask me, they were collectively confronted with the choice of going to the next level, and such a choice is very, very hard to reject considering you can glimpse what is on the other side from such a point.
The True Upgrade (2 years ago)
+Wei Zhao i wasn't talking about your theory, was talking about pieman, he said the dwemers bound them selves to soul gems, which is quite unlikely, since whatever they did, they didn't mean to do it, they were just trying to discover and unravel the mysteries of Lorkahn, they may have become immortal but its unliekly they just merged with the machines, if they did. Well god help us all
Razgriz 3 (3 years ago)
Great spell pack,shame the quest rapes the lore.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
Fuck the lore
Mavrickindigo (3 years ago)
I saw this mod on "Bad Skyrim Mods" by novajam
Yeetimus Prime (11 months ago)
UFO's and lasers = most lore friendly quest mod ever
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
+Razgriz 3 the whole "fused into the brass god" thing is just a theory that hasn't been proven show me evidence that the dwemer merged with the brass god and then I'll believe it
Lord Moose (2 years ago)
+Wei Zhao Coming back to this with recent replies, I'm not sure if what I read in your reply makes sense to what's really going on or not. You basically said what I said and derailed it into further, moot detail.
Razgriz 3 (2 years ago)
>the mods lore feindly quest mod I've ever seen So, I guess you missed how the fact that the Dwemer were fused into the Numidium, and thus never coming back, was one of the big lore points of Morrowind.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
People hate the mod cause it "rapes the lore" when in reality this is most lore friendly quest mod I've ever scene (and I've been playing the elder scrolls games since elder scrolls 3)
Mister Real (3 years ago)
What enb is he using?
Vale (4 years ago)
Who else is thinking of doing a Technomancer build?
That Skype noise at 0:26 though...
IamMortui (4 years ago)
0:25 I heard skype!
Lethamosu (4 years ago)
THe voice acting in this mod sounds great.
axel zaki (4 years ago)
There is a giant ufo
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
It's actually a helicopter
Webber (4 years ago)
Doesn't really make sense that you have to gain 40 levels in a magic tree, the Dwemer were never really fond of magic and preferred technology. I thought this was a well known fact? Seems like a big oversight by the mod author.
Webber the Dwemer weren't fond of the current form of magic when they were around instead they opted to create their own more advance type of magic that also utilizes their technology
Padbear (4 years ago)
Alterius Zhang (4 years ago)
UFOs, rofl.
Spookyboi (4 years ago)
I reached lvl 40 destruction and nothing happened help
IgnemFeram01 (4 years ago)
This mod works EXCELLENTLY with a character I'm working on. I'm even writing a back story for him and compartmentalizing the story to take different DLC and mods into consideration. If anyone has any suggestions for Dwemer-related mods, please let me know! Mods I'm considering: Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton and Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation.
Ian Willis (4 years ago)
I would, but those are some of the best I know of. Right now, I'm doing a Light Alteration mage, just started the other night.
Shoopus (4 years ago)
0:25 Oh did i get a message on skype- Oh, it's one of those things... oh okay.
Zan (VB2P360) (4 years ago)
Dat Skype Noise at 0:25
chaos lord (4 years ago)
if dwemer is so advanced and invented laser...then why is these guys lost at the battle of red mountain?? 
I don't think they had this level of technology and magic at the time of the Red Mountain Battle
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
While they do have advance technology (doubt they had directed energy weaponry during the battle of red mountain) they were simply outnumbered by the chimer, just goes to show that quantity will always beat quality (it happened to the nazis)
Dain II Ironfoot (3 years ago)
+mylittlepuke 101 that was way before skyrim
Pony Man (3 years ago)
+Ian Willis *Chimer
chaos lord (4 years ago)
well they have their nordic allies you know
Kevin Meisenbacher (4 years ago)
I would like to see a mod in which you start out the game as a rebel Dwemer or Falmer, spared by the Nine, and you find other people of your kind, repopulate, adding dwemer and falmer children, and maybe improve the Dwemer technology (while still keeping the mod in the realm of fantasy, no sci-fi UFOs, computers or laser guns, please), and/or restore the falmer to intelligent, civilized elves; or at least just make them intelligent and civilized. And maybe throw in a bunch of time lapses to speed up development and restoration. I think that would be cool.
Matt Allchin (4 years ago)
do dwemer automations still attack you? 
208xx (4 years ago)
Anyone else heard the Skype notification come in around 0:25? lol
Wicker _ (4 years ago)
Listened to the first 20 seconds, never going to ever play this mod. It is not okay to mess with the lore. That being said, I'm sure it's great, and if I did play it, I would have to wright it off as my character dreaming or something...
Алекс Мёрфи (4 years ago)
What graphic mods using (spell etc) ?
Consumed By Fire (4 years ago)
i regret buying this for console(xbox) kinda wish i got this for PC
william mulholland (4 years ago)
Wish they didn't look like elves
Jayden Warbritton (4 years ago)
Is it lore friendly
Hjormel (4 years ago)
shit, i got a problem folks,i deleted my skyrim,ini,prefs and now all my mods is gone ._.?
kilstroke higest (4 years ago)
now, now  :]] we want zombies :]]]]]]
Jannis de Reu (4 years ago)
it really looks like a Fallout DLC. I LIKE IT!
John Matthew (4 years ago)
What the hell. This is big, its like a new Elder Scrolls DLC.
Puffs Island (4 years ago)
And it's SkyRe compatible... Yessssssss
Mystic Song (4 years ago)
I find it funny that you still can't pronounce Dwemer right c': Looks like a kind of somewhat out of place mod for me, idk. I think sometimes people go too futuristic(or in this case too.. ancient?) when thinking about dwemer stuff. Unless I've actually seen an Elder Scrolls game about the Dwemer Tech themselves, i'm still skeptical about dwemer mods.
James Loucks (4 years ago)
ugh, Flying Saucers? I know Dwarves were supposed to be very advanced but that shit is a little ridiculous.     My suspension of disbelief only stretches so far  
James Loucks (4 years ago)
Yeah that's my point. This shit is silly Sci-Fi movie in the Real world, so how is it supposed to be taken seriously in Skyrim? A game where everyone lives in Old Castles and Wood shacks? Its just TOO Sci-Fi to be Lore friendly. Yeah, the Dwarves in Skyrim were the Most advanced in technology but it was still, Believable.  This shit is NOT
Enai Siaion (4 years ago)
+James Loucks Not like in the real world clockwork and steam power didn't turn into spaceships, lasers and holograms in about 150 years.
James Loucks (4 years ago)
+Enai Siaion Oh I thought you meant 4000 years after the Skyrim story line. never the less, its still too Sci-Fi for this whether Dwarves have steam power or not. Seriously, Where did they get Hologram Tech from living underground and using STEAM power, how do you not get how dumb this is? Literally while playing Skyrim we only ever see that the Dwarves had Steam Power and simple Robotics. Which is advanced for the world of Skyrim but..this stuff they are showing in this Mod is more advanced even then what we have in the Real World! its just kinda dumb. they have clockwork and Steam power..and somehow that turns into Flying spaceships and lasers and holograms
Enai Siaion (4 years ago)
+James Loucks "its not fucking 4000 years after" Go read a TES timeline before flaming kthx.
James Loucks (4 years ago)
Humans Dont live underground, also they have Steam power in Skyrim, so its not fucking 4000 years after.  Dwarves have steam power, so how does that translate to Hologram screens and Lasers?
Crageth (4 years ago)
Hey guys, i am searching a bow animation mod mod which not just changes the running animation but every/most animations... sb an idea
SonicundMario (4 years ago)
Deja vu... I though we had this mod already :b 
ShigatsuMegami (4 years ago)
the dwemers were aliens apparently 
The Unwanted One's (4 years ago)
Skyrim is like the ultimate game Infinite an never ending all its missing is FUCKING Co-op!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!
JDLENL (4 years ago)
I said I'd quit when someone made a mod with legit airstrikes if everyone loved it. I rescind that opinion...
sebaknight1 (4 years ago)
Carl A. N. (4 years ago)
I am so tempted to get back to Skyrim, but I am sick of the problems that came with the game. The limited RAM the game could use and the dumb memory optimizing the engine has. I bet there is a good solution out there somewhere, but I am done with Skyrim and mods.
Oleg Lecinsky (4 years ago)
ENBoost + latest SKSE with enhanced memory management solve RAM problems. Still there are some mods that create more problems than those enhancements solve, and it doesn't matter how much RAM you give them. My latest findings are "Fight the Thalmor" series, "Locational Damage", custom followers like Inigo and Sofia create a lot of problems too - up to screwing up your saves. Papyrus Data Transfer helps cleaning up your saves, and resting for 31 days in the "qasmoke" location after purging cell buffer ("pcb" command in the console) is another way to clean up the mess.
Carl A. N. (4 years ago)
Don't think I did that? I think I did everything so called "stability" guides. Think it's my PC that hates Skyrim with mods... or something.
Samuel Watt (4 years ago)
Use the nexus and download the unofficial patches for the game
Enai Siaion (4 years ago)
Why not just use ENBoost to fix the RAM issue?
Josh Ramos (4 years ago)
Hey Brodual have you heard of Skyrim Colorful magic and the nine divines mod???
AguyinaRPG (4 years ago)
Very awesome. This'll be joining the other Dungeon/Quest mods in my load order.
Sam Schacht (4 years ago)
Putting lore aside this is actually really impressive
TenebrarumVires (4 years ago)
... Because people these days are not happy enough if their games don't have airstrikes and guns and lasers
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
+TenebrarumVires c'mon there are already robots within the game so we might as well go all out
Socon4 (4 years ago)
+TenebrarumVires I think it's canon that the Eye of Magnus is part of a space ship. TES Lore isn't as medieval as you may think.
crv (4 years ago)
Do you ... Not know anything about the dwarves in TES games?
TenebrarumVires (4 years ago)
+NinthArcher To be honest, I was referring at the people using the mod. But not in a negative way of course. It's a matter of personal tastes, and I simply find it immersion-breaking to find  ufos and bomb-dropping drones.  Didn't want to hurt anyone of course, nor the makers of the mod, which I'm sure they put a lot of work and effort into it. 
NinthArcher (4 years ago)
+TenebrarumVires But some people do ami, with your comment " ... Because people these days are not happy enough if their games don't have airstrikes and guns and lasers " seems to imply that you are aiming the comment at those who use this mod in a negative way, but I am sure that's not the case.
renzope1 (4 years ago)
i must known the name of your otro, PLEASE I BEG YOU, TELL ME THE NAMEEEEEE
Shion W (4 years ago)
Could you make a video for Nature of the Beast 2? now the author is developing dwemer tech as well if you guys love dwemer theme technology you will love the new added contents. [he added a working dwemer shield, shoulder cannon with auto-targeting system, cloaking device, trap mine, power suit that enhances player's physical strength, auto rifle with 2 fire modes, automatic and semi and now you can repair those dwemer mobs, command them to fight for you. After all the things he made for Skyrim, I think he deserves at least 1 good video mentioning his works.
Arrow (4 years ago)
Is this compatable with Skyre? Sorry my english sucks.
Joe Carne (4 years ago)
Your English was immaculate, my friend.
So the modding community is just using Dwemer tech as an excuse to make sci-fi laser beams and shit?
TheWitherling (1 year ago)
kelly wilson whitehead Not downloading doesn't make the mod unshit lmao
There already robots and airships in the series so we might as well go all out
clorax Bleach (1 year ago)
Christian McGuire (1 year ago)
^He can do those things if he wants. Fuck off
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (1 year ago)
Don't like it then don't download it or watch and comment on it
vytros12 (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but Dwemer use -steam- based constructions and not freaking laz0rz and spaceships, I don't like it when people give them too much technological feats. They use magic and steam, and they have an airship, but I don't think they have flying jets.
vytros12 the Dwemer have been gone for 4000 years surely their technology and magic would've got way more advance over time
TheDustyMuffinsss (4 years ago)
Oh wow this is pretty cool. It's too bad I'm bored out of my mind with this game. Wish there were some playthroughs where people would shut up. Or Al. He's pretty funny.
aaron cabral (4 years ago)
So we FINALLY meet the deep elvs its about time
Full HD!!!
Leajiaure (4 years ago)
This game is far too easy as it is, and these spells seem overpowered.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
Get a difficulty mod then
clickhead (2 years ago)
The game is as hard or easy as you want it to be. With mods like Skytweak you can change every difficulty setting you want and thus can make the game impossibly hard if you so desired. People who refuse to use a mod just because it ''makes the game too easy'' are dumb.
Oleg Lecinsky (3 years ago)
+David Ratto Look at New Vagas. No matter what level you're at, there are still tough (at least challenging) battles. Like the final one. The same is true with original Fallout games - no matter which level your character at, you still have tough battles.  Playing a game with no challenge at all is simply stupid. Overcoming challenges is the whole point of playing games. 
David Ratto (3 years ago)
+Leajiaure I'm sayin that when they throw a bunch of OP enemies at you when your a low level. Thats what is annoying.
Leajiaure (3 years ago)
+David Ratto Hey play however you want, I just prefer more realistic combat, where everyone is very dangerous (you are too) and you're best bet is to avoid being hit, not soaking up damage. It looks pretty hard to die with these powerful spells. That's why I love mods, they let you play the game to your style. I like being killed in one hit if I'm hit with a warhammer and not wearing a helmet. Even if it's just and bandit. I like to play my RPGs as immersive as possible, almost as a sim. But if you don't like a mod or it doesn't fit your play style, don't install it. I should've mentioned this in my original comment as a qualifier.
FallowEarth (4 years ago)
Im curious about something. If the Lore is anything specifically designed by and written into any Elder Scrolls game by Bethesda, then wouldn't that mean anything not in the vanilla game wouldn't be lore friendly? If they didn't put Eastern Dwemer armor, any of the the old morrowind rings, or skull breaker in Skyrim wouldn't that mean that those items weren't meant to be there. The lore doesn't simply mean whether an object exists or not but also whether it exists in that time frame and place. So any "lore friendly" mod you have is actually counter to the historical lore of Bethesda, because it simply was not in Skyrim at that time. My point being that modding changes Skyrim, it changes Betheda's intention for the lore of the world. Everything YOU or other "Lore Friendly" modders think should be there is a manipulation of Bethesda's TRUTH. There is no way around it. You can justify it anyway you want but there is only one LORE. A lore that accounts for every item, historical event, and even the skills that exist. If Bethesda says there is no more star signs or only 5 schools of magic, well too bad, that is how it is. So before you guys go around screaming and berating people for breaking "MAH LORE", remember unless you are playing a strictly vanilla Skyrim, you are breaking the Lore. So relax and enjoy everything people make for free. Its not going to spoil your experience of the game or the LORE. TL;DR ITS A VIDYA NOT THE REAL WORLD
Monk (4 years ago)
Uhmm. You got a skype message. 0:24
AgentFlea (4 years ago)
Bethesda really abandoned Skyrim. They could have done so much as far as DLC goes
Doppelminds (1 year ago)
They didn't, they just finished the game and released it. It's stupid to think that a company would be adding content to a non multiplayer game for the eternity instead of releasing new things.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
+Webber the new game better take place in hammerfell or I'm done with the elder scrolls
Webber (4 years ago)
Even more DLC?  Yeah, no. I'd rather have them work on a new game!
AgentFlea (4 years ago)
Schematickssss, Bionickssss, and Transcriptsssss I don't mind the accent but that made me cringe >_<
William Lionheart (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that Rkuhanch absolutely sounds like Zarbon from DBZ/ TFS DBZA?
William Lionheart (4 years ago)
+Vulon You did an amazing job though. It just popped into my head now, funny though cause on other reviews it didn't struck me.
Vulon (4 years ago)
I voiced Rkuhanch -- I actually based his voice more off of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but DBZ was pretty much my childhood and I draw a lot of inspiration from its VAs, so it's entirely possible that was indeed a subconscious inspiration. :P 
GreyThe SocarticGames (4 years ago)
great for my dwemer play through. I am glad I checked the channel before starting the playthrough. I wanted to play as a dwemer who wants to gain revenge on the dunmer and nords, but does so by helping the nords, and in the end will destroy them, but I wanted him to have special skills which we have here now.
Layne Rice (4 years ago)
I would never help the Race that betrayed the Snow Elves, the Dwemer are evil, and need to stay gone.
Zaur Hasanov (3 months ago)
+Z. Catt stfu
Z. Catt (3 months ago)
+Pony Man Wood elves eat each other because of their religion. It's perfectly normal to them. I'm sure cannibalistic societies in our world find some of the stuff we do repulsive, you are in no place to judge them.
Combine On Trial Mod (5 months ago)
Dwemer fo life
J17 (8 months ago)
Pony Man The Green Pact deters Bosmer from killing people, since they have to eat everything they kill within three days.
Kelly Wilson-Lawson (2 years ago)
The snow elves were a bunch of pussies anyway
IgnemFeram01 (4 years ago)
It REALLY annoys me when people pronounce Dwemer as "Dwaymer". It's DWEMER! Ok, I'm done now.
Peter Cuomo (4 years ago)
the voice acting sucks lol
AlexThomson1000 (4 years ago)
It does look like fun but it also looks out of place. I wouldn't mind a playthrough with my existing character but I wouldn't leave it in my load order if I ever start a new character.

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