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Skyrim but it's destroyed by mods

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I think they should release Skyrim again like this but charge me another $60 My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/callmekevin Merch: https://kevin.fanfiber.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/CallMeKevin1811 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/callmekevin1811 Edited by @Kippesoep001 and Kevin Patreon Producers ♥ 8bitSpaceTits (Dawn Marie) A Friend Aaron Sygiel Adam Harmston Alec McGillivray Alex Ohlsen Alice Painter Anders Andrey Chicgagov Ashlyn Mashburn Atomic F. Magician August Janklow Augustus McCullough Austin Kohagen Barbara Csef Barbara Wiegers Becca Plenderleith Billy McGuire Birdnation Blair Krolak Boj Petersen Book Braich Brooke Walsh Calhoun Cattell Carolin Cassandra Huynh Catelyn Berglund Chace Kulm Charli Walker D. wetherilli Daniel Morgan Daniella Cioffi Darrel Nikolovski Darshan Shah Dennis Guenther Denny lawlor DocBrown097 Dominik Bender Dylan El S Eleanor Rist Elektra Krusell Elizaveta Elliott Braganza Espen Sande Larsen Espen Sande Larsen Ethan Cutrone Excinic Finlay Goodman Finn H Drude Fredrik Jonsén Frith Silverthings Garrett Mozingo George W Gil Happy Camper Harry Rose HummaKavula Ian Farrington J.Ralph Jack Gregory Jack Lane Jacqui Sebo Jagez James Otter Jamie Hurley Jana Suchomelová Jason White jaxsen Jessica Corazza Jessie Medina Jill Wind Jonny Wheater Jordin MacDonald Josh Beals Julia Miller JumboGibbon Kathleen Bruce Kelsey Forsythe KelvinORamos Kinga Zmuda Lady Charon Lauren Miedel Lenny Salter Letty Mason Lewis Lucy ''Pie'' S Lulu Rose Mairead McCorey Marcus Gabrielsson Martin Pedersen Maxicide Smith Michael Mikaela K misterbob Mitchell Bond Mitchell Stevenson Nathan Russell Nerd_of_Justice Nicholas Dux Nicholas Vann Nicolas Schmuck Nik Nora Wielgus Nox Darva Papir Pedrothegeneral Peter O'Flynn Phil Nottage Poseidon Prehistonic Pylades Drunk Randall Ratermann Remo Taudien Rikz Dehli Riley Leschke Robyn Gray-McMath Rowan Aldridge Sebastian Grant Shane Amanda Shane Mitchell Shane Murphy Shiba Martyn silsha fux Sir Jimothy of the Pickens Steve Stevenson Summer Schilling Sydney Stamford Synical Taylorwailer Teresa Theo Baier Thomas Cave Thomas Whalen Tyler Cains Tímea Farkas Victor Vincent Snijer Whitley will wallis Zachary Beatty
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Text Comments (6207)
meatloaf (2 hours ago)
somehow sanic looks better than the new one
MrDippinGamer (1 day ago)
Watching Kevin while drunk is the best lol
Little Otaku (1 day ago)
Do this some more ❤️😭🤘🏼 i enjoyed this so much
AyrtonGamesBR OFICIAL (3 days ago)
Jay Kogler (4 days ago)
ZeeNasty (6 days ago)
This is simultaneously the worst and best thing I've ever seen.
Feral_spirit (6 days ago)
"So, i installed some mods for Skyrim"
Odawg (6 days ago)
can i get a link to the bear mod?
Mandude999 (6 days ago)
"Anything at all? More like Bore: Ragnarok!"
vityanikiforova (7 days ago)
every time i rewatch this video i have such intense laughing fits i start crying, i love it
WegDhass (7 days ago)
2:54 you’ve come to hear the Word of thanos
ARMIN .G.A (6 days ago)
Can someone plz give me the music's name at the start of the video? love this intro i hope you use it more
AgentSwiffer (7 days ago)
You should try a serious game but using some of these mods as real mechanics, like "oh, there are too many skeletons here... I will get them in tha room and make 100 chickens explode while I tank the boss!" X)
Justas Marinskas (7 days ago)
2:05 wtf?
Joël X (8 days ago)
Jo p
the BonnieLass (9 days ago)
5:34 huh just like your eye's
IkeaBorn......fucking IKEABORN
Lalakios (9 days ago)
Are they lore friendly tho?
archersrule Plays (9 days ago)
Don't forget to leave a like Wait this isnt Burcol OKAY
anon willy (11 days ago)
asmr for perverts also known as just asmr.
Eamon Manning (11 days ago)
That's how the Battle of Kings Landing should have gone
Lankey Bastard (12 days ago)
That bear is fucking awesome.
Not Nameless (12 days ago)
I had played skyrim for half a year just to watch this and understand
Making them ponies actually makes them look better.
Caine Paterson (13 days ago)
This is the first video I watched of Kevin and then I went on to his fallout videos and loved them. He’s my favourite YouTuber now
the almighty pengu (14 days ago)
This sonic looks better
Sky Lines21 (15 days ago)
Iampanda fatty (17 days ago)
I still love the intro i always will
Justin Williams (17 days ago)
2:31 Kev, I think they’re all atheists. Run!
Sub Zero (18 days ago)
Defence modes i need you nowwwww!!!!!!
Chargecreeper44 (19 days ago)
I like the bear mod the most
Hi Rum (19 days ago)
Isn’t all ASMR for perverts
Cooper Dickson (19 days ago)
Incorrect Title: Skyrim but it is ruined by mods Correct Title: Skyrim but it’s improved by mods
Skyrim but it’s good
Alida (21 days ago)
I love the intro lmao
sketched wolf/wolfy707 (22 days ago)
Wtf am I watching
Domini Giro (22 days ago)
4:53 got me good real hard.
darklord4878 (23 days ago)
Skyrim but I am not the Dragonborn that Tamriel needs
Addapp (23 days ago)
Looks better than the new sonic movie
Connie Dachtler (23 days ago)
I love skyrim so nice vid
sarah kys (24 days ago)
They should have made a Tommy wisou chicken
god of memes (26 days ago)
Im a human not a cat
Kathy Sigmund (26 days ago)
Hey there my freinds my name is kevin oh no it's stuck in my head
ForRealNobody (26 days ago)
I literally just watched a bear appear out of thin air and start playing misirlou on a lure and when no one listened god brought down his train WRATH
Jack Smith (26 days ago)
At 2:07 the song the bear was playing is called dick dale the victory.
Whitney Trumbull (27 days ago)
I think i forgot how to breathe 😂😂😂
Whitney Trumbull (27 days ago)
That fkn tommy horse has me absolutely dead
jump man (27 days ago)
Im so happy that this was recommended all that Time ago
ImTheRetard (27 days ago)
"Oh Calm DOWN Kevin! Its Not THAT Loud!" says the deaf person.
Tim Chytenskov (28 days ago)
I literally thought this was mxr mods for a second and he changed his channel name xD
Ryley Smith (1 month ago)
Love the intro
Systoliker (1 month ago)
Skyrim but it could be a monthy pyton movie
Pepper127 (1 month ago)
I want an entire version of that intro
Conner Confidential (1 month ago)
First Call Me Kevin video I've ever seen
Thomas Hofman (1 month ago)
9:10 the prisoner(i haven't played the game in centuries,sorry) automatically dies after some time.when you leave before he dies,he gets teleported into a room whit another executioner,somewhere in a place the player cannot go to.
Rebecca Rua (1 month ago)
More like memes
Andre Treml (1 month ago)
KFN Kentucky Fried Nuke
Ryan Rockz (1 month ago)
It’s a “chicken” time bomb
miguel garcia (1 month ago)
Im down to 1 last braincell after watching this
Ethan Masker (1 month ago)
11:30 why am I the only one who’s commenting on the fact it just goes into thermal vision right then?
kris helfferich (1 month ago)
My Little Skyrim... 🐎
Borden Brown (1 month ago)
joanignasi91 (1 month ago)
"It's like ASMR for perverts" you mean regular ASMR?
skyrimpug (1 month ago)
Hello friends call me "David"
Sweet Roll (1 month ago)
Ivanchus Salvus :v (1 month ago)
I really can't see the change... (I think it's some texture mod or something like that)
Soulless Dumbass (1 month ago)
Kevin wait hold up Kevin Dovahkin Dovahkevin
Top Flow (1 month ago)
Kevin I love u man you make me laugh so much dude brighten my day bro
Liana Mihailova (1 month ago)
no spiders
Yinuo Wang (1 month ago)
Piderman and Zoidberg: *carves through Solitude, killing everyone in their paths* Kevin: This is fine. Piderman and Zoidberg: *knocks over caulron* Kevin: *ALRIGHT NOW-*
Bear O (1 month ago)
Yay this was posted on my birthday
Andreas Michael (1 month ago)
I have 1 braincell left
FAIRYgod Motherfather (1 month ago)
The civillians look the same i thought he said it was a pony?
Crusadery Boi (1 month ago)
yOu IMperiAl BastArds¡¡¡¿
Lauren Anderson (1 month ago)
I am both terrified and in tears from laughing.
Lauren Anderson (1 month ago)
That intro was not lame. It was incredible!
spud coolio (1 month ago)
Gotta go fest
Ethan Stankowski (1 month ago)
Hadvar is a bronie/brony No wonder I sided with the stormcloaks
Shredboi423 (1 month ago)
Bear plays miserlou
Shredboi423 (1 month ago)
Hey it’s my favorite YouTuber RTgame
jacyboi dugfugadug (1 month ago)
Whats the dad jokes mod called
hi im nobody (1 month ago)
A bear with a lute playing Miserlou. Sure
Benjamin Stroup (1 month ago)
MarcusofMenace (1 month ago)
1:27 fucking lost it
Maechel robinson (1 month ago)
That defense force bit gets me every time.
Shevela 321 (1 month ago)
Worst acid trip ever
le ya (1 month ago)
Baman and piderman lol
iisqueaks (1 month ago)
hi doggy
Ethan Stankowski (1 month ago)
PaintedParadox (1 month ago)
I absolutely lost it at the part with the Tommy abominations
Douggie (1 month ago)
so many patroens
Theinfinitevoid (1 month ago)
What's the lute bear song
Gavrilo Princip (1 month ago)
Miserlou by dick dale
Alexander Song (1 month ago)
anything for my princess!!!
Jim Pickens (1 month ago)
ahhh yes, perfection.
Why Am I Alive? (1 month ago)
What is mod name for the new races?
typical panda (1 month ago)
That intro though
ajobforthedevil (1 month ago)
What recording software do you use?
Unknown Legend (1 month ago)
Brendan Lomax (1 month ago)
lmao when it said returning to normal volume i though your were going to put it down, so i turned it all the way up so i could hear the ePiC sAnIC SoNg and got ear raped so hard that i almost got a concussion due to me shaking my head to the EpIc SaNiC SaNg.

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