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Skyrim but it's destroyed by mods

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I think they should release Skyrim again like this but charge me another $60 My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/callmekevin Merch: https://kevin.fanfiber.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/CallMeKevin1811 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/callmekevin1811 Edited by @Kippesoep001 and Kevin Patreon Producers ♥ 8bitSpaceTits (Dawn Marie) A Friend Aaron Sygiel Adam Harmston Alec McGillivray Alex Ohlsen Alice Painter Anders Andrey Chicgagov Ashlyn Mashburn Atomic F. Magician August Janklow Augustus McCullough Austin Kohagen Barbara Csef Barbara Wiegers Becca Plenderleith Billy McGuire Birdnation Blair Krolak Boj Petersen Book Braich Brooke Walsh Calhoun Cattell Carolin Cassandra Huynh Catelyn Berglund Chace Kulm Charli Walker D. wetherilli Daniel Morgan Daniella Cioffi Darrel Nikolovski Darshan Shah Dennis Guenther Denny lawlor DocBrown097 Dominik Bender Dylan El S Eleanor Rist Elektra Krusell Elizaveta Elliott Braganza Espen Sande Larsen Espen Sande Larsen Ethan Cutrone Excinic Finlay Goodman Finn H Drude Fredrik Jonsén Frith Silverthings Garrett Mozingo George W Gil Happy Camper Harry Rose HummaKavula Ian Farrington J.Ralph Jack Gregory Jack Lane Jacqui Sebo Jagez James Otter Jamie Hurley Jana Suchomelová Jason White jaxsen Jessica Corazza Jessie Medina Jill Wind Jonny Wheater Jordin MacDonald Josh Beals Julia Miller JumboGibbon Kathleen Bruce Kelsey Forsythe KelvinORamos Kinga Zmuda Lady Charon Lauren Miedel Lenny Salter Letty Mason Lewis Lucy ''Pie'' S Lulu Rose Mairead McCorey Marcus Gabrielsson Martin Pedersen Maxicide Smith Michael Mikaela K misterbob Mitchell Bond Mitchell Stevenson Nathan Russell Nerd_of_Justice Nicholas Dux Nicholas Vann Nicolas Schmuck Nik Nora Wielgus Nox Darva Papir Pedrothegeneral Peter O'Flynn Phil Nottage Poseidon Prehistonic Pylades Drunk Randall Ratermann Remo Taudien Rikz Dehli Riley Leschke Robyn Gray-McMath Rowan Aldridge Sebastian Grant Shane Amanda Shane Mitchell Shane Murphy Shiba Martyn silsha fux Sir Jimothy of the Pickens Steve Stevenson Summer Schilling Sydney Stamford Synical Taylorwailer Teresa Theo Baier Thomas Cave Thomas Whalen Tyler Cains Tímea Farkas Victor Vincent Snijer Whitley will wallis Zachary Beatty
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Text Comments (6118)
Dark Kitten (10 hours ago)
At 0:09 he talks twice at the same time
John C (11 hours ago)
Never watch this on mushrooms
Keven Aitken (12 hours ago)
Damn, I remember watching you play spore and minecraft. That was a very long time ago. Kinda just stumbled onto your videos again. You're as enjoyable as I remember.
Michael Chaves (13 hours ago)
I am PIDERMAN! !!!!!
Thomas Hofman (18 hours ago)
which mods did you use?please answer,i hate skyrim and i hope this will entertain me
Gabriel Moser (1 day ago)
Go back to being a Weaboo
Braxton Jodoin (1 day ago)
i like the guitar bear spawn spell
fyuk yiu (2 days ago)
Kevin sounds like if Pewdiepie took his meds
meme jesus (4 days ago)
did I hear a confinement joke?
Aaron Chalifoux (4 days ago)
I love you.
Gay Waffles (4 days ago)
Rufus Gill (5 days ago)
I didn’t not fus ro dah her it’s not true it’s bullshit I DID NAWWT oh hai Mark
Wraithslayer 58 (6 days ago)
When he asks if he can add a final 100 goats it says yeahh
The Golden Dragon (6 days ago)
Welp I'm deaf now :) this is fine
Part 2
man man (6 days ago)
I love his music not yours the bills
Zer0 Quality (7 days ago)
Isn’t this just normal Skyrim?
Stomatic_Sleet! (7 days ago)
*Heya I know you probably don’t do this but can you please do a regular playthrough of a game? Any game works. Thanks 🙂
You forgot the most important mod Replacing the menu screen with our lord and saviour Todd Howard Oh wait he lost the title of God when he pretty much scammed us with fallout 76
Honoka (7 days ago)
The ponies make it better
Dexter Rollason (8 days ago)
Zer0 (9 days ago)
Gotta Pee Gotta Pee for a singles party for the night for the food for the guard was drunk has anora found out who was assaulting her son not a me or my peeps for the guard was drunk!
Eric Walker (9 days ago)
I liked the way you introduced yourself in the beginning
Semaj (9 days ago)
It just works.
Zoe Pappas (9 days ago)
4:37 An unsightly beast... A great terror looms! Tommy the Accursed is coming. Have mercy... Have mercy upon us..."
Son Of Trex (10 days ago)
Can we get a full version of real volume sanic
party bro (10 days ago)
From the first sentence i subscribed
Darkswords14 (10 days ago)
Why did sanic cross the road To go Fast
ladsquad central (10 days ago)
Ah Skyrim I’ve never played this
Elaine Joy Mayol (10 days ago)
Seeing Tommy Weaseu (idfk how's its spelled) here just made my day plus the (Oh Hi Danny(?)) 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Sutton (11 days ago)
If I see anymore of these tik tok ads I'm going to hunt down every single person that participated in tiktoks cruel cringe video campaign of people hoping that it makes them famous somehow while at the sametime promoting their app.
Everything Apocalypse (11 days ago)
This is a fever dream.
XxV4 FlowerxX (11 days ago)
I'm fucking dying M' lord Kevin, thank you for going into your mothers womb cause you are the most hilarious and beautiful person in YouTube LMFAo
ders a snek (11 days ago)
Its still the same
pubg mobile man (11 days ago)
Grognak the destroyer
Speedy Sanic (12 days ago)
Kevin, i am rewatching your videos and realized you have summoned me
Savage Injun (12 days ago)
i like how Tommy started breathing fire out of rage when he got hit in the ass with an arrow lmfao
solid_soap (12 days ago)
I did naaat
Lara Smith (13 days ago)
Does anyone know if you can get the my Little Pony MOD on PlayStation 4?
WAH (13 days ago)
i wouldn't say destroyed (i would say improved) :3
XmanPlayz 88 (13 days ago)
10:55 🤣
Cinnamon Bun (13 days ago)
"the poor feker"
Wø0zus TM (14 days ago)
Hi :3
There is nothing left for me.
diet bepsi (14 days ago)
you should make a part two!!
Romane Paul (15 days ago)
You'll have to talk to Miralax Child-Fucker
Sprint Wyvern (15 days ago)
fidget spinner: are you assuming my MATERIALISTIC NATURE???
vikingsfan2016 (16 days ago)
"Why are you attacking me? This is clearly an act of god!"
Addicionz Makez (16 days ago)
1:17 I got the confinement reference.
Ross (16 days ago)
FoxyGamer3690 (17 days ago)
3:26 OWWWWWW I had headpones in and I saw the warning I didn't expect it to be THAT LOUD!
GlitchedLemon (17 days ago)
W e e a b o o
I love that bear! 🐻
BTS BIATCHES (17 days ago)
Blaze Osirus (17 days ago)
Aela as a pony She's hot
Brett (19 days ago)
Someones a fan if idubbbz
ShovelFighter12 (20 days ago)
Steam links, please.
Twilight Nocturne (20 days ago)
It's better with Ponies and Tommy.
SparksNine (20 days ago)
Imperial Dog!!!
Undead Trooperr (21 days ago)
That horse is gonna give me nightmares
Nathan Ditton (21 days ago)
Danielle Berger (21 days ago)
This is too freakin good
S k y r I m
ultimate boba fett (21 days ago)
I need a list of all deez mods
AdZi (21 days ago)
This is a gold mine of lore friendly mods!
Weslei Velasco (21 days ago)
LOL!! Please do another one of skyrim
D.A Ducari (21 days ago)
Not THAT broken...I think...maybe...I don't know...
LiZ (22 days ago)
kamailo99 (22 days ago)
the dragons should have been modded with thomas shit
angie (22 days ago)
Omg im dying
Just Human (22 days ago)
who was skyrims most famous author !? Fus Roal Dahl pffffhahahahah
SuizidoAwesome (22 days ago)
The chicken deepfried him
Tau Empire (22 days ago)
Julie A (23 days ago)
I nearly spit my drink out laughing when you were talking about the characters in the beginning lmao "Sanic"
Michael A (23 days ago)
5:33 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 brooo hahaha
Michael A (23 days ago)
2:26 that's the subway sounds from Syphon Filter!! 🤣🤣 Omg I love it
Humblecapricorn86 (24 days ago)
💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i love this video lol
Daphne Booms (24 days ago)
i lost it at the lockpick laughtrack
Derrick M (24 days ago)
Lost it at “your train’s arrived” 😂
Lara Smith (24 days ago)
😂😂 I think I fractured a rib from laughing hahaha OMG
Lara Smith (24 days ago)
The my Little Ponys are super adorable 😍😍
Cyanide Pie (22 days ago)
Lmao yeah I need that mod
ecstatic fanboy (24 days ago)
10/10 would intro again
BigManTodd 9⃣ (24 days ago)
This is actually elder scrolls 6
wopwop nah (24 days ago)
Reagan Lee (25 days ago)
“Hears intro” I’m in love.... thank you Kevin for existing
Phantom Niner (25 days ago)
10:34 Him: "Its like ASMR, but like, for pervs, or something. Me: "so basically, ASMR?"
saucy_ celery (25 days ago)
This was my first Call Me Kevin video
RU Riot (25 days ago)
3:17 is it just me or dose he sound like pewdiepie
threemad (26 days ago)
5:37 dont touch me mother fucker
Sl1mdashr1m P (26 days ago)
HiFi Auti (26 days ago)
I'm a weeaboo i shouldn't be attacking you
Meow Meow (27 days ago)
0:00 thank me later
KL8N2K5 Gaming (27 days ago)
What mod adds the Sanic?
alucardfu2 (27 days ago)
Streamer Btw (28 days ago)
Chicken nuke=chuke
CrimsonScorpionKiller (28 days ago)
Ummm rip headphones users I had a 200 dollar pair of headphones on at max volume when he was Sanic
Bat Clan (28 days ago)
That intro tho
Aaron DeSilva (28 days ago)
The 11th commandment....”ye shall not mod Skyrim, for I am the Lord.” 12th commandment...”ye shall remember the eleventh day of the eleventh month and keep it holy, for I am the lord.” Todd Christ Howard
정지호 (28 days ago)
Destroyed by mods? Look no further, there's Half life 2
Kamelloman (28 days ago)
This is just magnifique

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