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Top 20 Phone Dating Chat Lines and Party Lines

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Because you asked for it, the veredict is here. This is The Chatline Guide's ultimate list of the top 20 phone chat lines in the USA. Livelinks, QuestChat, Nightline, Vibeline and RedHot lead the list. These chatlines all offer free trials so you can try them before you buy, no credit card required. For tips, tricks and even more chatline free trials, visit http://www.chatlineguide.com Here are all the chatline phone numbers from the video: Livelinks: 1-888-770-1194 Questchat: 1-866-736-4100 Fonochat: 1-855=667-7100 RedHot: 1-844-903-1829 Nightline: 1-866-736-4500 Vibeline: 1-855-993-0253 Chatline USA: 1-816-533-2000 VoiceRoulette: 1-561-282-9677 AffairHub: 1-801-409-1444 GuySpy: 1-866-945-0058 Hardline: 1-877-574-5566 GuyLine: 1-310-484-7272 HungLine: 1-800-898-2428 The System: 1-509-876-5540 Prideline: 1-888-504-0808 Lavender Line: 1-800-688-6880 LavaLife: 1-877-800-5282 Masturline: 1-800-750-7399 CheatChat: 1-800-709-3825 Adam & Eve Hot Chat: 1-919-882-7855 Let us know which is your favorite chatline in the comments below.
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Text Comments (35)
ABSOLUTE KAOS (2 months ago)
Santana Martin (2 months ago)
Free chatline down by the river 7745560824 room 1
areal08 (9 months ago)
Very cool for some of us throwback-style minglers! Thanks for posting.
DALLAS COWBOYS (10 months ago)
come on over too rayray new free uncensored party line just call 712-432-5901 from your own cell phone in join the fun on it in talk to girl's in man's on there that's calling 712-432-5901 just like you everyone can do meet in greet on the line in can bring your family an friends on line with you too..
Dennis Clark JR (1 year ago)
Comedian Dennis Clark Jr call me ladies if you want some meat in your back
Ryan Palermo (1 year ago)
Also, I just launched a free chatline to call anytime 1-347-817-2790 PIN : 606-1700. No signups, just mingle and enjoy.
Ryan Palermo (1 year ago)
Check out LiveMatch, they have a free hour 1-503-222-2428.
Manuel López (1 year ago)
Registeel (1 year ago)
Shyla Star (2 years ago)
Come to The Camp Fire Room 712-432-4824 Room 1
areal08 (9 months ago)
So wtf happens in that room y'all
Bill Jones (10 months ago)
Shyla Star is you have to get on my knees and
Bill Jones (10 months ago)
Let me know if you need me to get on the bottom
John Lindsay (10 months ago)
Kirk Parker 19
s man (1 year ago)
Shyla Star call me [email protected]
Queen Lovely (2 years ago)
FREE chatline period 7124324829
James Crews (2 years ago)
Troy Johnson's​
Sam Wamsley (2 years ago)
Jaime Marron (2 years ago)
Queen Lovely
Troy Johnson (2 years ago)
Queen Lovely
Chatline Pal (3 years ago)
Great list. covers all of Emglish chatlines.
Sammy Lee (3 years ago)
Find Exciting Pleasure with World's #1 Best FREE live phone chatting site On http://goo.gl/rhyh8S
Jaime Marron (2 years ago)
Sammy Lee
Troy Johnson (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Pressley
Davison Herley (3 years ago)
@Elizabeth Pressley where
Elizabeth Pressley (3 years ago)
Davison Herley (3 years ago)
Sarah Woods (3 years ago)
do you know of any chatlines online I don't want to use a phone
Rick Witvoet (11 months ago)
Sarah Woods hi Hi
dubb lyf (3 years ago)
what's that funny gay chatline commercial where you see these guys dancing and the 1st guy says "im hot" then he turns around and a new guy appears and he says "I'm sexy" i want to send our on facebook to a friend's as a joke
David Saba (3 years ago)
Great list! I was able to talk for hours just by using the free trials.
The Chatline Guide (3 years ago)
If you know of any other chatlines we might have missed, please let us know so we can include it on the video and on our website.

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