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Nemo II is the continuation of Nemo, the Steampunk Suibmarine city in Secondlife. You will be offer to visit some amazing places such as the Orichalcum Mine, the mighty Nautilus submarine, the village "Northelia" and the observatory
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Ferenc S. Harmat (2 years ago)
What is this supposed to be
Sione Manu (4 years ago)
beingatliberty (5 years ago)
sad to think its all gone now ;( did SL provide you with any decent full sim / multi sim system for backing up the entire sim in one hit ?
Dan Robinson (6 years ago)
I don't get it....
Afrodissiac (7 years ago)
Dont watch then,so easy :)
popheart011 (7 years ago)
i dont really like it...
Asil Ares (8 years ago)
Lovely ...the nautilus is amazing and I've the mine (but where are the little miner-robots?).

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