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Skyrim Mod: The Warrior Skills - Perk Overhaul - Ordinator

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Get WeMesh here - http://get.weme.sh/Brodual Cheap Games on G2A - http://g2a.com/brodual Use Coupon Code "Mods" at checkout for 3% off! You can also earn money on the G2A Goldmine - https://www.g2a.com/gr/[email protected] Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual ORDINATOR The Introduction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDbfXoFlEXk The Mage Skills - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baVi_SYCnu4 The Warrior Skills - this video The Thief Skills - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEz9Up8x9OQ MOD LINK - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68425/? Music: The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56083/? http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
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Text Comments (457)
chickencoop2000 (29 days ago)
okay man who the fuck plays as an orc?
That Lemon Guy (1 month ago)
Are the Dwarven Autocannons even lore-friendly? Because I don’t doubt it. I mean, the Dwemer are able to build goddamn robots, so who’s to say it isn’t?
Bryan Winter (2 months ago)
dang, he cut the head off, and it came up and kissed him..haha 0:07
Joshua Sweetvale (3 months ago)
Archery and dual blades? Conjured? And Illusion magic? Stealth Archer?! In modded Skyrim?! Call me Talion
Asbestos Fish (3 months ago)
_if it wasn’t like running a nuclear power plant, I’d install it right now._
Cman65 (3 months ago)
Im using the dwarven auto cannon to make a reincarnated dwemer wearing dwarven armor, spellbreaker and dwarven weapons
Does the Archery part of this mod also effect Crossbows?
Night Ride (4 months ago)
I want a mod that throws my enemy through the air when i hit it with sideways double handed hammer swing.
Neil Wiggs (6 months ago)
So basically, I need this mod.
Mr Snakes (6 months ago)
Nice the way the weapon orientated skills work remind me of the skills you'd gain in oblivion when you leveled the skills up.
Nimo Kali (9 months ago)
I don't know. I like a challenge and this only seems to make warrior perks overpowered. Not my cup of tea. I'd rather take the challenge of weaker perks.
Chapwisely (9 months ago)
I fucking love the walking at enemies perk. I always wondered why intimidation didn't work when you wear full-on daedric armor
Sub Zero (11 months ago)
There's a thief around here THIEF SAPPIN MAH SENTRE
Finn Driessen (11 months ago)
The point is with these kind of mods, only you can use them. Not youre enemy's or youre followers.
RaxuRangerking (11 months ago)
This mod essentially turns Skyrim into Overwatch.
RanduinsOmen (11 months ago)
eh some of these ideas are pretty comical and not so good but the ones that work work really well
Tiger mafia 109 (1 year ago)
What animation mod is he using
Kenny Leone (1 year ago)
all vids : ''Hello and welcome to brodual'' loool
Jim Campbell (1 year ago)
Got a question bout 2handed lvl100 perk is it till u kill more or permanent like 1handed cause it really isnt clear to me
Sean Stars (1 year ago)
I don't like the turrets but the heavy armour intimidation is simple but so fuckin cool.
Daniel Otto (1 year ago)
Does it works with wildcat?
Hector the III (1 year ago)
Never going to use Turrets because how the feth? But DAMN. That Heavy Armor Intimidation is the shit.
T.J. Fountain (1 year ago)
Jamie Hughes (1 year ago)
T.J. Fountain no you become the engineer
criixt (1 year ago)
Be pretty cool to see your opponent get disarmed then the player throws down his shield sword or bow and fights fist to fist
GotherL (1 year ago)
This mod is too complex for me. I am noob in skyrim and when I downloaded this mod the skilltree overwhelms me.
Keiscecs (1 year ago)
Anyone know how to upgrade the grindstone and the workbench in the Smithing skilltree????
Kaden (1 year ago)
Can anyone tell me what armor is on the archer?
Donnie Burton (1 year ago)
archer Hunter armor based off of the green arrow
Juuso .Virtanen (1 year ago)
Hi, i need help with commanding the skeletons in ordinator conjuring tree since i have no idea how to do it. i would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to control the skeletons in ordinator.
Stony Bridge (1 year ago)
ok, im curious on 2 things. that armor you use for the rouge archer for the archery clips and what mod allowed the normal iron hammers to be 1 handed maces?
Pixelated Warrior (1 year ago)
Ok, being able to walk up to an enemy and make them run is really cool.
That weird shy guy (1 year ago)
Best thing this mod does for warriors though is the speech skill involving shouts, making them so much more involved and powerful
Aaron Hapgood (1 year ago)
question. if i buff the grindstone with the smithing perk then respec and get the perk again can i upgrade the armour bench?
1oAce (1 year ago)
Honestly I think charging at someone with heavy armor is scarier than slowly walking. Like a deadly game of chicken.
1oAce (1 year ago)
The heavy armor perk tree is the fucking best. Its so hilarious to see those pathetic bandit mages trying to attack me with knives and just bouncing off.
Meovyle (1 year ago)
Of those new skills and stuff its hardcore to choose which "class" i wanna play :I
Solidus 316 (1 year ago)
+Brodual 2:55 Brodual vs his Star Trek parallel universe bearded self
Puls (1 year ago)
Wait. What about light armor?
Mc Nobbets (1 year ago)
Nova_Mage Thats in the thief tree.
Eyal Shabtai (1 year ago)
is there a decap perk?
ChadOfAllTrades (2 years ago)
Does this give unarmed perks?
MisterDuckyGaming (2 years ago)
I just subscribeb
BarretDude (2 years ago)
Is the hammer included in the mod or not
nukeboy14 (2 years ago)
0:55 cue TF2 theme
Crazed Automaton (2 years ago)
How do you dual wield 2 handed hammers? Is that part of the ordinator?
Guilherme Ferreira (2 years ago)
They're one handed hammers
weeb trash (2 years ago)
eorlund grey mane will kill us all...
Frederick X. (2 years ago)
2-handed is so... amazingly... broken with this perk overhaul. Go all the way up to the left, take Massacre (10% chance on hit to trigger 200% weapon swing speed) and go up to the top and take Enter The Arena (Trigger massacre on first 2-handed swing in combat). Grab the Longhammer, grab Elemental Fury, and roll in laughter as your character turns into a blur of swings. Actually I did the math and the results are... Well here's the math: 1.25 base swing speed + 1.25(2) from Ordinator + 1.25(1) from Elemental Fury = 5. That's... 5 SWINGS PER SECOND. WHAT THE FUCK LOL.
Neil Wiggs (6 months ago)
You practically have to play on legendary once you get this mod lol
daniel larkin (1 year ago)
Frederick X. spicy
Samuel Carrillo (2 years ago)
Is this gonna be on PS4
Chainsy (2 years ago)
Sadly sony has decided that external assets arent ok on PS4, so possibly, provided there arent any external assets, which there most certainly will be somewhere
JellO Berry Roger (2 years ago)
Samuel Carrillo if the turrets use in game assets than you should be good.
JellO Berry Roger (2 years ago)
Samuel Carrillo if the turrets use in game assets than you should be good.
Hadmen Yadongplease (2 years ago)
does this mod require a plugin? Sadly I'm at max XD Which is a mere 112 with Tamriel Online.
baltherzar4 (2 years ago)
holy shit this mod changes gameplay in a big way and is getting me excited to play Skyrim again. hopefully the modder will do something similar for fallout 4
Don’t Make Haikus (2 years ago)
Is it more fitting to use one-handed or two-handed when using heavy-armour?
Ultimate Thotty (2 years ago)
The Khajiit Overlord well I personally think one handed because you can dual wield and use spells which is overpowered asf. but that's just my opinion
Doubt (2 years ago)
i cant seem to get the lions arrows perk in the range section to work any help?
Chainsy (2 years ago)
If you simply cant select the perk, then its most likely a load order problem, consider using a piece of software called LOOT
Sean Wallace (2 years ago)
Vulcan from smite 😂
Don't Know How To Use Dwarven Autocannons
Henrique (2 years ago)
what is your field of view?
Faris Sabic (2 years ago)
Dwarven turret wow now i can be Heimerdinger in skyrim
Clench Chad Man (2 years ago)
. please help for some reason i can not select some perk even if ihave the requierements
Chainsy (2 years ago)
Load Order Optimisation Tool
Clench Chad Man (2 years ago)
what does that stand for
Chainsy (2 years ago)
sounds like a load order issue, consider using LOOT
Clench Chad Man (2 years ago)
when i have enough levels in a skill and perk points to spend certain perks are never availble to have a perk points put into them
Chainsy (2 years ago)
You're going to have to provide ALOT more infomation than that
Vinx .909 (2 years ago)
so, the longer you fight the more buffs you get. so the longer a battle is the more powerful you get. that sounds really backwards.
Vinx .909 (2 years ago)
+Mr. Breeze you had to patch every mod for skyre too, both are extremely large mods. there is a reason it is called skyrim redone. i just prefer the systems and perks in skyre and i haven't really seen any mod for SSE recreated that (although i also haven't looked in quite some time, buzzy in enderal and vanila SSE for a series where i compare skyrim to fallout 4.
Zack Crenshaw (2 years ago)
Lol, yeah I had perma and got tired of having to patch in every new mod. When I went from perma to Ordinator, I had to re-mod the whole game under a new profile. Ordinator just works better for chronic addicted modders like myself
Vinx .909 (2 years ago)
+Mr. Breeze really hope that skyre makes its way to SSE. i know that he made perma which kind of was skyre 2, but i think that skyre is just better put together. it was bigger, overhauled more making it harder to combine with other mods but also means everything in it works really well together,
Zack Crenshaw (2 years ago)
I know what you mean. But I have ASIS which gives NPCs access to all the perks relative to their skills and MorrowLoot Ultimate kinda overhauls the game like SkyRe to where enemy levels are a lot more dynamic. So I really have to choose my fights and when to just run away. But yeah, I wouldn't use Ordinator with vanilla skyrim because I like modding it to be a nice mix of challenging yet playable and enjoyable.
Vinx .909 (2 years ago)
+Mr. Breeze that doesn't stop the part where you become more powerful in battle as well. guess i like the combat in skyre where longer fighting can easily mean that you'll run out or resources. my mage was really powerful but would run into serious mana economy problems. and i'm never too big a fan of mods needing other mods to be really balanced (in the way that i like).
Jesse McCree (2 years ago)
1:14 Spy sappin' mah sentry
Andrew Couture (2 years ago)
Is there fist perks?
TnT Films (2 years ago)
in the light armor tree there is he linked the thief video in the description
Lucas Oliveira (2 years ago)
all this new perks doesnt make the game too easy?
No Lube (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure NPCs have perks, and the mod page says NPC get these perks as well. I've also seen some enemies use active perk abilities as well
Calm that DOWN (2 years ago)
combine with a combat mod
Blind Truth INC. (2 years ago)
this mod have a mechanic of timed blocking. so will this affect the ultimate combat mod?
JellO Berry Roger (2 years ago)
Blind Truth INC. yes
EvilNecroid (2 years ago)
can i use the heavy armor skills while NEVER wearing a helmet? its 1 of the main reasons i never put perks in heavy armor because i dont like helmets
xEka17 (2 years ago)
well he did say that there is a perk to remove a piece of armor but still get the same amount of armor protection as if you are wearing the full set, so yes you can. (a bit late of a reply)
Matthew Smith (2 years ago)
I saw the turret then I instantly clicked off the video.
Reecopolis (10 months ago)
Your not building them in a workshop your "building them in a Draugr Ruin 30 fett into a mountain with no dwarven Metal, Hammers, workbench or any other htings needed to craft this uncannon cannon
Barcelona FC (10 months ago)
JellO Berry Roger just don’t use it haha
Cancer Police (1 year ago)
JellO Berry Roger Yes miss out on a ton of great playstyles just because you dont like one OPTIONAL perk. Your intelligence is through the roof, your parents must be so proud
+Joel Barreiro +Matthew Smith picky picky picky
mk gaming (1 year ago)
Why, you think its not lore freindly? LOOK AT THE DWEMER who not to say some smith decided he wants to research dwemer tech, ands its very likely the dwemer built turretts
Paladin Salt (2 years ago)
What mod adds the one-handed war-hammers?
Blaze (2 years ago)
Dwarven turret? Awesome. OH CRAP SPY'S SAPPING MY SENTRY!!! SENTRY DOWN!!!
Meovyle (1 year ago)
Sir Caco (2 years ago)
Jesse McCree (2 years ago)
Dova Productions sentry goin' up
TeerdKrepp (2 years ago)
what's the mod that shows the debuffs in the top right corner?
TeerdKrepp (2 years ago)
+R. Rain ty alot
Rain (2 years ago)
Sky Ui I believe.
Nicolás Fanta (2 years ago)
Saying again, this is the best overhaul mod i ever used, No patchs for everything, simple, original, whole new gameplay experience :D
The Nuclear Otaku (2 years ago)
What's the mod that puts those status effect icons in the top right corner of the screen?
Zachary de Boer (2 years ago)
Kraggerino Kripperino (2 years ago)
Malhekrow (2 years ago)
Archer Elite: Skyrim beta gameplay
PsyCalibur (2 years ago)
1:06 Kratos, why are you in Skyrim?
biodude426 (2 years ago)
He's surveying the land in preparation of God of War 4
The Fool (2 years ago)
With the combat mods that make NPCs use skills suited to their level, do they also have perks like these by default?
fifalafida (2 years ago)
The smithing tree literally creates torbjorn in skyrim
Neil Wiggs (6 months ago)
Ya gotta build a baby
Michael Moscrop (2 years ago)
fifalafida or just an engineer in general...
Kota Knightington (2 years ago)
will this work on followers. like a follower use weapon and shield will tht follower get the same effects.
Anthony Burgess (2 years ago)
Brodual deserves a lot more subs his content is really REALLY good
son ant (8 months ago)
Just reminded me to sub
52262 (2 years ago)
oh now i get it....lol bro dual they sound alike..i do wonder if their brothers.
flyde (2 years ago)
It's two people. That's why it's *bro*dual.
Hisoka Fanboy (2 years ago)
So you have something against being attracted towards virtual pornography? Before the camera was invented, every pornography was like that.+Toby Lerone
Vulpes Inculta MxRs jokes are just jokes about sex. The fact alone he finds skyrim characters sexy makes me cringe
Great Teacher (2 years ago)
Is there a standalone mod that scares enemies like 4:18?
Lonewolf953 (2 years ago)
HELP! i got the park advanced workshop , and i was able to upgrade grindstone but now i want to upgrade workbench but i'm not able to (i dissasambled grinstone) i just doesn't show an option/popup like the grindstone does , what am i doing wrong??
Enai Siaion (2 years ago)
Next time read perk descriptions and popups plz.
Tom Woods (3 years ago)
great vid :D what ENB are you using, the game looks great! ta
MAXR / Kirby 96548 (3 years ago)
turret? not very lore friendly lol
MAXR / Kirby 96548 Lore and canon is entirely up to the fans
Andrew Markus (2 years ago)
Turrets are of dwarven architecture, they're lore friendly.
Anno Domination (2 years ago)
+Enai Siaion Well Automatons already exist in Skyrim
Enai Siaion (2 years ago)
As opposed to PerMa which lets you build automatons?
Isaac (3 years ago)
Seriously have an option to help beat the game by clearing out lots of minions while other heros who are build for boss battles fight the bosses.
Isaac (3 years ago)
Seriously these mods will fail if you can only beat skyirm by fighting big bosses. No one will invest in them (as in those momentum killing spree ones) Also cool.
Jesus McBeth (3 years ago)
power attacks idea taken from the very clever idea of oblivion!
Gaming 4 You (3 years ago)
Svenner (3 years ago)
Is this better than SkyRe, or is it compatible with it? I've been thinking of deactivating SkyRe for the Ordinator perks, and I just want to know if this is better or not.
Irfan Spirtovic (3 years ago)
Guys,am I the only one who thinks that 05:57 was the best moment?
Fenix Porto Pontes (3 years ago)
And the number of perks available increase with the mod as well?
Cookie Jamz (3 years ago)
+Fenix Porto Pontes Yes
Lord McMutton (3 years ago)
Seeing the Heavy Armor's walking intimidation thing really makes me want to make a more fitting walking animation.
RageDrakax (1 year ago)
Lord McMutton Sauron comes to mind
MrUnknownzz1 (3 years ago)
This is a freaking mod and a half!
Ander Yanguas C (3 years ago)
at start of the video, what robes is your mage using?
Caleb Oxford (3 years ago)
Does this mod conflict with mods such as SkyRe that had already altered the skill tree?
TheRedGauntlet (3 years ago)
The Turrets and the intimidation sold this mod
SentinelFPS (3 years ago)
can someone give me a list of mods that are a must need? I am looking g for magic mods and combat mods! please and thanks!
Dan Mergner (3 years ago)
As always great review guys, you really do a great job pulling together images and action shots to really flesh out each mod and removing a lot of the "buyer" beware with modding.
Sentrag (3 years ago)
what mod is this where you see your hands in first person view ?
oliver Pitt (3 years ago)
Whats the bow animation mod they are using?
Flash (3 years ago)
*Dragonborn walks towards a bandit cave at a easy pace* Bandit : Hey! Dont come an- ....... *Bandit shits himself and runs away*
carterp600 (1 year ago)
What a Poor Bandit lol.
Ayser Xo (3 years ago)
5:00 goodbye
Qualified (3 years ago)
How is he holding his weapons further from him? What mod is it?
Qualified (2 years ago)
Apple-Flavored Blueberries Yeah I figured it out
apple h (2 years ago)
Qualified Its just fov # in the console
BruiserMachina (3 years ago)
4:18 Batman simulator
Icegod101 (3 years ago)
Hopefully the thief video gets done so we can get back to having a regular schedule for mods

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