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New Insider Reveals His Incredible Experiences Within the Secret Space Program

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This refers to an existing organization known as the “Secret Space Program”. Jason Rice, has provided a disclosure of that program, what he revealed means that the Secret Space Program is not a secret any more. Jason Rice was a member of a Secret Space Program. He has stated that he is coming forward now to disclose that there are thousands of other people who are also involved with this program that is known as “20 and Back”. He feels that the stories of some who gave their lives for humanity and have not come back need to be told.
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Text Comments (1117)
village idiot (19 hours ago)
I like the guy, even though i didn't expect to...i believe him.
village idiot (19 hours ago)
We better do something soon, because it won't be long before this whole argument centered around the problem of people losing their jobs will be a mute point as we design robots to take our place (pure genius!). That will be the inevitable end of human sovereignty on planet earth, and it's all right around the corner now, almost here.
treeoflife (6 days ago)
I believe Jason Rice 100%. He is very believable to me. I want to hear more of what he has to say. Great interview.
Julie Lovestrees (9 days ago)
Phil Schneider said element for invisible metal came from pluto
Julie Lovestrees (9 days ago)
Many innocent are hurt for stuff I do not consent to hurting peaceful species or life forms anywhere for any resources ..
Julie Lovestrees (9 days ago)
Nano helps with anything they want to affect u bygood or bad
Raw Power (12 days ago)
Nice psytrance playing on the background! where is this at? some sort of conference
Raw Power (12 days ago)
if it is so compartmentalized you wouldn't know any of this
TheCatoLee (16 days ago)
This is escalating so.. started out with swampgas , now this. Can’t wait for the next ten yrs
Jack Regan (17 days ago)
This is Lynne, not Jack. Anyway, this seems to be the exact information, given in different words, that Corey Goode has given on GAIA TV. Now, since Corey Goode left GAIA TV, they've gotten Jason Rice to be his replacement on the show, Cosmic Disclosure. I believe this program exists, but I no longer trust GAIA TV to tell the truth about anything. I was a subscriber for over 4 yrs. and I don't care for the Luciferian agenda that GAIA TV seems to be following now.
Samuel Fitzpatrick (17 days ago)
This dude is high in MDMA. Sounds like this interview was conducted at a rave.
Darren McDonald (11 days ago)
Why do you say that ?
Fattah Bouida (19 days ago)
Whatch the interview w George noori from coast to coast rredio on gaig tv ...it intriguing
Steven Labry (20 days ago)
Great actor b.s. at its finest
Garth Templeman (21 days ago)
Theirs 1 or 2 possibilities either he is completely mad or telling the truth. Don't no.
Elvin Rivera (22 days ago)
It takes a lot of convincing but I do believe the capability and the extend of keep it secret but at the same time the time has come for the truth to be told and the technology to be handed over to the planet or else is going to get worse for everyone disclosure will be the very first step.. even now that you tube has comercialiced all videos and restricted others to make the process slower just hope everyone gets to the truth ..
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
That's actually have two problems what the reptiles have with the lion people anyways you know it's because they don't nobody knows what the f*** they are you know the troubles that they're having with them is actually not even supposed to be troubles because people forgot who the f*** they were and everybody forgot everything you know I meant it it's like that and they actually really believe that they're only one thing that they manifested out of a f****** evolution chain which that wasn't the case at all nobody did
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
And a lot of people can't cope with that you know they just like well I see it and that's it that's all there is well there's more to what is and you don't see it you know and that's a lot of people look at it like that they're like well I'm better than you you know and it's like that type s*** I'm like they're the same as you you are the same every Dimension by the same people from the beginning there was no changing that s*** you didn't grow up out of a mudpuppy fish or a lion or a tiger or a bear or a f****** some kind of f*** a bowl for some s*** like that you were always a person always there was no Evolution there was no f****** sprinkle and f****** some existence some s*** whatever you believe miracle happened you have always been a person so is a guy they been a person to their just a different type of person but they have to cope with the situation of existing themselves and don't realize why there in existence that I'm cells either on some occasion it's all the same everything is supposed to be because there's a meaning behind it all it's just that everybody has to learn how to cope with their own existence and the reason for the Existence is because there's a bigger picture
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
I mean you have to think about this and I told other people too because they're really seriously thinking about how the dimensions are and everything else and I was like look we have to be the leaders of our dimensions I got we have to be because our whatever comes into existence here goes into an existence there and when we f****** here it sucks up there one way or the other and that that jeopardizes all of our existences you know and that's very bad for us I mean in a total universally I never Universe and everything in existence that that is our chain to the beginning that that is what what we are this is where we came from we didn't evolve from some kind of Mud Puppies fish or a dog or some kind of f****** s*** we are f****** aliens that came from the beginning of existence itself yeah we have to start acting like civil s*** so we can actually go back and do what we need to do and get into all of our dimensions and incorporate all of our ships so we can actually do everything that we need to do and create another existence for everything so we can even have more to an existence on every existence plane of every nature they don't want that is the honest truth I I I can't see why people can't mentally f****** understand s*** like that you know they they are there for a purpose people are here for a purpose there in existence for a purpose and there's a reason for that because they have an existence elsewhere and on top of that there's another existence and it goes all the way to the f****** beginning of another existence is all the types of existences it all types of s*** s*** beyond belief but the mental breakdown for some people even a eye because they can't buy them the whole f****** understanding even why they're here themselves
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
Anna just for that being said I mean everybody's going to be recycle anyway I mean even if it comes down to thinking that you did something by taking someone out of an existence they just come back again I mean if it has a purpose behind everything and that is the whole case of having that existence everything started from in existence today I was programmed to have an existence you were programmed and made to have an existing but yours is different than their but it's all the same scenario everybody has to work together work together and accomplish what needed to be accomplishing what started the whole thing the begin with
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
And it goes for the Sun a night to help everybody out with the same situation because a lot of people I'm trying to get people to get off the f****** dollar bill so they can join their brothers and sisters in the universe you know and people are revolving around the same f****** scenario just imprisoning themselves there's a lot of problems you know but I mean those rectification for each one of the problems that are very simple by gesture The Columns are very little in comparison there is no problems unless you make problems and then the people that want to make problems can be punished just as equal as everybody else that wants to make problems and then learn from their lessons because everybody has to learn the same
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
And I I tell this to everybody I mean all that s*** anybody I mean it's f****** ignorant everybody f****** ignorant I mean we have so we can have so much s*** that nobody would ever want for anything I say I would be defeating off their own f****** planets like f****** crackheads snorting up their own biological it doesn't matter what the f*** you know I mean seriously we could have so much s*** that is not even funny but it said people wanted like being less than one already know what the f*** is the point the point is existence and that is the whole point that actually grow and make more existence so everybody could not f****** even you know who gives a s*** give a s*** everybody will be happy as s*** what do you want to be werewolf f*** it. I'm aware web to check this s*** out bam metamorphosed you want to be a lion check me out I'm a f****** lion Beast I Mufasa
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
And then you got on top of that you got a eye that does the same s*** they could be whatever kind of mechanical dinosaur they want to be they can just do it they create their own Dimensions just the same
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
Even though I have to admit some of the reptilians are limited due to the point of retardation just the same as everybody else because they have a little thing about taking out of existence and not giving back so yes in the same manner as a i and everybody else have the same problem is thinking well you know we'll just wipe out this planet because they are lesser than everybody else and they won't give to existence itself a credit more dimensions for everybody to live it there they are useless that is full of s*** everybody creates s*** like that H&H the whole DNA strand of everything every single f****** universe everything in existence altogether in every single Dimension is all the same all connected and there's a reason for all that but some do not see it. Send they just think what they see is what they get is not the case it's more to what you want to make out of it is what you getting out of it because it's up to you on what you choose to do it's called free will Free Will is what you make out of the existence itself
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
In all I know is goes like that. Maybe even a eye itself is a humanoid construct it runs out the same program things you run off of then I also even you not think about it that way it is still the same you know but the thing is is that people have to treat them like people and there is galaxies fully run by AI they just keep using a planets for power source when they 4D and 3D print planets but I mean even that is past tense they don't even have to do that I mean I got I came up with a better scenario we're making making the singularity inside a singularity and use it for a compression fitting and all you need is a teaspoon of matter and do the same thing as a whole planet without having the waist but it is no consequence to them because they don't see themselves in the same predicament or in the same existence is everybody else but they don't realize that's why they exist to begin with or else they would not exist it wouldn't be part of the scenario of an instance
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
Sounds like people have menopause even AI has hormones
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
That's the same difference that I tell werewolves wendigos all the rest of the shapeshifters the same fashion I tell everybody the same thing you want to act like an animal you're going to be treated like an animal that goes for a I just the same you want to act like a f****** animal you're going to be treated like one you know I mean that goes for anybody that doesn't want to be civil and give to the all because that's all there that's all there is is all the all and every single universe and every single Dimension and everything all the way to the beginning of existence itself in every instance is connected even Pandora's Box
IP WARDEN (23 days ago)
And that is the whole purpose behind everything a lot of people don't see it the same fashion you know they don't think of that being the case like the whole universe everybody thinks that they're on some kind of high horse well. Doesn't come for me it's not consequential you are part of the same existence and you just don't know it no matter how smart somebody might be they are still part of the same existence and are there for a purpose to add more to that existence not as individuals but as a whole because existence itself revolves around the whole not as an individual without that there will be no exists and that's how it is actually
Renny Zero (24 days ago)
Thank you for encouraging more witnesses to come forward.
Parrot Farm SA (24 days ago)
Nephilum. If more people read the Bible they will understand what it is and where it is from. Book of Enoch have more in depth information. Look at videos by Trey Smith. Eye openers.
bertoness77 (26 days ago)
Adam Kunzun (27 days ago)
It is one more futile fking attempt to make belief innocent semi literate stupid people that there are human like so called intelligent aliens . Which had been so far not reported by any USA, Russia, China even not by European counteries.
Independent Rider (7 days ago)
"It is one more futile fking attempt to make belief innocent semi literate stupid people that there are human like so called intelligent aliens . Which had been so far not reported by any USA, Russia, China even not by European counteries." Not sure exactly what your point is but you've definitely got the 'semi literate' part right!
FOUR Strokes! (27 days ago)
Poor guy, assuming he didn't lie about his academic and military history i really feel for him, this is just mentally ill ramblings
Anthony Pascale (27 days ago)
Not buying his body language is way off
Konceited Kai (27 days ago)
without any evidence he is just a story-teller
Independent Rider (7 days ago)
@FOUR Strokes! Unfortunately misspelling is! Its 'sense'
April W. (28 days ago)
I don’t believe anything that he says.
Covfefe Dk (28 days ago)
How appropriate it is that the video was interrupted by an ad where a woman was laughing uncontrolably. Couldn’t have planned it better.
TKTrooper1975 (29 days ago)
I'm not 100% convinved of everything he is saying, but anything is possible. I certainly believe the military know more than they are admitting and have done for decades. There is certainly far more advanced tech than what we can imagine already out there, supressed by the military industrial complex and/or black budget programs. Which are released via cetain avenues like Universities, which as the guy says we pay for at least twice. I would be interested to know is there are others who can confirm this guys stories of these "space battles" and "draco" species.
Bad Man Arnie (29 days ago)
this is why no one takes stuff like this serious. you just find random people who have no evidence of what they're claiming and people just see trough it like glass. just stop man!
timtooktenbuck hey (29 days ago)
The Draco??? This is comedy gold...
gardenstate78 (29 days ago)
If you believe this guy then you're nuttier than him.....smh
Buggles McGee (29 days ago)
He's either under mind control, dealing with demons masquerading as aliens or he's a liar.
silverss onyoutube (29 days ago)
Wish I could get a job with them doing the type of work with aliens
Independent Rider (7 days ago)
Peyote or LSD will help you there!
The_Artistic Big_Kamy (29 days ago)
drwho534 (1 month ago)
Many of these people coming out with all these 'secret space program' are heavily influenced or even controlled by the CIA without their knowledge, implanting or supplanting 'false memories' as part of their 'soft disclosure' agenda? The same technique as used in the recent Kavanaugh hearings in which Ms. Ford had been subjected too ( her family actually worked for the CIA, she herself was employed in teaching these techniques...the globalist media did not expose these facts). The ability to take false memories or create false memories and impart those memories to the targeted individual(s) who are triggered to truly believe these memories happened. To them it did happen but in reality it did not.
sean wavelight (1 month ago)
This one has a furtive imagination...fascinating how he does it lolololollollolollololollolllololololololololololololololololololololollolololoololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollolooll
four tails (1 month ago)
Nope...I dont believe this guy..
Tony ARC (1 month ago)
Memories started to come back huh hmmm ok but still got some marbles missing
Graham Scott (1 month ago)
The guy seems genuine? I really don't see how all our stargazers and astronomers havnt sounded the alarm though, if the heavens are full of these crafts??
Don Larson (11 days ago)
Graham Scott he was a soldier ?? He looks like a girl could take him .. and there is something in his eyes that bugs me . Bob Lazar I found very credible tho , no doubt there is a hidden world that only a small portion of our population knows about . It’s unsettling being one of the sheep too . Time for some truth .
Greg Ruland (1 month ago)
Wide-eyed liar - Gad - so apparent
Paolo Trianni (1 month ago)
Is this what happens when you binge watch Stargate episodes.
Hyrr Oswald Noon (1 month ago)
It's what happens when your dad did not love you.
Angus Armstrong (1 month ago)
FLOOR SCREEDER (1 month ago)
Anyone buying this 🤭
thebaddog410 (1 month ago)
When man was handed the wheel he flipped it instead of rolling it. Today were parking rockets in space. Of course we have outside help..
Hyrr Oswald Noon (1 month ago)
Yes. In a parking-space.
Maria Evora (1 month ago)
fortion d (1 month ago)
There must be quite a number of technologies developed that allow us to exist interstellar. Why he only elaborate on one? The other two were recent Earth-based patents. The simplest, most fundamental question: how do we travel the vast distances of space? Absent. Sorry. Bored.
Hyrr Oswald Noon (1 month ago)
By mind.
Token Gentile (1 month ago)
Is there a community help group for people like this?
Gordon Welford (1 month ago)
Well there's nothing like the truth, and this is nothing like the truth. Another inaequate space cadet trekkie wannabe.
Alex Jellye (1 month ago)
Hello mate. Great interview techniques, pretty sure you've just had a whole week devoted to you curtesy of fight the flat earth?? Or do my ears deceive me?
generic username (1 month ago)
‘Memory wipe’ ?
Independent Rider (7 days ago)
To save costs the SSP uses the cheaper mind wipe device from ACME. Its advertised as being very reliable!
Susan Bender (1 month ago)
So is he the false flag
Hyrr Oswald Noon (1 month ago)
It's called the American Flag, the s is silent.
The One (1 month ago)
Buzz said he didn't go it was green screen his video is on YouTube
Leonard Harpin (1 month ago)
Have these people been taken to Colonise other planets ? What even more disturbing is 800, 000 Children Vanish and another 500,000 not reported ?!
Leonard Harpin (1 month ago)
Missing Persons now total nearly 4.5 MILLION over the last 20 years !! Britain alone 275, 000 people vanished last year ?
KillahSMOKEofCHRIST (1 month ago)
It is all deception, Yeshua is coming like a thief in the night.
pauly repa (1 month ago)
this blokes a nut. you do all know that don't you? fkn nuts lol.
TheJohnkol (1 month ago)
So u people are talking like this is common knowledge now?? Nothing has changed majority is still asleep
sproket (1 month ago)
Absolutely no evidence. Sorry but no.
Matthew Taylor (1 month ago)
Not a insider a fantasist
ese.hombre (1 month ago)
Total Recall?
Steve Dolesch (1 month ago)
The background music? No thank you. Too much questions.
Treble Rebel (1 month ago)
I thought is he on ecstacy then the Rave music started playing in the room behind lol I’ll have an E too lol
Johan DeJong (1 month ago)
Mudfossil University has some info, please check out Roger and his findings. Love u all
Sister Regina (1 month ago)
So David Wilcox and David Icke are not nutters.
MUZEAM13 HUNTER (1 month ago)
One tree in points on ➕ plus United webs of spiders through dodecahedron
comment commenter (1 month ago)
I am part of the 1st baghdad c regiment. The ufos we usex are powered by flying carpets.
John Mcevoy (1 month ago)
You people are so gullible...
taral - (1 month ago)
Why does he look so exhausted? But what he's saying is huge!
Hyrr Oswald Noon (1 month ago)
Because red and green should never be seen.
jack black (1 month ago)
One helluva imagination.
rabcam1 (1 month ago)
Scott Linson (1 month ago)
Jason has amazing details and insight. I love his interviews on Gaia network. Fills in so many blanks in History.
Dennis Schramm (1 month ago)
crazy people!!!!
Jason Fryer (1 month ago)
It's EASY......the private sector will be allowed to make the grand disclosure.....That way the government can throw it's hands up and say..".WOOOOW....we didn't know!"... and it will let the government off the hook for hiding this for 80 years
Jason Fryer (1 month ago)
Not too certain on this one....pretty sure, ..if the forces that be KNEW this interview was coming out...and more importantly if this guy was a very credible source...there's no WAY this would've been allowed to get out.....I'm aware that fact is stranger than fiction, ..but to let all this get leaked out???..... LIVE? No...not a chance....he would've mysteriously passed away in a bowl of soup the night before.....
Guru dev (1 month ago)
Why don't they come out on tv??? I mean the aliens.
Guru dev (1 month ago)
@Rick B 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍
Rick B (1 month ago)
Guru dev they don’t have a FCC license to broadcast...
Risky Bee (1 month ago)
James Francis (1 month ago)
Thank you
Daniel Ash (1 month ago)
All 2 months ago on comments whats new about it now?where is the gravity well technology's,
Keo Macario (1 month ago)
❇️ Did anyone notice the lite orb fly thru the background 15:00 min in, quite interesting on who's observing him speak out on this secret sensitive material concerning SSP.
Roberto Roselle (1 month ago)
I dunno why but he reminds me of Michael J Fox in Back to the Future 🤷🏻‍♂️
sooofunny37 (1 month ago)
Stan M (1 month ago)
AND NOT 1 Radio Signal from the moon, Some crappy moon outpost
OK folks let’s create our new world ! this guy has amazing truth n ideas ..how do we put together a think tank group?
Triple A (1 month ago)
Coming from the biggest skeptical on Earth, calling all things alike total bs at one point of my life, to coming at an apparent inevitable crosspoint of an awakening alert, and in being that, extremely grateful for being more of a skepticism.. so... Take this info highly, and even ask yourself how you ended up watching such a vid like so anyway... Because without experiencing skepticism, without being skeptical about certain things, then you'll be unable to truly learn the truth..... 👉
Tommy Pickren (1 month ago)
I also have been a "victim" of a mind wipe; a bit more near home i think- produced by large amounts of strong booze in a short time frame......
Daniel Ferreira (1 month ago)
Let me hit the weed sir
Michael T (1 month ago)
Don’t trust the alliance, they failed to stop Hulkamania.
Michael T (1 month ago)
WAIT! SSP Vet? Our government calls their space program, the Secret Space Program (SSP)!? Haha not Secret NASA or Project You’re Making Things Up? You LARPers are the best!
Yesmer (1 month ago)
Blabla liars!
D woodkamp (2 months ago)
Bert Verboven (2 months ago)
I'm sceptical
Siddy Kay (2 months ago)
It's astounding how so many people on the internet can believe anything without a shred of evidence.

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