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MagSorc (pet) full build for Summerset! 46k+ dps live

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SKILLS: Front Bar: Daedric Prey, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Matriarch, Elemental Weapons, Bound Aegis, Thunderous Rage Back Bar: Blockade of Storms, Liquid Lightning, Twilight Matriarch, EleDrain/Empowered Ward/CritSurge, Volatile Familiar, Greater Storm Atronach ROTATION: Prey - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - EleWeap - EleWeap - Prey - EleWeap - EleWeap - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - Prey - EleWeap x5 -- Repeat all from beginning. GEAR: 5 Spinner, 5 Necropotence, 2 Monster (situational, Zaan in video) Big pieces infused, small pieces divines. Monster set - 1 heavy infused head, 1 medium divines shoulders - Zaan for raw single target damage, Grothdarr for heavy AoE, Maw of the Infernal or Ilambris for range. Jewellery - 1x Magicka Recovery glyph, 2x Spell Damage glyphs. All Arcane for now, but worth experimenting with Bloodthirsty. Front Bar staff - Spinner's Lightning Staff, infused, shock damage glyph Back Bar staff - The Maelstrom's Lightning Staff, infused, spell damage glyph CHAMPION POINTS: Blue: Elfborn 28, Elemental Expert 49, Spell Erosion 47, Staff Expert 11, Master at Arms 40, Thaumaturge 75 Red: I prefer 81 in Bastion, but the rest are flexible depending on the situation. When attributing points, keep in mind that most sources of damage at endgame are spell damage. Green: 76 Arcanist, 56 Tenacity, the rest is up to your playstyle and the situation. MISCELLANY: Drink: Witchmother's Potent Brew Mundus: The Mage Potions: Magicka/Major Sorcery/Major Prophecy Vampire not necessary
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Text Comments (140)
Lewtamarilla (16 days ago)
Ughh m only getting 30k...
NobleNumenorean (3 months ago)
you have to have both pet abilities slotted on both front and back bars or they will be unsummoned upon weapon swap, I didn't see that you had both of them slotted on both bars.
C G (4 months ago)
Pet builds suck and most raid grps don't let you run pets because they do crazy shit like pull bosses and glitch try hitting that non pet then we can talk my magsorc is hitting 38k no pet
Mike Dowell (4 months ago)
I picked up a Spinner's Fractured Femur last night. It has a Charged Weapon enchant - is that good for front bar? I don't recall your video specifying.
Fight Ostin Fight (5 months ago)
No shields?
Nina Stavrovich (5 months ago)
changing the traits of jewelry would increase the dps or in this build would not make a difference?
Appo Gaming (5 months ago)
Nice build, my only issue is you are well over pen cap for group content
Just change CP to suit the debuffs provided by your group. The only situation where you can't help but overpenetrate is where all targets are Alkoshed and Crushered. Realistically, this seldom happens often enough and on enough targets to make it a concern in many situations. If you notice consistent overpen after CP adjustment, swap Spinner's for Undaunted Infiltrator.
Ozy (5 months ago)
Why are you using blockade before liquid ?
James Tuwat (5 months ago)
Why does your name have mistress in the front it’s kinda weird cuz u r a dude
Check the charname in the vid :)
Gentil Neto (6 months ago)
Can I use an Inferno VMA Staff on back bar? RNG not so good to me at this time
Yeah, inferno vMA staff will be better than any non-vMA lightning staff.
jack ward (6 months ago)
Some ones stuck in homestead vma
Bence Harmath (6 months ago)
Hey. What setts can be works with necropotance ? mother's sorrow or julianos maybe ? or twice born star ?
Alex 64a1787 (6 months ago)
anyone knows how I get the dragon pet ? At the beginning of this Video ;) .
Alex 64a1787 (6 months ago)
Okay , thank you , i played today , aswell enjoying it every time and getting better but everything i guess has its Time :) ;) .
It costs skill points to unlock, but yes you will get access to it within a few hours of playing eso if you make sure to level up the Daedric Summoning skill line on sorcerer.
Alex 64a1787 (6 months ago)
So when you play as a MagSorcerer or just Sorcerer you will learn this Summoning Skill for free ? that would be more then Awesome . Eitherway thank you for the Answer , good to know that ;) .
You probably mean the Twilight Matriarch. It's a morph of the third skill in the sorcerer's Daedric Summoning skill line.
Adam T (6 months ago)
Can you tell me where you use HAs in this rotation? It's not in the description. I tried Alcasts build for 2x pets and don't get nearly as much output as this build, but cannot seem to fit heavies in. Thanks!
Adam T (6 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO thanks m8
Replace 2x Elemental Weapons with 1x Heavy Attack at any point in the rotation when your magicka is running low.
lawlexe (6 months ago)
Hey man, how do you have such high crit chance too? I'm trying to copy your build. Cant seem to be able to go any higher than 20 percent.. I'm missing something just dont know what
lawlexe (6 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO perfect thank you bro.
All my sources of spell crit are: base crit chance, 10%; CP passive (Spell Precision), 12%; light armour passives, 10% or so; Major Prophecy from potions or Inner Light, 10%. Zaan 1-piece, 4% or so. This totals to 45.8% fully buffed.
Ian Snyder (6 months ago)
@Mistress of Apocrypha ESO great video thank you. I've been waiting for someone to make a build that mixed boring pet sorc with a fun spammable. I mainly run normal trials but wanted to progress to vet. I currently have access to destruction mastery, but I use alcasts pet build with julianos necro and get about 32k dps on a dummie. I'm confused by how I should spread points to penetration CP if I use destruction mastery? Thanks again.
Ian Snyder (6 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO thanks for the explanation. I haven't put many points into spell erosion, maybe 20 and i use the mage mundus. I haven't really concerned myself with my total penetration but maybe I should calculate it.
Penetration should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, especially if you are focussing on trials. Ask what your tanks are wearing. Find out if anyone is using Power of the Light, Focussed Aim or Sunderflame, which all provide Minor Breach. You can safely assume that Major Breach will be up all of the time, so subtract 5280 penetration from your equation. How many points you put into Spell Erosion depends on which of these debuffs your group is bringing to the table. The end calculation should provide you with as near to 18200 spell penetration as possible. P.S. I don't recommend Julianos on a pet build because damage dealt by pets does not scale with spell damage, only max magicka.
promoplus100 (6 months ago)
So what would I use if you don't have VMA lightning saff? ;( btw, love your builds
Thanks :) Go infused Spinner's lightning staff with spell damage enchantment back bar. vMA farm is very easy with this build though, so you should get one soon!
InvictusApollo (6 months ago)
Won't Siroria over Spinner give more dps?
InvictusApollo (6 months ago)
Won't Siroria over Spinner give more dps?
Siroria is very similar, perhaps 1% less than Spinner's in my tests.
InvictusApollo (6 months ago)
Won't Siroria over Spinner give more dps?
SoulEvans6547 (2 months ago)
It's better. Spinner is just more affordable/easier to get
ebatiz40 (6 months ago)
great Video... many people seem to hate pets for trials... your thoughts?
Sam Edwards (6 months ago)
The Trials guild I'm in doesn't want pets. I've always enjoyed them, but it's worth trying without, what would you run? destruction mastery spinners ? i've always liked netches.
Sam Edwards (6 months ago)
Great reply, I've never tried just the twilight. I've always run lightning, even using your 1bar build for maelstrom the first time. I guess I just need to get used to inferno, i have sororia and bsw. that definitely sounds better than my imperfect staff and willpower. I've been looking forward to wearing 2 full sets for a long time.
All of the 46k+ non-pet builds seem to be using Siroria and BSW with double inferno and frags. I've hit 43k with Spinner's and Netch, double lightning, with 28 in Spell Erosion to accommodate for infused crusher. There's also the option of dropping the scamp (he causes all the 'problems' that pet-haters hate) and keeping the twilight. If your guildmates refuse a skill that does up to 3k dps passively, crit heals for 15k and procs Necropotence, ask them what they're smoking! ^^
john doe (7 months ago)
is the matriarch required or can i just replace it with other skills?
I am one of the few people I have encountered who use the Matriarch, in fact. The usual approach is to use Crit Surge on the back bar and either Bound Aegis or Mage's Wrath on the front bar. ( But some of these guys then change to the Matriarch after I demonstrate how effective it is ^^)
jay king (7 months ago)
Can you explain rotation please.
The rotation is written out in full in the description of the video. Remember to include light attack weaves between all skills, particularly when using Elemental Weapons.
sjonit1 (7 months ago)
Nice Vid. I was going to run a similar rotation but with Mothers Sorrow, Necro, Illambris/Zaan. Going to try 1 pet and Channeled Accleration for Minor Force. Will try in next few days once at the PS4
I'd be interested to hear how you do with Mother's Sorrow and Channeled Acceleration. Could be a really nice petsorc raid setup.
KRYPHIOS # (7 months ago)
hello! what do u think about war maiden instead of spinner? thx! sry for my english...
KRYPHIOS # (7 months ago)
sjonit1 thx!!!!!!
sjonit1 (7 months ago)
No, as sorc doesnt do 'magic' damage, they do frost, flame and shock damage, the bonus wouldnt be applied.
Samantha Starr (7 months ago)
I run llambris, necro and infall, I hit around 39k dps on a solo parse.. would changing Infall effect that much?
You could potentially gain quite a bit of dps by dropping Infal and Ilabris, since this build uses no flame damage (so half of Ilambris is wasted) and you have good uptimes of Minor Vulnerability anyway just from the sheer amount of shock damage you are applying. Zaan is not as 'cheese' as people make it out to be, and I recommend it. It is perfectly reasonable in the majority of situations for a mag dd to be standing closer than 10m away from their target.
Eneka (7 months ago)
This is viable for all PVE content ? (im new )
In a 12-man raid where the tank has infused crusher and Alkosh uptimes of over 50% on all primary targets ... then ... this build is not optimal in raids, in which case you should replace your front bar set with something else and adjust your CP, if you are indeed interested in min-maxing, to reach the penetration cap with these debuffs taken into account. Cheese to look good on a dummy = great dps in situations where these debuffs are not consistently applied for you. Listen to whoever you want, play to have fun, optimize for the people you are playing with. If this build doesn't fit those criteria for you, don't use it. If you like it, use it.
The Spartan (7 months ago)
Can use them for solo stuff like overland, veteran maelstrom arena and 4 man dungeons. But for 12 man trials this setup would be bad
Eneka (7 months ago)
so pets only work for leveling? after that is better for pure direct damage?
The Spartan (7 months ago)
Eneka is not. Spinners is a spell pen set and he has a ridiculous amount of points into spell erosion. In a 12 man raid group with all the buffs you would go way over the 18,200 resistances that enemies have. In essence this a cheese build to look good on a dummy.
Eneka (7 months ago)
i dont understand you :/ is viable or not?
Brandon Ochoa (7 months ago)
Will this still work as a 1 bar no swap for vma? I ran your other one and I was able to run vma to its completion 15 times!! Haven't been able to with any set ups for 2 years. Thank you
Brandon Ochoa (7 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO Thanks and I'm still learning so I appreciate the help
The sets, yes. Obviously, you'll need to replace elemental weapons with your empowered ward, and you're good to go ;)
Mark (7 months ago)
I've tried this build over and over and over again. I have all of the gear, all of the CP, and I know the rotation very well, but I can't get any higher than 35k with this on the live server.
Check my petsorc vid where I do 44k dps with force pulse in Dragon Bones. It's the same rotation. If the reason for an 11k disparity can be spotted using CM you're just as likely to spot it in that vid. CM was still out of date when I posted this, so didn't want to risk it crashing my game or bugging out.
Mark (7 months ago)
Can you post a combat metrics log so I can compare my results with yours. I'm missing something huge here and can't figure out why you're rocking over 11k more than me.
I first mastered this rotation as a heavy attack rotation, and only later replaced 1 heavy attack with 2 spammables. Perhaps it is worth trying the HA version of this rotation first, then moving on to the spammable later. With good execution, you should be able to get 38-40k with HAs. Just something to try if you are feeling stuck.
Porioh (7 months ago)
Hey i dont have pisij skill line which skill i use exchange of it ?tnx
Force Pulse or Crushing Shock.
Nicholas Pahl (7 months ago)
How much of a difference is elemental weapon vs force pulse for dps?
1-2k more in my experience, which I attribute mostly to the increase in sustain due to lower cost.
crazzzzle (7 months ago)
You are the man. I knew the pet sorc couldn't be dead like everyone is so quick to say. Have you tested this build in trials as well?
Julianos is not great for pet builds due to the fact that pets don't gain any damage bonus from spell damage, only max magicka. The first alternative to Spinner that I would try is Destruction Mastery.
crazzzzle (7 months ago)
I should have asked this in PTS, but on the off chance you tested it how do you think this build would do with Juliano's/Necrop? Same idea with the big pieces being infused and mage or lover mundus just with adjusted CP.
People say petsorc is dead because of maybe 3 instances in the game where it is not viable. For trials, you may want to change out Spinner's for something like Siroria or Destruction Mastery, but its only necessary if your tank is wearing Alkosh and has high uptimes. Otherwise, just adjust your CP to reflect the penetration support provided.
Fort Nut (7 months ago)
What skills would I run if I only wanted to use 1 pet?
Fort Nut (7 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO thanks!
Assuming you want to drop the Twilight, I'd just put in Bound Aegis on both bars and keep the same rotation. Nice and simple. If you want a little boost for ults and execute you could put in Mage's Wrath front bar and Acceleration back bar.
Tovric (7 months ago)
If you were to do vma (got a magdk to stage 9 cant beat final boss)... What skills would you slot? Amazing job btw, greatly enjoyed this video!
Thanks, it means a lot :) An idea I have for vMA is to replace storm atro with overload, and on the overload bar slot dark exchange, boundless storm and acceleration (new psijic skill) to cast between rounds. The main skills I would leave the same, using the Twilight to heal when needed.
Rafael Yokota (7 months ago)
What do you think having the Twice born star paired with the necro with lover and the mage mundus stone?
I've tried it, its not bad. The DPS is passable, and it's certainly worth considering for vMA.
Greg Watkins (7 months ago)
This guy is an idiot. Do Not put spinners on Your PVE Sorc, he has no clue what he’s talking about. He’s copying someone else’s build and trying to make it his own.
I am not advertising this as a leaderboard-climbing meta trials build. It's strengths lie in vMA, vDSA and DLC dungeons. It also works well in many raids where Alkosh is not used. However, not all tanks use Alkosh (unsurprisingly, as it offers no health, no mitigation, no recovery) and even fewer maintain uptimes high enough to justify dds ignoring penetration. Some do, and that's cool, in which case you should use a different front-bar set. I'm not trying to 'beat' anyone at dps by using Spinner's. I'm trying to get the highest dps I can without assuming someone else is going to help me make it higher. Concerning the psijic skill, if I need to interrupt something, I'll use crushing shock, but if not, why shouldn't I use a skill that gives higher damage? And... you're saying that if I change a few things about my build, it would be the meta for Morrowind. That makes this a different build, no? For my sins, it literally never occurred to me to use a spammable in a pet build until half way through Dragon Bones. I had no idea what the meta even was, so please don't accuse me of ripping it off.
Greg Watkins (7 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO first of all this is a Meta pet build for morrowind. Secondly spell penetration from spinners is only necessary in Pvp. Change your psjic skill back to force pulse, change your twighlight back to scamp and boom 100% morrowind meta. You basically put on spinners because you want increased damage, but versus whom ? Most raids meet the spell pen cap, so you have an entire 5 piece set going to waste, on top of over penetrating by like 4k in a trial, which is a waste of damage. Change to the new Post Summerset 5 piece trial gear and do way more than what ur at now.
I need some rationale here or I'll just delete the comment. Justify your position, and we can offer something valuable to the community. Saying I'm an idiot, don't use this build, and I'm copying it (from who!?) doesn't help anyone.
Revan (7 months ago)
Just out of interest: how does pet sorc perform in vAS+1 (maybe even vAS+2)? And dont you need crushing shock then for interrupts on the posion boss?
You can get away with a twilight in vAS+1 with no problem, just call it back to you during the kite phase. It should be ok in +2 as well but you'll have to be increasingly aware of its movements and micromanage it- possibly more hassle than it's worth, but if you're a die-hard petsorc, I'd say it's doable. The scamp dies every few seconds unfortunately, even in +1. I would just swap out Elemental Weapons for crushing shock if I was assigned to interrupt. Since you are unlikely to get much penetration support in vAS, I would keep spinner's personally. However, like I'm pointing out to several commenters, this is 'a' build, not 'the' build for Summerset, so it's up to the individual to adapt to the situation and use this as a bare-bones template if you like to play petsorc.
mako (7 months ago)
why do you bob back and forth while doing this, is it just to create an internal tempo for your rotation ?
This build, with only a few situational alterations, has enough dps and survivability to solo Domihaus in veteran Falkreath Hold, so anyone getting the idea that it's a dummy cheese build... don't! XD Check out the link below if you need proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esdbqYyHoC8
Francis Lara (5 months ago)
pathetic also realize that this is the "max" dps rotation standing in one position not needing to dodge any red zones and NOT "real" dps where you're actually in constant movement in actual gameplay environment where there are tiny bits of DPS loss due to moving around and aiming etc. The reason for him moving is as he explained but also just second nature for when doing the actual content and not just parsing.
mako (7 months ago)
ahh i see, just didn't know if it was something to do with animation cancelling or anything so i figured i'd double check, thanks for the swift reply :-) and great video as always!
The habit developed as a way of keeping my fingers returning to the movement keys while doing a rotation. I feel I have more control over my character, and am ready to move in any direction in a millisecond's notice. Kind of like the perforated home keys on J and F, to keep you returning to where you need to be when you lift up your fingers, if that makes any sense...
jared mondragon (7 months ago)
How did you get gold spinners jewelry?
jared mondragon (7 months ago)
Shit I missed it thanks bro
they were on sale at the Golden about a month ago :)
Gizmoriderful Ye (7 months ago)
Yea, this whole build is useless in trials because you go well over pen cap.
It's only useless in situations where the boss is such a limp noodle that the tank can safely wear Alkosh and Torug's, and is stationary enough to reliably time synergies. You'll need to understand your group dynamic for penetration support so that you can adjust your CP or front-bar set accordingly. I should hope this goes without saying, and any intelligent player will understand the limitations of using one build for every situation. I have suggested elsewhere that replacing Spinner's with Destruction Mastery or Mechanical Acuity could be a good option, though I haven't yet tested for a BiS where full penetration support is provided, since it rarely is in the content and groups I play with.
Philip Kooijman (7 months ago)
Excellent video and I already have all the gear so basically good to go. I suppose the VMA version is exactly the same gear? Any changes you would suggest for VMA?
For vMA I might swap Storm Atronach for Overload and use the extra skill bar between rounds to cast a couple of Dark Exchanges and that new Psijic skill that gives Minor Force and Minor Expedition for 30+ seconds.
Please what is Blockade of Storms ??? Sorry my english is not good.You have to show skills better.
The Legend of ZorG (7 months ago)
Blockade is the second skill down in the destruction staff skill line I believe it's a Aoe move
Pause the video as I hover over the skills, then compare them to what is shown in your game. I can't give an explanation of what each skill does and which skill line it is in, sorry. I like to keep my videos short, as I detest watching 20+ minute build videos, myself.
Please what is Thunderous Rage ? https://www.eso-skillfactory.com/en/build-planer/#f3,r8,c2;0:0:0:0:0:0;0:0:0:0:0:0;0;0,0,0;0,0,0;;0,0,0;0,0;
Clint Carter (7 months ago)
Would 5 IA on the front bar be good for trials?
Only if you are performing a group utility role of keeping up Minor Vulnerability. In that case, you wouldn't want to use this LA rotation. If IA is what your group needs, stick with the good ol' Heavy Attack rotation from previous patches.
Vahrokh Vain (7 months ago)
Awesome, as usual. But what if a guy wants to do trials, where spell penetration is covered? Go for Willpower / Moondancer instead of Spinner?
It's just 'educated speculation' at this point, but I believe so. Particularly IA, I don't think it will be that great because 1 guy with an infused asylum staff and shock glyph can keep up 90%+ minor vulnerability uptime. If nobody else in your group fulfils that role, perhaps you can be the minor vulnerability guy, but I would have a look at your group uptimes first before committing to IA.
tracyandbingley (7 months ago)
Interesting. I was considering Infallible Aether for my trial set... but you're arguing that for a pet sorc build, Destruction Mastery + Mage mundus might be better?
The 2-4 piece of Spinner is exactly the same as Shadowdancer, so you lose nothing by using Spinner's- you only gain penetration. I suggested Shadowdancer over Spinner's in previous builds because it was readily available in gold quality at a low price. Gold Spinner's necklaces did not exist pre-Summerset, because they have never come up in the golden vendor. Also, I never imagined that ZoS would go ahead with making staves count as 2 weapon slots, so Shadowdancer was always intended as an optimized 4-piece. In Summerset, 4-piece sets are redundant - you won't lose any dps if you continue using Shadowdancer, but you won't have what you could have with Spinner's. Heck, if you play petsorc in Pvp, you might even really enjoy the Shadowdancer 5-piece: fast sneaking and extra stam recovery isn't too bad! Second question: yes, you would lose both the extra magicka and damage from swapping to the back bar. However, once your magicka has dropped below a certain threshold (95% or so) you will no longer actively lose magicka on bar swap, only the damage bonuses provided by the MAX magicka stat. This means you will have the damage bonus from 5 piece destruction mastery active for exactly the same amount of time (75% or so) as the uptime of Spinner's 5th piece. For the sake of theorycrafting, I would say it's also worth testing Mechanical Acuity and Undaunted Infiltrator (transmuted to arcane/bloodthirsty) as front-bar sets for trials with penetration support. I'll probably do this at some point during the patch, but not quite yet as I want to explore Summerset and get some action with my 'main' build first.
Vahrokh Vain (7 months ago)
Second question: imagine 5 Necro + 1 vMA staff. What happens with 5 Destruction mastery? With Summerset we can get the 5 set bonus, which is +2.5k magicka. But, when I swap to back bar, the 5 set bonus drops and +magicka disappears. When I return back to the front bar, that magicka will be missing. Do I still get the +damage bonus from the 5th piece bonus (on front bar) during the time I only use front bar abilities, despite the swapping takes away the magicka?
Vahrokh Vain (7 months ago)
I have two questions: why not Shadowdancer any more? I have it from one of your previous builds and it's solid +magicka.
Potions: Magicka/Major Sorcery/Major Prophecy, ingredients ???
*OK,thank you 👍.*
Corn Flower, Lady's Smock and Water Hyacinth
tracyandbingley (7 months ago)
Thanks for posting! Out of curiosity, why daedric prey before volatile familiar in your rotation?
tracyandbingley (7 months ago)
Mistress of Apocrypha ESO hm, yes, it is especially aggravating to see a freshly applied liquid lightning be wasted... I'll try it out. Thanks for the reply!
I do this in dungeons to let ads 'settle' on the tank before dropping my ground DoTs. Most people throw in their liquid lightning first thing and the ads just run out of it xD Also, prey before familiar is an auditory thing for me- your first HA after the four key skills always 'pops' precisely as the prey expires, which helps me to find a nice rhythm.
BONKKERS69 (7 months ago)
Great video, what would u suggest if I don't have malstrom stave?
Only one of any unique named item can be equipped, e.g. Spinner's Fractured Femur. You can still back-bar an unnamed Spinner's Lightning Staff though.
tracyandbingley (7 months ago)
CountryღツツღUbuntuლ,ᔑ•د͟͠•ᔐ.ლ that's the one!
Yep, Spinner's on both bars if you don't have a vMA staff. Good advice from @tracyandbingley if you're short on gold.
Do you mean that ?https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Bone+Grappler's+Nest
BONKKERS69 (7 months ago)
tracyandbingley thank you for your response i will go and see that area, i try vma but more so than none it is very lagy my skills sometimes don't work lol its hard playing from Australia
Joe Endicott (7 months ago)
Awesome thank you. Now just waiting for the 5th for Xbox to get Summerset

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