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Re-edited version of last month's video. Functional Disney Nautilus submarine and replica diving suits from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Begins with clips from the 1991 proving test videos of the Nautilus Minisub; continues with underwater footage of functional replica Captain Nemo and Nautilus Crew Diver suits in Hawaii. Set to the song "Mobilis In Mobili" written and performed by Pat Regan. (It aint Rock, so I wouldn't turn it up loud if I were you.) :-)
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cobby407 (5 years ago)
Not sure if the dancing was in the book XD this is awesome.
twelvtyfive (7 years ago)
Yes. We're working towards a video documentary for TV, where we will have the sub and our diving suits in the water together for the cameras; and there will be interior shots of the sub, looking out through the viewports, etc. Other questions: Yes, it's a manned, pressure-hull-type submersible with space for two occupants.
Poopystaircase (7 years ago)
Can you possibly make a video filmed from inside and if you did use dive planes how did you put the on the sub?
rdannyb (9 years ago)
What a tremendous amount of work to perform a project like this! Very impressive! I love the blatency of it all. Can it carry more than one passenger? I would certainly like to take a dive in it!
FalconKPD (10 years ago)
Is there a pilot inside the mini-sub? I wasn't sure. I'd love to have one of those.
twelvtyfive (10 years ago)
Thanks All! We're building more diving rigs all the time; and yes, the sub is still in good health: receiving "improvements" at this time. Lots going on at Vulcania Submarine, but our future endeavors are a surprise. More about that when the time is right. You might check the website occasionally for new stuff. Meanwhile, thanks for your interest. "Keep On Leaguin'". Pat Regan
caley956 (10 years ago)
Pat, this is fantastic. First saw the Disney film back in 1955 or so - it was on UK Film4 on TV yesterday so of course I had to watch it. Did some Googling afterwards and found your site. Talk about boys of all ages from 8 to 80 - wow! Keep it up - Ed
texastres (10 years ago)
I did not get a chance to compare this current video with the first one you released. However, now that I have, I find this current version far superior to the first, and if I could rate it higher than a 5 star I would.

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