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Superior Horror Movies 2017 - Full Thriller Movies in English HD

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Mary mendoza (1 day ago)
Before I watch I read the comments too because sometimes it's not the right movie right!!!!
Creig Tube (2 days ago)
You read the comments before watching because of all the click bait on You Tube.
Kakali Ghosh (3 days ago)
Gary Williams (3 days ago)
Its a Brit movie with a lot of lower class people
SURAMARY (4 days ago)
around 1:13:00 he has cuts on his arm, when he's in the bed, cuts are on the opposite side? lol
Weird comments than the movie
Anwar Khan Tohfa (6 days ago)
Mystry remains mystry,but i liked it.
okfanda ardian (6 days ago)
So dark the movie same like a blacksauce..
Dee hour (8 days ago)
I like this movies I think the girl is beautiful too..
Evangelos Adamakis (8 days ago)
Very good film ! Interesting .
kuldip dhuna (14 days ago)
Is this film any good
abdulrahan ence (15 days ago)
subtitle bahasa indonesia....okey
Victor Banta (16 days ago)
Worst movie id ever seen on my life
gamebro (16 days ago)
3\4ths of the total run time on this movie is just showing the woman staring at nothing.
Guillermo Cadiz (16 days ago)
I watch the begining and the end to make sure that it is a fucking bullshit
Shanique Brooks (19 days ago)
26:10 boring boring boring
Rime sahara (20 days ago)
العجوز المصري الشحات و حمادة وقروني يا الحيوانات يانصابة يا الشفارة
Fiona Cahill (21 days ago)
FIRSTBORN : I have seen this before and I enjoyed it . I like the natural look and feel of British film, and this is an enjoyable supernatural story.
Effy Siale (22 days ago)
Part 2
Jackson K Emmanuel (22 days ago)
Well well well well well well well well well well
Londjana Bregu (23 days ago)
Kenneth Goforth (23 days ago)
Ya'll need to leave lying out of the title's, makes me want to quit watching StupidTube all together. youtube is a pansy ass lying sack of shit
Roshella Caver-mason (25 days ago)
Not good
Roshella Caver-mason (25 days ago)
Very very low movie nods
krumbsbakery154 (28 days ago)
sorry but comments better than movie
krumbsbakery154 (28 days ago)
friska streeter (1 month ago)
Amish people believe dolls with faces can open up windows to bad spirits. Interesting!
friska streeter (1 month ago)
Why the title is 'Superior Horror Movie', can it be more generic?? 😂 So un-catchy, or un-standout. What is the original title anyway?
Zahoor Sultan (1 month ago)
subhan Allah
Zahoor Sultan (1 month ago)
kids crying ALLAH ALLAH.
puma lyn (1 month ago)
Jessica Sia (1 month ago)
After scrolling down reading a comments i simply downloaded it without hesitation.
Jasmine Covers (1 month ago)
Is it just me, but the girl looks like Rihanna a little. 😶
The Grandma is evil deserved her die!
Zena OSMAN (1 month ago)
Maybe a little bit weird
Zena OSMAN (1 month ago)
It was good 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Lucy Nunez (1 month ago)
U tube I like to see classic horror and Drama movie's
Archana Dhruw (1 month ago)
Very dangerous
Oreannena Hansen (1 month ago)
Hello...... too everyone & All .
Dee Jee (1 month ago)
Love the movie
Shaharyar Baig (1 month ago)
Want a movie partner
Ranti Ranti (1 month ago)
Whay no suebsity malay
Coraline Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I did
Coraline Gonzalez (1 month ago)
It's a good movie and it's scary
Prem Seervi (1 month ago)
Wendy Jones (1 month ago)
what a boring shit movie!
Shane Leroy (1 month ago)
What a dumb & ordinary beginning for a so called horror movies.I couldn't hack it going thru' the whole movie. So good luck to you folks if you dig this flick.
sheena marie salmeron (1 month ago)
Boring 😒😒
Lalthlan Sanga (1 day ago)
Lalthlan Sanga (1 day ago)
mommie has no filter (1 month ago)
Already saw this one. You change the thumbnail 😠
Leonard Roarty (1 month ago)
This movie was great 👻👍😱🤐
kisha faye gallora (1 month ago)
I'm scared
Ozzie Lopez (1 month ago)
worst movie I've seen..wasted 1.26 mins of my life watching this..boring boring!!
Jaq Gator (1 month ago)
poor audio.
Enelx Ail_ao (1 month ago)
The Kehwanna Coast (1 month ago)
Thank you
widderline drice (1 month ago)
This movie is trash
SPREADING WORLD (1 month ago)
New Horror premiere show in one hour👉 https://youtu.be/RBrUriVVUQQ
Tanneisha Mc Taggart (1 month ago)
Fucking volume too low
Tanneisha Mc Taggart (1 month ago)
Why do I read the comments first to see if it's worth watching🙋
DENDRA EKTA (21 hours ago)
because of too many delusions watching these movies..
Victor Banta (16 days ago)
Takayla Bass (24 days ago)
I do the same thing
Gramma C Pleake (1 month ago)
Because you need people to do the thinking for you.
Lelynn Miller (1 month ago)
well I WAS gonna watch this, but now idk if I want2. I ask 1 tiny lil persons opinion bout the movie & they get all butt hurt over it (so immature) readin comments is how ppl gain insight to THE MOVIE. we don't wanna argue wit stuck up ppl… so I shall turn away from this1, not for ne fault in the movie... but just2 avoid immature viewers that CANT seem2 figure out what the comment section is for.
TheKenpolly (1 month ago)
47 minutes into this movie and I'm already sorry I've invested this much time into it. I kept having to turn up the volume and the whole story line lacks a lot to be desired in my humble opinion.
Xavier Lnts (1 month ago)
Nice movie, I didn't expect this! 👏🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
rachael catinrem (1 month ago)
what happen to her dad
Berta Bragg (1 month ago)
Good but sad
Isaac Brown (1 month ago)
Big buck and things
Mahesh Kavadi (1 month ago)
Super duper
Kim Valdehueza (1 month ago)
Feel sleepy😴
Jrole Ants (1 month ago)
Whata your name there?
Jrole Ants (1 month ago)
Can I add you
Kim Valdehueza (1 month ago)
+lynda renaud lol
lynda renaud (1 month ago)
Yes! we have heard that about you. Sleepy says Hi Kim!
Kim Valdehueza (1 month ago)
Before start watchin, i read comments so wud know if its worth watchin.
Lelynn Miller (1 day ago)
i just fast 4wrded it to 23:19 mins in .. (just tryin to c alil bit bout what its about) I do like that actress... idk... I *might* watch it... my boy Fletcher, back in TN just posted a new vid (might b his new music video/hes a wicked rapper)  I gotta go check that out 1st. maybe u might b interested. wanna join me?  just type in the search bar "L.I.L. & Co-Dogg - Yuck" is the name of his newest post .. well, that & "Lil Bub & P.Fresh - Stop Me" both of which r posted on the channel for *Eviction Records*  (they really r my homies. hell I met Fletcher/L.I.L. (short for LilSpook) b4 I met my Hubby, * we been 2gether over 18 yrs. so... being the respectful person I am ;)  I gotta go c it. hit the like button, leave a comment, all that jazz  :D
Arum Wang (1 day ago)
+Lelynn Miller so do i. Ill give it a try watching it next time and for those rude comments, better to ignore than to get stuck with it.
Lelynn Miller (2 days ago)
honestly... I never watched it... I got to pissed off & I ducked out, b4 I said sumthin bad... how could I watch a movie if the rest of the audience is being rude lil snobs... I say I hope no1 gets mad at an missunderstanding & what happens..?.. sum1 gets mad at me cuz they .. well... they just DONT understand  :P
Arum Wang (2 days ago)
+Lelynn Miller what do u think about the movie? I havent seen it yet coz i prefer reading comments first before watching.
An unimpressed Rooster (16 days ago)
what the fuck is going on?
jo jo (1 month ago)
It's lousy... Waste of time
Cozona Johnson (1 month ago)
Bro this movie was so good I couldn't even believe it the granny the grandma was crazy
lynda renaud (1 month ago)
What grandma?
Cozona Johnson (1 month ago)
Bro this movie was so good I couldn't even believe it the granny the grandma was crazy
Alisha Chaffee (1 month ago)
Very good movie wish there was part 2
Tamara Bodo (1 month ago)
Little bit remind me at The Conjuring :) extra movie
KittyPawDoll (1 month ago)
Good movie
Kim Orejel (2 months ago)
Good movie
ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE (2 months ago)
What a stupid name for a horror movie. Superior horror movie. Such a stupid name. Oh wait you mean it's actually called first born 😲👈?... Then why isn't it titled as such?⛹... Is this person who uploaded the video a retard ▶♿👈... Why yes... Yes the person who uploaded this video is a retarded fuck
Tony James Fitzpatrick (2 months ago)
Free skull island
Melissa Thompson (2 months ago)
Good movie .. Thanks
pat thompson (2 months ago)
not scary
Joe Mac (2 months ago)
Lenny Rokotuibau (2 months ago)
Lelynn Miller (1 month ago)
yeah (me2), so u turn the speakers ALL THE WAY UP, yet u still barely hear it &then when an add pops up, its able to BLOW UR DAMN EARS OUT!!   :O  #HateItWhenThatHappens
rachael catinrem (1 month ago)
exactly, with closed eyes
XXX MO17R0N (1 month ago)
I did it too lol
PAPERINO (2 months ago)
i see only mom i dont see any movie...
Prince Johanne Jalos (2 months ago)
Plsssss make a funny vedios pls im so so scaried 😵😵😨
Fred Jaminson (2 months ago)
Better than most horror, there are no cheap shockers or gore. It's good.
Keen Kester Esteban (2 months ago)
The best movie that i have ever seen.
Ozzie Lopez (1 month ago)
Keen Kester Esteban worst movie I've seen..boring as fuck
Carmelo Correa (2 months ago)
What movie
Cailey Hill (2 months ago)
it was good i cired a little when the dad died 💯😭
mai doan (2 months ago)
Who thinks this movies is just a fuck up movies?
Saskia Odessa (2 months ago)
Saskia Odessa (2 months ago)
Thank you for this movie and me and my mom Lavaun butcher is watching it 🤗🤩😍😊
Vampire Girl (19 days ago)
U know ur lucky that ur mom sit and relax with u and u watch movues together but my mom is always shitty towards me even i don't want to call her mom. She never listen to what i have to say she always criticize me for whatever i do. She think everything i do is wrong and bad. Only my brother is always right and good
Pappu Kol (1 month ago)
Saskia Odessa cop
Pappu Kol (1 month ago)
Saskia Odessa
S (2 months ago)
Didn't like this movie. actors were good. But movie A-
White Widow (2 months ago)
I was hoping the bitch mom would die stupid hoe drinks and probably smoked while pregnant.
Multidimensional Prism (2 months ago)
The movie was great..but the ending..I didn't get the ending..
Charlotte wright (2 months ago)
Free movie thx dude
lia johnson (2 months ago)
U will definitely like this one so watch it 👍🏽
Gill Katharina (2 months ago)
Gill Katharina (1 month ago)
I stop to read the comments
lynda renaud (1 month ago)
''Me'' what?
hans helm (2 months ago)
Mothers who smoke is the scariest thing about this movie..
lynda renaud (1 month ago)
What about knocking back shots till she could barely stand? That wasn't scary when she knew she was pregnant?!
armpitfuzz (2 months ago)
Had this on DVD, only watched it the once.
Piss Miggy (2 months ago)
It had too much going on for anyone to understand the plot. No answers is fine but this was a wish wash of different genres. Not the least bit scary.
Aremong Quins (2 months ago)
don't add useless video
Justina Sherman (2 months ago)
Very good movie!
Angel For Animals (2 months ago)
Firstborn (2016) - A young couple's lives are turned upside down when the birth of their first child is accompanied by terrifying entities that threaten their newly formed family.
Angel For Animals (15 days ago)
Rabih Hammad ~ ✌️
Rabih Hammad (16 days ago)
Angel For Animals cool
Angel For Animals (1 month ago)
Kim Min Haha ~ You’re welcome!
Kim Min Haha (1 month ago)
Thank you😊😊😊
Lavonna Laurel (1 month ago)
+Angel For Animals wow 😂😂 thanks for the reply😂😂 I'm so happy frfr thanks😍😍😮😮

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