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Analyst: Teen charge with underage sex should have taken plea deal

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Kaitlyn Hunt, who was charged with a felony for having sex with her 14-year old girlfriend, has rejected a plea deal. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Aye Its Cookie (1 month ago)
In Sweden u have to be 15+
Torvell Baller (2 months ago)
Thats 🤮wrong
F B I (5 months ago)
sir. We gottem.
james freddo (5 months ago)
i love how this channel has 5.8 mil but struggles to bring in 50 likes on a vid
Brandon V (6 months ago)
Fuckin slut, instead she should be beheaded
Michael McClay (10 months ago)
Isn't this where the whole Romeo and Juliet clause comes into account?
Decadent Descent (10 months ago)
Sometimes the only real crime, is the law itself.
Lance Kidd (9 months ago)
Decadent Descent right
Tiger Steele (10 months ago)
Jay 01KC (1 year ago)
She messed up her fault
David Crook (1 year ago)
Very simple she did something illegal had it been a 18 year old boy and 14 girl he would be in jail. It should be the same regardless of who is committing the act.
Paul Masgalajian (4 years ago)
Cases like this are the reason the French laugh at Americans. The machinery of our legal system goes into full gear because two young girls "had sex". A woman has the constitutional right to kill her unborn baby at 8 months gestation if she wants to and finds a doctor willing to do it, but can't engage in sexual activity as a teenager. What an insane country I live in !
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
Constitutional rights at 8 months to kill... the police has the same right to kill at any age, don’t see you bitchin about that.
Benjamin r (11 months ago)
French laugh at everybody because they are unaware how much they suck.
Rod (1 year ago)
I mean you don't know though. What if the 18 year old put on a strap on and fucked the 14 year old. If this were an 18 year old "man" and a 14 year old girl, the 18 year old man would be charged almost without question. If we're going to punish men for this we need to punish women for the same thing. We're all equal right ?
Mo Adewunmi (5 years ago)
That has been debunked by everybody. Kaitlyn turned 19 in August. She was well into 18 when she met the girl.
missqueenbean420 (5 years ago)
If the parents charged Kaitlyn the day she turned 18, don`t they have to prove they had sex that day before the parents called or after she turned 18. How are they going to prove they had sex she turned 18 bc it wasn`t illegal before that day. It`s not illegal to have a younger girlfriend at 18, they have to prove they had sex while she was an adult. This never would have happened if they were a straight couple. ALSO THE MINOR IS NOW 15!
Thatsswell2012 (5 years ago)
Did you read the latest? Kate violated the "no contact" order she got in Feb.. The prosecution knows that she sent the 15 yo about 20,000 text messages AFTER receiving the court order and they also maintained a sexual relationship. She also encouraged the younger girl to lie for her in court. Due to this new evidence there is an emergency hearing on Tuesday. I'm thinking Kate is going to jail now. We'll see what the judge decides.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
From your reply it's apparent you didn't understand my response.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
I guess you didn't realize I didn't parrot what you said back to you at all. It has nothing to do with personal acceptance as you can't LEGALLY be responsible. Big difference you missed.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
No, it's really about the 14yr old not being able to take responsibility for her actions at that age. She can understand all she wants ,but she can't legally be responsible for them, which is the point.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
it's less about understanding what's happening and not being legally able to be responsible for your actions at that age.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
This is anecdotal. She's legally an adult, that's all that matters, especially for this case. When I was a senior I had a bunch of friends that enlisted and were shipping out after graduation.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
True, if they pursued state charges ,but they still have the option of pursuing felony charges. R&J differ state to state so it would depend on where it happened. Florida does has R&J laws ,but 14 is to young for it to apply.
Thatsswell2012 (6 years ago)
"Jim Smith described the incident like Kate forcefully raped the Smith girl saying Kate stole his daughters innocence, when there's no evidence of that. She gave it away" But she hadn't reach AOC to give it away. The more I read about this case the more I support the Smiths. As we all know if Kate were a Kevin we wouldn't even be discussing this. It wouldn't even be in the news.
Thatsswell2012 (6 years ago)
"which is bogus as there have been many other cases where the parents resolved these issues as adults." The parents told Kate straight to her face to stay from the younger girl. I don't blame the Smiths. Kate is not a child and I wouldn't going to her parents neither. That's especially true since the Hunts were very accepting of a 14 year old with their 18 yo daughter. I would think the parents were nuts and I would deal with Kate directly. The coach also warned Kate.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
The parents easily could have gone around that in one of a few ways, as it is a federal crime, and pushed for the felony charges, as that is still illegal. NJ law doesn't supersede federal law. Also when dealing with anyone under 16 ,but not younger than 13, they are wards of their parents and to legally have consensual sex, need parental permission. It still would have happened in NJ as the parents objected, 14 is to young to give consent alone without parental approval.
Fuunken (6 years ago)
It's against the law for anyone under the age of 16 to have sex. NJ has laws set up ,but they are allowed by the federal government. This case could have very easily happened in NJ too.
Robert S (6 years ago)
-No, I am not going to read "between the lines", because then you can make any ones statement what you want. (people can say "Look how they are sitting, they are showing they are complete liars by how they are sitting") -They SAID it was as not stopping after 2 warnings -They only called the police when their daughter was missing (what would you do if you woke up and found your daughter missing) -Ages were lied about -Lied about the Smith family Go to = supporthonesty net Have a good day...
Robert S (6 years ago)
OK, here is my last post on the subject. I truly am not trying to be rude, but here goes: I just listened to the entire interview again -NOT once did Jim Smith EVER mention Kate stole his daughter's innocence, or raped her. Supporter of Kate have lied so many times or used emotions to twist things or go by what the others say...and not the facts of the case. -After listening to the CBS news twice in the last 12 hrs, I am not sure what you were listening to, maybe you have another link?
Robert S (6 years ago)
When the Police/Parents found the minor at Kate's house, that is when the investigation of Kate stated. -Phone recordings (and I think FB/Text Msgs) & Kate's confession is what got her arrested ***The parents of the minor told her to stop, hoped that took care of it, then she went missing. The called the cops for a missing child -Parents of the minor DID NOT call the police when they knew about the sexual relationship, they called the police when their daughter went missing. -I would have too
Robert S (6 years ago)
I just watched the CBS report (cbs12 com), had watched it 2 weeks ago, but I re-watched it again. -Not once did they in anyway say anything about making Kate Pay -They DID NOT come across vindictive at all (Even though lies have been spread about them, their daughters name has been posted, the phone/address posted...) -IMHO, they came across as very concerned/worried parents *So please let me know if I missed anything on the video -Reported their girl missing, not Kate being sex offender
Robert S (6 years ago)
I agree with "Kancerous"...except The parents of the teen asked her to stay away, then Kat helps a minor run away from home and has sex with her. -The parents felt they had no choice but to get the law involved. -Now, Kat is staying away from the minor -Now she is honoring the wishes of the parents -And she now sees the parents were serious (who knows what she was thinking before) I really do feel bad for Kat, but she did bring this on herself. -I wish she could go back in time &change it all
MasterPlanPenguin (6 years ago)
Yeah pretty much. I think all this attention will just hurt Kate in the end too. Either because A. she gets off but people still look at her and treat her as a sex offender or B. the prosecution gives it everything they got for this case because they want to send the message that if you break the law you will get punished for it no matter who you are. Kate should have taken the deal because by the looks of it no one is preparing her for reality that she might go to prison.
Beard (6 years ago)
Yep, won't matter in the end anyway.
Beard (6 years ago)
They are and you are and it's happening and apparently everyone is too ignorant to even realize it. But I'm not arguing I'm just stating facts and you're simply denying it and you ignore my valid facts by crying about me skimming through a youtube comment (like it really matters anyway) and trying to make it a logical arguing point when it's not. I'm not arguing, however, you -are- trying to start an argument and I refuse to engage in the childish behavior.
Beard (6 years ago)
I'm glad my valid point could make you laugh. Everyone deserves to laugh now and again. xD
Beard (6 years ago)
I was just pointing out some facts, I wouldn't call skimming over a message selective reading I would call that being too lazy to read the whole comment because this is youtube and I'm not writing an essay for college.
Beard (6 years ago)
Crime = Punishment However, in this case. Penis = prison Vagina = Media coverage and a whole following of blind sheep listening to lies and trying to get a sex offender off with nothing... Why? Well it's not because she's a lesbian and it's not because she's "still a kid" which isn't true, it's because she has a vagina, it's as simple as that.
MasterPlanPenguin (6 years ago)
Kate broke the law. She is probs rejecting this plea deal not just because she feels she didn't do anything wrong, but also quite likely expects with all the attention this story is getting and the free Kate groups and support on her side she will get away with it. But the law is the law and in the end if Kate doesn't take a plea she will go to jail.
Robert S (6 years ago)
Kaitlyn did turn down the Plea Deal and she is going to lose this case, so my heart really do feel sorry for her. If she had only listened to those who told her to stay away, none of this mess would be on the Internet. -During the trial, it will be interesting to find out how much did the parents of Kaitlyn know, did the help and approve of Kaitlyns sexaul relationship with a minor? ***I would have called the cops when I found out my 14 year girl was at Kaitlyn's parents house.
Robert S (6 years ago)
My heart agrees with "Kancerous", I would hate to see Hunt go down for 15 years and Reg as a Sex Offender...I would hate this for anyone. But, then I think... -Kaitlyn knew it was wrong and she knew she could get in big trouble -She was told by 2 sets of adults (one being the 14 year old's parents) to stay away from her. -Kaitlyn helped a minor run away from home So, my mind say "ANYTHING that happends is all Kaitlyn's fault"
241hnd (6 years ago)
I'm a little confused. The term 'rape' implies 'sex', but with a lesbian relationship, how can the term 'sex' be defined or differentiated from other terms such as 'relationship' or 'intimate encounter' or other such terms not normally associated with actual rape.
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
They did. They told Kaitlyn Hunt twice to stay away from her. The other girl acted out and run away to Kaitlyn Hunt and they sexual acts again. They went to the police in January.
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
They lied to protect their daughter. By the way read the facebook page Free Kate. "In September, shortly after Kaitlyn's 18th birthday, the girls began dating, and they eventually expressed their affection for one another in intimate ways."(free kate facebook). They lied the other girl turn 15 back in April or March. They 18-14 the entire time
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
The victim worked with police on the controlled phone when details of the relationship where recorded. The next day she was arrested. Learn how to google it was a very good tool
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
I did my research you have not. Kaitlyn's birthday was 8/14/2012 which means she eighteen about turn to nineteen. School year started 8/20/2012. They met in the school. They started dating in November of 2012 but the relationship turned sexual shortly before Christmas. They get caught by the basketball coach and get kick off the team. The coach called the parents. Other girl parents told Kaitlyn to stay away. The other runs away and the parents went to the police.
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
Nope she ruined her life. She didn't have sex. She could have waited until the girl was of legal age. It her fault. No one pointed a gun at her head forcing her to do it. She had sexual acts with minor
Jondus1 (6 years ago)
I wanted to say something like this
southport97 (6 years ago)
When in the hell did we start caring about people's private sex lives? Never.. until all this puritanical "save the children" politics of fear horseshit started up in the last decade.
khmer108 (6 years ago)
Everbody like to have sex even the reporter in here.
Freelance876 (6 years ago)
Guess they didn't like to hear the truth so clearly spelled out Bob Jones. I, for one, couldn't agree with you more!
Freelance876 (6 years ago)
This comment was marked as spam: "If u're 18 fingerbanging a 14 y/o in a high school restroom and get caught smelly fingered, and then after being told twice to knock it off u instead help the minor child "run away" to ur house where u then dildo bang her until the cops show up looking for the kid, then lie to the LGBT community to try to get out of ur fuck up, then refuse a generous plea deal that would have kept u out of prison for possibly 15 yrs, U'RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME" Go figure...
m hernandez (6 years ago)
way dount the law put 18s year old out of high school in put them in college this going to happen like it or not poor girl
Robert Collings (6 years ago)
If it was a guy who did it, it would be just like every other statutory rape case and they would throw the book at him and be done with it, why is there so much debate in respect to whether it is a crime or not just because she is female, that's what is really disgusting here
Gr8eskape (6 years ago)
An 18 year old having sex with a 14 year old might be deemed as fun to the likes of you and others, but the truth is many feel it is just plain sick and twisted and know a society that practices such wickedness as this without turning from it,will be judged. "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."
nilesrock024 (6 years ago)
Wait, what the fuck? It has nothing to do with someones beliefs, it has to do with THE FUCKING LAW! Bottom line: No law was stopping them from having a relationship, but the law of this country said they couldn't have sex. The adult in this situation made a bad decision and knowingly violated that law, and now they should have to deal with consequences. Quit trying to turn it into some kinda gay-associated bullshit - its statutory rape, and its not okay.
Sallent R (6 years ago)
If you bothered to read the arrest affidavit you'd realize Kaitlyn was 18 the entire time the relationship lasted, and the other girl was 14. Also, the 14 year old (who just turned 15) is cooperating with the police and claims she was abused by Kaitlyn. Look up the affidavit...the NY times has a link to it. Kaitlyn and her parents lied when they said this was about her being a lesbian.
Dadgum Roflwaffle (6 years ago)
Lol I can't believe she talked or the 14 year old talked about it that was a very very retarded thing to do.
Dadgum Roflwaffle (6 years ago)
But she probably used a strapon dingaling lol so it's like she was a guy if she can prove she didn't use a strap-on or a banana,cucumber etc.etc. then she MIGHT not be found guilty lol.
southport97 (6 years ago)
DUDE... you are so cool. I was first once so I understand your barely restrained glee.
southport97 (6 years ago)
If her lawyers can get an alternate plea deal such as adjudication withheld, and the judge signs off on it, she'll skate and all this will disappear in the media, but if she's found guilty and confined to house arrest for 2 years, they'll still make her register as a sex offender. Either way, she might as well count on not having much of a life. At least Casey Anthony has the luxury of living in seclusion, but this girl's problems are going to be tried in the court of public opinion forever.
southport97 (6 years ago)
Moral of story? If you're going to play "Barbie," keep it in under wraps.
southport97 (6 years ago)
She should move to Canada if convicted where they don't have public accessible registry. She needs to put college on hold because it's a waste of money if she has to register. Hope she likes washing dishes or digging ditches because that's the only jobs she'll be able to get.
Kris Mars (6 years ago)
lol u stupid
If a girl begs for sex and you give it to her it's totally different than beating the shit out of them and forcing them. The government just wants to get 18-24 year old males in trouble for having 16-17.9 year old girlfriends.
Drew Pyle (6 years ago)
This is all bullshit.....the whole reason this is a story is because the 14 year old girls parents are against her daughter being gay. Its sad that their dumb beliefs could ruin this girls life
BelowAverageLuke (10 months ago)
@Decadent Descent(this is not a threat, it is a promise)..I will find you.
Decadent Descent (10 months ago)
Your god more than likely isn't real. Fuck your god really.
ryan g (1 year ago)
Well, God said being gay was forbidden. I guess you are saying God has dumb beliefs. You will have some explaining to do one day.
sydandtaytum (6 years ago)
but what i'm saying is this happens daily and straight couples don't get prosecuted cause no one gives a fuck. and in most states, there is a leeway on statutory rape cases--- they have that 4 year leeway exactly for this reason. unfortunately, florida doesn't. but like i said, it's a total witchhunt because she's a lesbian.
EnkiJosh (6 years ago)
If it was a guy fucking a 14 year old girl you would have seen the problem
sydandtaytum (6 years ago)
i agree. americans act like somehow when people turn 18, they are suddenly an adult psychologically. it's not that way. kids date each other in high school all the time--- they are in the same mental state so it makes sense. the law is to protect older creeps preying on them, not from them dating each other. she's being singled out because she's a lesbian-- i am absolutely sure of it
sydandtaytum (6 years ago)
it's not that big of a deal. seniors and freshman date all the time in high schools. she's being singled out because she's a lesbian, not because of her age.
nilesrock024 (6 years ago)
The problem is that a 14 year old isn't capable of making sound decisions, b/c they're still fucking children mentally. By your own logic, a 10 or 11 year old should be able to have sex with an adult - the divide in terms of mental development isn't that far btwn 14/10. These laws are to ensure sleazebags don't go around manipulating young kids into doing things they aren't intelligent/experienced enough to be getting mixed up in, like sex. That you would even defend this is creepy as fuck.
nilesrock024 (6 years ago)
18 year old dating a 14 year old... What the actual fuck? Everything about this story is fucking depressingly face-palm inducing.
Letitia (6 years ago)
A fourteen year old would not have a clue about her sexuality yet.
Micha EL (6 years ago)
Typical headstrong females ignoring adults at that age no matter what warnings they are given !
Micha EL (6 years ago)
And anyone of them having sex can and should be charged with rape !
Emmanuel Lamarre (6 years ago)
what will happen if the 14 year old was a boy. i bet this story wouldn't be on the news this is so fucking stupid i live in florida and i seen a lot of 14-16 year olds going out with people who are 18-21. '
nlsnestevez (6 years ago)
why cant she have sex? we human beings were design to reproduce and having sex is embedded into our brains.... if they both agreed to having sex than what is the problem? the government just keeps getting more into our lifes and they are basicaly just enslaving us with these stupid laws.the government just stay away from all of these social problems.
David Mcd (6 years ago)
She's gay anyways. She can get all the pussy she wants in prison. Nothing worse than a gay predator.
Twostones00 (6 years ago)
TeaNN sucks.
53jtdyman (6 years ago)
check all couples. young or old.
Sebastian Behrens (6 years ago)
first LOL

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