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Text Comments (5656)
Jerald Yuan (2 days ago)
The best way to do it to pretend like you can't find ur phone and get them to call it so you find it.
Ashyy Y (3 days ago)
Take a girl phone number then ask another girls number in front of her
FRILAX (5 days ago)
thanks bro now i know how to pic girl number
Leah Grabadorsuarez (6 days ago)
wow i guess not all girls have " No sorry i have aboyfriend avtually" its just they dont like the boys wow dawsen actually 100% win a girls heart lol
Redd247 Plays (6 days ago)
Whoa whoa whoa wait... you need actual heavy stuff to get these girls' number
Redd247 Plays (6 days ago)
Yo... Clean
gamer guy (6 days ago)
The dude with the red pants at 2:33 heard the hole thing and is about to do it.
Ahiduzzaman Ahir (7 days ago)
1:19 Taking one's number and checking on the other 😂
11219tt (9 days ago)
100% success. Win
Huw (11 days ago)
Is it seriously this easy to pick up girls in America? I can’t imagine how many girls Dawson and Steve have pulled through all these videos.
Abdujabor Khalifaev (12 days ago)
When the girl personally puts the number in your phone 😂😂
Savio Nokrek (12 days ago)
Great idea😂
hogan326 (12 days ago)
Such a great clever idea
Pivns (13 days ago)
Dawson you have that same shirt but in white lol
Pegasus (14 days ago)
You are genius 😂😂😂
EL SI (15 days ago)
i bet if you come in albania and ask 1000 girls to get her phone nr you cant get more than 1
Camo_seth Rogers (16 days ago)
Damn gracies voice is so beautiful bruh😍🤪🤤
Ridmi De Silva (17 days ago)
Veggie Stock (19 days ago)
Wish it was that easy
FaZe FaiLed (19 days ago)
4:00 that guy in the back
Lurjuksen Lurkki (19 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this pro tip
Sonali Gupta (20 days ago)
Nice one
Yizzy Roger (20 days ago)
You make it look so easy
Oliver (22 days ago)
Nobody noticed the guy at 4:00?
All about HANDE ERÇEL (24 days ago)
hey man how many numbers do you have
Suril Soni (25 days ago)
gracie is wifey material
Fábio Oliveira (26 days ago)
can you grab my phone? -ok, i got you just put your phone number in there - ok, i got you
Hriiyizhuo Siikruna (27 days ago)
Third lady just took my breath away.. 🤣
John Lalhriatzuala (29 days ago)
I'm gonna try yaa😂
hardeep singh 333 (1 month ago)
plz sir subscribe my channel..... my channel name is hardeep singh 333
hardeep singh 333 (1 month ago)
great trick to get a number
Danny Rosario (1 month ago)
Thats awesome
Lord Slayer (1 month ago)
1:00 Gracie is amazing 😍😍😍
The girl at 1:09 is everything I ever wanted
ニャンコ先生 (1 month ago)
Abdullahi Ahmed (1 month ago)
Hhhhhhh u really kill it dude
MÄŤHĘ; MÁGÌČŠ (1 month ago)
Allisone I am Dawson now let's have a son
Nirvik Naganuri (1 month ago)
Do this in india you will be spot dead in the street.....😰🚫
Samy Alsamy (1 month ago)
I loved when she said sorry i have a boyfriend
The Wolf (1 month ago)
lol very straight out of the box
Lacika Talpa (1 month ago)
Philip pines (1 month ago)
Good idea so fun i love all your videos
nawazufunny times (1 month ago)
Nice bro I like your chanal bro
Aric Herweck (1 month ago)
You broke those girls hearts lol they thought they were so unique and special lmao thuggg
Aric Herweck (1 month ago)
You’re so dope man
Marvin Agustin Berdin (1 month ago)
Alison & Dawson Last Video
عراقي هاوي (1 month ago)
the last one was a hardcore lesbian :)
Mian Zaneeq (1 month ago)
I did that in my country ,but that girl broke my mobile
Zhimo Momo (1 month ago)
Gracie 😍
ishaan chavare (1 month ago)
Damn you got every girls no. Dawson🙏🙏
Harman bradley (1 month ago)
It looks so easy man but I always face rejection when I try these types of tricks
Rakibul Haque (1 month ago)
I gotta try this 🤣
Harsh Pandey (1 month ago)
nice bro and thank u for idea
malkaky natas (1 month ago)
Ajith Ashura (1 month ago)
Shiittt..... why am i seein this now 😑 I want to kick my ass
nivram oalis (1 month ago)
I will try that hokage moves
Roberto Zaya (1 month ago)
What planet is this?
# Dreamer (1 month ago)
Which country are you souting this?
Sosa Info Tech (1 month ago)
Dude she dial 911 from my phone 🤨🤨
Rahul Kumar (1 month ago)
1:17 the girl in pink and just passing by...I think she is lyanna Mormont from game of thrones
Daddy’s Little girl (1 month ago)
Go ahead boys 😂 😂 get they’re numbers 😂
OnePunch Man (1 month ago)
Usually they say "Sorry I have a boyfriend" ahaha
I tried this. Long story short. My phone's got a huge crack on the screen
Steven Perry (1 month ago)
All of a sudden girls don’t have boyfriends 😤🙌🏻
THE UNDISPUTED (1 month ago)
I did this in college and a girl put her dads number... and later at night when i called her he told me things i didnt know about my life
vishal rajput (1 month ago)
Well dude I like that u r very pretty
yusef ali (1 month ago)
Take the cross off it is a load of bs
Amit Maddheshiya (1 month ago)
Real smooth.
Satyam Mishra (1 month ago)
Dawson, one question for you:- How many girls till date have put their numbers on your phone?
Sports & Tech (1 month ago)
dont tell them that this is a youtube video,catch them all make them your girlfriends
Tyler Webb (1 month ago)
Real smooth lol
Ujjwal Surampalli (1 month ago)
Girls really do that......??
Raheam Jones (2 months ago)
The best way to get a girls number ask her please can I borrow your phone to ring my dad but you putting your own phone number on her phone when it dials you should get a call from your phone that you just used from a girls phone
Bill Kalas (2 months ago)
That is smooth Mostly 2:23 but I can't try it here in India otherwise so much wrong is gonna happen with me and my phone📱 also 🙄
Ujjwal Love Singing (2 months ago)
Gracie's voice made me so happy..Her way of talking omg!! I want a girl like GRACIEEEEE!!!!😍
the nerd beast (2 months ago)
What r the chances of all of those girls didn't have a bf.
Sav Armas (2 months ago)
That shot worked every time! Lol
Antoine Piruleiro (2 months ago)
My fking god u are a genius 😂
abdullah kilian (2 months ago)
01:18 the girl is stunning
Infernal (2 months ago)
Are we just gonna ignore that red shirt girl's smile at 1:08?
shera 007. (2 months ago)
Nice girls no attitude .
Edmund Power (2 months ago)
They're all set up!!
Canal da Jade (2 months ago)
2:33 guy in red shorts pay attention your techniques
empath (2 months ago)
How many girls gave you wrong numbers? Just an analysis
Cameron Lee (2 months ago)
1:40 she didn't want to talk to u did u see how fast she put that phone down lol
Dev Verma (2 months ago)
Was Cody your supervisor or something.
Ferdi (2 months ago)
I'mma try this shit.
Abdullah Reagan (2 months ago)
Imagine being this flatered and then getting your dreams crushed in a matter of seconds.It must hurts
Agm Artwork (2 months ago)
He looked way younger in this vid
George Kimboka (2 months ago)
This can be go well in Western Europe na USA anda Canada Not in our Africa
Sudip Bk (2 months ago)
Dawson is going to talk nightover with those girls 😂
Live The Dream (2 months ago)
Alison and Dawson beautiful couples ♥️...lol
Subscribe to PewDiePie (2 months ago)
*HAHAHAHAHAHA* ok, i got you
venkat bolar (2 months ago)
This is the best way to get girls contact ..And best video too.
will is me (2 months ago)
Alabama. Short sleeves and green trees. This was published in October lol
Toxic Lion (2 months ago)
That guy at 2:37 now knows how to get girls😂
Sa Tamber (2 months ago)
00:58 😍😍
Claire Redfield (2 months ago)
No one said that stupid ''I have a boyfriend'' line ??
NockClock (2 months ago)
4:00 Blue guy i see u

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