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💎 Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water ( Episode 21 ) Farewell Nautilus | English Dubbed

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💎 Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water ( Episode 21 ) Farewell Nautilus | English Dubbed ------------------------------ ❤️❤️❤️ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ❤️❤️❤️ ------------------------------ "Farewell Nautilus" "Sayonara… Nōchirasu-gō" (さよなら…ノーチラス号) October 26, 1990 Trapped in the Kermodec Trench by Gargoyle, the Nautilus barely survives a torpedo assault by six Garfish. Nemo retaliates with a torpedo attack that demolishes the fleet. But Gargoyle springs his newest ace: a super-charged, magnetic weapon called "SeaNet Beam Gun." With excruciating power it literally drags the Nautilus out of the ocean and draws it inexorably toward Gargoyle's Neo-Atlantean battleship in the sky. Then the Nautilus takes devastating damage from the battleship's "atomic vibrator", which all but compromises the submarine's power. Electra suggests self-destructing the Nautilus so as to take them all down with Gargoyle, but Grandis objects, stating that the "real" reason she's doing so is because she "wants to die with Captain Nemo because you know he will never love you!" The Grandis gang pretends to make a getaway in the Gratan but actually perform another heroic rescue by compromising the battleship's missile tube by blasting one of its annihilation bombs just before it hits the Nautilus. Furthermore, Jean rescues Nadia (again) when the latter unwisely tries to surrender herself to Gargoyle (in order to stop the fighting) by using his spare glider. Then the Nautilus engineers manually launch their last missile, which destroys Gargoyle's deadly weapon. The compromised submarine splashes into the ocean and disappears underwater into a whirlpool. Gargoyle, knowing Nemo is doomed, orders another Garfish fleet to finish them off for good. ------------------------------
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Text Comments (3)
Big O (10 days ago)
How the heck did anyone survived that? If the Nautilus fell from a hight of at least 300 feet? Also it was badly damaged so as soon as it touched the ocean it will make water and sink.
Big O (10 days ago)
16:07 Gargoyle gave them way too much time to think about a strategy to escape.
Big O (10 days ago)
Capt Nemo should had known he was endangering those kids by keeping them on board the Nautilus, and why does the crew of the Nautilus wear ballerinas like Nadia does?.

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