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Latest English Horror Movie 2019 || Best Hollywood Horror Movie 2019

216 ratings | 27456 views
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Text Comments (72)
Maricar Ibasan (15 days ago)
Very very very very nice movie...watch it to believe it!
Killy May Bacoccinni (3 days ago)
Killy May Bacoccinni (3 days ago)
Billy Napure Jr (3 hours ago)
Very good story,just when you thought dad was the bad guy,it took a twist
Judy Osborne (1 day ago)
So AWESOME!!!! From start to finish! Loved it!
#1 Movies HD (1 day ago)
Carolyn Meyers (1 day ago)
This was a good movie 🍿
#1 Movies HD (1 day ago)
Karl Diestro (1 day ago)
it's just okay
#1 Movies HD (1 day ago)
It's Just Thank You..!! 🤣
Allana Good (2 days ago)
*** Awesome Movie
dayana rose (2 days ago)
It's really great movie👍 and I love my dad😘
#1 Movies HD (2 days ago)
soda pop Jones (3 days ago)
All I can say is wow and very good acting
1caramarie (3 days ago)
Really liked this movie. I put it in my top 5 for this year. Interesting story, different and goodness in the middle of evil. Nice ending. Any different and it wouldn't have worked out.
Nishka Smith (4 days ago)
This was good👌
Killy May Bacoccinni (3 days ago)
Killy May Bacoccinni (3 days ago)
Heather sargent (6 days ago)
This movie was so good I watched it twice this week 👍 👍 👍
#1 Movies HD (6 days ago)
Thank you.. !
AtlantisHeals (6 days ago)
Great movie thanks
#1 Movies HD (6 days ago)
Thank you !
Scotland matrix (6 days ago)
Good film ✌👍
#1 Movies HD (6 days ago)
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RedRay (6 days ago)
Wow unexpectedly good 👍
#1 Movies HD (6 days ago)
Thank You !!
Eric Kokin (7 days ago)
Great movie! The acting was Awesome!
#1 Movies HD (7 days ago)
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Just Me (7 days ago)
The movie is great and on my opinion the plot too. And how the ghost help save them then Jacky is now the guardian of Gloria, it's very good❤ thanks for uploading this movie! "I think people do bad things for good reasons. My dad was a good man, did bad things...but he did them for me" -Gloria
#1 Movies HD (7 days ago)
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Holypikemanz (7 days ago)
Stupid low budget movie about periods and attacking men. never tell any bitch you are sorry ever. Like an oxygen channel movie where the women decide everything and the men just mope around.
Michelle Tang Crider (7 days ago)
Good story line and very good.
Phone Mobile (7 days ago)
To be honest, long ago- when I saw horror movies pop up on screen and I was wondering why do human being do a kind of imagination just like that. And now I don't doubted anything anymore. In fact, I would like to stop people's gets each other kills tho. It does makes me feel about giving birth for the other to kills. Anyway, Movies is movie! It would be great if no one has died except carry on the life's til end.
Wrestling Reality (7 days ago)
For all Loving Fathers. Gloria did a great job. Wishes for your bright future from all YouTube's who watched this movie full.
Gordon DUNN (7 days ago)
Well YouTube for the first time you put a good movie on i’m sick of wasting my darter on crap movies thank God you put a decent one!!!
#1 Movies HD (7 days ago)
Fadli Bakar (8 days ago)
Woowww... thanks you admin.. great movie.. i really enjoy..😆😆
Dawna Kern (9 days ago)
That little girl will become a movie star if she chooses. Amazing acting!!!!! A+ movie
#1 Movies HD (8 days ago)
Thank You !!
DARK ANGEL (9 days ago)
Nice movie, 👍, cute girl, i felt bad 4 her losing her dad.😟😔
Here's Johnny (9 days ago)
no 911 lol
Island girl (10 days ago)
The girl look just like Ann Hathaway
#1 Movies HD (10 days ago)
Lily Cavanaugh (11 days ago)
excellent thanx
#1 Movies HD (11 days ago)
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chorise warren (11 days ago)
Very good movie
#1 Movies HD (11 days ago)
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jonathan dossantos (11 days ago)
That was ah badass movie I liked it
Jami Loy (12 days ago)
Best horror / life movie I've seen in forever. A must see!
#1 Movies HD (12 days ago)
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Penny Romero (13 days ago)
Great movie!
#1 Movies HD (12 days ago)
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Manindra Sarkar (13 days ago)
Best movie that I have seen the last one
JEDIDAH JENKINS (13 days ago)
Very good movie
DaddyLongLegs • (14 days ago)
Really good movie. 👍 The girl who plays Gloria is a very good actress. 👏👏
Shintel Simon (15 days ago)
Great movie👍👍
jas mclaughlin (15 days ago)
Loved it
Mary Baratucci (15 days ago)
Good movie, but was depressing for me.
Nazanin Beik Poorian (16 days ago)
Krna Mitch (16 days ago)
The girl who played gloria acting is very good Clap1000000x
Chetan Sharma (16 days ago)
Great Movie ! Love to Watch Horror Movies.
Khalida Ahmed (16 days ago)
8.5/10. Good movie
#1 Movies HD (16 days ago)
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Sky Love (17 days ago)
This it not just good Movies it is amazing movies ....
#1 Movies HD (17 days ago)
Thanks a Lot !!
The Sunny Veil (17 days ago)
The premise is fantastic and the acting decent. In brief, "Gloria" and her (widower) father live in a remote rural area of Ontario where dad conducts his, umm, "business."  The plot revolves around the unintended addition of a third-wheel (well, actually, a number of third wheels) to their relationship. Aidan Devine plays the dad.  Ava Preston plays Gloria; and if you like the sort of precocious, "old-beyond-her-years" type character popularized by Natalie Portman in "Beautiful Girls" or just about any female character in "Party of Five", then this might be your cup of brew. My own view is that the writing was a little heavy-handed/unconvincing at points; but the actors worked around that for the most part and overall this is a good watch.
Kathy Vittetoe (4 days ago)
+#1 Movies HD Great Movie.. Thanks for posting!
#1 Movies HD (17 days ago)
Thanks a Lot for Your Review...!! I Appriciate it...
alex170961 (20 days ago)
Good movie. it's not a real horror but more a thriller. and it is also a beautiful story of affection between father and daughter. must watch.
#1 Movies HD (17 days ago)
MOVIE NAME IS ... I'll take your Death... Must Watch ...!!
三好市Red (17 days ago)
Movie name?
#1 Movies HD (20 days ago)
Thanks !!

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