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Fallout 76 - My Take on the Game Currently - January 2019

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Just chatting about Fallout 76. My opinion on the game and some of the criticism it's received since launch.
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Ali WildWolf (3 months ago)
1st like Hey V miss chatting :) Good to get a notification again from ya
Ali WildWolf (3 months ago)
+Virsago2099 you are lucky you play PC V.... Bc the XBOX team.... Never ever do anything.... I asked for help on Twitter ESO support page bc I waited 3months with nothing after I submitted a ticket..... And my reply to them they actually reported and got my tweets taken down bc I told them straight up "Listen, I contacted u here Bec for 3months I've tried to submit tickets for the glitches nothing is ever done. You're the official flipping support account for ESO... HELP ME DANG IT!! it's a serious issue and it's just getting worse!!" Then right after that... My ESO+ was canceled like 12d into buying it and the crowns we're taken and my bank $$ was emptied..... Which seems to me like they took it from my account bc no one else got this issue :( So I haven't been playing it.... But I really hope I can fix this bc V I can't work cuNthe disabilities I mentioned in Whispers on Twitch.... And they are Soo much worse and .... I'm in the boondocks... Off 3 dirt roads ☠️
Virsago2099 (3 months ago)
Yikes, I hope you can get the money issue sorted quickly. That can definitely lead to a mountain of stress. ESO is usually pretty quick to fix the problems they're having with the game, so hopefully they'll take care of the problems in a timely manner. I get the feeling their customer support isn't exactly top notch though. I never had to deal with them myself, but I've heard they aren't very helpful.
Ali WildWolf (3 months ago)
+Virsago2099 I've been okay, though recently ALOT of stress... Just got my own place away from everyone. A guy was nice enough to let my man and I move in.... And now my mother and brother impersonated me and told my only source of income and only way I can pay rent..... That I didn't need my SSI anymore to cancel my checks when I had $2,000 saved so I can pay rent and live my own life..... Now idk what I will do bc she already impersonated me and got my food money taken.... But hopefully this guy will let my man and I stay as he said he needs the money to fix what his sister did. Leaving him without rent which actually has the house in jeopardy bc the morgege is due and he only has half.... Idk if they will give me my money back either or the cash I saved for this reason :( But ESO has been a glitching pain in the butt lately... I bought ESO+ and they took it after only a half month the Indrek I worked HARD for cu they keep glitching the feathers out.... Disappeared.. my 8,000Crowns.... And around 60k in bank... And they just refuse to fix these issues on console... :(
Virsago2099 (3 months ago)
Hey Ali, long time no see! Hope you're doing well. I haven't been on twitch a whole lot lately, but now that the holidays have passed I'm hoping to have a bit more free time lol

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