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Superior Horror Movies 2017 - Full Thriller Movies in English HD

4523 ratings | 1562681 views
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Text Comments (624)
Onnis Lee (34 minutes ago)
Go to 48:00 minutes into the movie and notice 51:00 minutes into the movie she talks about where they meet. Look at her silver hair and black eyes just like the Artificial intelligence robots said we would be able to look in the future. Notice she gave them something to drink that they didn't know what it was before she told them what they needed to know. She drew a circle of protection that her and the girl stood in after she had the girl to drink the tea that made her see things no one else could. In the year 2050 we will all have silver hair and black eyes and will have to drink the potions to stay alive.
It's to slow
Mona Naveed (5 days ago)
yen oyalep (5 days ago)
It's so scary😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😒😒😒😒😫😫😫😫😒🤔🤔🤔😰😰😰😰😰😰
mariate (6 days ago)
It’s a British move . Boring!
Navu (7 days ago)
Well if anyone wants to know that hows the movie..here is ur answer Its amazing u must watch and enjoy!!!👍
Hana Ahamed (8 days ago)
I don’t know why I’m interesting of reading comments rather than watching this movie!!!!
Ana-Corina Stirbu (9 days ago)
The story is similar to Insidious.
munchkinsforever456 (10 days ago)
I can't understand half of what they are saying, and there is no subtitles.
Alexa Ramsaroop (11 days ago)
Have to read comments first...before wasting my precious time😂😀😊
VEER VG (13 days ago)
5:28 dude that bitch just puked.. just rolling your tongues and eating the rest of her stomach rejects IS NOT OK
anushruti kadian (13 days ago)
Horror movie i love it at all but it's very horror story 👍👍👍♥️
ivorytower99 (14 days ago)
"SHUT THE FUCK UP" = Stupid movie.
Komal Kaur (14 days ago)
Not good don’t watch waste of time bad😏😏
abhijit bhambure (15 days ago)
So many pauses?
dominique sabuj (15 days ago)
Before wasting my time I have to check comment box 😂 first
Hana Ahamed (8 days ago)
dominique sabuj me✋
Shayana Gaines (10 days ago)
dominique sabuj currently
Adam Adoma (16 days ago)
It's about the chalang to be a parent more then horor
Humgin1234 (17 days ago)
Good movie thanks for the upload
Mass Scott (19 days ago)
wish i could knock her up, she's so hot
Jhonny Frankindtien (10 days ago)
Yo,I second that emotion,da'chick is tight
Jon Berndlmaier (20 days ago)
Just trying to learn to system
Bored Eats (22 days ago)
s (22 days ago)
got 2.16 in and gave up
Renchilo Tsopoe (23 days ago)
No name movie or wht?😊
Ayman Dan (23 days ago)
justjess1986 (26 days ago)
Had to bail on this. There is too much meanness and real evil in this world to worry about ghost and demons.
merced121 (21 days ago)
justjess1986 (26 days ago)
I'm really trying to give this a fair shake but twenty minutes in and I'm starting to read and stuff.
justjess1986 (26 days ago)
Pregnant white girl. Well we know who will survive already. Lol Edit. She isn't white. So her making it till the end is cut in half now. 50/50. Lol
justjess1986 (26 days ago)
Is this Norris kid related to Chuck Norris,?
Hudos (27 days ago)
Not particularly scary, but interesting. The voices sounded low as hell so I had to turn up the volume higher than usual, so that led to a few cheap jumpscares. Be careful if you can't handle a few "RAH!!" moments.
kimmi Gooheeram (27 days ago)
Ahh nobody cares who you are. Just watch the film. 🎥👀
Mehedi Hasan (27 days ago)
very slow and dark to see
kennesha Shaw (28 days ago)
I like this movie 👌
Ady Martin (28 days ago)
Sami sugi pula cu filmul tau prost
Shelly Wilkinson (28 days ago)
You know they r crap when u first start watching
Toti Brave (1 month ago)
It's a good movie, honestly. Just watch it and do not read the comments. I do not know why people making a big thing out of it. If u don't like this kind of movie just go and find something else. I enjoyed it, it's a bit scary sometimes but it's manageable!
tonyharris (1 month ago)
The grammar on here is appalling , doesn't anybody on here spell properly. Get some more education !
Nicky O (30 days ago)
There is not supposed to be a space between the end of a word/sentence and the punctuation.
tem changkiri (1 month ago)
Fuck you
Kansiime Charity (1 month ago)
川又Joshua (1 month ago)
Not good sa dark en very slow volume
Baby.F Fatima (1 month ago)
Haseena Khaan (1 month ago)
Wrost movie
Haseena Khaan (1 month ago)
Etni bkwas video or is m adhy gnty bad awaz b bnd sb jhoty commnt kr rhe hn
Haseena Khaan (1 month ago)
Aghqr video Achu nh hui to phir Btati hon huh
Haseena Khaan (1 month ago)
Em Also rEad all comments
Michael B. (1 month ago)
just came here to read the comments
Lisa Hermanator (1 month ago)
Right there about 19:00 and on is why I could never have kids. The crying and then if the baby was possessed and did that $hit!!! Aw hell no!!! lol I will stick with my 4 legged children. And please don't diss me because of my comment. My friends have kids and I love them But when they misbehave, I just go home. lol
As Ma (1 month ago)
I like it😍
jarquavous Nichols (1 month ago)
Just watch the fucking movie😕💯
Lily Koki (1 month ago)
It's a good movie I promise, stop reading comments and enjoy watching
hemant jat rana (30 days ago)
Adam Noor (1 month ago)
+kartik Kumar Lol
kartik Kumar (1 month ago)
Hii Lily
Lily Koki (1 month ago)
+LALIT CHAUDHARY you're welcome 😊
LALIT CHAUDHARY (1 month ago)
Thanks 4 tell
Phillip Jennings (1 month ago)
I'm just commenting on the comments about comments that you should read before watching.
Sia P. (1 month ago)
Sumit Sutradhar (1 month ago)
Nice Horror movie
Roque Brown (1 month ago)
Everybody talking about reading comments an i cant read if the movie is good or not kmft
mariate (6 days ago)
Innit? Kmt
Levente Gáspár (1 month ago)
Everybody are fucking robot...
Sia P. (1 month ago)
IKR? Annoying! How they get so many likes is beyond me (?)
Erika Thomas (1 month ago)
Nicole Pedro (1 month ago)
She’s so dumb for yelling at a baby if she doesn’t want a baby she could’ve give it to someone else so that’s what she gets for yelling at her own baby
volume problem bad manners 😠😠
I Love Life (1 month ago)
Shit too dark can't hardly see what's going on
Julie W. (1 month ago)
I bet most of the people saying it's slow & boring are 25 or younger. Just a guess.
N Nicky (1 month ago)
No am 34 it is bit too slow in the middle of the movie ...but not boring. More likely those 25 and under would love this its just going too slow for them that's what makes it boring not the movie itself. The movie gets your attention and its interesting. I don't think because of that they are bored it's because of the slowness in the movie...i ended up reading comments when it was getting too slow.. Slow movies are OK or quite good but not too slow... It doesn't have to be long movie for it too be slow, and I have seen longer movies the this and most of them where not slow in any part of the movie or too fast.
Julie W. (1 month ago)
The volume is too low. I have my speakers turned all the way up and there are still parts I can't hear well. Otherwise, good movie. Thanks.
Deka Situ (18 days ago)
+Sia P. u r rite !!
Sia P. (1 month ago)
Using headphones/earbuds help.
ket wil (1 month ago)
Wow better than I thought it would be
Unaisi Tagabale (2 months ago)
Nice movie
DW's 4X4 (2 months ago)
Good Spooky Flick.
Shaz Shaz (2 months ago)
Dude looks like Zac Efron
Kashville GATEZ (2 months ago)
I #Wonder if this a good #movie or not🤔🤔🤔🤔
Wina Rhay (2 months ago)
me too.. weird suddenly i read the comment first to know the title of this movie....
N Nicky (1 month ago)
Same here... Its a slow storylibe that's way sort of like getting bored and wanting the movie to hurry up so that's why I ended up reading comments
DKDonson (2 months ago)
absolutely great horrormovie
Mississippi Mud (2 months ago)
Ok I lied,that scared me
Mississippi Mud (2 months ago)
I ain't fraid of no 👻
Ace Xvon (2 months ago)
Reading comments to see if it's good but people commenting how they do the same is fucking bullshit
Sarah B (2 months ago)
Someone explain the ending.. is the demon gone or they'll have to live with it their whole life?
Sarah B (2 months ago)
The moral of the story: *use protection kids.*
Super player (2 months ago)
So creepy, mostly scary
GEM_ PS4 (2 months ago)
Before u waste your time and read all the comments to know if this move is great to watch or no I watched all this move and u don't have to watch it because it doesn't have a good end or bad end and the story is very unrealistic and unable to understand. Just don't waste your time.
Reading comments while listening the sounds😂😂👏
merced121 (21 days ago)
Judi Pearson (2 months ago)
This movie scared the crap out of me. I like it
A B (2 months ago)
One of those rare moments when everyone says the movie is good and I think the same
Nithya Nachi Muthu (2 months ago)
Movei name enna
Zulka Jan (2 months ago)
Urdu Zubaan
Rehhyah Paz (2 months ago)
Joanna Sikora (2 months ago)
What is it about?
lucky sol (2 months ago)
Chassidy Cote (2 months ago)
Good movie 🎥
fairybits (2 months ago)
That annoying flashing of LIKE SUBSCRIBE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. If people want to like and subscribe we will. I have thumbed down for that nonsense.
erkheth (2 months ago)
This is surprisingly intense to watch. The acting's good, great storyline and really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this, I'm subscribing :D
Mohammed Nasser (2 months ago)
A nice story before a good sleep😇gn dudes☻☻☻☻
Noorullah H (2 months ago)
Blessed Okafor (2 months ago)
Let me read the comments first...
Anissabilla style (3 months ago)
god revenge for their drinking problem
T DMJ (3 months ago)
I liked it
kgomotso motong (3 months ago)
Very nice, spooky too😮😫😫🤧🤧💀👻👻but worth watching📺🎃👌
Alex Chin (3 months ago)
what's the name of this movie???
Lexi Lexi (3 months ago)
Omg this was whack
Lexi Lexi (3 months ago)
Bitch how do smoke in front of your baby then put headphones on while it's crying then tell it to STFU..she got exactly what she deserved
Little Flor (3 months ago)
So very very slow
Kristy Barker (3 months ago)
Good movie
L. A. D Tharaka (3 months ago)
Anna Myzie (3 months ago)
Good to watching this movie... thank you...
segen tsegay (3 months ago)
What happened about the husband in the hospital, is he passed away?
conan destroyer (3 months ago)
I will like, share & subscribe if I want. don't need you telling me, see ya.
nacer jb (3 months ago)
where is the subtitels
toasty boy (3 months ago)

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