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3D Tour of Jules Verne's Nautilus * Scifisteve (1 of 2)

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Created in Lightwave / AfterAffects this is a tour of the Verne's Nautilus. This should present the Nautilus in 3D giving all the rooms a feel of height, width and depth. All the rooms are joined and fit within the body of the Nautilus. For additional detail please go to my web site www.scifisteve.com.
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Carol Miles-Hughes (5 months ago)
These would mame great toys......and mabe milrec. 1 each Branch. ( teehee)
Frip Scugl 123 (6 months ago)
Is it really? Speed in this video is very fast.
Wayne Hughes (9 months ago)
I have never understood how the crew, much less the sub, was supposed to withstand the impact on a large sailing ship. The attack speed in the movie looked like at last 10 kts. Major structural damage would have occurred to the sub at that speed. How were crew members supposed to brace themselves. It's nothing but a fantasy
Matthew (Student) Agonoy (7 months ago)
Wayne Hughes the ship haze a speed of 58 knots
darthracer777 (8 months ago)
read the book
Jill Valentine (1 year ago)
Stevie, you are a real fan, man. I wish to see a tour of the REAL Nautilus. You probably know about it- Oceanology. The true story of the voyage of the Nautilus, which I discovered is the yellow submarine (coated in the Holy Grail) and also a ELO submarine. Go figure. Oh, its also the real Tardis.
Tanya Masters (2 years ago)
will you make a video of SeaQuest the first one not the second version
Dom Pecchia (2 years ago)
M35kriegsmarine (3 years ago)
Steve.....great video! But I have to disagree with you on the crew's quarters. To begin with, this was not a "naval enlistment". These guys were loyal companions of Captain Nemo. There were more than "27" of them. and they certainly would be "hot racking" it, while three prisoners had their own cabins, which were unused until their arrival. And the Nautilus didn't have "guests", so there was no need to have cabins set aside as guest rooms. The whole problem with Disney's design in general, is that the inside looks a lot more spacious than a submarine with a narrow beam would have. It looks more like the interior of a battleship.
Todd P. (2 years ago)
In the book, the Professor's "guest quarters" is actually the quarters for the Lieutenant, which is why it was placed next to Nemo's. The crew slept in barracks similar to crew quarters on modern submarines; this was towards the middle/rear of the Nautilus, followed by the engine room. His crew did not complain about Nemo and the Lieutenant getting their own private quarters - he was Prince Dakkar of India (as per the sequel, The Mysterious Island), and these men were his friends and members of his royal entourage, and so were fiercely obedient and loyal to him. In the book, the Nautilus was exactly 70 meters long (232'), but according to blueprints I have seen, the Disney sub was only 180' long - not at all like the book. Still a classic sub, though, all in all.
M35kriegsmarine (3 years ago)
+Scifisteve1954 And he had them....but they are all leaving through attrition. He never recruited replacements.
Scifisteve1954 (3 years ago)
+M35kriegsmarine Absolutely correct. The book was very different from the movie. But I used just one for inspiration. Also Nemo need dozens of men to build the boat, man the home base, and in the book he had bases around the world for refueling his batteries.
M35kriegsmarine (3 years ago)
+Scifisteve1954 I suppose we all have our own interpretation. But Disney's film was very different from the book. I believe the crew had better facilities. Please keep in mind that the entire crew went to their personal sleeping quarters after Nemo's final speech.
Scifisteve1954 (3 years ago)
+M35kriegsmarine Your right this not a traditional navel ship. But there are cooks, first officers and of course the captain. And they will be shown respect for their position (Nemo was), As for the count. After Nemo is shot the first officer gathers the crew together to show solidarity for the captain. A count would show approx. ten men and the first officer. I don’t believe critical men would be pull from station. So its an approx. number. I stand with nine on duty men plus 1 officer, plus 1 cook, with 3 shifts. Your right, way way too much open space within the body of the ship. But their shooting a movie. This is not the Nautilus I would build. Its a heart felt salute to Jules Vern and Disney for decades of great memories.
MAnuscript421 (4 years ago)
Yeah, your website seems to be down.
Scifisteve1954 (3 years ago)
+MAnuscript421 Your correct, the ship has space at the bottom for ballast tanks. I envisioned a series of pipes to hold the needed water.  Nemo could move the water from pipe to pipe to level the ship. The ballast door (in the front) would open, water in, then close.  This then eliminates the outside water pressure and makes moving the water easier. Water is pumped out the rear where the Nautilus’ massive pumps are located.
MAnuscript421 (4 years ago)
Gotcha. I mean some of the room spacings you have in these videos is pure genius. And I'm starting to understand why you have the bottom sections the way it is. I did a cutaway using the details of these videos to see how it would all fit, and I've noticed that the way the bottom deck spaces out, it leaves more room for the ballast tanks that allow the Nautilus to submerge. Am I right?
Scifisteve1954 (4 years ago)
+MAnuscript421 Let me know when your super rich and we'll look into it.
MAnuscript421 (4 years ago)
Yes. I actually did enjoy it. I'm thinking of maybe if I become super rich, I'll probably try and build an actual working version of this. But it'll be longer, wider/taller (to compensate for the added length), and it's going to be 3 decks (4 if you count the bridge/surface area). And I was wondering if it would be alright if I used some of your interior ideas. I did some work on sheets of paper. Trying to modernize it with radar, communications and some other stuff I can't think of.
Scifisteve1954 (4 years ago)
+MAnuscript421 First, thank you, and second your right, side rails are needed.  I have seen multiple interior mine ends with the aft wall against the center hatch compartment.   Also mine has a much larger pump room located well aft of the center of the ship. Did you enjoy the second tour (2 of 2)?
Wolfgang Kovac (5 years ago)
I think the paint would be all white, going by the book.Awesome rendering though!
Scifisteve1954 (5 years ago)
LightWave Steve
Ruslan Khmyz (5 years ago)
on which the program was created this animation
Scifisteve1954 (6 years ago)
Sure, at the end of the movie the Nautilus became the personal touring boat Gabato. So it was tied up at the dock as a gag ending. One person could never manage the Nautilus as described by Vern or Disney. And HI Steve
3dartistguy (6 years ago)
Hi Steve, how are things? I just watched the movie Journey 2 mysterious island. The Nautilus in that movie is quite different than the one in the 1955 movie...do you have any idea why?
Scifisteve1954 (7 years ago)
Thanks - It took sometime to design and then lay it out. Very glad to see a fan enjoys it.
3dartistguy (7 years ago)
yeah, we had to do the same thing with the Jupiter 2, because if you don't know, the ship was originally designed to ahve one interior level. and then they added the lower deck, power core, space pod bay, etc, so our solution was to enlarge the ship;s hull...I was also watching Leagues movie and noticed that almost none of the crewmen talked ever, except the first mate! You did a great job with your 3d model of the Nautilus...
Scifisteve1954 (7 years ago)
@3dartistguy My ship is an amalgam of blur prints, a 36 inch model I have in my room, the movie itself and internet research. Taking the rooms from the movie plus several others that weren't movie (Crew bunks and lounge, etc...) and practiced placing them within the bounds of the ship. I re-ordered the main pump and reactor from the blue prints and arranged them to match a present time atomic submarine. The atomic reactor was the worst.
3dartistguy (7 years ago)
i heard that the actual Disney sets didn't mesh with the filming model. did you ahve to alter your blueprints in order to model your 3d Nautilus?
David Buckley (7 years ago)
Part 2 is just as amazing.
Scifisteve1954 (7 years ago)
@robots42 Thanks for the compliment. I was wondering if you visited the 2 portion of the tour?
David Buckley (7 years ago)
Victor Smith (7 years ago)
@Scifisteve1954 Life long fan of Verne, your welcome :-)
Scifisteve1954 (7 years ago)
@LocoRico89 Thanks, I was wondering if anyone was actually looking.
Victor Smith (7 years ago)
Classy! Wish it was real
ndrorian (8 years ago)
pure genius

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