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10 Things You Should Never Say to Teens

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Being a parent and bringing up kids the right way, giving them the best you can, being strict just enough and yet winning their love is not an easy task. We all know that words can hurt deeper than a knife, which is why knowing how to communicate with your kids and what not to do is key. Pay attention to these phrases you should never say to your kids or teens to help them and protect them. If your teen is upset about something, whether it’s a crush that won’t notice them or a fight with their best friend, you shouldn’t just tell them that they’re okay. This type of response from you will only make things worse. A study conducted by the University of Notre Dame found that when parents criticize themselves out loud with their children nearby, it can actually have a detrimental effect on their kids’ self-esteem. If you want your child to grow up to be self-sufficient, don’t be too hands-on. You can, however, guide them through a problem and help them find the right solution themselves. This way, your child will grow up knowing that everything is in their own hands, instead of naïvely waiting for somebody else to come and make all their problems disappear. Music: Audionautix - Straighty Baby https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS #10. “You're okay.” 0:50 #9. “I'm so fat!” 1:50 #8. “Hurry up!” 2:47 #7. “Don't be sad.” 3:50 #6. “Let me do it.” 4:50 #5. “You're so incredible!” 5:52 #4. “Good job!” 7:10 #3. “You need to set a good example for your little brother/sister” 8:04 #2. “Go kiss Grandma.” 9:02 #1. “I'm so proud of you!” 9:55 SUMMARY -Instead of telling your kids it’s okay, be their shoulder to cry on, listen to them, and acknowledge their feelings. This way, they won’t be afraid to come to you if something bad happens. -Our parents are our role models as we’re growing up, and their behavior sets an example for us. So, for example, when a mother calls herself fat all the time, her daughter subconsciously learns to view her body and appearance the same way. -Rushing just puts unnecessary pressure on your kid. Whatever you do, just try to keep a positive and playful vibe in the morning, your kid will surely appreciate it. -If your teen is sad or crying, sit them down and try to help them work through their feelings, that is, if they’re comfortable opening up. -If you tend to jump in too soon, you may undermine your child's independence. They’ll develop a habit of always looking to others for answers, and nobody wants that for their kids. -Inflated praise somehow puts even more pressure on children with low self-esteem as opposed to encouraging them. They start to worry about meeting the high standards you set again, so they're afraid to take on a challenge. -Asking questions about the details and the work it took to get the result keeps the focus on your kid and makes them explain their choices, both of which help their self-confidence a lot. -It's better to use phrases, like “Your brother/sister looks up to you!” or “You're such a role model for your little brother/sister!” -Children should never be forced to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, especially when it comes to physical contact. -Children may start to feel responsible for expressed parental pride, like they need to keep it up because that’s the only way that Mom or Dad will feel good or love them. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (7 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS #10. “You're okay.” 0:50 #9. “I'm so fat!” 1:50 #8. “Hurry up!” 2:47 #7. “Don't be sad.” 3:50 #6. “Let me do it.” 4:50 #5. “You're so incredible!” 5:52 #4. “Good job!” 7:10 #3. “You need to set a good example for your little brother/sister” 8:04 #2. “Go kiss Grandma.” 9:02 #1. “I'm so proud of you!” 9:55
Ryan (14 days ago)
#2 you don't have to if your gross out
Ixchel Atienza (18 days ago)
Ali _TheShipper wow im jealous im not fine
Night the wolf (1 month ago)
My mom and dad had an argument before. I now have depression
Yomz 4real (1 month ago)
It funny how u think that all teens are the same like my mom don't even make my breakfast before school I do it myself
Brandy :3 (1 month ago)
Maka Nasrashvili (42 minutes ago)
i dont eat breakfast ;/
numb arm (1 day ago)
Being teen makes me want m rated x rated life at 21👍👌
Natalia Trejo (3 days ago)
I just realized, i put my problem in another comment, 😅. So can u check it out and tell me what i should do? Its was, Draw Dragon. Plz, i need help
Comical arts (3 days ago)
My issue is adults, parents in particular, never listen to me because I’m younger :’D
¿Quién más aquí cree que los padres deberían ver esto?
Phebe Youn (3 days ago)
*I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!* - really annoying parent
Latasha Hall (5 days ago)
Angelo Maiorana (5 days ago)
Are you proud of what you created? Why did you choose these colors in this condescending presentation? We look up to you for guidance. Good for you....
Gissie D (6 days ago)
sometimes asking questions doesn't help.depends what atmosphere there is.no Jesus gets credit.found being told "you look like prodtitute " debilitating.I wasn't even skimpily dressed.in fact o had normal daggy clothes on.
Gissie D (6 days ago)
didn't see my child's problems as trivial.
Hasseb Khan (6 days ago)
Sara Ali :my mother do all these things with me
Tory Austin (6 days ago)
You know when I was a teenager I did alot foe my dad to tell me he was proud of me
RamiGhafour (10 days ago)
“A crush that won’t notice them* Teen: NOTICE ME SENPAII
Iliketrains Lol (10 days ago)
Gacha Gal (10 days ago)
Never tell your teenagers **proceed to use pictures of kids that look 3-9 years old**
LPS poodles (10 days ago)
Me mom guess WHAT a scholarship !!!!!!!!! Mom ok Me so your proud of me wright 😐 Mom ugggg Me you DON'T love me
Enujiugha Ruth (10 days ago)
9:07 is so me I hate it when my parents force me to do things sometimes
Enujiugha Ruth (10 days ago)
6:58 true
Enujiugha Ruth (10 days ago)
I get angry when my parents always scream "hurry up!" to me in the morning..... Ugh!!
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
I like to sleep
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
heh yeah
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
Fahima Begum (13 days ago)
Lisa Guilmette (13 days ago)
The one that effects me the most is when my gym coach forces me to do things that give me extreme anxiety and I get a panic attack.
Taylor Edgley (14 days ago)
I’m a teen and I can’t remember if this one was said but...” I’m so proud of you” or “you never let me down” because that stresses us out A LOT more than you would think
MIso Ramen (14 days ago)
Its kinda annoying when parents *think* they know how u feel but gets it wrong almost all the time
Kenia Garcia (15 days ago)
agni elanseliyan (16 days ago)
"You're fit for nothing". This word should never be said to teens. Similarly no parents should ever force their children to do that makes them uncomfortable. They should not even tell them what not to do.
Alana CatGacha (16 days ago)
For me it is when parents say "Cool... "Then oh back to working🙄☹or saying "I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!"And "Where something approchable👗👠"😡🙄
IDK what I'm doing (16 days ago)
When I was in the 3rd-4th grade this happened. Whenever I got a test even if I got a good score my mom would ask me what my friend got because my mom knew she was one of the smart kids. But my friend didn't like showing other people her grades so I couldn't give my mom an answer. Finally I was able to make my mom stop comparing me to my friend. This is also the reason why I'm not friend with the girl who my mom compared me to, and what makes it even more sad is the fact that we used to be BFFs.
Teens and you are showing toddlers.
When I showed this to mum she called it nonense...
Are those phycologists true people with correct answers? Some one research for me! I am too lazy...
kamcr (23 days ago)
Kc kasem ?
Alisssa Brooks (24 days ago)
I feed myself so yah
Justina Nwalozie (25 days ago)
OK, I will not do that, got it!
goosey mcgooseface (26 days ago)
I say ‘I’m so proud of you’ often to my seven year old niece. I don’t see any harm in saying that. What! Should we examine EVERYTHING we say to kids now as well as everything else we mustn’t do around them.
Bepizz (27 days ago)
*Says it to teens*
My dad says "I'm so proud of you" lol.
Korby Lodoen (28 days ago)
Good job!
Korby Lodoen (28 days ago)
You are incredible at parental advice !
chloesrandom games (29 days ago)
"Your a young woman not a child anymore" god im 11 and im told this smh
Mark Ferrell (29 days ago)
I totally disagree with some of these and when you tell the reason like I'm so proud of you and than you give the person or physiology person it's crazy. I have known some " DR " personally and there is a reason why some people give them names like shrink or whacko trust me I can not believe how they act when there not talking with there clients
minecraftgamer111146 (29 days ago)
Is this just talking all day long Awwwww
Abby's World (30 days ago)
If I would show my dad this he would probably say it’s fake, like he always says
UD road trips (1 month ago)
This is why I hear it too much!
you should never say: "are you alright" maybe say "hey is something wrong" and never say "you're not ok I can see it!" let them decide with they are alright ya know
TheBlackDiamond//MTBD (1 month ago)
As a teen, I can confirm that "I'm proud of you" and "let me do it" are phrases I always want to hear from my parents. They never help me, or take me seriously, and they always act condescending towards me.
Natalia Nadeau (1 month ago)
3:50 Me
Little Huslie (1 month ago)
7:38 That's not what *parents* should say, that's what *teachers* say in school. Parents *AREN'T* teachers!
Kawaii Universe (1 month ago)
Staranite XD (1 month ago)
My mum says all of these to me ;-;
Kanchan Regmi (1 month ago)
#11 you're hopeless #12 control your emotion #13 what will the society think about you??
Nice video.
+BRIGHT SIDE this is my daughters channel, but I am the one who manages this. 😍 Her dad always ask my daughter to get up early and said speed up or faster. Now that I have watched this, i will tel her the other different way. Thanks for sharing.
BRIGHT SIDE (1 month ago)
Thanx! What's your fave part?
Harley Quinn reacts (1 month ago)
you should never say "give me your phone and i will give it back to u when u treat me better" like if u agree
Oladunmoye Omidele (1 month ago)
Who is a kid watching this
AmyReeper (1 month ago)
despokemon , (1 month ago)
I will share this to my mom because I'm a teen
Kitty Patri (1 month ago)
The first one is true, it actually took me a lot of time to ask her if she'd be ok with me being a lesbian. At least she's ok with it
Marian Sanguenza (1 month ago)
Oh.. Ever since my classmates said that they're so proud of me, I just wanted to keep up with my record or else they won't accept me anymore... TT
Cường (1 month ago)
Whatever you do, don’t say this to teens : “Wake up! It’s school time”
Petrichor Point (1 month ago)
Bell icon is not working..It shows error 404 always..
Pecas Jelly (1 month ago)
Not to be rude but I think moms and dads should not listen to a book to care for there kids it’s not right
PrettyPastel Princcess (1 month ago)
My mom does everything lol
hi it's me (1 month ago)
my mom does all this.....
Maryam Noor Qureshi (1 month ago)
Promise me not to fail your test ye that's really pressureful
Patrick Riley (1 month ago)
Thank you, all that shared in the comments and helped a dad understand a bit more.
Nadia Gonzalez (1 month ago)
What should I do if my parents never have told me to my face that they are proud of me.
Ray Smith (1 month ago)
I agree!
Mikayla Crosby (1 month ago)
Who here watching is a teen?
Blue Diamond (1 month ago)
Who is a tween watching 😂😂😂
minecraft lover (1 month ago)
First of all number 10 happened to me and the HURRY UP! so its not just for teens this happened yo me when i was 7---?????
lyla karjala (1 month ago)
Im 10 and I do thees things already
JetcannonM (1 month ago)
Parents are not role models they are Gods to the child.
I stared creing because my parents say all this stuff and im broken
dumb bee (1 month ago)
"Good for you" seems even worse than "I'm proud of you" :/
hi Lassiter (1 month ago)
One time my mom sed to me In front of my 6 year old brother that I'm a bully and wen she sed it I wus only 8 years old. after that I cried for an hour and a half thinking if I wus truly loved now years later mom probably thinks that I'm a evil person. So remember your friends love you more than your family
Chris Preston (1 month ago)
7:55 is that Ramona from fuller house!?
What do you do when you tell the teen "c'mon wake up, the breakfast getting cold" and they continue acting like they're sleeping and only get up when you scream at them....??
Nithya S (1 month ago)
Who else is a kid and is watching this
Joanna Marie Mercado (1 month ago)
im a teen
Immaweirdgal :P (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who HATES being called a young (blank) ?
XxkillerslumberXx X (1 month ago)
Wow this video is like teens are aliens or something
tray tae (1 month ago)
my parents treat anxiety and depression as if it’s just something you can easily force out of your life. “oh, why are you outside here? to socialize and be friendly. you need friends.” and im there awkwardly standing with my entire body sweating and about to have a panic attack. like, what?
Xoxo Luv luv (1 month ago)
One of mine is Go kiss Grandma, Be a good example to ur bro and sis...
Listen to this. I made a little comment, and some teenager called “WallFox” was bullying me. I kept on roasting him. That might be a good thing to do if the teen doesn’t do comebacks
mewing lover hearts (1 month ago)
No more wifi for u
Kaylee McFarlane (1 month ago)
The worst thing that they can say is ‘ur going through puberty so have to learn to be responsible for ur self’
Andrew Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Andrew Crutchfield (1 month ago)
You sure do
Andrew Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Andrew Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Yeah Right
Lee Ann Mitchell (2 months ago)
Hitdsgyz duty for
3# and 1# Oh, too bad
Izzy eyes of the sun Y (2 months ago)
My sisters 👯 are nice to me 😋
Baby JJ vlogs (2 months ago)
Don't give kids more work
smartest blondie (2 months ago)
You shouldn't say:" don't you dare speak 2 me like that!" to your child/teen because when you say that you end up shouting which is what they were doing to you
thotsune miku (2 months ago)
2:10 well its over
Chloe lukman (2 months ago)
My parents do everything

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