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10 insane mods that completely change your favorite games

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10 insane mods that completely change your favorite games. In this video we want to show you that there are ways to get even more fun out of your existing game collection. These mods change the look and feel or even the game’s genre. So we aren’t just talking about riding My Little Ponies in Skyrim. Let’s have a look at 10 insane mods that completely change your favorite games! ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Merchandise - http://shop.zoomin.tv/#/ZoominGamesShop ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zoomingames.ig ► Discord - https://discord.gg/3xzSxEa ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomintvgames ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ CREDITS Music provided by Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/
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Text Comments (215)
Frostyflakes 1000 (6 months ago)
If only Xbox mods had more quest mods and not useless garbage
Tofi Flute (11 months ago)
Ark Addict (1 year ago)
Out of all the ark mods, you choose Primitiv +? rly? this sucks...
doc boi mr. (1 year ago)
not my favorit but terria:calmty mod tharn the in fair survivle to IMPUSIBUL to beet
Andrew Mackeev (1 year ago)
DOTA, Counter Strike
Ethan Breton (1 year ago)
Dominate think mm-hmm huge link especially grocery review collapse personnel legacy precisely explode.
razorback9999able (1 year ago)
Coop Mode: Starcraft Brood War is anothee example.
Kalla Lightheart (1 year ago)
Enderal is amazing.
damian mayer (1 year ago)
morning even parade operate period record generally legal shelf discovery.
jayden prater (1 year ago)
0:19 i always new she was evil
NJM1564 (1 year ago)
No mention of Minecraft mods? Oh well I supose it would be hard to pick only one mod.
P4nzerk93 (1 year ago)
I want to play the "frontier" -mod for fallout new vegas once its released. It introduces driveable vehicles, a new main story and varying surroundings (space, snowy areas). It looks a better and funnier game (not graphically) than official AAA releases. Check out the trailer to see how talented scripter they have to make a driveable tanks and a helicopters that shoot when in the official fallout 4 only being a passenger in a helicopter was really buggy for many.
Quantum Fox (1 year ago)
How did they NOT put DotA!? The single mod that changed our lives forever.
A S (1 year ago)
A mod that's promoted by the creator of the game? Holy... It must've been really good... 😮😮
artic heat (1 year ago)
I want a pc soooooo fucking bad
Raik Barczynski (1 year ago)
L'aigle for Moutn and Blade warband. the long wanted napoleonic war singleplayer expirience. ever since napoleonic war hit the game as a multiplayer i wanted it as singleplayer.. and L'aigle just gives that
Hornat355 (1 year ago)
I see no misery. i feel missery. http://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-misery
Thrizzeat (1 year ago)
I liked both Enderal and Falskaar for Skyrim. Both create whole new areas to explore, add new NPC voices (in Bethesda games, that is a small blessing), and stories that feel like canon in TES universe.
Nahuel Dominguez (1 year ago)
Proyect Nevada, for Fallout New Vegas. Amaizing mod with new mechanics that greatly improved the exprience
Gullrev (1 year ago)
so where the fuck is warcraft? fucking dota mod, i call shit on this list
Hillary Trump (1 year ago)
eng3d (1 year ago)
Brutal doom
T0astedPancakes (1 year ago)
3:12 Tree with a face: Aww hell yeah man, I'm fuckin' trippin' balls.
Mint Mag (1 year ago)
Maybe you should call this "10 mods for strategy games." I couldn't care less for strategy games and this video didn't offer much for me.
Charles Courtwright (1 year ago)
One of my favorite things from Lord of the Rings trilogy is the scale of the battles, it's actually realistic
Thib V (1 year ago)
LOTR total war middle earth, the game i played the most in my life
lol lol (1 year ago)
How can I play enderal
Bartoc (1 year ago)
Do you guys even think about where to place the ads? A break in the middle of a sentence is really annoying
Europa Barborum? Project Reality? Call of Chernobyl? man there are way better mods than those listed in here.
Not Required (1 year ago)
3:58 "This mod is more based on warfare and diplomacy" No shit, it's M&B WB.... .....But then there's butter and spice dominance.
Bäckis (1 year ago)
edain/dagor dagaroth/age of the ring mods to battle of middle earth 2, love those mods
Michael Morningstar (1 year ago)
I am so turning to PC Gaming.
Safersephiroth777 (1 year ago)
From Civilization 4 I also suggest Fall From Heaven 2 along with modpacks for this. Yeah mods for the mod!
some one (1 year ago)
you should of done the starwars mod for mount and blade that one was way better than the one you showed.
Osbeth Bravo (1 year ago)
Lonrot? Volviste ?
K.G.A (1 year ago)
so you cant play endelar story permanently, limited to 100 hours?
Xcom 2 is my bae
That one guy (1 year ago)
star trek armada 3 for sins of a solar empire
Valter Fox (1 year ago)
Just shows PC gaming is still where it's at. So many great mods and ideas.
RuffleRaven INC (1 year ago)
Im kinda disappointed that STALKER Call of Chernobyl wasn't on here.
Steven Ashmil (1 year ago)
Play Enderal right now!
interfectorem furry (1 year ago)
In Skyrim can I be an argonian
ToxicityF3 (1 year ago)
Primitive Plus is a terrible and buggy total conversion. I don’t use it, but I guess I can see why people do.
Keres1995 (1 year ago)
Europa Barbarorum for Rome Total War. I got historically correct units extended building management, each turn was a season, meaning last of the year was winter (really hard to move you troops) and realistic generals life cycle (they get bored if left in the settlement, and event allied settlements hate generals who aren't from their conquered faction). Yeah, you also have Rome Total Realism and Roma Surrectum 2 as also great overhauls, but EB was the one that stuck to me in the end. I recommend trying all three and choosing which one you fall in love, if you like the total war games, each promises to steal all your free time if given chance.
Backmack (1 year ago)
ark mods this is not a mod its a mode
Grey, Son Of Krieg (1 year ago)
Why do people pronounce iron as eye-run?
Grey, Son Of Krieg (1 year ago)
Why do people pronounce iron as eye-run?
Presbiter (1 year ago)
I worked on Nr 5. glad we made it on the list :D
Alpharius Omegon (1 year ago)
Team Fortress Classic for half life
Monikan Cultist (1 year ago)
You can turn Skyrim into Dark Souls/Witcher 2. Joking aside. The dodge roll and dedicated attacks is a must.
twentony (1 year ago)
where the fuck is neotokyo
ChinstonWursthill (1 year ago)
You could've filled this list with Mount and Blade total conversions, Third Age, Ice and Fire, Warsword Conquest, Star Wars Conquest and so on.
Gekokujo, Mount and Blade warband.
Walker Pierce (1 year ago)
Anunaki Genesis is a really good Ark Mod
ozzmania08 (1 year ago)
Enderal mod not available on Xbox One? Skyrim
Joe Atkins (1 year ago)
He spelled favourite wrong
Comrade Callum (1 year ago)
Disappointed that Kaiserreich for hoi4 wasn't on the list it's just brilliant
Levi Karkiainen (1 year ago)
Steel faith for total war warhammer. Its not a radical change from total war or warhammer, but it busts down the stagnant gameplay and creates a massive level of asymmetrical balance to the game
ESAPOWER (1 year ago)
Saying Dune Wars created the RTS genre is total BULLSHIT you millenial assbag. It was Warcraft: Humans vs Orcs
Niall Duffield (1 year ago)
I wouldnt mind a remake of that dune mod for civ 4 in civ BE (since BE already has giant worms, it would be nice)
Black Sand (1 year ago)
Stalker Call of Chernobyl
Daniel Kay (1 year ago)
The "White Night" mod for amnesia, a total conversion that adds a great campaign and new functions to the game.
Vasilije Vukovic (1 year ago)
No Mental Omega...
Ameya Kashid (1 year ago)
halo spv3 ?
Seth Leoric (1 year ago)
Why didnt blizzard hire the guys who made starcraft universe
Crazed Dutchman (1 year ago)
i heard that fallout cascadia is pretty good
Seth Leoric (1 year ago)
Oh so thats why third age total war isnt the first "official" fantasy setting in total war
y m (1 year ago)
that moment when you didn't learned anything new from this video and you realise you have done every game in any way possible and you are just waiting for your next fix
y m (1 year ago)
to me skyrim requiem was a must have since skyrim on its own sucks balls medieval 2 stainless steel is a major overall that completely transform the total war experience even the map even if it is still europe, your armies need supplies and have o forage otherwise there are debuffs applied, your men want to rest in towns you can't send your armies too long in the wild the traits have been changed and improved, the ai as well, much more units, you name it crusader kings 2 had a mod that replaced the map with tamriel and all the continent associated with different time periods seen through the games, its development stopped but i still have it and its great Witcher 3 has also a complete overall that largely improve the combat system making it much more demanding and punishing but also much more fair (in the base game random bonuses were attributed to your ennemies according to your level if you are 10 levels below the ennemy gains a 400% health boost and 200% damage boost while lower leveled ennemies had even less damages and inflicted even less damages even tho they were already weaker ; well this mod removes it) i think it is called combat overall but i am not sure it also make it so that you need ingredient to make potions, your stamina has a huge importance because it allows you to attack and dodge not just throw one spell anyway great fucking mod anyway gotta go
Talivus (1 year ago)
The creation club change my whole experience dealing with bethesda
Lord McDude (1 year ago)
x1011 TF2
Luke Davenport (1 year ago)
Last Days of The Third Age mod for Mount & Blade Warband is still my top mod
justin koprowski (1 year ago)
I adore enderal so much
Dabulous (1 year ago)
You mean a world of ice and fire
CSSwifti _ (1 year ago)
GTA zombie world is a new one
Moblemax (1 year ago)
No ftl mods?
Moblemax (1 year ago)
Gabriel Constantinescu ya why would you want any of those thousands of stupid mods.
Maxico no one likes that shit game called minecraft
Darth Star Killer (1 year ago)
Ghost Bird Lary (1 year ago)
Millennium dawn hoi4
Jack (1 year ago)
Angel O (1 year ago)
This video does not do these games justice when it comes to mods.
Lance Marshal (1 year ago)
Rimworld. Hard Core Sk mod changed and expanded the game alot
Denny Vo (1 year ago)
warcraft 3 dota
NonTye Chan (1 year ago)
if only any other games were like the dev of company of heroes, we could have shadow of moses
Wacsnie (1 year ago)
Enderal was truely an amazing experience
Wakko Sick (1 year ago)
I can not believe you included civ4 and did not talk about fall from heaven, and you talked about mount and blade and did not mention prophecy of pendor. You are ridiculous.
Thalaranthey (1 year ago)
huh i didnt like pendor for m&b... fall from heaven was nice, i loved it.
gaming Hunking3 (1 year ago)
Day of infamy for insurgenci
gerard s (1 year ago)
1 and 2 actuall mods that change mechanics and in enderal's case the entire game 3 it only changes the map and characters but its still preety much the same game once the Game of thrones feel dissapears (probably after a few playtroughs as your favorite characters) 4 changes some mechanics but is preety much just a reskined viking conquest 5 as far as i know a adds new units and the big ones are preety cool but other than this doesnt make major changes to the mechanics 6 preety sure adding more content and completely changins something are 2 different things 7 same as 5 8 actually looks decent 9 holy shit finally something good 10 so basically a starcraft version of WOW i wonder how long it takes before blizard makes it paid and abandons the starcraft series outside of it and finally kills my hope for a decent blizzard game forever
Thesk8guy (1 year ago)
Well, aren't you a ray of fucking sunshine.
Ayan Dragon (1 year ago)
Starcraft 1 and arguably 2, HOTS, Overwatch(I'm not the biggest fan, but it is a good game.) etc. Also their modding support is amazing.
Isaac Sorrels (1 year ago)
+Allen Gerchman Warcraft 3 was great. The rest is kind of shit, though.
Ayan Dragon (1 year ago)
gerard s Decent Blizzard game? Blizzard has no decent games?
Christopher Panossian (1 year ago)
He who controls the Spice controls the universe!
MrBounce66 (1 year ago)
Christopher Panossian The spice MUST flow.
amazingmagic56 (1 year ago)
Enderal is the best game I've ever played. Play it. It's awesome.
Scorpion Dawnstar (1 year ago)
Brutal Doom
Ben Swailes (1 year ago)
Prim plus is a sponsored mod created by the devs
markus dahle (1 year ago)
Minecraft, terrefirmacraft
markus dahle no one likes that shit
Archonof Doom (1 year ago)
Long War was the mod wich made me play allmost a THOUSAND hour of XCOM 1. I truly recommend...to try it out!
Nagshell (1 year ago)
And then you realize you just watched video of Awesome Mods for Strategy Games.
Raik Barczynski (1 year ago)
as well as mount and bade isnt strategy game. itsmore like creat your own rule simulator rpg
What Zit Tooya (1 year ago)
Mateusz Skórski neither is ark
LusaurPlays (1 year ago)
If you really love Dune 2 there is a mod, of Dune 2000, called Dune 2000 Gruntmod. BTW also free, just google it.
InoshiKenshi (1 year ago)
Enderal is the best.
Yuno Gasai (1 year ago)
I love The Third Age, for TW:2 the only problem is it is buggy as all hell.
Kyle939 (1 year ago)
You totally missed Battlefield 1942.... it had modes from desert combat which added helicopters and modern battleships to a ww2 game, plus others like Star Trek and Star Wars conversions to completely change the game.
shen cloud (1 year ago)
im not too sure is there anything can be hard to deal, with my handcraft 999999damage sword and 999999armor in skyrim.
superkoen98 (1 year ago)
Dlc sized mods are always a bit cringey.
Steven Ashmil (1 year ago)
Enderal is by no means cringy, it is a great and emotional experience. Better than many modern rpgs.
Rickerino Astlino (1 year ago)
did you play enderal? it was great
Grand Moff Tarkin (1 year ago)
It always amazes me that while mod designer always give us exactly what we want... game designers consistently screw us over, strange.
Mein Liebe (7 months ago)
mod grows from community, while game grows from company controlled by investors.
LaBerengenaAtomica (1 year ago)
Generalization is usually not a fair thing to do.
Grand Moff Tarkin (1 year ago)
Great games like Adromeda that needed mods.
LaBerengenaAtomica (1 year ago)
Damn those game designers and their diabolic plans of screwing us over with great games.
Gaphalor (1 year ago)
most mods on this list are for Games that are already great

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