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Best Thriller Scary movies Hollywood - Free Movie HD * Superb horror movies * 2016 * 3

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Text Comments (76)
miss raven (23 days ago)
in case u ppl did not know, it is well known that there is a pedophile ring in parliament. some of them in government are kiddiie fiddlers, why the hell do u think jimmy savell was allowed to get away with it.because he was supplying the poor innocent kids for them and the royal family too. do some research ppl and learn the truth. SO THERE IS TRUTH BEHIND THIS MOVIE.. that's sickening thing about it. check out David icke and the UK Column. And u wander why the girl in this film was so fucked up, that's what child abuse does, I know, I've been there. YOU ALL NEED TO WAKE UP.
Goverdhan Ukey (2 months ago)
raj Uiky
Goverdhan Ukey (2 months ago)
wayne derby (6 months ago)
How could anyone label this piece of shit as "Best Thriller Scary movies Hollywood" or "Superb Horror Movie" This thing SUCKS!!!!!!
Freedom Taihan (7 months ago)
Who ever made this free horrible horror movie Free to watch HUH And AmericanNOS can't talk either there free horror movies suck to And you movies AREN'T the BEST
Berta Bragg (8 months ago)
The video quality is poor, at 360 it makes my eyes hurt, but even if it were HD, I wouldn't watch trash by elite to make people think horrible and unnecessary visuals of abuse is a form of enjoyment. There are enough murdering freaks already. Not a good thing to find acceptable as fun to watch. IMO
Rose Maraj (8 months ago)
From trinidad and Tobago I think the movie is ok😞 people should have respect for other people make of horror 99% movies are made by true life stories. Looking at ID discovery station on cable TV is know this OK so for the comments of some😡 think before you talk
Laura W (9 months ago)
This is awful 👎🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸
Carole Hardy (9 months ago)
I liked film , kept me interested, it is not meant to be merry popins many thanks 👿
Anna Johnson (10 months ago)
ok movie but its not scary tho
Dharma Barman (10 months ago)
Very horror
Dharma Barman (10 months ago)
Nita Nuera (11 months ago)
ohh my god i m scary
Queen Flaca (1 year ago)
Marie Vega (1 year ago)
This movie is so messed upd
just fun (1 year ago)
Dean Carlson (1 year ago)
If the movie is not good, go have some fun with some of the comments.
Evelyn Galinac (1 year ago)
Arlis Bates bitch I'm real as real as it gets you are fake and uneducated about life. so eat me Arlis
Christopher Upham (1 year ago)
the first 20 minutes were boring than it became an awesome movie. cant stop watching it. GREAT MOVIE
Vincent Foley (1 year ago)
Shirley Cooper (1 year ago)
can't watch nmore of this, u can't beat an American horror, thay ve got bigger budgets
Rory Guitar (8 months ago)
And bigger bullshit
Shirley Cooper (1 year ago)
can't watch nmore of this, u can't beat an American horror, thay ve got bigger budgets
Shirley Cooper (1 year ago)
Richard blackwood, user to do MTV back in the day n also is in EastEnders
Shirley Cooper (1 year ago)
some r English n it is or it Doe's look like London being from London meself "n proud"
Shirley Cooper (1 year ago)
of course English people don't talk like that n if u read it says its a fucking Hollywood movie
KC Shukla (1 year ago)
nice movies but want more horror with love
Sandra Evens (1 year ago)
KC Shukla why do. You. People. All ways. Co.plaine. Not. Happy. With. Any. Thing. At lea e. It's. a free. Movie. It's. Mostly. The. Men. Complaing. Right. Girls. Guys. Are. Add. Holes
*not good* 😑
Roshella Caver-mason (1 year ago)
Umair Khan (9 months ago)
sucks for what😂
Evelyn Galinac (1 year ago)
if children were not so sickly and so commonly abused there would not be true stories about this type of things pro choice and more welfare checks on kids more jail 4 sicko parents would help Also!
Movies Top Choice (1 year ago)
fuck you.... welfare checks... fuck the welfare!!!! they messed my life up... hate them they dont do good... just take kids away from a happy home, and leavee the ones suffering to suffer
Arlis Bates (1 year ago)
Evelyn Galinac fake
krystal Charles (1 year ago)
This is fuckrey
Raychell Sanders (1 year ago)
What in the fuck is this fuckery 😂😂on to the next this s Is so horrible
Strider Soft (1 year ago)
"Can I come in and look at her body? I want to play with it." :)
eden pagee (8 months ago)
that SICK!!
pushan g (1 year ago)
danny zavolta (1 year ago)
It's called a movie you know like something you watch that's for entertainment that also isn't real it's actors that are paid to act in a film that someone wrote a script about that they have directors and all that stuff turn it into a MOVIE
Paula Kidd (1 year ago)
everybody who knows the zombies are not real everybody knows zombies are not real so why would you say they are stop putting new kind of videos little kids should not see
danny zavolta (1 year ago)
It's called a movie you know like something you watch that's for entertainment that also isn't real it's actors that are paid to act in a film that someone wrote a script about that they have directors and all that stuff turn it into a MOVIE
Dewie Ward (1 year ago)
Not bad
Patricia Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
I could barely stand watching for a whole 15 minutes. Children and old people getting slaughtered? No thanks to the freak that made this sick movie!
Marie Charles (25 days ago)
It is based on a true story. Marry flore bell
Berta Bragg (7 months ago)
@Tuesdays with Trevor I do that, I even just type "mystery" movies and still this kind trash is a major part of what is pulled up, even in their own descriptions, the people that upload this stuff will use the nicer terms just to get clicks. They don't care that they mislead people into checking out what they've misrepresented and that is an absolutely good reason to complain, they are cons. IF they weren't they would limit on their description to "horror" not "mystery, suspense and/or scary". There is a huge difference in those terms from that of "horror"!!.
Tuesdays with Trevor (7 months ago)
horror movies are made with gore. scary movies are for thrills thats the difference so if you dont want this pop up then type thriller movies or scary movies fulll for free on youtube.
Berta Bragg (8 months ago)
Patricia Fitzgerald I know, they make these kinds of films, (The Elite/Kabbal) to get people accustomed to the kind of behavior that they find enjoyable. I'm glad some others don't want to view this stuff, because it isn't just in movies, people are suffering these same experiences and worse. We need to help stop this as a form of entertainment, however it is possible. Including speaking up as you have. Thank you!
Patricia Fitzgerald *agreed*
Stoner Baby (1 year ago)
Shit movie
Stoner Baby (1 year ago)
Emily Isabella Some people
Adithya Anilkumar (1 year ago)
Stoner Baby (1 year ago)
Synthia Worley is your name shit
Adithya Anilkumar (1 year ago)
Yeah right
Stoner Baby (1 year ago)
Synthia Worley What ?
Brian Maffeo (1 year ago)
Most of us British Don't talk like that if u had a brain u would figure that out
Mark green (10 months ago)
LMAO I'm not even a Brit I'm A Yank and I noticed the accent right away and said what the hell is this you're right on with your comment can't even enjoy this stupid movie if I wanted to
Melanie Haag (1 year ago)
Actually, it’s a northern accent, so I think you’ll find people do sound like this. It’s extremely irritating for the rest of us who don’t sound like we’re from London when every British accent is portrayed that way.
pot head (1 year ago)
I can't watch this fucking bullshit . The way they talk fuck the British .
Jackie Duran (1 year ago)
Movie selections won't play. Keep winding forward before it plays the movie.
Erika Gonzalez (1 year ago)
This is not scary
Luna Rose (1 year ago)
I looked up Mary bell and I felt a little sick when I saw her but I feel ok now
Dark Side Gemini (11 months ago)
Luna Rose0507 she was a creepy looking kid, her eyes are terrifying. What makes her whole story even scarier is that she was released from the institution or whatever when she was like 18, and I don't think anyone knows what became of her after that.
Katjo Imperial (1 year ago)
m henry (1 year ago)
Angel (aka Still Waters) 2015: Angel, a woman who was horribly abused by her grandmother as a little girl and institutionalized after killing her, embarks on a killing spree as an adult. Though sentenced for the rest of her life to an insane asylum, She was released due to inside governmental pressure while being pronounced dead in order to avoid public outcry. Now she is on the loose again, and a government agent is ordered to kill her in order to cover up the blunder.
David Echols (1 year ago)
m henry. 92
bruh bruh (1 year ago)
Terrible acting
Sariah Villarreal (2 years ago)
Dipankar Das (2 years ago)
Kerry Jones (2 years ago)
pokzs maceda (2 years ago)
missy shioriko (2 years ago)
casi no dio terror le doy un 7 a la movie
pot head (1 year ago)
Paris Bz25 what ? Speak English .

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